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Chapter4: Want

Chapter 4: Want (Lexi’s POV)

I barely made it out of the house before I shifted into my almost all-white wolf. Akira has a few black spots on her ears, tail, and paws.

Akira finally speaks once we are under the cover of the trees. “You can’t seriously be considering this can you?”

I come from an Alpha family, so I understand how the Alpha Heir process works. “I don’t know. I wasn’t left with much of an option. I can try rejecting him, but he won’t accept it. Then we would be forced into this. Do you want to be locked up?”

“Nooo...” Akira screamed back in my head.

“If we do this, we get a pup. We’ve always wanted a pup of our own and this is our chance. We get another chance at being a mom. Then we get the option to choose our mate. Maybe a certain twin, that we wish was our mate, could be our mate. We know that he no longer has one.”

“Yeah, but he killed his mate, and from what X said, he’s not that stable.” She’s unsure about Xand. I understand that we just met him. But he feels like a familiar soul.

We had made it to the waterfall that X had told us about and took our time swimming around as we continued to think about our situation and about Xand. He is gorgeous with pale blue eyes and a very muscular toned body, more so than X’s. I think all he needs is a good woman who can show him love, after all the bad that has happened to him.

We fell asleep at some point while laying on a rock sunning our self. I woke up in my human form to the sound of “Good Goddess.” Followed by a sexy growl.

I looked up to find Xander in nothing but a pair of gym shorts. He looked absolutely delicious with his bare muscular chest that is covered in tattoos. His pure black eyes stare unashamedly at me. With his head cocked to the side, he does seem more attracted to me than my mate does.

Xander shook his head multiple times and then covered his face in his hands. I could hear him muttering to himself, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. If I were guessing, I would think he was trying to control his wolf. I rolled off the rock and into the water so that all that could be seen clearly was the tops of my breasts.

When he finally looked up again his eyes were back to their beautiful blue. He held up a large blanket for me. I stepped out of the water unashamed of my naked form. I wanted him to want me. He held the blanket higher, so he couldn’t watch me.

I grabbed the blanket from him and wrapped it around me. I stared at him waiting for him to say something, but instead, he pulled me into a hug. I could feel his pain at my situation, and all of my bravado fell. He understood better than anyone else could and it allowed me to cry while embraced in his arms. I cried for not having any choice. For what I’m going to have to do with someone that doesn’t even like me.

When my tears finally dried, I asked, “What are you doing here Xand?”

“I came to check on you.”

“I call bullshit.” I huffed out. He’s covering for X again.

“I may have also been sent here by my brother to try to convince you to go along with his crazy plan. I promise you, though, that I only accepted because I did want to make sure you were okay.” He said rubbing my back with a large firm hand.

I took the opportunity to snuggle closer into his chest. He smells amazing. Like breakfast, I just can’t put my finger on exactly what kind. “Thank you. Do you think I should go through with this?” I looked up into his beautiful eyes as I asked him this.

He looked down at me and replied, “I can’t say that what my brother is doing is right. He’s going against the nature of mates. I blame myself for this. If I listened to everyone and didn’t go to The Claiming....” He trailed off lost in his own thoughts. He rested his head on my shoulder, absorbing the comfort of my embrace. “It’s been a long time since someone other than family hugged me. Most people are afraid of me.”

“I understand what it’s like to have a less than perfect mate. What it feels like to have your heart ripped from your chest, because the one person that is supposed to be made for you, doesn’t want you.” I ran my hand along the stubble forming on his chin.

He chuckled and then said, “My issues are deeper than just my mate, but I’m glad you’re not afraid.”

“X told me a story, about all the reasons why he doesn’t want a mate. He told me about your parents. He told me that you were there when your mom died.”

He didn’t respond he just wrapped his arms around me tighter. I’m convinced that the love of a good woman would make him a better man. I think I would be good for him. We stayed like this long enough for the sun to go down. It was peaceful and perfect.

We were walking back towards his house, when I felt the familiar mind-link from my father asking me where I was. We are supposed to be leaving in the morning. I need to go and talk to my family and let them know I found my mate and I would be staying. I may edit the details so that my family doesn’t go ape shit and kill Xavier. Xander and I exchanged numbers as I left to return to my family. He told me he’d let X know what I was doing. I really don’t think X cares, but I thanked him anyway. He pulled me into a tight hug before heading in the direction of his house. Why couldn’t he have been the twin I’m mated to?

I entered the Packhouse to find my family in one of the living rooms. My father frowned when he saw me. “You know we were not permitted to shift, while we are here.”

“The Alpha permitted me and told me where to go. He is my mate.” I try to sound happy, but thankfully the news was shocking enough no one questioned emotional state.

Everyone stared at me as if I had grown two heads. They were all under the same belief as me, that my mate didn’t exist. “I’m so happy for you honey. I take it that you will not be going home with us then?” My mom asked. I could see tears already start to form in her big green eyes. I look more like my mom’s younger sister then her daughter.

“No, I’m going to stay,” I said trying to plaster a fake smile on my face. My mom started to cry and pulled me into a hug.

“So why isn’t he here. Why isn’t he asking for my permission to be your mate.” I wanted to laugh, an Alpha would never ask for permission. My dad knows that. He pretty much kidnapped my mom when he found out she was his mate.

