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Chapter 5: Text Me

Chapter 5: Text Me (Xander’s POV)

I had just gotten back to the house when I was mind-linked by X. “So, how did it go.”

I just shut the mind-link and didn’t answer. I’m not exactly thrilled about this whole situation. It’s not right what he is doing to Lexi. He should just reject her and mark V. Or go all for it with Lexi and leave V alone. I just can’t be too mad at him because if I weren’t so fucked up, he wouldn’t have to do that either. I like Lexi. She is sweet, kind, humble, and supportive. She is not afraid of me and she is sexy as hell. I can’t think of her that way though. She is my brother’s mate. My wolf has been fighting me hard to take her anyway. I’ll have to make sure he is kept happy another way.

I ran into X in the kitchen, and he asked aloud, “Are you just going to ignore me.”

I shrugged; X growled. “I think she’s going to do it,” I told him with a sigh. “But she’s not happy about it. Neither am I. So, you better not be a dick to her. I’d hate to have to bash in your pretty face.”

He gave me a half-smile. I know he’s not happy about this either. That made me feel a lot better about my brother. I clapped him on the shoulder, grabbed a family-sized bag of chips, and ascended the stairs to my room.

It was a mess in here. Most of my furniture is broken. Lucifer has gone into a destructive mode, too many times to count. He has been good since I started my new meds. He has been even calmer since we were with Courtney earlier today, other than when we found Lexi naked. It was a struggle to keep control. Just now instead of unleashing a beast of rage, my beast is raging with lust.

Lucifer is such a horny bastard. So am I. I can’t fault him for that. Due to our mental state, I have tried to stay away from temptation and have done well.

Well, except for... Nope, I do not allow myself to think about that. X would kill me if he knew I fantasized about V. She has started in more of my wet dreams than anyone else, but I’m not allowed to act on that particular desire. So I try to distract myself in other ways.

That reminds me Court gave me her number. I opened my phone and found that a picture had been taken. I don’t remember taking it so there is a good chance Lucifer did it. The picture was of Lexi sleeping on the rock.

“Dude, she’s our brother’s mate.” I scolded him.

“Yeah, but she is ginger all the way down. You see, just there. She likes to be close to us. She is not afraid.” Lucifer reminded me.

I shook my head at my wolf. He is such a horny asshole. “Courtney didn’t seem afraid of us.” V has never been afraid of us but she is more untouchable than X’s mate. My wolf starts to imagine all three girls spread out, wet and wanton. I shift our focus back to Courtney. Courtney is safe to fantasize about.

“Mmmm... Courtney tasted so good. She was so warm and soft.” He reminded me, making my gym shorts stretch at the thought of her.

I noticed that my wolf was somehow smart enough to put the picture into a locked folder. That you need our fingerprint to access. I scrolled through my phone until I found Courtney’s number and sent her a text.

Me: Hey... It’s Xander. I just realized you didn’t have my number.

Court: I didn’t think I would hear from you for days. If I heard from you at all. Isn’t that normal guy code.

Me: I’m not your normal guy Cherry. I don’t play games.

Court: Cherry? I like it.

Me: What else do you like sweetness.

Court: I like your corny attempt at hitting on me.

Well, that cut me down a notch.

Court: lol I like that you didn’t wait.

Me: So, what are you doing right now.

Court: Lying in bed. I just got my pups to sleep.

She has pups. I’m not opposed, but what about her mate. I didn’t just sleep with someone’s mate, did I? I was silent for too long, I guess because she sent me another text.

Court: It’s fine if you don’t want to talk anymore.

Me: It’s not that. I have questions though.

Court: Ok... Shoot.

Me: Their father?

Court: Last year when we helped the Palm Moon’s Pack my mate was killed.

I remember that. X sent a bunch of our warriors to help Luna Rebecca out before they were overtaken. We lost a few good men.

Me: I’m so sorry Cherry. Tell me about your pups.

Court: I have two girls. They are 2 and 4 years old. I live with my older sister and her 1-year-old son.

Me: I bet they are just as pretty as their momma.

Court: I will definitely have my hands full when they get older.

I received a picture message from Court. She was lying in bed, and she was only wearing a pair of lace panties. Her hair was ruffled all around her and she was blowing me a kiss in the photo.

This caused my shorts to stretch again. I dropped them to the floor and stroked myself. I sat back against my headboard and sent her back a photo of the situation she left me in.

