Frozen Heart (book 01)

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A new page in my life..

A new page in my life...

Ten years passed, there was not much, but Scarlett spent her time working at the orphanage and trying to find her brother did not make any progress. As usual, Scarlett woke up late after having her childhood nightmare like every night.

Scarlett: « No! I’m really late again; Mr. Yellow (her employer at the orphanage, his name was Willow) will fire me for sure this time, hurry up girl!”

She ran in the corridors and speeding as fast as possible to arrive before Mr. Willow, but no! She was estimated to have a collision with a young man carrying a box of coal heading to the basement.

Scarlett: “I’m really sorry! I did not pay attention to you and if I was not in a hurry I would have helped you ... sorry ...” and she ran off; she also did not notice that it was her brother, whom she had been looking for twelve years, he said: “What a crazy girl!” (Laughter)

Scarlett finally arrived to the working place, wishing not to meet Mr. Willow, and, as it’s said, talk about the cat you see him jumping

“Good morning Miss late again! Have you slept well?” Mr. Willow sarcastically stated

Scarlett: “Yes, thank you for asking ... I mean...I’m sorry for the delay Mr. Yellow… (Willow)”

Mr. Willow: “How many times do I have to repeat that my name is Willow, this is the last time! If you’re late again, you’re out!”

“You’ve always said this to me, it’s not something new!” Scarlett said in a sarcastic voice from his words

Mr. Willow: “Did you say anything?”

Scarlett: “No, nothing sir!”

“That’s what I thought!” He said then left

Scarlett sat on her chair and put her head on the table, “Oh I hate this work, but since there is no other place to go before I find my brother, I have to work hard”(Scarlett began to sing)

She wore her father’s necklace which glowed up and caused a powerful bang that made the witches and the remaining power-holders all across the kingdom feel that tremendous energy including the evil ice queen.

“Stop singing and start working!” Shouted Mr. Willow

Scarlett: “Yes sir! *Happy birthday to me!*”

Meanwhile, among the icy mountains that no one dares to mention, lays the castle of the Ice Queen, who was Punishing one of her followers when her powers gone lower so she rushed to call her faithful servant “Alex” - the same boy who met Scarlett in the past, but he became a 21 years old young man -

« I’m at your service your majesty!” He said

“Do you have something you’re hiding and you would like me to know about?” The ice queen asked him

Alex: “I do not think...»

The queen of ice: «Would you like to tell me what happened to the necklace? »

Alex: “I don’t know about any necklace ...* don’t tell me that she figured it out?!* ”

«Really, let me tell you then...” And she threw a lethal spell upon him ... Do not worry he did not die

“You are fine?! » surprised

“I’m alive!! ... I am alive???!” He was amazed at how the spell did not affect him

“Let me guess! ... You did not get rid of the necklace, or in other words you disobeyed my orders and someone got it, but fortunately he does not know what it means or how it works.”

(The crystal glowed up and showed the image of Jack, the ice queen turned to Alex and did not notice Scarlett’s image in the crystal).

“He’s the son of that asshole Reese ... Are you heading somewhere?” the evil woman asked Alex who was trying to escape

Alex: “I ... I’ll watch the sunrise, Yes that’s what I’ll do, I’ll go ......”

“Stop right there! -Screamed the ice queen- “don’t you dare run away, I’ll kill you if you do!”

“I will never run away!” said Alex in fear

“Now go and look for the necklace and this time bring it to me! Take this key (it is a key that opens the dimensions and takes its holder anywhere he wants) so that you can come back quickly… and in case you do not find it, bring the boy. ”

Alex: “As you command! »

“Before I forget! if you ever think of disobeying me again, that would cost you a lot!”

Alex swallowed his tongue of fear and rushed to do the task that will determine his destiny...

He arrived at the orphanage where Jack and his sister were staying

“I have arrived finally, I have to find that boy quickly and hurry up Alex, your destiny is in her hands!”

He tried to sneak and barely succeeded because of a high wall placed to prevent orphans or in other words bonded workers of escape

Alex: “Who is the idiot that put this damn wall here?!”

???: “It was not me!”

Alex was very surprised: “Are the trees talking now?!”

???: “I’m the one talking!”

Alex looked down, then found a cat talking to him

The cat: “Hello! How is the view from up there?”

Alex: “A…t...Talking…cat??!!”

“Yes; is it a problem?”

