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Zeven - The Man with No Memory

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Lightto is on a quest to recover his memories of his past on the way he must help a runaway princess get to the City of Zazel while being on pursuit by the Infamous mercenary band know as Zeven. (formerly Known as Lightto's Quest)

Fantasy / Adventure
Sinister Evil
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In the world of Illumi there lies a a forest that is home for the Witches this places is known as The Dark Forest. Witches use forbidden magic and hexes that make mankind fear to go this forest…

In the city of Volmos there lies a castle where this city and nation is ruled by it tyrannical Queen who has gone mad since the death of the King of Volmos and she plans to invade there sister nation of Zazel. The Princess of Volmos, Alicia Velvet the 1st plans to leave her home to her uncle The King of Zazel, Luto Rapunzel the 30th of what her mother plans. Alicia was traveling through the city of Volmos in a cloak with her face covered without this she is an average size young woman she is sixteen years old had pink colored hair with blonde highlights and bright green eyes. Alicia stops at a building to see if there any guards around the corner. Alicia then says, “I don’t have time for this they will find out I’m not in my room.” she then sees a guard come by and says, “we have a problem the princess she missing from the castle.” Alicia then says, “crap.” Alicia then goes through an alleyway. She then sees a couple of guards on watch. Alicia then says, “dang.” A man walking by and sees Alicia hiding. He was an Average height man he had dark blonde spiky hair he was wearing a cloak carrying a Long sword. The man then says, “hello miss is there something wrong.” Alicia then says, “I need to get past those guards without them knowing who I am.” The man then says, “follow me just act causal.” The Man and Alicia walk pass the guards. One Guard then says, “hey Mister is that girl with you.” The man then says, “yes she my wife I wouldn’t talk to her she very shy.” The guard then says, “alright sir sorry to bother you two.” they then walk a bit till they were out of sight. Alicia then says, “thank you sir.” The man then says, “no problem.” Alicia then says, “can I ask another favor of you.” The man then says, “what is it.” Alicia then says, “can you help me get out of the city.” The man then thinks a bit then says, “fine seem like simple task.” Alicia then says, “thank you I’m Alicia Velvet the 1st The Princess of this nation.” The man then says, “oh well thats something.” Alicia then says, “so who are you.” The man then says, “the name is Lightto I’m work as a jack of all trades.” Alicia then says, “oh thats a good name.” Lightto then says, “It’s just a name.” Alicia then says, “well my cousin had that name to but he gone now.” Lightto then says, “sorry to hear that.” Alicia then says, “let’s get going I would like to get out of Volmos before they knowtist I was gone too long.” They then walked to the front gate of Volmos and see they closed. Alicia then says, “dammit what now.” Lightto then looks around him and sees a homeless man sitting on a corner. They go to him and Lightto hen toss a gold coin at him. The homeless man then says, “Bless your soul young man.” Lightto then says, “there a lot more in for you if you can tell me another way out of the city.” The Homeless Man then says, “well you give the Old Channel a shot but there is monster but it should bring to the forest outside of Volmos.” Lightto then toss a bag of gold down by the homeless. The Homeless man then grabs the bag and says, “thank safe travels.” Alicia then says, “the Old Channels that near here let’s go.” They then head to the Old Channel. Alicia then says, “here it is.” they see what looks like an old sub way entrance they enter it.

They Entered the Old Channel they were n a long tunnel. Lightto then picks up a random stick on the ground. He then lights one side on fire with magic to make it so torch so they can see down the tunnel. They start walking down the tunnel. They walked until they reach an interception where see a call what looks like slime creature. Alicia then says, “is that a slime.” Lightto then cast a fire ball at it. Lightto then says, “Slime are weak to fire magic.” They then continue down the tunnel. Lightto then says, “so Princess where are you going after you get out of the city.” Alicia then says, “need to go to Zazel to tell them my mother is acting strange and wants to start war against my Uncle who been through a lot.” Lightto then says, “I see.” they keep walking till they see light from an exit. Alicia then says, “ah that great.” but then a giant slime drop from the ceiling. Lightto then says, “another one and a big guy so a fire ball won’t take it down.” Lightto then unsheathe his sword and says, “you should take cover Alicia.” Alicia then goes and hides in the in the tunnel. Lightto then starts walking closer to the giant slime with his left hand ready use fire magic. The Giant Slime then starts jumping forward at Lightto. Lightto the starts shooting fireballs out of his left hand at the giant slime. The Giant Slime the jumps next to Lightto and make spikes poop out of it body which some cut Lightto. But Lightto the stabs the giant slime he then starts to pour fire magic into the slime. Fire starts to build up in the Giant Slime till it explode killing the Giant Slime. Alicia then comes out of hiding and they leave the old Channel to a forest outside of Volmos they see that it evening. Lightto then says, “we should set up camp for now.”

They go by a tree and start a fire. Alicia then goes and sees Lightto’s wounds. Lightto then says, “it just a cut.” Alicia then takes hands near the cut and use healing magic and heals right up. Lightto then says, “thanks.” Alicia then says, “no problem my father taught me how to use Healing Magic.” Lightto then says, “so what happened to him.” Alicia then says, “he gone he died sickness a while ago I think that when my mother went crazy.” Lightto then says, “I see I’m sorry.” Alicia then says, “don’t worry about it what about you Lightto any family.” Lightto then says, “no or well I don’t know.” Alicia then says, “what do you mean.” Lightto then says, “well it because I don’t know who I am really that why I been traveling to find who I am only thing I know is my name.“Alicia then says, “I see then maybe your from Zazel because the name Lightto is common name there in Zazel it means ‘the light within the darkness’ there.” Lightto then says, “well I was planing to go there next so I’ll make sure you get there safely.” Alicia then says, “really thank you I am in your debt.” Lightto then says, “well rest up we will leave early in the morning.” They then turn in for the night.

Some where near the City of Volmos in a dark cave. A man in a black suit wearing a white bird mask and a top hat he was middle age. He kneel down and grabs a crystal out of his pocket a projection of man barely seen well pops up. The Bird Man then says, “Brother you wish to talk to me.” The man then says, “yes Brother we have a giving a grave mission our mission is to return the Volmos Princess home she is missing we the Zeven Bastard Swordsmen was giving this task from the queen herself she don’t care if she home alive or in a body bag she paying good money either way trust your own judgment my brother may your blade stay true and if this our last we speaking my the Eternal Paradise treats you well.” The Bird man then says, “of course Brother I understand the mission in front of me until we meet again.”

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