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Frozen Heart (book 01)

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The story of love and hate, dreams and fears, magic and ice... Scarlett Reese is the girl who changed in a minute what they couldn't change in ages; her loving heart and tender smile guided her through her rough journey to save her brother and restore peace and melt the ice of people's hearts. She didn't do it alone; with the help of her comrades the six tribes heirs; she as able to save everyone and get rid of the evil Ice Queen. Come join her in her journey full of adventures, excitement, love, friendship, comedy, drama, action and fantasy!

Fantasy / Adventure
Amel Sara Ham
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Frozen Heart


I remember that story that my grandmother always told me about, the story of love and hate; dreams and selfishness; magic and ice....

It is said in a time of change in the past and the present; no one could smile or listen to their dreams; feel joy or even claim; create something or even imagine it; magic and charms were forbidden to the six tribes (Phoenix, White Tiger, Tree of Life; Rose of Fire, Blue Dragon and Snow Land) as time passed, they were lost in ice...

Which ice?? I forgot to mention that there was no such thing as heat or warmth only cold and dusk; the whole universe had been plunged into an ice wave for thousands of decades. Who did that?

The worst nightmare that a person can imagine; the one responsible of the destruction of dreams, the shedding of blood and the kidnapping of people; a cold-blooded creature who does not feel, seeking to achieve her goals in anyway, they were scared to even say her name:

“The Ice Queen”

If anyone dared and confronted her, his head would be returned as a gift to his family; all the magicians and kings were afraid of that peril. Many people made stories and legends about her, but only one of those myths is the closest to ratification; it said: that a person with a kind heart would heal the wounds and the bitter sorrows, he would have to find the six heirs and with their help and their cooperation, they would eliminate evil and return peace...

Jonathan Reece, the most famous wizard and thinkers of his time, a close friend of King Arthur Wolverine (King of the Phoenix who was assassinated by the ice queen, His son and his only heir disappeared, and his wife Eliza managed to escape the disaster.)

Jonathan had a loving wife and two children, Scarlett, a six-year-old with orange hair that shone like a sunset with green eyes, and a younger boy named Jack with brown hair like coffee beans and the same eyes as his sister. They lived happily until the faithful day…

Mr. Reece’s experiments have shown great progress and he has finished with a necklace called the Frozen Heart Pendant or as the old ones called it Croí Reoite, which was actually stronger than the ice queen herself, that’s why he kept it a secret. That pendant only worked with a talisman he secretly taught his daughter, but unfortunately the secret of this necklace got in the hands of the ice queen.

She sent some of her minions to bring the necklace and to end the life of the man and his family, but the predestination wanted them to escape for a while but the evil managed to get him. His family continued to escape; the necklace was with Scarlett while she looked at her mother weeping her husband’s loss, Jack said: “Mama, do not cry! Father went home to bring something, do not worry, he’ll come back ...”

But he will not come back; the mother refused to speak and was drowning in bitter tears, until she turned to her daughter standing frozen in fear to see the death of her father in front of her eyes, the mother hugged her kids hardly and she said:

“Do not be afraid, this is what your father would say. Take care of your brother well and of yourself Saki, have faith in yourself and be sure that even if we’re far away from you, you are always under our eyes, now run as far as you can and do not look back!” “But ...” Scarlett said, “I said, go!!” the mother screamed and her eyes were drowned in a sea of tears.

The kids ran and did not look back as she ordered; no doubt you imagined what happened to the mother! They got her…

As the kids ran, the necklace fell from Scarlett and got covered with snow, but a child in the ninth found it and who was it? A nine years old boy, one of the evil queen’s minions who is still under training and torment, took the necklace but kept it for himself...

They continued to run until they collapsed from the intensity of fatigue, picked up by a man until they reached a frightening house, Scarlett woke up and saw two men shaking hands at the entrance and then getting closer and closer, she yelled enough to make her brother wake up, and when he looked at her, the man grabbed his arm and dragged him to the place. “Scarlett! Do not let them take me, please!” Jack shouted until he disappeared inside the walls of the house.

The girl did not understand what was going on so she kicked the man standing in front of her: “Where did he take my brother?”

The man said: «This is an orphanage! And boys can’t stay with girls! That’s the rule!! »And slapped Scarlett in response to that kick

Scarlet cried out of pain of parting from her brother more than the pain of the slap and she said: “I will find you, Jack, I promise ...”

Two years passed for Scarlett being in the monstrous orphanage, and the poor began to lose her sense of life; a body without spirit and finally the shock printed on her soul…

She witnessed the killing of her parents, she lost her brother; what remained for her? The other orphans mocked her for being alone, so she sang to forget the worries but they hated it since something bad always happen when she sings without the necklace.

???: “You are strange!“/ ???: “Your family left you because of your terrible voice!” /???: “No friends for you!“/???: “you are not a normal girl”

???: “Let’s get out of here, I do not want to become like her… Alone!!”

This word hurt her more than anything; she has been avoided by all of them as if she was infected with a disease or some kind of a monster. Scarlett hid her fear and grief until she was alone with herself in the heart of a nearby forest and cried bitterly

Scarlett: “Why did you leave me? ... Why didn’t you take me with you? I’m scared; no one is with me ... I’m all alone…»

Suddenly she sensed the fall of something, she gave way and an eleven-year-old boy was falling to the ground,

“Why did he throw me from his back?? ... This is painful ... that stupid dragon!” The boy shouted then turned to Scarlett and saw her looking at him in surprise and panic “What are you looking at?” He shouted at her

Scarlett: “A ... I’m sorry ....”

The boy: “You have to be sorry ... You are ... What a little girl is doing in such a scary place alone? Where are your friends? (The girl seemed sad) Are you playing hide and seek? (She lowered her head) Are you Alone? ”

Scarlett shed tears, which confused the boy

The boy: “What? You… do not cry it’s okay if you’re alone!” (Scarlett increased in tears) “Aaah…Give me a break!!”

Scarlett: “It’s not ... Your fault, it’s my fault I ... I wish I were not born, I wish I could die! Why did they leave me alone!? »

The boy got angry and pumped his head with hers saying: “I do not know what happened to you, but I’m sure it’s not your fault, you do not know the real pain, so shut up you stupid goose!”

“Who are you calling stupid goose?” Scarlett yelled; they disputed for a while then a friend of that boy called him to leave because their mission was over,

The boy: «I’m coming! »

Scarlett: “Farewell… ”

The boy: «Do not say farewell, I’m not done with you yet… stupid goose!”

He ran away leaving Scarlett screaming in the back

“So, you found yourself a girlfriend?” Said his friend

“Shut up!” He turned to Scarlett and threw something at her. The same necklace (Which her father made and fell down from Scarlett while running and * he* picked it up) She gazed at it, then looked at him

The boy: “I will be your friend if you feel lonely, do not be sad, okay!” He smiled tenderly

Scarlett felt the warmth of his smile and smiled back automatically. Her smile was so beautiful that it makes you believe that her grief was a crime against all humanity. Before she could answer, he had disappeared with the first cold wind blow. Scarlett decided not to lose hope whatever the consequences were, that she can make friends over time, and that she will find her brother,

Because after darkness comes light, After sorrow comes pleasure, After the rain flowers bloom

After ten years….

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