Villainess no Yume

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Ryuu-jin Aoki, one of the top 10 powerful people in the world, found that his favorite character in the novel named Yume suddenly became a villainess. For this reason, he used his wealth to find the whereabouts of the author. But to no avail, he failed. One day, the newest chapter of the novel, condemned Yume, who was punished into slavery. This is where Ryuu-jin's patience got broken. Luckily, a miracle happened where he was given a choice to live in her world and save her. So he became Ryu Xanastre, a self-made male lead who will save the damsel in distress. "Wait for me my princess," he said, "if the male lead abandons you, then I'll be the second male lead and protect you."

Fantasy / Romance
Konpeki Sensei
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Chapter 1 - Here comes me, the second male lead

A/N: Hello everyone, this is my very first novel, so this story will always be remembered in my heart. I hope you guys support me with constructive criticism. I will appreciate it since it will help me learn more about my bad habits. Thank you.

“How dare a villainess like you, harass my future queen!”

I am now reading the most detested dialogue I have ever seen in my 28 years of life.

For I, Ryuu-jin, who holds the top 10 most powerful positions in the world, found reading novels quite amusing.

“B-But your Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, isn’t it me, your fiancee, the one promised to be your queen?” she replied.

Even in my wealthy and perfect life, there were times where I struggled against the elites of the corporate world.

This is the time where I strongly searched for a wall to lean on.

The crown prince pointed his finger at the lady in the middle of the banquet, “Isn’t that your and your family’s delusion? What promise? If only I know what kind of a bitch you are...”

“B-But your Highness, I never intended to--”

“Enough! I might have been forced by my father, the King. But I will not forgive you for harming Rosie!” he shouted. “You even asked to poison her, who has never done anything to you!”

“Y-Your Highness that wasn’t m--”

“Guards! Throw this wench out! I hereby declare, Yume Valenz, who plotted against my partner, the future queen of the empire, be sentenced to death!”

But the wall I need was not in wealth, lust, or power that any other person would want.

Rather, the wall that gave me comfort was found in a character of a story, the one I am reading now.

Not the crown prince, nor his two-faced heroine. But the character I like is the one they called the villainess.

What intrigues me more is how this novel only releases one chapter per year. But the story in every chapter was so detailed that I thought it was happening in real life.

And later, I found out that this speculation might be true.

The story started with Yume, who was the daughter born in the dukedom.

She was the one and only child of duke Valenz, a retired general of the royal army. She was even called their princess.

King Zeno, who saw the intelligent and talented Yume, betrothed her to the prince at the age of 6.

Because of this, the cute and lovely child’s life turned into a doll, or rather a marionette honed to become the perfect queen.

Dozens of noble teachers came flocking to their doorstep, wanting to gain favor.

Politics, Economy, Nobility, and even Swordsmanship. She was taught the things to do’s and don’ts. Her opinion is not needed.

Like livestock that was groomed to be sold.

A young girl who should have been peacefully playing outside the garden, eating desserts, drinking tea, and laughing with friends while being loved by her parents.

Were verbally and physically punished whenever she get mistakes. Just because they expected her to be perfect.

Yume pleaded, “Nooo! Please, your highness. I never intended to harm Rosie. I just...”

Rosie smirked silently, “Oh~ my dear prince, can’t we just forgive her?” she said, passionately caressing his arm with her lustful fingers. “I knew she only did that because of her deep love for you.”

The crown prince blushed, “I-Is that so?” he said, laughing like an innocent boy. “But still, she did something wrong.”

Rosie glanced at Yume who seems lost in shock. She even smiled like someone who already won the war, “Then, instead of her life, why don’t we lighten the sentence by just making her a slave?”

“Not only your heart is pure, you even forgive those who harm you. You deserve to be my queen, Rosie.”

“I just don’t want you to be guilty, my love,” she whispered.

The crown prince raised his hand for everyone to see, “Because of Rosie’s goodwill, Yume will become a slave for the rest of her life,” he said. “You should thank her for sparing your disgusting life.”

I had been enjoying this novel for the past 20 years since I found the devotedness of Yume so lovely.

Whenever I got into trouble, I read and remember her diligence. And it saved me every time.

She didn’t care about the hardship she went through. So that her loved ones wouldn’t be worried.

There were times that she even bled in the nose because of overworking. Just to be a good wife for that naive prince. Still, she endured.

But now, it irritates me the most whenever I read this newest chapter...