“He was planning on coming, but he got pulled away for urgent pack business.” I look away when I say this. I don’t want to answer these questions. I love my family but right this moment I want to be alone.

“I want to speak to the boy before we leave in the morning. I want to make sure he is going to treat my princess right.” Crap. Thankfully Xander gave me his number before we split ways. I just found my first condition to me accepting X’s deal. My family does not get told that this is a lie.

“I will make sure he’s here.” I spent a little time with everyone before I excused myself to bed. I wasn’t tired I just didn’t want to be fake happy about my mate anymore.
When I got to my room, I texted Xand with a smile on my face.

ME: Hey I have a condition for X.

XAND: Okay what’s up.

ME: I need him to talk to my dad and act like my real mate.

XAND: I take it you didn’t tell the truth.

ME: No I really didn’t want my dad to try and kill him.

XAND: Understood I will make sure my brother is there in the morning with bells on. He will act as the perfect mate.

ME: Lol you are too sweet. TY.

XAND: Not as sweet as you. Sweet dreams princess. 😊

ME: Goodnight 😉

I had the biggest smile on my face. I can’t believe I found my mate today, and all the other crap that went along with it, and I’m still smiling. I found some sleep shorts and a tank top before heading to take a shower. Once cleaned and dressed I crawled into bed while daydreaming about Xand.

I woke in the morning to my dad pounding on the door.

“We leave in twenty minutes where is this mate of yours.” He shouts at me. He is a stickler about time. I know this. Where is X at.

I crawled out of bed and checked my phone I had a message from Xand that came in only a few minutes before.

XAND: Good morning princess. X will be there in 5.

I texted back a thank you and opened the door to tell my dad that my mate would be here in just a few minutes. I was still smiling from Xander’s text, so I think he believed that I was genuinely happy. That it was my mate that put a smile on my face. I followed everyone downstairs and out to the SUVs that were taking them to the dock.

X showed up just on time as everyone was loading into the cars. He held out his hand and spoke directly to my dad, “I’m so sorry sir. I should have come last night and spoke to you then. I just got held up.”

“I understand. I was an Alpha once too, but I want to make sure that you still make time for my little girl.” Dad grips his hand while doing the macho squeeze test. X passes though. He doesn’t even flinch under my dad’s grip. I’m semi impressed.

X wrapped an arm around my shoulder, and I was blushing from what my dad said, so the moment came off as cute. “Of course. I will make sure she is very well taken care of.” X told him, still with a smile plastered on his face. I decided to imagine he was his brother, so I looked happy as can be.

“We have to go,” Dad kissed my cheek, clapped X on the shoulder, and got into the truck. Before he closed the door he said, “Don’t let me find out that you aren’t treating her right. I will kill you.” X just nodded in response and dad closed the door.

We continued to stand there until the car was out of sight then X dropped his arm from my shoulder and turned to face me. “So I take it you decided to stay and accept my offer.”

I made a face of disgust at him and replied, “I have some conditions.”

“Oh, I thought this was your condition.”

“No this was more to keep my dad from killing the future father of my pup.” He smiled at that, and I continued, “I’m not asking for much, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. I will need to get stuff for me, and the pup when it comes, so you have to financially help me. I can’t get money from my parents because they think we are real mates.”

“I will give you your own black card. Get whatever you need want. My family is loaded. There are about twenty cars in the garage. Just stay away from the Chargers. They are special. I will build you an apartment off the back of the house, until then I would like you to stay in one of the guest rooms in the main house.” He offers a good deal. I don’t want to be a kept woman but until I can get settled in it is helpful.

“That will be fine. I will need you to keep up this lie with my family, at least until we reject each other.”

“Done.” His answer to that came quick. Maybe he is taking dads handshake seriously.

“I want you to stay out of my personal life. I won’t do anything to jeopardize our agreement, but you do not have any right to tell me what to do. That includes who I decide to take as a chosen mate. I will keep a blind eye to you and your little skank from the other day. Just don’t throw it in my face.” He growled when I called the girl a skank, but he nodded in response.

I turned to go back to the packhouse to go gather my things, and X grabbed my arm. “Thank you. I know what I’m asking is not what you hoped for when you met your mate.You can trust me when I say I’m not meant to be a mate. But I will do everything I can to make this as easy for you as possible. If something is not working, please let me know. I don’t want to screw this up. If you need anything and you don’t want to talk to me, Xander can take care of whatever you need.”

“Oh... Okay,” I said in shock. I’m sure Xander could take care of all my needs. I left smiling at my naughty thoughts of my mate’s twin.

I quickly grabbed my stuff, not bothering to change, and headed to the main house. I lugged my large duffle in the door and caught Xand smiling in the kitchen while staring at his phone.

“What’s got such a big smile on your face?” I leaned against the table while I waited for his answer.

He finished typing and looked up taking me in. His eyes darkened and he shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts. “Huh... What?”

“I asked what’s got you so happy?” It’s okay Xand. I don’t mind if you look. I wouldn’t mind if you touch me. But that can’t happen just yet. Not with my deal with X.

“Oh, well I have a date tonight.” He said blushing. Fuck, someone is going to snatch him up while I’m dealing with my stupid mate. I need squash this relationship before it can become a problem.

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