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Chapter Two

“Harper, this here is Levi Jackson, your spouse.” Kit motioned for the two men to enter the library. The one from the café kept his eyes forward, a tick forming in his sharp jaw out of frustration or fear, I couldn’t tell. The other man glared straight at me, obviously being the one Kit was referring to.

He had messy black hair, shaved to form an undercut. High cheekbones made his face seem sculpted with his strong jawline. His jade-green eyes looked down at me from his height vantage. From his peeking collarbone, I could see the edge of an intricate tattoo under his long-sleeved V-neck shirt.

“You said nothing about a girl, bastard.” Levi’s voice was deep, verging on menacing as he sneered. My instincts warned me to take a step back, but I knew better than to give away ground.

“There was no need to. You were to meet her Highness eventually, as promised to your father and Falyn,” The man said curtly, resting his hands onto his thick belt, knuckles deeply scarred, as he bowed his head in my direction. “I am very sorry for how I got you here, my Queen, but we had no time and your safety, as well as my King’s, is my top priority.”


Kit touched my shoulder, their fingers gently squeezing before they gestured towards two cushioned chairs in the furthest corner amongst the bookshelves. Setting my jaw, I followed, feeling Levi’s gaze on my back. It made me conscious of my short skirt and revealing top. Crossing my arms over my chest, I sat down and waited for Kit to begin their much-needed explanation.

“I will only be able to give you the basics for now. The human brain, especially those from Earth, cannot take in all the chaotic information I will need to provide,” Kit started, turning their head towards the tapestries. There was a sad gleam in their eyes as they gazed at the one with my mother sewn into it.

“Firstly, you are no longer on Earth, as I am sure you have pieced together. You are in Evaron. Your kingdom is named Wylan. Its people and secrets will be learned over time.” Kit paused, letting their words sink in. Levi sat forward in his chair while I leaned further into mine.

“You’re tellin’ me I’m the king of an entire kingdom?” His voice dripped with cockiness, a smirk on his plump lips.

“Can you explain how we got into this situation first?” I asked, trying to keep my voice level. The gleam in Levi’s eyes was already screaming ideas of war and battle when he glanced at me over his broad shoulder from where he still sat forward.

“Wylan is a warfaring kingdom, making the throne very tempting for the other kingdoms’ royals as it sat empty. Your mother, Harper, was the ruling queen until two years ago. She willed you to take the throne once you had turned twenty-one. Levi, your father agreed to send you to Earth with your guardian due to the wars we were facing. To get you passage, you were promised to Harper. You are to marry in two weeks.”

“Excuse me, what?” Clenching my jaw, I stood up, feeling my heart in my throat. This had to be a dream, right? “I’m not marrying someone I barely just met or being queen to a kingdom I have no clue what the hell stands for besides war.”

“I agree with her, but I will happily take over her duties under that of the King.” Levi stood too, his shoulder the height of my head as he stayed next to me. His eagerness was beginning to get on my nerves.

“The Barrier Travel does not work that way, I’m afraid. Once you are here, there is no way of leaving, only once thirty days have passed and your bodies are strong enough to pass through.” The man said, sighing.

“Blaze is correct. Over time your bodies will get used to the veil breaking around it, but right now if you had to attempt getting through to Earth, you would meet an agonizing end,” Kit added, their eyes glancing at Blaze before us.

Slumping down into the chair, I held my head in my hands, feeling a headache creeping its way into my brain. What was happening was like a dream. The feelings swirling in my chest were unreal that they began to scare me. Questions bubbled up into my thoughts, all trying to understand and answer what was happening to me, but failing to do so. I tried keeping my breathing calm and racing thoughts collected, but I could feel myself slipping at the ropes keeping me together. How was Levi still standing, still able to listen to Blaze and Kit as they continued to talk?

“Please, slow down,” I mumbled, closing my eyes and covering my face with my hands. Kit and Blaze stopped speaking, their gazes making my skin prickle. Levi’s beaten up converses turned slightly in my direction in the silence. When I let my hands fall into my lap and I straightened in my chair, I had their attention. “Start from the beginning, the whole beginning even if it’s just a little bit. I can tell I am the only one on the outs here.”

Kit flicked his eyes to Blaze who in turn glanced at Levi with a warning gleam which made him sit down in angered silence.

“Our world is closely related to yours,” Kit began slowly, pursing their lips before continuing. “We are behind in technological advancements, but you could say we are in a steampunk era. We are, however, older than your world and have different beasts, races and a slight form of magic living in us. Our evolution has been slow and many wars have broken out over the past years. This is how your kingdom, Wylan, has come to exist in a nutshell.”

