Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 11 - South Forest Part I

Ryu Xanastre (Point Of View)

4 years later. Ryu Xanastre 10 years old.

“Master!” Kaori of the Ischyros said while she was rushing through the midst of an ambush.


Sara blocked the gigantic ax from a Goblin Champion by using her sword and shield combined, she said, “Kao—Wait!”

Goblin Champion is a type of goblin who evolved into a big and powerful warrior by defeating enemies and accumulate experiences. Mostly wield a giant ax to boast from their smaller peers.

"Afiste ton kyklo na reei," I chanted, “aunt hang on!” The magic I am casting is not your ordinary spell. It was a combination of water and earth magic. This spell can only be created by drawing a magic circle to incorporate two or more individual magic. “Quicksand!”

Circle Mage. The third advancement for a mage. If the first and second advancement is about Elements and Enhancement, then the third is the ability to create magic circles.

Magic circles are something that you can draw on the ground, piece of paper, or in the air using magic. The third one is the hardest method.

The concept here is that a mage or magician wouldn’t be able to cast two different spells at once. So they invented the usage of magic circles to combine different spells to create a new and stronger one.

This might sound easy, but one out of a thousand mages would only be able to advance into this in their lifetime. It is so hard that some advances when they are too old already. The reason is that the caster needs in-depth knowledge on how the magic circle is translated. Yet, here I am using a magic circle in the air, as a 10-year-old boy.

A small radius of land under the Goblin Champion began to soften, making its feet sink in the quicksand.

Sara dodges in time.

The Goblin Champion panicked and tried to escape, but its situation became worse when it made some movement, making itself sink faster. “Kueee kuee! Kueee!” It said, screaming and flapping like someone who was drowning in the ocean. “Kuueee!”

When its body sunken halfway, I chanted, “Afiste to edafos na pagosei.” The ice magic freezes the ground. “Kaori, now!”

“Yes my Lord!” Kaori proactively appeared beside the trapped Goblin Champion, raising her arm that wields a spear, aiming to pierce its head. “Iyaaaaaa!”


I sighed. “Is it dead?”

To confirm, Kaori pulled her spear and stabbed the Goblin Champion a few times. “It is dead, my Lord.”

“Ah—Hahaha,” I said, trying to cover my exhaustion with laughter. “Phew...”

“My hands got numbed,” Sara said. She dropped to the ground and relaxed.

I cast a spell to scout the surroundings and check if there is another ambush. When I verified that there is none, I also let down my guard to recuperate. I chanced to look up in the sky. “It’s getting dark already.”

“Can we go home now?”

“Then I’ll fire a flare to signal the other group to return.”

“Yes! Please!”

Hissssss... Boom!

“Group 1, that’s the Lord’s signal.”

“Group 14, the Lord asks to return.”

“Group 23, we are ordered to return by the Lord.”


6 Goblin Champions, 30 Goblin Warriors, 12 Goblin Archers, 36 Wolves, 4 Boars, and more. These are the monsters that we have killed today.

Day by day, we are trying to clear a path to the depths of the South Forest. Trying to find the abomination who lives as the ruler of the land and kill it. So that we can conquer the land as the new ruler and build a stronghold.

In 4 years, our forces already increased by threefolds. Some slaves gave signs of being geniuses. They were assigned as the head to different sections of the Shadow Intelligence Group. We already have a hospital, stores, auction houses, warehouses, and even production factories around Southbourne City. We continued to expand whenever the opportunity arises.

These are all listed in the fake noble title that we bought.

“Our Lord. We, group 30 have arrived,” the group leader said.

“Report your results and take rest,” I commanded.

“Yes, my Lord!” they said.

“Ryu, I’m hungry.”

“Yes, aunt. Father and mother might be waiting for us by now, let’s go.”

“Yay! Let’s go.”


“The kids are back dear,” Hazel said, preparing the food to the table.

“Welcome home.”

“Sister! I’m not a kid anymore—”

“We’re home, mom, dad—”

“—You’ll always be a kid in my heart Sara.”

