A brighter future

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This Story is based on a time when humans and dragons live together and yet separated their lives pulled apart from each other. But when a girl starts to meet with one can this help end the separation?

Fantasy / Romance
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“Why can’t they see,” he growled to himself as he strode from the main conference chamber of his cavernous mountain home. Drago tried to still his racing heart and calm his angry spirit. He of all creatures knew that anger solved nothing. If anything, anger ruined his kind and currently led to their destruction. Even now, his plea echoed through his mind,

"We must return to the old ways to grow our magic. Only then will we be able to face the human threat."

The answer from the Elders echoed just as loudly in his mind, ”The humans are weak and our dragon scales and claw will destroy them in time."

Drago paused at the cave opening and stared out into the waning light of dusk. The old ones knew nothing. Humans were not the threat. Dragon rage would ultimately be the dragon’s undoing because the young were reverting back to savagery as their magic died. Drago leapt off the cave ledge and flew off into the darkening sky, trying to escape a future that cloaked him like the oncoming darkness.

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