Divinity, Envy and Ascension

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Ariana found out her life was a lie at eighteen years old. Feeling betrayed by her so-called family, she jetted off to college, leaving her old life behind. After arriving at college, Ariana cocooned within herself. She had one friend, her roommate Jasmine, and was determined to keep it that way. But during her first day of sophomore year in college, she slammed into Alex in the hallway to her class. Alex shuffled around in the foster care system until he aged out at eighteen. While he dug for his birth records, Alex found out he had a twin sister. He immediately searched high and low for her. Two years into his search, Ariana barrelled into him. Alex saw himself in her, causing him to question if she could be his twin. He shared his suspicion with his best friend, Dominick. The moment Dominick's eyes connected with Ariana's, he knew she was his for life. There was only one hurdle blocking his way to making Ariana his girl-secrets from twenty years ago. Those secrets would catapult the twins into a world that they only knew as lore. 18+ content

Fantasy / Romance
Rachel G
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Author's Note

Divinity, Envy and Ascension is Book Two in Revelation Series

It is strongly encouraged to read Blood, Betrayal, and Bonds first. The ending of that story picks up approximately midway through this one, and you will not understand it if you do not read Book One.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy!

Selene was pacing back and forth as she watched Brent cradle Stephanie in his arms. Queen Stephanie's little eight-year-old brother, Amos, peeked around the corner, trying his best to keep his distance. He didn't want to see the birth but had to make sure his sister was okay. After all, Amos thought of his sister more like a mother the past few years.

As Moon Goddess, Selene knew she couldn't help the birthing process go smoother than it was now. Stephanie had just gone into labor, but birthing twin royals weren't going to be easy, much less birthing twin royals part of a prophecy. "Where in the night is everyone?"

Selene's question went unanswered. She had better luck getting an answer from the walls surrounding her than the people she was waiting on.

The moment the Horned God and Great Mother, the God and Goddess for the Witches, contacted Selene with a prophecy to be fulfilled by twin wolf pups, she knew she couldn't help the twins alone, so she called upon deities from each race. She combined with God Jehovah for the Humans, Goddess Brigid for the Fae, Goddess Aerdrie Faenya for the Elves, and Lilith for the Vampires hoping to give this prophecy a fighting chance at being fulfilled.

"I apologize for not getting here sooner, Selene. I rushed over here as soon as I could after receiving your call." The moon goddess turned towards the new voice. The man that the humans referred to as God stood there in all his mighty glory. He slightly bowed his head when he noticed Selene had turned around. The man's long brown hair somehow still waved about even without wind, but yet, stayed perfect. His beige robe was tied in the front and flowed to the floor, covering his sandaled feet. At least he had the sense to tone down his light, Selene thought. The man didn't realize how glowing he was half the time.

Selene slightly bowed her head in return, showing the respect she would give to everyone who came to help. "Good evening, Jehovah. Your timing is not a problem. Stephanie's labor only began ten minutes ago. The pack doctor only just arrived."

Jehovah looked around the spacious room. He quickly realized he was the first to arrive. He slowly strode towards Selene. "Ah, there they are. All seems well so far."

Selene side-eyed Jehovah. She knew he would be the positive deity amongst them. Jehovah was always finding the good in every person and situation. Selene could only hope that the birthing would go as planned.

"I win!" A soft, angelic voice called out.

"All luck, Brigid," an airy voice said.

As Jehovah and Selene turned towards the entrance, Goddess Brigid of the Fae and Goddess Aerdrie Faenya of the Elves glided into the room. They both stopped at the threshold, slightly bowing to Selene and Jehovah.

Selene stepped to each, offering a hug. It had been a long time since she had seen the goddesses. "It's been too long, Brigid and Aerdrie. Thank you both for coming to assist me."

Aerdrie tucked her brown wings behind her, concealing them with her shawl for protection. She looked down at Selene, brightly smiling at her old friend. Aerdrie always told Selene to call anytime she needed, and Selene did just that on this most important occasion. "There is no place I would rather be at this time, Selene."

Brigid pushed her fiery strawberry blonde hair behind her. She softly touched Selena's shoulder. "We are both happy to help. Once I heard the reason behind your request, there was no way I could refuse."

Selene smiled gratefully at the two goddesses as they walked to Jehovah. Jehovah was intently staring at the Werewolf King and Queen below them. "Two more wolves have arrived."