“When Queen Nesryn passed, the other royals became antsy, plans for taking our throne from us were whispers on the wind.” Blaze leaned against the side of a bookshelf, scarred arms crossed over his chest as his deep voice took over from Kit’s light one. “For two long years, the throne has been empty and the people restless. Your whereabouts were concealed to prevent anyone from attempting an assassination. Since Harper came of age, her location was given out, slipping right between my fingers. Every day I couldn’t find you I was afraid the other kingdoms had gotten to you first.”

“Does this help you understand more of your coming here?” Kit asked, their head tilting to the side. When I did not answer, they pursed their lips again. “As I said, we are only telling you the basics. Tomorrow, we can delve into history. Right now, both of you need a hot meal and time for this to settle in. Please, let us escort you to the banquet hall.”

“But-” Levi started before his and my stomach began to growl. The thought of food at that moment made me feel queasy, but I had only eaten breakfast and I didn’t know how long I had been sleeping in this world. Kit looked on pleased before turning on their heel and strolling out the library with us reluctantly following.

Once again we walked down the candle-lit corridor into another with polished suites of black armour. The candlelight and our reflections bounced off their oily surfaces, chainmail glinting menacingly as they hid sheathed swords under them.

The doorway into the banquet hall was similarly elegantly carved like the library’s, this time the wood showing off dragon’s in-flight and blowing flames out of their maws. The passion in the carvings left me in awe as my eyes dragged away from them to the enormous hall. Velvet purple curtains hung thickly from the ceiling, covering the windows from our sight. Tapestries decorated the right wall, Queen Nesryn now being depicted in a fighting stance next to a man, beasts once again at her feet. Two empty tapestries hung on either side of her, only their borders done in elaborate designs.

When I let my eyes drop to the floor, I saw it was polished dark wood, gleaming more than my own dress shoes. Even the long table, which one person sat at currently, was well looked after. The chairs on each side had the same craftsmanship as the doorway, dragons and beasts carved into the wood.

The person, a young woman with wavy, light strawberry pink hair and flawless pale skin, watched us enter with piercing dark blue eyes, dark makeup enhancing her stare. Compared to her, in her dark purple dress and glinting armour corset, I felt like no queen with my damaged and dyed purple hair and creased, dirty yellow shirt and stained white skirt.

The woman stood up, her petite form showing with the cinched in-waist of her armour, hands gloved as they brought up her skirts to courtesy, allowing a healthy view of her cleavage to be seen. Funny enough, Levi glanced away at this before she even bowed enough for that cleavage to be seen.

“Afternoon, your Majesties.” Her voice was delicate, a smile gracing her pink lips. When she stood up straight again, Levi flicked his eyes towards her before clearing his throat as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I am Yuki, the Head of the Queen’s protection guard, it is an honour to finally meet you, Queen Harper.”

As I opened my mouth to respond, a line of maids and butlers walked through the carved doorway at the other end of the hall. With them came the scents of unfamiliar spices and freshly baked bread. Each held a serving tray with meat, vegetables, fruit and bread as they laid them down in the middle of the table near where Yuki had sat. My mouth watered at the sight while my stomach clenched from hunger. The men and women bowed, briskly leaving straight after.

“Come, it is time for you two to eat,” Kit said, gently touching my shoulder to urge me forward. I did so with little hesitance, the same going for Levi who strode in front of me to grab a freshly baked and buttered roll. Yuki had seated herself back into her seat, hands clasped in the empty plate in front of her.

“A-are you not eating?” I asked, slowing my pace as I came to stand at the chair next to her, gripping the wooden back to steady myself from attacking the food awaiting me. Levi stopped in his actions, the roll clutched in his hand as he watched on with some interest.

“No, we will eat later once you two are asleep,” Kit answered, sitting down next to me as Blaze took the chair opposite me, leaving Levi and me still standing. We glanced at each other before at the trays of food.

“ should consider eating with us now?” Levi muttered, slumping down into his chair. “This is too much for only two of us to eat.”

“Plus, it’s already awkward with this whole royalty crap you’ve thrown us into. So, just act normal with us,” I added, picking up a slice of apple, but when I popped it into my mouth the taste of pear washed over my tongue. “And if you refuse, think of it as an order.”

A large grin spread itself on Blaze’s face, his canines flashing as he scooped up a handful of purple grapes. Kit watched on disapprovingly as Yuki gracefully plucked meat off the closest tray with a mischievous smile.

“By the way, why are all the curtains closed, did we wake up late?” I asked, tearing into a bread roll and biting into it, the butter inside creamy.

“The sun’s rays were quite harsh today. The Lizard Folk suggested everyone stay inside as the heat of the day would blister any fair skin,” Kit explained, finally giving in and filling their plate with freshly cut vegetables. “Tomorrow, you will meet one of our most strategic Lizard Folk in our walls. For now, focus on eating then rest.”

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