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The demon queen's knight

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A knight

Luth's POV

I'm 10 years old as of now and I'm planning to join the knight school...I also conduct research about this world..My mother also taught me how to speak the language their using... And what I found is .. the demon's language is the same as the humans.

It looks like years ago everyone is living in harmony until the humans accuse the demons as being servants of evil.. although... The demons are not actually demons they are a humanoid race called 'Drunits' and they live in the kingdom of drunitia

Drunit means horn in this world's acient language...

The real demons are far more stronger than the drunits...

However.. why did the humans hates the drunits? Possibly because drunits does look like demons or.. they are jealous of the drunits's capabilities in magic...drunits can fight elves in magic

But then the elves and humans along with the dwarves are the ones who attacks the drunits and send them here in the dark realm

The dark realm is a mirror realm of the normal realm where the others are living..

But the absence of the sun makes a big difference

Thanks to magic the people of drunitia lives here peacefully..
Well the tiny bit of the population of drunitia...

After years the survivors establish a village and a castle here and was training soldiers.. wanting to go back to the normal realm...So I guess.. this world is not like those fantasy books I've read in my world..because it looks like humans are the bad guys here.

But mom said.. not all humans hates drunits there are some who knows the truth and still being friends with this race...


Knock knock ...

Someone is Knocking on my door...

"Luth... Are you still awake?"

It was my adoptive mother... A very caring one

"Yes I'm still awake mother!"

"You better sleep now young man.. you still have exams tomorrow!"

Oh right... The exams.. I will now become a Student at the knight school ..

It will determine what class I'm in..

"Yes mother I'll be sleeping now"

"Alright sleep well "

I was trained by the sword by my mother.. and I was proficient in ICe magic and.. I have this secret spell that let me manipulate time.. making it slow for 10 second... But this feat eats a lot of my mana..

I turn off the lamp in my room and starts to sleep..


The next day I eat the breakfast my mother made.. it's was freshly fried fish from the normal realm

"Are you ready for the exams?" She asked

"Yes I am ready mother,no need to worry about it"

My mother is a amazing knight her sword skill using a rapier is scary but elegant..

But I'm using a two handed sword not what my mother use.. but she still teach me like a natural

"remember to look at the opponent always!"


"Don't tighten the grip on your sword too much!"


"Keep your distance while casting your spell!"

"Yes mother..."

"And never use that time trick you have "

"Mom.." I sigh "don't worry about me okay?"

"Sorry,but I'm so nervous there's a lot of strong nobles joining in this year.."

Yes.. many Strong students would be participating .. they even call this year the year of the champion

But I'm confident I'll be in the highest class

"Don't worry about me that much.." I stand up and takes my equipment a two handed sword, this sword is good but for me.. there's something wrong about it when I used it.. maybe because I tend to practice kendo is middle school...

"Alright be careful "

I run into the village the half of the population is fine with me living here.. and half are not... So I just say kinda have a rough but fun childhood

I step in.. the knight school many students gathered in the front waiting to be called ..

It seems that they will take a student fight a already passed student.. then make them fight.. and they'll determine if you can go in or not...

I need to get in... For my mother and a certain someone I made promise with.. the princess she became my friend since mom tends to bring me with her in the castle

Ariana Hornraven the princess the only heir to the throne Her red hair is gorgeous his face is like of a goddess... Man.. I sound like creep..Aria is proficient in fire magic her choice of weapon is a two handed sword just like me and she's also 3 years older.. that means I'm 10 years old. And she's 13..

The king walks into the stage and starts his speech

"Young ones... " The king.. Julius Hornraven speeks "I am grateful for all of who gather here to attend the knights school of our kingdom, we truly need your help as we all know the humans has vanish us here in the dark realm... Leaving us to die.. but we didn't.. we live dreaming to go back in the normal realm to like we're we deserve our land of drunitia!"

Everyone starts screaming cheering for the king he is truly a great guy and was like an uncle to me.. but of course... No one knows it except Aria and mother..

The teachers starts calling names

This will be the start of my journey..


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