Selene hurried beside him. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Henry and Carol. "They are the couple who will take the twins into hiding. The wolf and she-wolf will raise the twins. Brent and Stephanie trust them."

They all stayed silent as they watched the birthing progress. When Stephanie stepped into a birthing tub, Selene turned to Jehovah. "Where is Lilith? The twins will be born soon."

Jehovah's usual jovial expression turned into a frown. Anytime he thought of his fallen child, he couldn't help but wonder where things went wrong. "I don't know, Selene. We have not spoken in quite some time."

Before Selene could think of a retort, the demon appeared out of nowhere. Lilith stood tall and confident with her fire-red hair braided to the side. Her pet snake draped lazily across her shoulders. This was the first time Selene had encountered the female demon. Selene didn't much care how Lilth became a demon or what happened between Jehovah and Lilith. All Selene cared about was Lilith's willingness to assist her plight of the prophecy. "Good evening, all. I do hope my snake is also welcomed."

"Oh, my wayward child," Jehovah said as he tentatively walked towards Lilith, "how I have prayed for you to come home."

Lilith's once smirk fell into a thin line as she narrowed her eyes at Jehovah. "I have not been your child in more than a millennia, God!"

If it bothered Jehovah that Lilith spit out what most humans called him like venom, he didn't allow it to show. He simply turned back towards the scene below him.

Selene had no desire to get between the two. She stared at Lilith's python for a few moments before nodding her acceptance of the snake. After directing Lilith towards the others, Selene walked to a picture on a nearby wall. She moved the picture to reach a hidden compartment. Once she opened it, Selene grabbed a rolled-up parchment.

"Would you all like to see the prophecy?"

The small group of deities nodded as they walked towards Selene. They all knew Pan and Diana were the ones who reached out to Selene with the prophecy. They also knew, in true witch fashion, that was all the involvement Pan and Diana was willing to have regarding the wolf twins.

Selene rolled out the long parchment, stretching it across a table. The deities surrounded the table. Three huddled on one side and two across from them.

When Selene reached halfway down the parchment, she did the honor of reading out critical points in the prophecy.

At the birth of twin wolf pups, a boy and a girl, to the King and Queen of Werewolves, turmoil will ensue. A few men from different races will team up to cause war and destruction throughout all lands. They will recruit men and women from every race to ensure chaos rules all.

The princess and prince, along with their mates and a hybrid of human and vampire, will bring calm. They will rule over all races, excluding the witches, once they reach the age of twenty-two.

While the princess will ascend to be Queen and Protector of Day, the prince will ascend to be King and Protector of Night. Queen's mate will be Preserver of Day, and King's mate will be Preserver of Night. Once the twin wolves ascend, the hybrid that possesses powers will take its rightful title of Defender of Days and Nights. Together, they will form a bond amongst all races and forge peace throughout all the lands.

If something dire comes upon the twins causing them to perish before they establish peace, war will ensue for many years to

The deities were silent as Selene trailed off after mentioning the consequences of death coming to the twins. No one in the room wanted any of their people to suffer needlessly. So as all of their gazes met, they silently reaffirmed their vow to help bring this prophecy to fruition.

A wail sounded out below them. Selene ran towards the wall of windows. She gasped as she watched Stephanie having more and more difficulty. "Come on, Stephanie, the labor is the only thing you must do on your own. Bring those pups into our world."

Aerdrie appeared beside the worried Moon Goddess, placing her gentle touch on Selene's forearm. "She will do fantastic. The prince and princess will come into this world like the forces to be reckoned with that they will be. Trust me. I know these things." The Elf Goddess quickly winked before she turned back toward the windows.

Hours passed since Stephanie's labor began earlier in the evening. They had decided Brigid and Aerdrie would gift the princess, and Lilith and Jehovah would gift the prince. Since Selena was their goddess, she would ensure their wolves would stay hidden deep within them until they returned to their home.

Lilith remained in the corner of the room after deciding who she would be gifting. She seemed content in staying as far away from Jehovah as possible. I almost asked Jehovah if he passed a miracle for Lilith to agree to help the same baby. The demon also made it abundantly clear that she would do what was necessary for the pup to receive her gift, no more and no less.

