Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 12 - South Forest Part II

“95... 96... 97... 98... 99... 100!”


“A... Awesome!” Sara said, clenching his hands together while watching me with my dual sword training. “That’s your 10,000th swing for today, right? And you already got accustomed to the 10 times gravity.”

“Foo... Phew... Yes, aunt, that’s why you need to train more. You had been stuck in the 9 times gravity for a week already”

“Nngh... Even if I’m older, you’re still a boy, of course, you’ll surpass me.”

“An excuse? Look at Kaori, she is already on the 20 times gravity.”

“S-Stop! She is different. Just focus and train today, leave me alone, okay?”

“Fine. You’re too old to pout now.”

“Did you just say something?!”


I have read once in a comic on earth that practicing in a place with increased gravity can boost your physique faster. So I suggested for us to use this chance to train. To my surprise, it did help more than I imagined.

We have been camping out on the gravity field for 90 days, doing eating, sleeping, and training. I can see our bodies becoming well toned. It was lucky that there are no monsters here to disturb us.

Still, we can’t rush things just because we want to. There was a time that I almost sprained my ankle because I want to get to the source of this gravity field. So I decided to slow things down and make myself stronger first.

After some rest, I chose to move to the 11 times gravity. “Here I go.”


A small crack forms when I take a step on the ground. “Phew... Heavier than I thought.”

“Careful, Ryu!”

“I can still move.”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

“Phew...” I can feel my legs shaking while walking under this circumstance. Knowing that I’m getting stronger is making me proud. “Slowly... Walk slowly...”

I arrived at the 14 times gravity and stopped. I sat to stabilize myself. “I’ll train here for a week.”

Sword and physical training in the morning, magic training in the afternoon, and both combined training in the evening. These are my daily routines in the gravity field.

Sara practiced her defensive stances, trying to improve how long she can maintain them. Sometimes we spar with each other to overcome our weaknesses and change them into strengths.

Kaori, who is already a Grand Master is trying to advance into a Spirit or Saint level. That is the level where you can create your weapon aura. A skill that covers your weapon with magical power and allows a person to cut a tree without effort.

For now, we meditated on improving ourselves while we target the source of this gravity field. If I’m not mistaken, there might be some kind of artifact that would greatly beneficial for us if we obtain it.

Another 90 days have passed. It’s almost winter. We can feel the slight change of cold air that we inhale in our lungs.

“We need to finish this by next month.”

This might seem that we are in dilemma, but the good news is that Kaori reached the 30 times gravity and saw the source. While I reached 25, and Sara reached 20.

Kaori told us that the source is a giant sword that is pierced into the ground. It is almost as big as a human. Glowing runes were embedded in the middle. We suspect that these are the ones that amplify the gravity.

It was a Giant Black Rune Sword.

When I also reached the source, I saw a human corpse that only bones remained, resting its back on a boulder while holding tightly into the rune sword, as its life depends on it.

“My Lord, should I pull and take out the rune sword?” Kaori said.

“Hmm... Let’s wait for aunt Sara.”

“As you wish my Lord.”

“Mmhmm... Do you, really, not want to call me by my name?”

“I apologize, my Lord, I would lose my honor by not properly serving my savior.”

“I... I see.” Kaori has her family tradition to serve their savior as their masters. This is why she insists not to call us by name.

We continued to practice while we wait for Sara. It took another 30 days for her to reach the source. Then we decided to pull the sword out.

“The one who should pull this out is you, my Lord or Master Sara,” Kaori said, “artifacts like these might register its master whoever touches it next after its previous owner dies.

“Hmm... So it can choose its master,” I asked, “you don’t want to wield it?”

“How would I dare use something better than my masters?”

“Sorry. How about you Aunt Sara?”

“It’s too much for me to handle. You can have it.”

“If you guys say so.” I grabbed the handle of the rune sword, pulling it out. The hand of the corpse that was holding it crumbled along with its body. The previous owner must have died a long time ago.

After touching the sword, the glowing runes began to shine brightly and covered a large amount of area. This made us close our eyes for a moment. Then we felt our bodies become lighter as the gravity field vanished.

We opened our eyes and saw the giant rune sword in my hands. The sword is even bigger than my whole body. “I pulled it.”

“Congratulations my Lord.”

“Ryu, that sword looks great on you.”

“Thank you,” I said, raising the sword with my arms as I inspect it. “It doesn’t feel heavy at all.”

“Really?” Sara excitedly went towards me. “Can I hold it?”

“Sure.” I lend the rune sword to my aunt. But we got surprised at what happened next.


My aunt dropped the rune sword.

“What happened?” I said.

“Y... You said it wasn’t heavy! But it almost broke my arm.”

“Heavy?” Being confused, I tried to pick it up, and again we got surprised. I easily carried it with one hand. “It’s not heavy.”

“My Lord, it seems only the owner can wield it weightless,” Kaori said.

When the Giant Black Rune Sword recognized me as its owner, it changed the weight that is preferably for me to use. While it prevents other people from using it by making itself heavier. “Gravity Rune Sword.”

“Gravity Rune Sword?” Sara asked.

“The name of my sword.”


“It is a good name, my Lord.”

Little did I know that the Gravity Rune Sword will be my best buddy in this life. Not only it is great in battle, but it can also help me and my companions in training by using its ability, the gravity field.

We spent more than half a year on this, but the time we used is not wasted. In fact, we found out that our actual physical strength increased by threefolds. Even our running speed was affected.

“Awesome!” Sara shouted while running back to the camp.

We cleaned up our temporary camp and went home, back to my parent’s house. They must have been worried and miss us. Even though we sent people from time to time to confirm that we are doing fine. Only by seeing us personally would ease their worries.


“We’re home!”

“Ryu! Sara!,” Hazel said, running towards us with a hug. “I missed my babies.”

“Mom I’m not a kid anymore.”

“Me too sister.”

“Did you guys started to hate me now you became independent? Boohoo.” Hazel turned around crying. She even peeks a glance, hinting that she is miserable, and needs to be comforted.



“Go hug your sister.”

“Why me? It’s your mom.”

“Didn’t you say you want a new sword on your birthday?”

“Oh, C’mon!” Sara had no choice but to agree, walking towards her sister to console her.

I entered the house and talked with my family. My father who was drinking his coffee saw the rune sword that was wrapped behind my back, he said, “Son, is that a sword?”

“Yes, dad. Wanna look?” I unwrapped the sword and placed it on the table.

“Amazing! This sword is huge.”

“Careful dad, it is a special sword with magical ability.”

“Magical Ability?”

“It can control gravity.” Hearing this made my father’s jaw dropped for a long while. My mother even assisted him to close it back.

“Did you get this in the south forest?” my father tried to pick up the gravity rune sword but failed to do so. “It is indeed heavy.”

“Yep, this is the reason we left for half a year.”

“This would cost a fortune. You should not use it in front of strangers.”

“To prevent those thieves?” Sara said.

“You grew up wise Sara.”

“Hehe, thank you, brother-in-law.”

“Don’t worry dad, only I can use this sword as long as I live.”

“More reason to be careful. You should get a scabbard for the sword to hide and carry it easier.”

“Okay dad, I’ll go to the blacksmith later-or tomorrow.”

“You kids must be tired,” Hazel said, “go to your room and rest. I’ll call you when the food is ready.”

“Okay, mom.” “Thank you, sis.”

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