Me: See what you do to me, Kitten. Not fair to leave me all alone to take care of myself.

Court: Mmmm... If I could, I would be there screaming your name right now baby.

I about came when she told me this and thoughts of her spread out over X’s desk caused me to pick up my pace. I was just about to finish when the picture of Lexi came up on my phone as a notification that she was messaging me. That did it. I finished. I will have to change that. I can’t have that picture popping up at the wrong time.

I messaged Lexi quickly about her conditions for X. She was being playful, but I don’t need to get involved with Lexi. She does need a friend and someone to be kind to her, but there are too many issues involved there. Plus, I really do like Court. Court is what I have been looking for. Someone who doesn’t have a mate waiting for her. Someone who isn’t off-limits. I wished her sweet dreams as I was getting another text from Court.

Court: Did you forget about me, baby?

Me: No sorry Kitten. You left me with a situation I had to take care of, and I had some pack business that came up.

Court: Already finished?

Me: Your picture was inspirational, to say the least.

Court: I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have to go. I had guard duty early tomorrow.

Me: Alright Cherry sweet dreams. I’ll be dreaming of you while I sleep.

I moved my picture of Court to the locked folder. Removed Lexi’s picture from her profile but did not delete it. Finally, I deleted my cock shot because I truly never lock my phone. Once I was done, I plugged up my phone and decided I needed a shower.

When I was done, I mind-linked X about Lexi’s condition and made him promise to be there in the morning. As I crawled in bed, I felt happy. My life has taken a turn for the better in just the span of a day.

I woke up early the next morning. I made sure to take my pills and pulled up the picture of Court for a little morning rub and tug. Morning wood is killer when you wake up alone.

When I finally felt sated, I shot Court a text saying “Good morning beautiful. I hope guard duty is peaceful.”

We shot cute messages back and forth to each other as I made a bowl of cocoa puffs. X came downstairs looking like a proper mate. I sent a text to Lexi saying that X is on his way and went back to flirting with Court.

I finally dared to ask her on a real date when I heard the front door open and close. The smell of blueberries, vanilla, and cinnamon filled the house. I knew Lexi was here.

Score Court agreed to go out with me tonight. I was asking her for suggestions of what she might like to do when I looked up. There was Lexi in a tiny blue spaghetti strap tank top, with no bra, and black shorts that barely covered her bottom as she was bent over the table looking up at me. I could feel Luc surface. He wanted to take her here and now. I shook my head and realized she was talking to me. “Huh... what?”

“I asked, what’s got you so happy?”

“Oh, well I have a date tonight,” I told her, and I could feel my face heat up. Her face fell a bit, but she tried not to show her disappointment. I don’t want to be the source of hurt for her, but she’s like the forbidden fruit. I can look, but I can’t touch. Neither can you Luc.

“Oh, that’s nice. I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” She said with a fake smile on her face.

“We just started talking. I haven’t dated in years. I’m really kind of nervous.”

“Awe, you’re so cute.” She said trying to play it off. “Is that what you’re having for breakfast?” She asked looking down at my almost empty bowl.

“Coco puffs? It’s the breakfast of champions.” I sipped back the choco good milk that was left in my bowl.

She giggled at my response before saying, “I could make you something so much better. I was training to be a chef before I left home. “Do you have any real food here?”

“Ummm... Yeah, V.” Crap, I ruffled my overgrown dark hair as she took in a sharp intake of breath, “She will cook every now and then.” V is a great cook. She learned from my mom.

Lexi walked over to the fridge and opened the door she bent over and started pulling out a few ingredients while I kept a firm eye on that ass of hers. She stood up and I adjusted myself. This caused her to smile, and she asked if I liked omelets.

“As long as it’s not spam and fried eggs, I’m good.” She gave me a weird look, and I answered by saying “It’s a long-running family joke. It’s not even a good joke anymore.” I frowned as thoughts of my mom flooded my mind. Lexi placed a hand on my shoulder, and I pulled her in for a hug. My meds have me seeking physical contact and Lexi gives great hugs. I pulled away after a moment. I kind of have a girlfriend and she is mated to X.

She gave me a small smile before turning to the stove to cook. For her to not be familiar with our kitchen she moved around it like a pro. She looked genuinely happy as she cooked. I could get used to having someone cook for me. I’m a large man, food is definitely the way to my heart.

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