“I’m so not feeling well!” Alex fell from the wall and fell over the cat

Someone heard the screaming of the cat and rushed to help who was it? Jack the savior

“Are you okay? “Jack asked

“Yes, I think… that was not a strong fall…” Alex replied

Jack: “Poor kitten!”

Alex: “What? Kitten?! “(Yes, he was not asking Alex but the poor cat) “Excuse me?” Alex fondled on Jack’s shoulder

Jack: “Yes, how can I help you uncle?”

Alex: “Uncle? How can you help me? Are you ….”

A huge tree branch fell on Alex’s head and he lost conscious.

Jack: “Are you okay, uncle?”

“I do not think he is!” Said the cat

«You’re right; we’d better take him to a warm place to rest there!” Jack was not surprised by the talking of the cat because he was used to it since they were friends.

“You look after him; I’ll look for something to eat!” the cat said

Jack dragged Alex into the place, avoiding getting anyone’s attention, while Scarlett’s eyes were circling around in boredom.

Scarlett: “I am so bored; hey ... I think I just saw someone dragging an alligator... an animal ... which reminds me, I forgot to feed Daisse again! It’s probably here!”

“A Rat!» girls start screaming

Scarlett: “No, you fools; it’s just my stupid cat!” it’s the same talking cat, which went looking for food and then left “He ran away again; no one escapes from me!!!” Scarlett yelled then everyone looked at her with surprise “Sorry…”

Jack put Alex behind a pile of coal so nobody sees him. Daisse returned to the basement where Jack was, while Scarlett looked for him like crazy all over the orphanage

Scarlett: “That fool cat, wait till find you!”

She ended up near the basement, so she decided to go in and try her luck, but she found paintings that Jack had painted to fill his free time, and accidentally dropped a pottery jar that crashed

“Are you alright?” Asked Jack, who knew she was there

Scarlett: “N ... yes I think so; I’m really sorry ...”

Jack: “You do not have to be, it’s just a jar!”

“Did we meet before - asked Scarlett - I mean look familiar to me!”

Jack: “Like who?!”

Scarlett: “Yes, you look like ..... Daisse! ”

Jack: “I look like the cat?”

Scarlett: “Look at you! Stupid cute kitty, I cannot stay upset with you!”

“But I can!” Angry voice dawned behind Scarlett: It was Mr. Willow

Scarlett: “Sir ........ A ... I ... I was ....”

Jack: “It’s my fault Mr. Willow, I asked for her opinion in my paintings! (Did he believe me?)”

“Is that so?” he turned to Scarlett, “go and do your job and don’t walk around!”

Scarlett: “Y…yes sir! * Why did he say that? *”

After Scarlett left, Willow grabbed the paintings and threw them into the chimney flame, burning those papers with the Jack’s heart

“This penalty is to show you the price of trying to be a hero” and he left

Jack picked up the ashes of those paintings and looked at them with pain. The only one left was a drawing of his sister’s face, the only thing he remembered.

Jack: “You said that helping others makes everyone happy, then why don’t I feel that way?” (He began to cry)” Where are you when I need you, sister!? ”

On the sound of the wailing, Alex woke up and the headache was shattering his skull

Alex: “My head hurts ...” (Looked around and wondered)“Where am I? And what happened to me? And who is crying? ”

He got up to see the matter and tried to calm the boy, but he realized that he was the reason for his coming and his complications. Alex remained silent for a while and after a period of deep reflection; he concluded that he had to deceive the boy

Alex: “Hey, you! Would you like to leave this nasty place?”

Jack: “What? Why would you ask ...”

Alex: “Yes or no?”

Jack: “Yes, I’d love to!”

Alex: “I can find you a prestigious job; to show you how grateful I am for saving my life,* because you will get me out of the Ice Queen’s indignation.*”

Jack: “Let me think...”

Alex: “Take all your time ...”

Jack: “I thought about it, I’m going to leave this place with you, uncle!”

Alex: “*It was too easy! He must be really dumb! Wait…what did he just call me? !* By the way, I want something from you first; the necklace that your father Jonathan Reese made, the one I gave it to you many years ago, do you still have it?”

Jack: “Necklace… made by my father ... I ...”

Alex: “I’ll come back for it later …I mean for you! You’d better give me what I’m here for...”

“But....” Alex left Jack in such confusion “I didn’t understand what he was talking about, a necklace ... (he turned to his sister’s painting) everything will change soon Scarlett!” said Jack.

Jack always thought that his sister no longer belonged to this world, so he spoke with her portrait all the time.