“T-That’s too cringey.”

“What? You wanted to be scolded instead?”

“Uh... No. I’m hungry, sister.”

“You should always learn from Ryu, he already took a seat and started eating.”

“What?! That’s unfair! Wait for me! Hey!!!”

The two hungry kids went down from eating normally to a food battle.


“Ryu, Sara... And... Um... Miss Kaori. Good morning,” the south guard said.

I responded, “Good morning Sir.”

“Are you guys going out hunting again?”

“Yes, Sir.”

The guard looks at Kaori who was following me. “Then be careful.”

The beautiful but airhead Kaori didn’t respond, which made the guard unsettled.

Sara and I slightly bowed before leaving. “Poor guard,” I said.

“It’s too obvious he liked Kaori.”

We look at Kaori who was following us behind, she has this face of someone innocent and unaware. “I-Is there a problem my Lord? Master?” She was flustered.

Sara narrowed her eyes and assumed. “I see. I see. That’s why Kaori doesn’t have any interest in Sir Guard.” Looking at me with glinting eyes.

“What are you talking about Master? I don’t have time for that, I only want to serve you and the young Lord.”

“Tch!” Sara got disappointed. “Is that it? How boring.” She shrugged her shoulder and continued to walk forward.

“Don’t slack down aunt, the other groups might overtake us.”

“I won’t. I won’t,” she said, “let’s fasten our pace so we can go further.”

We came back from where we left yesterday. It was about 20 kilometers south of the city.

I was hoping that the boss monster that rules the south forest would at least be 50 kilometers away from the kingdom, so we could discreetly build there without provoking the sovereignty of the Zen Kingdom where we currently live.

We continued to push another kilometer and hunted monsters. This made us stronger. Not only did we become wealthier with the loots, but the battle experience with life and death on the line made us grow in terms of skills.

Plus, Kaori teaching us, who is already a Sword and Spear Grand Master, helped us advance both to being a Sword Master.

The Sage who appeared 4 years ago also taught me about the magic circle, making me advance into a circle mage. Then he disappeared after. I am still grateful for this encounter.

Sara is our vanguard, she uses the sword and shield to attack and defend. Kaori focuses on our offense with her spear. While I defend us using a dual sword from the rear and support the whole team with my magic. This was the best battle formation we could think of for the moment.

My target is to build a strong kingdom within 6 years, so I can join the Zen Kingdom’s joint expedition with other nations. That is the time Yume will be accused and punish into slavery. So I need to be there to save her.

“Let’s fasten the pace more,” I said.

“Yes my Lord.” “Okay.”

23 kilometers...

25 kilometers...

29 kilometers...

When we reached 30 kilometers, we felt an ominous feeling and the gravity doubled. Making it harder to move, I said, “W-What is this?”

“I’m sweating,” Sara said.

Kaori looks fine despite the sudden change. “My Lord, this is the gravity field.”

“Gravity field?”

“Yes, there is this one place in the south forest where the gravity is multiplied.”

“Do you know the cause?”

“Sorry my Lord. Even us Ischyros are having a hard time reaching the center of this field.”

“Then it might be dangerous, we should turn around and find another path,” Sara said. She took a step backward preparing to leave.

“Wait, aunt.”


“I had this feeling we should move forward.”

“This feeling again... Sigh...”

We tried to move forward, it seems the closer we are to the source, the higher the gravity is. But we stopped when we reached at least 5 times the gravity.

“I can’t walk anymore,” Sara said, dropping into the ground wheezing.

Even I already used magic to support myself, while Kaori still looks like she can move a little further. But we can’t wait until our bodies break from the pressure, so I decided that we should go back. “Let’s try it again another time.”


“It is also good for our training aunt. So stop whining.”

“O-Okay.” Sara has tears that threatened to spill in the corner of her eyes. But I decided to ignore her. “Bad nephew! Huhuhu.”

“I’ll follow whatever you decide my Lord.”

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