Between Good and Evil

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Diablo was just an ordinary kid with an ordinary life, or at least that's what he thought. He soon comes in contact with what he found to be a angel, and she wasn't the only one who wanted something with him. They also have a certain mission and it's to find the god of then Hell and to take him down before their world collapse. But can they do it or will die for the last time, time has a limit, and it'll run out for every little thing.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Into Darkness Pt.1

Water, dark water. It was in the bathroom sink. The water was mysterious, then a feeling flowed through me as I reach into the water, I put my hand in the dark substance, and I could see the bones in my hand as if I had suddenly obtained x-ray vision. I pulled my hand out as fast as I could but it was fine, my heart started racing. The sink started shaking and rumbling, and boom.

The water began to fill the room at a rapid rate. I rushed to the door but it wouldn’t budge. My eyesight blurred as panic began to consume me. The water splashed beneath my feet as I struggled to move around. My eyes moved rapidly in a haze to find something, anything, to make the water stop, but the water had already risen to my neck and I swam to the top for air. And as soon as I realized there was no way out, everything went black.

I was surrounded by the dark liquid and all the oxygen had soon drained from my lungs. My head was pounding and my chest felt like it was about to explode; an alarming ringing had filled my ears. As soon as I was about to accept my fate, I heard the sound of rushing water and air filled my lungs as I gasped for breath; gravity had been restored. My eyes slowly began to adjust to my surroundings.

The familiar sight of yellow dashed lines and the luminescent glow of the yellow street lights embraced me; the rough feeling of pavement beneath my fingertips. Then the sound of a sudden high-pitched voice brought me back to my senses.

“What, are you trying to propose to me? Sorry, but not interested,” They said followed by a little laugh.

I followed the sound of the voice. There stood a girl; her hair was dyed a vibrant shade of purple, her black roots peaked through the top; she was wearing a fair amount of purple. I started to walk towards her and as I got closer, I noticed she had heterochromatic eyes: the right was purple, the left, black. I was kind of bummed she said she wasn’t interested; she was pretty.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Addy An-.”

“And, what do you want with me? The most famous person on Earth, Diablo Martinez.” I said sarcastically.

“Well, first things first you, will never cut me off when I’m not finished spe-”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Just get to the point.” She slapped me in the face with enough force to knock me back to the ground.. “Hey! What was that for?” I said, rubbing my cheek.

“Didn’t I just tell you not to cut me off when I’m speaking?”

“Yes, you did, I’m sorry it won’t happen again.” I then got back on my feet.

“It better not. So if you like you can call m-”

“Why don’t I just call you Addy.”

“That’s what I was going to say but you interrupted me.” She then kicked me in the shin.


“ You need to listen!”

“Okay, I’m sorry, but I still don’t know why I’m here!” I said jumping up and down holding my shin. Then fell to the ground again.

“Well, I’m on a journey to get something that I loved and cared for back, and it’s gonna be hard. I am here because I need you. You are the child of Satan, I guess that kinda makes sense, I mean you’re name is Diablo which also means The Devil So anywa-”

“What?! This is most likely a dream because there is no way I’m gonna believe that! I mean I’m just a teen so yeah. You don't exist, and I'm nothing special. I'm probably just dreaming of this because I wanna feel more important.”

She shot me an angry glare that looked like it held some murderous intent.

“Please don’t hurt me again,” I whimpered and blocked my face with my forearms in case she tried to hit me again. Surprisingly, she didn’t, she just carried on with what she was saying.

“-I thought you might know where he was but so far you seem to be useless.”

“Okay, that’s not very nice.”

“You think I care?”

“Could you please just let me go, I don't wanna be here anymore, you're mean."

"Do you think I care if you think I'm mean or whatever?"


"The answer is no! I don't care!"

"Okay okay!! Well if you won't let me go then at least tell me what I'm needed for."

“Well you’re not needed at all.”

“Ouch… but then why’d you come see me of all people?”

“Well you are the only child of Satan that's on Earth. at the moment being that is..” She then sighed and continued “..and you’re the last person he’s talked to. So I thought you might be a lot of help, so far that’s all wrong. I know you most likely don’t know but do you know where he is?”

“No, and you mean to tell me that Satan has been missing for more than 12 years?”

She then turned around, staring at the empty sky and said,

“So twelve years is it? Not bad, but know this Satan I will find you and I will kill you, and I won't stop until that is done, you and you world will fall, it's what you deserve.” She said without any hesitation.

The big question is, how was a sixteen-year-old going to kill a king who was over 2,000 years old, was in the best shape anyone could be in, had the energy of a child, an IQ past 1000 and was hiding his location, power and identity no problem. Aslo how was she going to kill him if he was already dead. I should have asked this ,but it was too late because once I finished thinking all I heard was her say, “I’ll be seeing you soon you should be up in three...” The ground started to shake.

“What’s happening?”

“two…” Then it broke open


“..and one.” I then fell through the ground, I could fell the wind as it blew across my face. My head started pounding, I was going so fast I blacked out... then it stopped.
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