“Ugh! Enough!” I shouted, throwing the book at the screen in front with all my might, breaking the television. “Sebastian!”

Sebastian quickly opened the door, “Yes, Mr. President?” he replied.

I pointed below the broken television, “I want you to find the stupid author of that book,” I said, “so that I can get revenge for my dear Yume!”

“B-But Sir...”



“Just tell me already.”

Sebastian closed his eyes looking down at the floor, “This television was already replaced 34 times,” he said, “and we still haven’t got any clues about the author.”

“...Is. Is that so?”

“Y-Yes Mr. President.”

“...You may go now, Sebastian.”

Sebastian is my assistant who was working with me for as long as I know. Only he knows my secret hobby is reading novels.

When my father forced me to become the successor of his company, it was Sebastian who introduced me to reading.

In my darkest time, it was the story of Yume, that became light, my companion in life. She was like the female version of me.

Sadly, with the newest update of the novel, her life began to differ from mine. While I became successful, a good person like her fell and became the victim of the plot.

Even so, I have never been this agitated before, even if billions of dollars were stolen by the competitor, I would just brush it off, move on, and do better.

But when I read how Yume was treated, my veins just popped out like an erupting volcano. It felt like I know and care about Yume more than my parents.

This is why I am looking for that idiotic author. Because I want to forcefully grab that reckless hands, and rewrite her life into a blissful one.

I would even put a handsome and perfect prince, to save this damsel in distress. Making her life envied by everyone.

He will pamper her like a precious child. He will do anything for her.

He will build a castle, no, he will build a country for her. He will put her in the highest authority. With an army that can dominate the entire world.

This will make her known as the possessor of a voice that can destroy the world.

Kings will have no choice but to crawl to her feet and beg for mercy.

She can laugh at them and no one will dare say a word. She can kick them to death and all they can do is smile.

But despite her unpleasant experiences, I know her beautiful character will not allow her to be this pathetic. Even so, he will continue to give her everything.

She deserves it.

“I want to help her,” I murmured, pressing my palm into my face.

“Do you want to help her?”

I replied without thinking, “Of course I do.”

Before I realize that the only person in the room was me. It was too late. The fact that there is someone who asked me that question made me bewildered.

When I removed my hand that was blocking my vision, I saw nothing.

It was all gone. The broken television, the book, the chairs, my table. There was nothing.

“Sebastian!” I shouted, repeating it every other second.

“Please calm down.”

“Who are you?”

“I am that idiotic author.”

“...What?” I asked. “Where am I?”

When I didn’t receive a reply, I started to think. I calmed myself as instructed earlier.

I spoke as I knew that there will be a reply, “I am calm now. Let us talk.”

In this space where there is nothing. A light in front of me suddenly appeared.

The light talked calmly, “Hello Ryuu-jin, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, author, is that correct?”

“You are indeed a wise child.”

“I have thought everything now, and by combining the things that occurred, I assume it is all about the book.”

“You never failed to amuse me,” the author said, ” I need your help.”

I sighed, “About Yume?”

“Yes, but not exactly about her.”

The light explained about Azure, it was the name of the world where Yume currently lives in.

As I felt, this world is real, like the one on earth. And the one talking to me is the supervisor of both worlds, the author.

The author told me that there is something that was ruining the balance of Azure.

A harmful existence that is changing the destiny of everyone. Including Yume.

“What can I do?“, I asked.

“I can’t interfere directly, this is why I wrote a book to find a soul that is compatible and can connect to this world.”

The author sent the book into multiple worlds and found out that I have the best resonance.

The feeling I had whenever I read the novel, is like I do belong. This is because the connection between me and this world is already established.

“I can transfer you to that world, but when I do, you can’t go back to your world anymore.”

I was shocked with this one-way option, “What? But why?”

“The one who interferes is already dominating, so I want to send you back 20 years in the past.“, the author said, explaining to me the details.

Not that I care about this world, but since it affected Yume, and knowing that she is not just a fictional character, gave me my resolves.

I replied, with my tone as firm as a rock, “Fine, it is better that way so that I can establish myself first. But only if you allow me to do what I want, then I will help you.”

“As long as you can find the culprit that distorted the world and stop it, then you are free to do what you will.”

“Then what would happen to me on earth?”

“Don’t worry, I already prepared a soul for your body.”

“Then what if I destroy the world instead?”

“Then Yume will be sad.”

“...You’re right. Let’s go then.”

The light shone much brighter, blinding my vision before completely disappearing.

“Thank you. I bless you in your new life.”

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