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Must Have Been The Wind

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Alec felt something flow through the tall grass around him. He sighed and put his hands in his lap. "It must have been the wind." he said with a smile. "It must have." He smiled again and then flopped on his back with his hands up in the air. He felt something flow around him and felt the familiar feeling of cold creep into his skin. He let out a woop of joy. Finally, she was here.

Fantasy / Romance
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To Grandmother's House We Go.

"Alec!" someone yelled. Alec ran down the stairs, nearly tripping on the third step.

"Coming Dad!" he yelled back. He grabbed his hoodie and his dog's leash as he ran out the door. His dad was sitting in the car looking at his phone. /Probably texting his new girlfriend./ Alec slowed to a stop as he reached the car. He opened the back seat door and sat down. He looked around, confused.

"Dad.....where's Duke?" he asked slowly. His dad looked up at him and said,"I told you to grab him." Alec sighed loudly and re-opened the car door. "Duke!" he called as he reached the house door. He opened the door and Duke ran towards him and started barking. Alec clipped the leash on Duke's collar. Duke ran towards the car and Alec barely had time to shut the house door. Duke was a golden retriever so he easily dragged Alec. Alec opened the car door and Duke hopped in. Alec sat down and quickly shut the door.

"Took you long enough." his dad mumbled under his breath. He never thought Alec heard. But Alec did. He heard every single comment his dad made. But he still loved his father dearly. Ever since his mother died. The car jolted forward, snapping Alec out of his thoughts. The car started moving and Alec quickly put on his seatbelt.

"Wait!" he heard someone scream. He looked out the open window and saw his neighbor, Mrs. Tamal. He knew his dad saw Mrs. Tamal because the car slowly stopped. Mrs. Tamal ran up to the window and handed Alec a pie. "It's for Jean." she explained. Alec's dad, Eric, smiled and said, "Thanks Mrs. Tamal. I'm sure my mother will love it. She loves your cooking." Mrs. Tamal grinned and walked back to her house. I looked back at my dad and heard him grumble something like,"Dirty old hag."

I widened my eyes. Mrs. Tamal had always been friends with our family. He shook his head and closed his eyes. It was a long drive and he needed sleep. Duke put his head on Alec's lap and Alec smiled. He'd forgotten about Duke. He yawned and pet Duke. Before he drifted into sleep he heard his father whisper, "Love you kiddo."
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