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Chapter 6: Sweet Lady

Chapter 6: Sweet Lady (X’s POV)

I can’t believe she agreed. I can’t believe I had the balls to ask her. I just left Lexi to get her stuff and move into the house, and now I’m headed to my office. I want to find V and tell her the good news.

V and I have been together for a while now, but I have wanted her since she came into my life when I was thirteen. She was sixteen at the time. My mom had saved her from her very abusive father. This hit home for mom, as she had dealt with an asshole for a father, but V’s dad was worse.

The position mom had found them in was too horrible to talk about. As sweet and loving as a person my mother was, she lost it and ripped V’s dad to shreds while dad sat back and watched her take out her anger on him. You may have been under the impression that Izzabella Fury was weak. That was far from the truth. After a few years of training with the Pack, she was amazingly skilled. Mom was the perfect Luna for our pack in every way possible. She cared about us all, except those that purposely hurt those that were innocent. Then she was scarier than a pissed-off Alpha.

V came to live with us after the death of her father, and she was so quiet. She was also the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. She starred in every wet dream that I had from the moment I met her. It took about a year before she started to loosen up a bit.

I was playing a new racing game in the living room, and she sat down watching as I played. I asked her if she wanted to join, and she said, “I don’t know how to drive.” She was completely serious.

I smiled and responded, “Neither do I, but that would never stop me.” I handed her the second controller and changed it to two-player mode. She was hooked the minute we started, and I was even more into her. Who doesn’t love a chick who’s into video games? We played together every day after that until she started college two years later.

By the time I was sixteen years old, I had only one thing on my mind. I fucked half the females at our school that year by Christmas break. V had come home for break and knocked on my door to see if I wanted to play some before dinner. I was already playing though; it was just a different game. I had a cheerleader spread eagle in my bed.

When she opened my door, she stood there shocked. I asked her, “Wanna join V?”

She just backed away and closed the door. She told me years later that she seriously considered it. Not to join but to take place of the girl in my bed. She kept to herself for most of the week, but just days before leaving I asked if she wanted to race, and we fell into our old routine of hanging out. One day we were getting ready to play and I pulled her into my lap. I told her that she’d have a better chance of beating me if she were sitting here. Her beautiful caramel skin became flush, but she stayed there the whole night.

I was happy and became very distracted at her placement. She did indeed kick my ass at everything we played. After playing for hours, we switched to a movie and sat talking all night. She fell asleep there in my arms. I watched her sleep for hours. When dad came downstairs the next morning, he scorned me for hitting on V. Mom just slapped his arm saying it would be cute if we turned out to be mates. V was nineteen at this time and had not found her mate, even though she had gone to a few Claimings. I was still too young to find mine then.

V had to go back to school, and I returned to my man-whore self. The year that I turned 18 I was nervous when V came home for break. I both wanted her to be my mate and didn’t at the same time. I was already in the mindset that I would never take a mate, but V was no ordinary woman. I don’t think Mikey would have let me reject her. I was sad when I found that she wasn’t.

When mom passed a few months later, V came home. Xander was a mess. Imagine having a sweet moment with a loved one, and the next instant they were just gone. It really fucked with his head. It still does. V came straight to my room when she got to the house. I was alone this time. She pulled me into her arms and was the strength I needed to hold myself together. She was there for us all, as we buried mom, and even after.

She had to go back to school after a week though. She was in her last year, and only had a few months left until she graduated. The night before she left, we laid in my bed watching movies. I was so nervous. I could fuck the entire girls’ swim team, but I couldn’t make a move on V. She was curled up on her side with her head on my chest. She had been tracing the lines of my eight pack and I was going insane.

“V,” I said in a low deep voice. I was painfully hard at this moment.

“Yes, X.” She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I was no longer nervous. I leaned down and kissed her. It was better than I could ever have imagined. We laid there for hours just kissing. I had never just done that. I always had an ulterior motive. She spent the night sleeping in my arms. I decided then that since the moon goddess decided that V wasn’t my mate, I would never have one.

The Claiming came the next week, and I refused to go. I should have made Xand stay too. He was unstable. He would lash out at people around him. I had to subdue him the day before he and Jax left. He let me. He was bigger and was to be named Alpha after he returned. He hoped so much to have his mate by his side then. I couldn’t blame him. I missed V. If he felt half for his mate, what I felt for her, then he would be a lucky man.