The others sat in front of the wall of windows. Stephanie continued to be under their watchful eyes. Jehovah had not stopped muttering prayers since two hours ago when things got a little rough. Selene figured whatever indirect help Jehovah could give to Stephanie would assist in some way.

When Selene walked towards her desk for a drink of water, Lilith came beside her. In hushed tones, Lilith asked, "Are you certain the wolf mated to the she-wolf can be trusted?"

Selene placed her cup down as she looked towards the window then back to Lilith. "I watch all my children as they grow up. Henry was a troubled pup, but he calmed when he met Carol. Stephanie and Brent trust them immensely."

"Yes, the King and Queen trust them. But Selene," Lilith turned towards the windows and narrowed her eyes, "do you trust Henry?"

Selene studied Lilith for a bit. If anyone knew of any sinister, it would be Lilith. So while Stephanie and Brent trusted Henry and Carol, Selene started to wonder what was going to happen to cause Lilith to worry.

"Selene, Lilith," Brigid said in a sing-song voice, "it's getting close to arrival time."

As the Moon Goddess and Lilith moved back against the window, two figures teleported into the room. All heads turned towards the intruders, only to find Pan and Diana. Diana bowed her head at the group. "Our apologies. I could not allow this to happen without my help. Pan is still against me interfering, but I must do something. We are as much a part of this as anyone. If this prophecy doesn't come to be, our covens will be invaded. I am not idiotic to think otherwise."

Pan stayed silent as Diana walked towards the window. In his eyes, Diana was lucky he came for the trip. Pan knew, though, with or without him, Diana was coming to help. And deep down, he couldn't let her do this alone.

"The first twin is crowning. I will open the three center windows for us to get on the balcony." Selene walked to a side wall, pressing a code.

When the three center windows opened, everyone walked onto the connecting balcony. As Selene reached the balcony, she approached everyone. "Diana decided to gift the princess. Aerdrie, would you be okay with switching to the prince? Jehovah, would you be okay with blessing both of them as they grow without their wolves?"

Jehovah quickly nodded in agreement. He knew he was better suited to follow the pups as long as they didn't have their wolf. Aerdrie nodded as well, having no issue with which baby would get her gift.

Selene, Diana, Brigid, Jehovah, Aerdrie, and Lilith stood in a line overlooking Stephanie pushing her first child into the world. They all waited on bated breaths for the first cry and to find out if the baby was the princess or prince.

"Congratulations, Queen Luna and King Alpha, your first baby is a girl!" The pack doctor hurriedly handed the baby princess off to a pack nurse, so she could focus on the second pup making its way to her. "Okay, Queen Luna, I see the second one's head. One good, big push." As soon as the second pup was delivered, the pack doctor exclaimed, "Oh! King Alpha, you received your prince!"

"Oh! Thank the moon goddess for this most abundant blessing to Queen Luna and me. Princess Ariana and Prince Alexander have arrived. " Brent gushed as he kissed Stephanie's forehead.

The deities watched as both babies were placed side by side in a small bed under a heating light. Selena looked towards everyone and nodded. "It's time. We must do our gifts before they are placed in Stephanie's arms."

"Princess Ariana," Brigid whispered in her sing-song voice, "I bestow upon you the gift of healing. May you use this power humbly and wisely."

As she backed away, Diana raised her hand and closed her eyes. "Princess Ariana, on this day, I give you the gift of restoring the soul of the deceased. May you use this power for the better good and know it cannot be used to bring forth bad." After a whisper in their foreign language no one knew, Diana dropped her hand.

Aerdrie softly smiled as she gazed upon Prince Alexander. In her soft voice, she said, "Prince Alexander, I happily gift you with the power of Atmokinesis. You will be able to choose how the weather behaves when needed. Speak kindly and use wisely."

Lilith cleared her throat as she looked at the baby prince. She wasn't ecstatic to be giving a werewolf a gift, but she knew it needed to be done. Lilith had long been a demon, but even in the darkest portion of her heart, she felt something for this tiny pup being thrust into a life of war. "Prince Alexander, I present to you the gift of telekinesis. Never allow anything to stand in your way. Use your surroundings to beat your foe."

Selene closed her eyes as she searched for the twin's hidden wolves. Once she found them, Selene sadly smiled at their sleeping forms. "Hemera and Erebus, please know I would not put you in deep slumber if it weren't necessary. Instead of waking and making your presence known at the twin's usual ages, please stay hidden until they return to Stephanie and Brent."