In the meantime, Scarlett had finished her work (doing anything required of her as knitting or cleaning ...)

“Well, since we finished cleaning the halls, let’s go thank him for helping us!” Scarlett rushed to meet Jack

“Why do I have to come with you?” Daisse asked her

Scarlett: “It’s your fault from the beginning, you have to apologize!”

Scarlett arrived at the door of the basement, but before she knocked the door she heard a conversation about a necklace and her father so she peeked a little

“Do you have it?” Asked Alex

Jack: “Actually, I do not know anything about it, maybe my sister does, but...” Alex grabbed jack’s shirt and lifted him up

“Are you kidding me? I have no time for this nonsense kid!” yelled Alex

“No need to be angry, uncle!” Jack replied

Alex: “That’s unbelievable…and stop calling me that! ... Hey, did you say you’ve a sister?* Do I have to search for her as well?*”

Jack: “Yes, but I do not know where she is, all I know is that Scarlett is her name… ”

“*Is this the truth? I do not think so! I will look for the necklace myself among these ... Scraps *!” Alex threw the boxes full of things and began searching for the necklace thinking that he might find it while Jack continued to speak

Jack: “... It’s true that my father is named Jonathan Reese, but I do not remember that he made ...”

When he mentioned that name, something shuddered inside Scarlett and melted into the crucible of the past

“Is this a dream or a reality?” Scarlett said

Jack turned to her, “You? What are you doing here?”

“Jack, I finally found you, little brother!” She said

Jack: “Little brother? How is that possible? I do not understand ...”

Scarlett: “It’s me Scarlett; I’ve spent years looking for you, Jack! You cannot believe my joy ...” and she burst into tears. Jack remained puzzled by the unbelievable things his eyes saw, did the siblings really meet after a decade of time?

Jack: “This cannot be ... I ...”

He approached two steps and then hesitated as if he was afraid to wake up from this beautiful dream. Scarlett sang his mother’s song to bring him back to reality, asserting that it was not a dream but the truth and suddenly her necklace shone so bright.

Jack held his dear sister in his arms and their eyes were raining with chilling happiness, while Alex was still drowning in the middle of the boxes

Alex: “I found everything except that damned necklace! Who is she? What’s going on?”

The light of the necklace did not fade until after the brothers let go of each other;

Jack: “This is my sister Scarlett ...”

“I do not care; all I want is the necklace!” Alex yelled with a terrifying anger

“Hey, you! By what authority are you talking to my brother with this arrogance?!” Scarlett yelled at Alex

Alex: “Shut up, dumb goose!”

“Who are you calling a goose?” she yelled again

Jack: “It’s okay sister!”

Alex: “You’re wrong, nothing will be okay!”

Alex responded to Jack and threw the key - the key which the Queen gave it to him -with a mantra And opens a gate where the dragon “Basilisk” - evil Queen’s pet – showed up, carried both Jack and his sister and flew outside the orphanage while Alex was riding on his back. Scarlett screamed for help, clutching Jack’s hand, unwilling to leave her and looking for her cat at the same time

Alex: “You foolish cat! Get away from me!”

Cat: “Do not let me down please! »

The dragon threw Alex and Daisse from his back near the Forest of darkness that no one dares to approach. Jack saw his sister suffering and he barely gazed at her because of the tears that flooded his eyes

“Big sister!” (In a sad voice) Thank you for finding me, I’m really glad to see you again! ”

“Don’t say this! We will be fine; I promise I will not let you go, not again…”

“I’m the one who will let you go this time ... I’m sorry Scarlett!” And he let go of her hand after his unhappy smile

“Nooooo! ”

The dragon ended his path with Jack only, and this was not accidental, but was the orders of the ice queen. Scarlett Fainted after she was caught by Alex or rather nearly crushed him

Scarlett: “Where am I? Jack, where are you? I remember…that creature took him! But where?!” She heard a strange sound “What’s this now? I’ve had enough surprises for a day.”

She approached the sound and she found her cat talking to the tree, but in fact it was talking to Alex hiding on the top

Scarlett: “Daisse? What should I do with you?” Scarlett carried the cat and then Alex fell on the ground “You deserve it!” Scarlett declared

Alex: “I do not need help from you, do not worry!”

Scarlett: “Who said that I will help you? You are the reason for the loss of my brother!”

Alex: “I was just following orders! ”

Scarlett stood in his face. “Take me with you to my brother’s place and I will forgive you.”

