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The demon queen's knight

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Yuuto Yamazaki is normal highschool student but after dying while saving the person he likes the goddess called creator chose him to be the one who will bring peace to a world were magic exist By a twist of fate he was adopted by a female demon warrior (but not really demon) and raise like he was her own giving him the name Luth Kincade, growing up he wants to be a knight knowing that he has a purpose to change the world (Sorry for mistakes and Bad grammar *-*)/ ) // The demon Queen's knight is my first original story and most successful story in another writing platform, there will be a lot of mistakes on the writing, bad English, and bad grammar, wrong spelling, etc etc, I'm saying this so people won't be surprised

Fantasy / Adventure
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My name is Yuuto Yamazaki a high schooler.. I'm also a loner I have no friends in school or even a childhood friend..

All I know is I like reading books and watching anime

But of course even a loner like me has someone special..

Our class president she was a nice girl I don't consider us friends but she's the only one who talks to me normally..

And thats why I fall for her...

But one day... I was walking out of a bookstore when I see her walking home... a man who just Rob a nearby store held her hostage..

I know what to do... I can't let her die.. the robber has a knife and was about to stab her I grab her arms and pulls her away.. I look at her still nervous but it was a relief that she was fine...

She was staring at me. Petrified.. And then I Felt something sharp entering my body, I look down, seeing a knife is on my stomach.. I suddenly feel cold, my energy is pouring out thru my stomach, I slumped down to the ground, my blood keeps oozing out of my stomach, by the second the police arrived and apprehend the robber, I wake up in the ambulance, I see her trembling besides me while she keeps repeating to say the word It's gonna be alright please.. Hang in there

But I know I'm going to die I can feel it so... I held her hand and confess

"I love you..." I said before everything turns to black....


"Arise! Chosen one!" A voice of a female called me..

I open my eyes and look around what is this place...it's a void of nothingness .. am I.. in heaven ?

"You show a very heroic act... That I decide that you are the one who would bring peace to the other world"

A girl who was talking is a white haired girl in a robe holding a staff

"What another world? Do you mind explaining what happening?" I ask

"I chose you to be the one who bring peace in the other world were magic exist"

"But why me? I'm just a normal person? many people also sacrifice them self to save another person... So why me?"

"I choose you.. because you are the perfect candidate for this you are kind hearted you will sacrifice your self for others, you've done that many times even though they were never kind to you, and now you pay the price of your selflesness

"Yes... I remember ..how do you know?"

"Because I am the creator of worlds.... Just call me creator...we have no time to waste... I cannot give you the information you need.. i hope you find it yourself...I'll also give you the blessing of remembering your past life..that is all!" She then raise her staff

"Arise! Chosen one! May you complete your duty! And bring peace to the world!"

As soon as she said that my sight was blinded by light...


I woke up in a burn downed village..

I also noticed that I'm a toddler in the arms of my dead mother..

A few minutes has passed and a group of horned humans walk into the house..

"This is madness... How can the humans did this to there own kind?" The man clad in armore said

"They do this so that they can blame us.." said by the other man

As a baby i make a noise so that they could notice me..and they did

"There's a baby here.. captain what should we do!?"

A female warrior walks in and quickly pick me up ..

"Poor child..his mother held him to keep him safe..." She said as she gently put me in her arms

"What should we do with him?"..

"We should give him to a orphanage..
There he would be safe..."

"Captain human soldiers!" One of them shouts

"all of you retreat!" The female warrior said who I think is the captain

"What about the baby?" One of the armored men asked

"We cannot leave him here...the soldiers would just kill him and call him a curse child...that was the temple's teaching..." The other soldier said

"Fine we'll be taking this child.."

"But humans are not allowed in our-"

"We have no choice! Everyone retreat!"

And I was adopted by the female warrior

The king approve to it and let her have me

Looks like the king has a soft spot on children because he has a 3 year old daughter..

"For now on...your name would be...Luth " my adopted mother said her name is Giselle Kincade a captain of the demon king army As the human called them

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