The moon goddess sprinkled moondust until it landed on both babies. She smiled as slowly but surely a birthmark in the shape of a crescent moon with a star on either side formed on their inner left thighs.

Everyone left soon after the babies were placed into Stephanie's arms. When she noticed the babies' birthmarks, tears streamed down her face. Stephanie and Brent knew why and how the marks got there, and they found themselves silently thanking the moon goddess and her helpers.

The following morning, Selene watched as Brent and Stephanie tearfully kissed both of their newborns. They slowly handed them to Henry and Carol, hoping and praying their babies would grow healthy and happy.

As the vehicle their babies were in sped off into the distance, Stephanie leaned into her mate. She cried until tears no longer streamed down her face. Stephanie knew this was for the best. There was no way she would allow harm to come to her children. Brent and Stephanie agreed that Henry and Carol were the best options for their children and for the prophecy to be fulfilled one day.

As soon as Henry and Carol crossed the state line, Henry pulled into an adoption agency. Selene watched in horror as he grabbed Alexander. She quickly called out to Jehovah.

Jehovah got to Selena in record time. He, too, couldn't believe what he was watching. Henry dropped Prince Alexander off at an adoption agency but kept Princess Ariana. Carol was hysterically crying in the passenger seat as Henry drove further and further away from Alexander.

Jehovah turned to Selene. He knew her heart was breaking, and Selena couldn't interfere, but Jehovah wouldn't allow anything else to happen to either child. "I will watch over Prince Alexander. No physical harm will come to him. I will make sure Princess Ariana and Prince Alexander meet. I don't know how or when yet, but mark my words, Selene, nothing will stop this prophecy from being fulfilled."

All Selene could do was nod as she grew angrier at Henry by the second. She was heartbroken and angry. Henry not only betrayed his King and Queen, but he betrayed his Moon Goddess. Lilith was right. None of them should have trusted Henry.

Selene's eyes widened at the thought of Lilith. How could that have forgotten about the hybrid? The prophecy said the hybrid would be part vampire and human. "Jehovah, Lilith. We need Lilith."

Jehovah turned towards Selene, more curious than anything. He wasn't sure what more his fallen child could do to help. Lilith did her part then quickly exited. If Jehovah were honest with himself, he would acknowledge that Lilith's constant dismissal bothered him. "Why do we need Lilith for this?"

"Think, Jehovah. We need Lilith to find the hybrid. How will the twins and the hybrid come together? None of us know who this hybrid is or where they are located. Are they born yet?"

"She may also have insight on why your wolf betrayed you. Didn't you visit Henry and Brent?"

Selene tersely nodded as she turned back to her window, intently staring as a weeping Carol carried Ariana into their home. There was an unknown element in play here. She didn't know why Henry didn't want Alexander, and she didn't know how Lilith would know. "Yes, I did. I had to let Brent know about the prophecy. Why would Lilith know?"

Jehovah sighed as he looked aimlessly into the distance. It was hard to describe Lilith's abilities, but he had a feeling out of all of them, Lilith could find their hybrid and the reason for Henry's betrayal. "Lilith questioned you about Henry, did she not?"

"She did."

"Then, I am certain she could find the reason for Henry's actions."

"The hybrid."

Jehovah sighed before he said, "Yes. Lilith would know where her children are located. But Selene, I have no way of contacting her."

Selene silently cursed herself for not keeping an open line of communication open with Lilith. It wasn't easy to find her for the births, so she wasn't confident finding her again.

"Try. Jehovah, you have to try."

"I will do my best."

Selene watched as Jehovah left, not his usual jovial self. She turned back to her window and watched as King Brent and Queen Stephanie mourned their children. The twins were far from dead, but they would not see their children again until it was time.

As Selene's gaze drifted towards Henry and Carol, her anger returned full force. "Why have you veered off your given path, Henry? What has caused you to betray your friend and King?"

Twenty years. For twenty years, the deities watched as tensions rose within their people. They all knew the time for war was once again upon them, but Lilith still hadn't been located. Many questions stayed unanswered, and Selene became increasingly worried that the prophecy would remain unfulfilled despite everything the deities tried to accomplish.

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