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Chapter 7: Date Night

Chapter 7: Date Night (Xand’s POV)

After eating my second breakfast of the day, thanks to Lexi, I decided to head back up to my room. Looking around I realized that it kind of looked like a serial killer lived here. I really hope to have some company tonight, so I need to do something about this. Sadly, Lucifer has destroyed so much over the years, that I have Rooms To Go on speed dial.

“Rooms To Go, Peter speaking. How can I help you?” The voice on the phone said after I dialed the store.

“Hey Peter, Beta Xander here, I need to redo my room by tonight.”

“Lucifer destroy the kitchen again man?”

“Ah, no I need to fix my bedroom.”

“So, the normal sturdy basics.”

“Not this time. I want it to still be sturdy and manly, but I also want it to be well... girl-friendly.”

“Good for you. I will put it together and have it set up for you. What time do you need it by?”

“9 P.M. at the latest would be great.”

“I’ll have the guys there in a few hours.”

“Sweet. Thanks, Peter. Do you still have our charge card on file? Spare no expense.”

“Will do, Beta. I will make sure it’s extra special.”

I closed my phone and opened my closet to see what to wear. We are going to Temptations. It’s a really cool bar that plays retro music and has pool tables and a dance floor. I rented out the private upstairs floor that overlooks the dance floor. It has low lighting, a private pool table, and a few comfortable couches.

I decided to wear dark-washed blue jeans, white sneakers, a shorts sleeve blue, and a white plaid button-up shirt with a crisp new white tank top underneath. I needed a haircut, but that would have to wait for another day. I moved my clothes to the office so I could find them after Rooms To Go comes by.

For the time being, I had on gym shorts and a Deadpool t-shirt and I had to head out. In the meantime, I needed to go be the packs Beta. I haven’t been the most consistent Beta and I really do wish that wasn’t the case. Under my new regimen, I’m trying harder. I want to be a guy that my pack and my brother can depend on.

I made it onto the training fields and set out to assist with the development of some new warriors. It was a great day. I worked them hard. I bet they were wishing I was still crazy, but it felt so good.

I made it back home around six. I wasn’t picking Courtney up until nine. I still had plenty of time. I walked in the door to the most wonderful smell. Lexi was in the kitchen cooking. Goddess bless that woman. I poked my head in the kitchen and started opening pots on the stove to see what she had cooking.

“Don’t make me smack your fingers. Dinner will be done soon. Go shower and clean up.” Lexi’s voice came from behind me, as she scolded me as if I had gotten caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

“I’d love to have my hand in her cookie jar.” Lucifer piped up from the back of my mind.

“Shut up Luc, she is X’s mate, and we have a date.” I shook my head and turned around to face Lexi. Good Goddess, she looked good. She was wearing a grey and blue sports bra with a pair of grey leggings. You could make out every curve of her body with how fit everything is. She was in perfect shape with a glorious set of tits and a nice round plump ass. She really doesn’t help my control with the things she wears.

I realized that she was talking to me and could only respond with a “Huh, what?”

She giggled and asked again, “Do you like beef Wellington?”

“Ummm, yeah sounds delicious. I’ll go clean up and see you in a few.”

When I got up to my room I was confused for a moment, then I remembered that they came and redid my everything. It looked great. I’m going to send Peter a huge tip for this. They replaced everything with genuinely nice dark wood furniture to match the dark wood trim. Including a very sturdy-looking California king bed.

I grabbed my clothes from the office and hopped in the shower. I lingered longer than I should have on my lower region, but he was exceptionally clean and ready for my date. Once dressed I went back down to have dinner with Lexi.

“I thought you decided not to eat, so I started without you. You look nice.” Lexi told me as I sat down to eat.

“That’s fine. Sorry, I took so long. I was just getting everything ready for tonight.” I told her, and she looked sad. “How are you doing. I know this is all different from your normal life.”

She looked up at me through her lashes as if she were trying not to cry. “In all honesty, I am bored out of my mind, and I’m lonely. You and X get to go about your normal life. I don’t really have anything to do here, and I’m not part of the Pack, so I can’t train, and I don’t have any friends here.”

“I am so sorry Lex. I will talk to X. We really do need to induct you into the Pack, and if I knew you wanted to train, I would have taken you with me today. I remember you said you were studying to be a chef, I know a couple of great former Luna’s, I could introduce you to, that could help with your studies. Also, I am your friend. I wish I were more social, so I could help you find more.” I told her as I placed my empty plate in the sink. She really was a great cook.

