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Alpha Black

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Chapter 2 - My Little Mate

Nathaniel Black

Her smell was intoxicating, and while I couldn’t get enough of it, it felt like I was suffocating in her room. Everything smelt of sweet flowers and old, loved books, I could have stayed in this sleepless moment forever.

She lay peacefully in my arms for the first half of the night, her silvery blonde hair a messy and her makeup smudged across her face, but still she was the most beautiful and most precious thing I had ever seen, she was mine.

Despite the pull of exhaustion, I opted against sleep that night. She had rolled from my arms, fighting against the white sheets to the bed to free herself from my warm embrace and laid still for the rest of the night well into the morning too. Her tanned skin showed modest tan lines, and freckles were scattered across her skin and back, ranging from the most odd and intimate places to carelessly placed on her arms and feet.

She slept with the cutest smile that warmed my soul and melted my heart, so happy and peaceful, but her smile was nothing without her caramel and chocolate-coloured eyes. They seemed to sparkle like gold last night in the club, but alas, for now they were coloured with her dreams.

My phone buzzed lightly on the floor of the bedroom, and I dragged my eyes away from her sleeping form, the single buzz of my phone alarm had gone off, it was 6am. My clothes were scattered halfway between the bedroom and the living area, where she had started by removing my top and ended with me losing all self-control and common sense.

I had watched the darkness lift as the sunlight crept in, bringing colour to her room. Her style was simple and clean and the messiest thing in the apartment was us and the lingering traces of what we had done in the early hours of the morning. There were simple and elegant pieces of art lining the walls of her bedroom, with a door leading into an extensive wardrobe and a luxurious looking bathroom, I was impressed at the lifestyle she was able to provide for herself.

The white curtains shifted lightly with the breeze of a single open window, and I caught glimpses of the rooftops and beyond to the green forests that encompassed the back of the city. Any non-wolf would have paid the extra for the view of the ocean, deep and mysterious, but for a wolf placed so high off the ground in a city of metal and concrete, the green was a refreshing desire that burned within.

I removed myself from my bed, collecting my clothes and putting them back on in the same manor that they had been removed. It tore me apart to leave, I wanted nothing more than to fall asleep with her my arms, breath in her intoxicating scent and ignore the responsibilities of the world and my pack.

To spend eternity with her.

My Mate.

Filling a glass with water and pulling my business card from my wallet, I swiftly placed the two tokens on my mate’s bedside table.

‘I look forward to seeing you again’.

Written on the back of the car and face up, I couldn’t wait to mark her, to be with her again and to call her my mate. My darling.

Are you ready for today, Alpha?’ my Beta asked through the mind link.

As I’ll ever be,’ I replied, planting a kiss lightly on my little mate’s head as not to wake her.

Ha, do you miss her already?’ he teased.

A growl ripped through from my wolf and his teasing was silenced, ’watch it Jamie.’


* * * * * * * * * * *

All I could think about was my little mate, curled up in her bed and more than anything I wish that I could join her, protect her, love her, mark her…

Her smell seemed to linger on my skin even after I had showered and changed into a suit, thoughts of her laugh and her smile occupied my mind as I got dressed and ate breakfast, the sensation of her lips traced down my skin distracted me as I drove to the Seaport Pack House, a boring white building positioned on the cliffside of the ocean.

The building overlooked the town, like it was watching over the human settlement. The Pack House was made of old stone and the paint had begun to peel off as a result of the salty sea spray and the windows covered in dried salt, as a result of the raging ocean crashing against the cliff down below.

I shook hands with many men and women, betas and Alpha’s of the Eastern Coastline all who needed or wanted a stronger alliance across the country. Blood and war was raging in both the North and South beyond our borders and the need to protect our species was growing in many of the protectors of packs.

The morning turned into day and the day ticked over into the night and evening, the peace talks concluding but the celebrations had begun. Brimming with pride and satisfaction the Alpha’s and Beta’s summoned their wives and mates who had come with them, dressed in fine clothes they feasted and drank.

Laughter and chatter filled the room as Alpha’s talked of their packs, telling wild stories of battles and bonding, while the Luna’s compared notes and talked civilly. Jamie paraded around the room, and I felt the eyes of mate’s burn with jealousy, and he kissed the hands of almost every she-wolf and Luna in the room. I could not help but feel more alone than ever.

As I returned to the grey walls of my hotel room and the empty bed, my mind wandered to my mate, wondering what she had done this day, wondering if she knew who I was to her, what she was to me.

She occupied my thoughts wholly and I drifted into a restless and uneasy sleep.

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