The morning of The Claiming was insane. Jax called me at 5 AM saying that Xand had gone insane. He had killed an Alpha from Ohio and his mate.

“Jax what, what happened. What do you mean he went crazy.”

“We have no clue what happened out in the woods, but he came back to the tent carrying her lifeless body trying to check her out.” Jax paused. “She was covered in blood and ripped to shreds. The medics tried to help, but he wouldn’t let them near her. There was no heartbeat, and she wasn’t breathing. Finally, Luna Rebecca got him to put her down saying it was part of checking her out. She was gone, and that’s when Xander realized what he had done. He sat on the ground and curled into a ball. He hasn’t said a word since.”

Xander stayed in that state for two months. V had returned by this point. She had studied to be a phycologist, and she was helping in the clinic. She would feed Xand, and talk to him like he was normal. He slowly came around. He still didn’t talk much, and with this, it was decided to pass the Alpha title over to me. My dad was weak when he did this. He wasn’t in much better shape than Xander. I took the burden not really wanting it but knowing there was no other choice.

We kept Xander heavily medicated for about another 8 months since he would switch from catatonic to a raging beast. The only people he could handle being around were V and me. My other siblings moved into the house that was built for Jax and Kelly, while V and I took care of Xand. During this time, we learned a few things because even though he wouldn’t speak out loud, he would mind-link us. He finally told me one night, while in hysterics, about what happened with his mate. We also learned that she smelled like coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and the smell of either would make the beast return. Both items were banned from the house.

V and I had been so focused on Xander that we didn’t see what was going on with my dad until we found him the morning of the anniversary of my mom’s death. I’ll spare you the details, but even though we have drained the pool, I know that I could never swim in it again. A year later, I had it filled in, leaving only the hot tub behind. V was there for me the whole time. We didn’t tell Xander about dad until later. With the anniversary of losing both mom and his mate, Xander had checked out again. He stayed in the psych ward for another two months.

V kept me going. She would come and sit with me while I worked. She asked me one day if I would do better if she was sitting in my lap. I smiled for the first time in weeks. She came over and did just that. It made the work easier. It didn’t feel so mind-numbingly boring anymore.

As that night went on, I found it harder and harder to concentrate on my Alpha duties. I focused more on V. I was stealing glances at her the entire time. I knew she could feel my want for her. It was pressed hard into her plump round bottom. Every shift she made was excruciatingly seductive.

At some point, she turned slightly and stroked the side of my face. “You are underway too much stress X. I wish I could help relieve some of it.” She leaned up and planted a soft kiss on my forehead as she said this. My favorite friend below took this moment to twitch under her. She giggled “Maybe there is something I could do.” Before I could even breathe, she was out of my lap, pushing the chair back, and was on her knees in front of me. She looked up at me through her long full lashes and began to work on my zipper. I was too stunned to speak. I helped her free my member and she took her time running her tongue from hilt to tip. The moan that left her mouth caused me to almost lose it then. I’m glad I didn’t. She swallowed me whole and I felt happiness for the first time in a long time. V didn’t disappoint, and as I got over the initial shock, I rewarded her for her stellar performance.

From then on, she has been mine. We have had our fun. We have experimented with different things and people in the bedroom. She even took care of some of Xander’s needs, while I took her from behind once. She has been our rock.

I know the things that V wants from me and they make me feel bad. I know she wants me to do right by her. She wants me to claim her as mine. She wants me to mark her and love her. She wants to bear my pups and be my mate. As much as I care for her those are things I will never do.

I will see through my agreement with Lexi for the future sake of my Pack. I will give my Pack it’s heir. I will reject Lexi. I will never mark any woman as mine. I may have a woman in my bed. That woman may be V, but I will be an eternal bachelor.

As I finally reached my office I was met by her familiar caramel and toasted almond scent and was happy to know she was here as always. I don’t know if I could have made it this far without her. I don’t know if I could handle my issues with my mate without her. With her in my arms, I know that even if I didn’t have V, I would still have the same arrangement with Lexi. I sat down at my desk and she quietly sat in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close. I smiled as I whispered in her ear, “She agreed.”


I hope this chapter has brought some understanding of X’s point of view. It’s not all bluster and bullshit.

I love V, by the way. She is an integral part of their story, and I wanted you to know why she means so much to X and Xand.

V is not our story’s villain.

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