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I thought I had my life figured out, but something felt like it was missing, my best friend Cassie helped me figure that out one night. Along the way things got difficult, damaged, and ruined. I never thought my life would be on the line. Never thought that I would get hurt so bad that I'd be raped and have ptsd. Especially by someone I trusted or well thought that I trusted. I never thought I'd end up with two bikers from two different mcs. Both of these men, these big, brutal, tattooed, hunk of men save me from being killed, and better yet save me from myself when every nightmare hits when I close my eyes. They are the reason I'm still here, the reason I still fight, the reason why my heart belongs to them. *TRIGGER WARNING* This story has sexual acts, mentions rape and torture. Not something someone under the age of 18 should read. For mature adults only. It is for mature adults because of the details and several sexual acts that will be mentioned. Are you prepared to take this journey through my life? To see, feel, and possibly regret reading? If so- then take a seat, grab a blanket, and maybe your favorite stuffed animal to hold onto. It's going to be a huge bumpy ride. This is fantasy. I may be truly involved in bdsm but this is a story. Some true some false. Please Enjoy!

Fantasy / Mystery
Jenny Rebel
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Chapter 1-The beginning


After a long and tireless day of work at Rush-guard, I asked my friend Cassie if she wanted to go out to the bar. I wanted to loosen up a bit considering it was Friday, before I brought up what was really on my mind.

These past few years I haven’t quite felt myself. Lost and confused about my sexuality, and preferences'. I needed someone to talk to and Cassie has always been my go to girl for advice.

I arrive at the bar on 5th street. My hands sweaty and my mind is racing trying to decide what I could possibly say to Cassie. I get the courage to walk into the bar and order a drink before Cassie arrives.

As I was walking into the bar, I noticed some tall, handsome, tattooed men in the corner of the bar playing pool. My mouth goes dry and thoughts cross my mind of devouring their every will. I shake the thoughts as I approach the bar. I tap the counter for the bartenders attention, and take a seat. She has sleeve tattoos on both of her arms, she’s wearing a black crop top and has on daisy dukes. My mouth goes dry again as I start to choke out words.

She laughs and says “I know just the thing hun”. She leaves and I watch as she makes a concoction of Jack and Coke, then she brings me the drink.

I tell her to keep an open tab. I quickly take the first sip. The sweetness of the Coke, and the warm filling of Jack was the perfect combination of what I needed. Liquid courage to be exact. As I downed my first glass, I glanced at the strapping men once more. My mind takes over my body and a wetness begins to pool up at my core.

I hear the door to the bar open, I quickly turn my view to see who’s arrived, I smile and see Cassie approaching me.

Cassie and I talk about how our day has been, she ask me about my job, I ask her about her job, we laugh and banter some more. I finally tell her what's on my mind.

“I feel like something is just missing from my life, I feel like I need something.. more? Something with both men and women as well. Does that make sense?” I ask her

“Of course it does. Have you thought about BDSM?” She ask

“Well, no. I never thought about that. What is it?” I ask

“Honestly its many different things, anything from asphyxia-philia play (choking) to water bondage. Here I’ve got this quiz survey thing you can take to see what you’re into, if your dominant, submissive, or a switch.” She says as she pulls out her phone and goes to the survey.

I take her phone and do the quiz survey like she asked me to do, my leg bounces as I'm nervous. After I was done I hand her her phone back and wait. Everything was going in slow motion. The air around me got thin. My breath hitched in my throat as she went over these results of the quiz. It felt like an hour had passed. I became nervous of what she’d say after going through the results. How would she explain these results to me.

It had only honestly been ten minutes, she looked up at me and told me what she thought.

“I knew you was a switch. But you’re more dominant than submissive.” She said

“What do you mean? More dominant than submissive?” I asked

“You can dominate a person by giving them a demand. Show them you mean business. Per say. Your submissive side is equal to that dominant side. You can be both if you chose to or you can be one or the other. Your choice.” She said

“I’ve never been dominant in my life, are you sure the results are accurate?” I asked

“Positive!” She kinda yelled and giggled

We were sitting at the bar. It was kind of loud so I understood why she yelled a bit, but it was still a bit embarrassing. The guys next to us gave us a weird look. We both laughed.

The one sitting close to me, he was tall in stature, maybe 6′3, had just enough muscle, and what looked like a good amount of tattooes.

“You should hit on him Jenny, use your charm on him, see if he is submissive.” She said

I thought she was joking with me, but gauging by the look on her face, I knew she wasn’t.

“Seriously? Wait.. Why do I need to try it on him?” I asked nervously.

“I want to see how he would react towards you using a dominant voice.” She said

“Can’t I just ask him if he is dominant or submissive?” I asked

“No! That defeats the purpose. I’m trying to prove you have that dominant side to you. You just have to see it for your self.” She said

I gave her a look of worry as she spoke. But with how she was talking me up I started to believe maybe I could show my dominant side. But I honestly had no idea how I would do that. Not yet anyways. So I pondered on the thought a few more minutes. Waiting for something to say to him. I took another drink from my jack and coke. Getting a little more liquid courage as to speak.

After I finished my drink. I turned to the guy.

“Hey what’s your name?” I asked him

He looked at me and smiled.

“I’m Alex, what’s your name?” He said

“Jenny. You new in town? I’ve never seen you here before.” I asked

“We just got to town a few days ago. My buddy and I. We got a job out here to do.” He said.

“Oh nice. Maybe you should buy me a drink Alex.” I said

“What ya drinking.” He asked

“Jack and coke.” I said while giving him a smile.

He waited for the bartender to come our way, then got our drinks.

“So, what do you do? For work I mean.” I asked

“I’m a contractor, I build houses.” Alex says

“Oh nice. Do you like it?” I ask

Damn I feel like I’m trying to get to know him, but I’m trying get a feel for him. See if I could be a dominant person.

I lean into him to whisper in his ear.

“How would you like to experiment with me?” Trying to sound seductively figuring it may not have worked. I backed up.

He looked at me surprised.

“What do you mean by experiment with you?” He asked

“I mean I would like to try something. Different so to speak and completely out of my comfort zone.” I say

“Sure what do you have in mind?” Alex ask

I thought about it for a few seconds. Trying to think of a demand I could do that wasn’t completely out of it. I looked at my bestie.

“What should I have him do?” I mouthed to her.

“Make him get down on his knees and beg to have you.” She mouthed back.

Little far fetched to do this but I snickered and turned back to Alex.

“Get down on your knees and beg to have me go home with you.” I said surprised by my own demand.

“You want me on my knees and want me to beg to have you go home with you?”

“Yes. Now do as I say!” I demanded.

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