“Really Xand. That would be so great. Can I go with you tomorrow? I need to get out of this house.” She said as she jumped on me pulling me into a full-body hug. I’m glad she’s happy, but this is not helping my situation with my wolf wanting her. I’m not worried about it. Lucifer would fuck a hole in the wall if I let him. I feel very much in control these days. I can handle it. I hope.

At 8:45 I was sitting outside Courtney’s house, in my light blue Dodge Charger that mom and dad got me for my 18th birthday. I messaged her that I was outside, and she said she would be out shortly. By 9:30, I was starting to get pissed off, until she walked outside in a very short, ruffled skirt and a crop top halter tank top. Her hair and makeup were perfect, and she was wearing thigh-high boots, that I could just imagine wrapped around my head. I hopped out to open the door for her, as I drooled over how hot she looked.

“Sorry I took so long. I had trouble getting the pups to sleep so I could get ready.” She told me as she smiled from the passenger seat.

“It’s ok. I’m just glad that we get to go out.” I felt even worse now, for being impatient. She has pups, and they must come first. I will try to remember that in the future.

“Me too. My sister and I trade off watching each other’s pups, so we can enjoy some adult time.”

“So how long do I have you until?”

“My guard shift is at noon, so we are good until then.” So, I have her all night. I had to adjust myself at this information.

We made it to Temptations, and she squealed in delight. “I love this place.” She turned and hugged me tightly pressing her large chest into me. My wolf groaned in appreciation of her excitement.

“I can make her squeal and moan and scream all night long,” Lucifer commented in my head.

“Ah, Beta Fury we have your VIP area all set for you. If you will just follow me this way.” The attendant told us as he leads the way.

“VIP area?” She asked raising an eyebrow. “Very fancy daddy, I like it.” She added in a seductive undertone.

“Did she just call us daddy? Oh, I’m gonna have her bent over the pool table in about ten minutes. Yes. I like this girl.” Luc howled in my head.

“Back down Luc. I like her too. There will be plenty of time for fun tonight. We have her all night. I want to get to know her a little better first. So be on your best behavior, or I won’t let you have your chance to play.”

“Fuck you Xand. I’ll be a good boy.” He said with a whimper.

There are four loveseats that all face in towards each other with a table in the center I sat on the one that has its back to the crowd below and motioned Court to sit next to me. Instead, she made her way to sit on my lap. I was taken aback, but incredibly happy with her choice of seat. I took this as an okay to wrap an arm around her and pull her into me.

The attendant was standing awkwardly off to the side as if he were trying to decide if he should leave or try to take our order before leaving. He turned to leave, and I stopped him. “Sorry about that, what did you say your name was?”

“Harold sir.”

“Thank you, Harold. We will get the appetizer sampler, and I will have a coke and water. What would you like to drink Cherry?” I asked turning to Court.

“You aren’t drinking?” She asked.

“Not sure how it would mix with the medications I’m on, but please feel free to have whatever you want.”

“Okay, can I get a pitcher of sangria? That way I can just refill. Oh, and can we get some trash can fries too? I love them when I’m drinking.” She looked at me to ask if that was okay.

“They sound great. Why don’t you bring a pitcher of my soda, and water as well, this way we can be uninterrupted. Only come up if asked for once you return with our order okay Harold. If you can do that there will be an exceptionally large tip for you when we leave.”

“Yes, Beta Fury sir. I will make sure you two are not disturbed.” And with that Harold left to get our food.

While we waited on our order I got to know more about Courtney. She told me about how hard it has been since losing her mate. She was left with two pups to raise, a lot of debt from buying their house, vehicles, and now only having one salary. She did say that his benefits covered most of their debt, but she has still struggled to float by, and that’s why her sister moved in with her. Her sister Claire had a small pup that she had from a one-night stand. The guy was not interested since he found his mate shortly after, so that left her alone, and the two have worked together to pay the bills and take care of their pups.

“So how do you feel about kids?” She asked as Harold returned with our food.

“I love kids. I’d like to have a chance to meet your girls one day.”

“Do you want to have any of your own?”

She asked as if she wants more. Like if we continue this would I give her our own pup. My wolf was going crazy. He wanted to have a whole huge litter of pups. I on the other hand want pups too, but I have been cautious about this, because I haven’t been in the best place mentally, but now with her, I could definitely see little ones in my future.

I must have taken too long to answer. “Sorry it’s okay if you don’t”

“No, it’s not that. I really do want pups; my wolf wants a lot. Ummm... It just hasn’t been an option in the past, so I never really thought about it that much.”

“Oh, I want a few more.” She said for the first time coming off shy. Is she saying she wants to have my pups?