Alex: “Well, as you want. ”

Scarlett: “Really!?”

Alex: “Naah, I was only teasing with you! Helping you is the last thing I would do!”

She grabbed his clothes and said, “You can’t refuse!”

Alex: “I just did; I said Nooooooooo!”

Alex’s screams caused an avalanche that was heading towards them, while they were blaming each other.

Alex: “Stop talking now and run for your life!”

Alex grabbed Scarlett’s hand which made her wonder the reason he was helping her; maybe he was not that bad!

Alex: “Stop yelling!”

Scarlett: “I’m looking for Daisse! .... Here it is!”

Alex: “We have bigger problems!”

They were heading to a dead end; Alex tried to hang on to a tree but it broke due to their heavy weight, so instead they rode on the bark of that tree

Alex: “You’re heavy!”

Scarlett: “I’ll pretend I did not hear you!”

Their only hope of survival was to slide on the tree bark,

Scarlett: “All this is your fault, you know!”

Alex: “And I don’t like you, as you should know…Oh, no!”

Scarlett turned to Alex and found him pointing to the edge of the ramp that was not far away; both shouted

Alex: “We’re gonna die!!”

“What’s the plan?” asked Scarlett with all the confusion and panic

Alex: “We’ll jump at my signal!”

Scarlett: “Okay ... wait, what’s the signal?”

Alex: “Jump!”

Scarlett: “You call that a signal?!”

And both jumped from the bark but the problem lies in the fall of Scarlett on the Alex; their eyes met and for the first time Alex was dazzled by her beauty but her heavy weight brought him back to reality

Alex: “You’re heavy! Get off me and give my poor back a break!”

Scarlett: “Oh I’m sorry, (she stood up) Take my hand I’ll help you stand!”

“No thanks (he got up quickly) now, listen you…”

Alex suddenly felt a tickle in his back and began acting oddly

Scarlett: “What’s the matter?”

Alex: “There’s ... something in ... my back!” Daisse has been there all along!

Alex: “What the..”

Daisse: “Oh, hi there!”

Scarlett: “Daisse there you are!”

Alex: “Are you kidding me? What in the snow is the meaning of this?! I am tired of you two! Get lost or eaten by a beast I don’t care!!”

Scarlett: “But… I need your help to find my brother please ... He’s all I have ... And ... I do not want to lose him, not again ... Help me ... (Burst her eyes with tears)”

Alex: “*Dammit! Why is she crying? You have to do something Alex! *” (Hold the cat and his swing it right and left) « Here is your kitty! * What am I doing? * ”

“It isn’t funny!” Scarlett screamed

“Scary!” (Both Alex and Daisse agreed)

Scarlett: “You can laugh as you want… You don’t know what it feels like to lose someone dear to your heart!”

Scarlett continued in the wailing and whining, but her words made an error in Alex’s system as if he remembered something or rather someone; from his miserable past, which made his head hurt badly and without conscious he put his hand on Scarlett’s head petting her

“* I really do not know what I’m doing! * You can come along if you like to; but I warn you, it won’t be easy at all; we will take a rough road that may lead us to certain death ... Are you listening to me?”

Scarlett was so happy that she did not hear his words.

Scarlett: “I can’t believe you’re going to help me!”

Alex: “I’m starting to regret this!”

She seemed so excited and pleased, but this does not explain the surprise of Alex to the extent of her naivety and extreme stupidity

Scarlett: “Let’s do our best from now on!”

Alex: “Yeah whatever! And before I forget; if you want to stay with me, you have to comply with my terms and conditions!”

Scarlett: “What conditions exactly?! ”

Alex: “Firstly, you must keep your distance from me because I dislike you and…your cat! Secondly, you’d better stay quiet and calm since I hate noise like you! Thirdly, don’t ask me questions and don’t stand in my way! Got that! That’s all for now... ”

“It’s easy as a pie! I will do the best I can!” Scarlett smiled and melted the icy heart of Alex

“*She’s kind of cute! Maybe it’s only my imagination! * Whatever, keep going! ”

Scarlett: “By the way, I’m Scarlett Reece and… you?”

Alex: “*Now I’m stuck with this stupid goose!* what did I say about asking questions? Leave me alone!”

Scarlett: “I just want to know your name!”

Alex: “Well, look who has fallen for me already! I’m Alex, you dumb goose! ”

Scarlett: “Not even in your dreams! Wait, what did you call me?”

“Nothing, keep walking!”

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