We continued to talk and flirt while she downed her sangria. When she was about three-quarters of the way through her pitcher we decided to play a game of pool.

I broke and landed a stripe. I knocked in 2 more balls before scratching the cue ball. It was her turn, so I stepped back from the table. She bent long over the table in front of me showing that there is no underwear under her skirt.

Before I couldn’t stop myself or my wolf, I had her pressed from behind against the pool table. I pressed into her behind and sucked on her neck. The moan that escaped her spoke straight to my cock. I was hard and ready, and from the smell of her arousal, so was she. I picked her up and spun her around, so she was facing me, and placed her firm behind on the pool table.

Court wrapped her long legs around my waist pulling me closer to her. Our mouths met with a hungry force. Fighting for dominance of each other’s mouth she eventually submitted and let me control the pace which was hot and heavy. Without breaking our kiss, I untied her halter shirt and found her nipples hard and trembling under my touch. So soft with perfect hard points. I broke our kiss to have them in my mouth. The left nipple was in my mouth as I swirled my tongue then nibbled just on the tip, causing her to moan and grind her front into my hard bulge. I growled back in appreciation as the vibrations sent pleasure waves that I could feel through her body.

Her sweet smell of candy apples surrounded me, as I lower my hand to her dripping core. So wet and ready for me, but I wanted to savor this. I needed to taste her first, I kissed my way down her perfect body, as I laid her gently back on the table until I was planted in the middle of those long luscious legs. I kissed up her thigh teasing her.

“Please daddy, don’t tease. I want you now.”

“We have all night Cherry. I’m going to make sure you enjoy every moment of it.” I took this time to slide in two fingers into her slick, warm center and then engulfed her erect nub between my teeth. Slow circles of my tongue accompanied by rough thrusting and curling of my fingers had her panting. I could feel she was close as I started to nibble and suckle her clit. When she finally came it was deliciously wet. I licked her juices like a starving man. She tastes so good. I found my new favorite food.

She sat up once I had her cleaned and attempted to get off the table. “Where do you think you’re going, Cherry.”

“It’s daddy’s turn to be taken care of.” She gently pushed me back and dismounted from the table. She slowly removed her shirt the rest of the way but left her skirt on. Grabbing my hand she led me over to the couch, lowering my severely strained pants and underwear before pushing me slightly to have me sit down. I settled back into the couch, and she parted my knees so she could rest between them. She had my fully erect attention, and she hadn’t even touched me yet.

Taking me in her hand first and then lower her mouth to just my tip, I was in heaven. I laid my head back and let her work her magic. She knew exactly what I wanted and increased her pace. As I was nearing my finish she stopped. I was panting and let out a low growl to show my displeasure. She took this time to climb on my lap.

“There are condoms in my jeans.”

“It feels better without them.” She responded as she lowered herself onto me.

“Oh.” Was all I could say. All coherent thought left me as I was surrounded by her silky softcore. The feeling was incredible. I tried to last as long as I could, but with already being brought to the edge once and the feel of her tight pussy clamping down on me bareback, I couldn’t hold out. I tried to pull out, but she was not having that. I came loudly, filling her with my seed. I was left panting and confused.

“You want to head back to your place.” She asked.

“Of course.” I stood up and quickly dressed. I was a little shocked and out of it, so I decided to let Lucifer take control. He grabbed her around the middle once she was dressed and pulled her tightly into us. “That was a little shady, Kitten. Good thing I like shady.” He told her as we kissed her long and deep.

That night Lucifer took her in every position we could think of and never once used the industrial size box of condoms I bought that day. She fell asleep in our arms, and I stayed up the whole night freaking out about what we had done.

When the sun finally came up, I snuck out of bed. I was in desperate need of a shower. For once I didn’t feel the need to jerk off. We had our fill the night before. I just leaned against the wall letting the hot water run down me as I held my head in my hands. I like this girl, but I’m not in any way ready to be her baby daddy. I’m not stable enough for this shit. This was too soon. Fuck.

“Stop being a little bitch. You got some hot ass pussy last night, unwrapped. You should be happy not a mess. If it were up to me, we would spread our seed round to many she-wolves.” Lucifer chimes in.

“Fuck off,” I told him as I dried off and dressed. I made my way downstairs and was met by a familiar scent. It smelled of bread, bacon, and eggs. It smelled like bacon soufflés. It smelled like mom. When I entered the kitchen, Lexi was turning to place them on the counter to cool on a rack.

Before I had a chance to think about the image in front of me, Lucifer lost it.

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