Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 15 - Dragon's Nightmare

"One, two, three... twenty-four... thirty-two," I said, counting how many dragons are currently marching towards us.

Desperation, grief, sorrow, misery, discomfort, distress, and anxiety.

When the situation came where all hope is lost, it is either you force to create another reason or just give up entirely. Humans would easily pick the latter to end things and suffer no more.

But when you have people you want to cherish and protect, you would effortlessly think twice and choose the former.

Kaori who was badly injured and lying down on the ground is trying to stretch her arms towards me. And Sara who experienced these things because of my recklessness was still unconscious up to this moment.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sounds of these filthy dragons coming to us are becoming annoying. The thought of their teeth gnawing through the flesh and bones of my loved ones is making me mad. The feeling of the pain they would need to endure because of my selfishness...


I clenched my fist and forced my throat to speak until blood came out of my mouth. What is the use of this body if I can't protect them, I said, "Ase to soma mou na enischythei." Body Strengthening!

My injured body suddenly burst out with blood as my veins began popping out. Remembering what the old mage has taught me. "Ryu, everything you do in life has consequences. It is the same in magic. You can't create something without equivalent exchange."

These words came out of my mind when I felt the pain. But thinking about it, every pain seems worth it, if it will give me the power to fight back. Then I wouldn't mind suffering more.

"This strength is not enough." Is there another part of my body that can be enhanced? Then a thought came to me, what is the use of my brain if I can't think of a solution? "Ase to myalo mou na dialogistei." Mind Break!

My eyes redden and my nose started to bleed. If this is the punishment for my mind being complacent, then I am gladly taking this all. If only this is enough to redeem me.

Magic Circle Combination, the fourth advancement of a mage. The fourth stage is one of the most dangerous stages out of ten advancements available. This is because one needs to break one's limit for it to become successful. I need to create a new spell.

The stronger the spell, the better the mage's future will become, but at the same time, the rate of failure and death also increases.

I remember when the old mage said I am not ready to go for this advancement. He said that I need to become stronger first in mind, body, and magic. Forcing to advance will only break me. But I have no choice in this situation. I rather sacrifice myself to save them.

"This is not enough." I have a feeling that combining these two magic is not sufficient to escape this tragedy, my heart is not steadying as it knows that this is not my limit. So I want to risk another spell. "Afiste tin kardia mou na ypoferei." Adrenaline Rush!

My heart began beating incredibly fast. The pain in my body became numb as I feel more strength gush out within me. My mind became blank and the only thing that remained is the word 'Protect'.

Adrenaline Rush, Mind Break, and Body Strengthening. Combining these three spells into one creating the final spell, Berserk Magic!

It is a spell to force someone into a frenzy, a state where losing control of one's own body. In exchange for the temporary immeasurable increase in speed and power. The one in this state will lose the ability to think rationally, while the heart will take control of everything in a short amount of time.

I stood up — creak — as my bones began breaking one by one, my whole body became red from my blood boiling with hot smoke gushing out from my skin. "Aaaaaah! Aaaah!" I shouted from the pain.

When I felt the bloodthirst from the surrounding, I unconsciously picked up the Gravity Rune Sword and dashed towards the nearest dragon, which is the Alpha Dragon.

It only took me 3 seconds to arrive in front of it as I kicked the ground and jumped towards its head.

The Alpha Dragon was too slow to react, only its eyes were able to follow my movement, its body failed to move before the rune sword hit its head, giving me a perfectly clean strike.


The Alpha Dragon split in half. Even having the toughest scale can't protect it. With berserk still triggered, I didn't stop with this and proceeded to my next target.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

15th kill. My eyes that were redden started to bleed.

I am nearing my limit.

I continue to cut down the dragons until the dead bodies count more than 30. They threw fire breathes on me, because of my state, I didn't feel the heat. But, this doesn't mean that I am not damaged at all. In fact, my skins already received a great number of degree burns.

My nose, ears, and mouth also started to bleed. Though I can't still feel anything. This is bad.


There are a few dragons left, but another problem arises when the baby dragons finished up hatching. As they rushed toward the pile of bodies that were prepared as their food. It was another disaster since Kaori and Sara are still there and can't move.

I panicked and jumped high enough, arriving near the ladies. Getting surrounded by these baby dragons made me anxious. Raising the rune sword, my fingers reached its limit and it went into a vegetative state, dropping the sword to the ground. "Aaaah!" I shouted.

The breakdown didn't stop, the impact from jumping that high also reduced my legs, making me fell over to the ground.

The effect of berserk magic also ended. The drawback of having this temporary surge of power is now coming back to me all at once. I lost consciousness.

My body continued to break down. I woke up from the pain and screamed. Then again lost consciousness. It repeated so many times that I wished I was dead.

While the dragons were skeptical to move when they see me repeatedly shouting in agony. They saw how I easily killed their own kind, so no one dares to approach me, prolonging our demise.

"Am I dying?" I said, starting to hallucinate, an image of a lady appeared in my mind. "Yume, is that you? I haven't even had a glimpse of your face, and yet I am here thinking of you. Because of my reckless decisions, I wasted this life that the author gave me.

"Will you forgive me for not being able to save you in the future? Of course, you will. Since you have a kind heart... This..."

The darkness began to envelop my sight, closing my eyes slowly. Maybe it's time.

"I'm tired—"

"Don't sleep!" Someone shouted.

Who are you? I want to take a rest now. I'm exhausted.

"No! Ryu! If you lose consciousness now, you will never wake up again!"

Just a bit of sleep... Please... Just let me take a bit.

"He is already in a blank state."

"What do you mean old man? What does blank state mean?"

"I'm afraid he won't last any longer."

"No! Ryu can't die! Please wake up! Please save him!"

"...I'm afraid he already exhausted all of his magical power, his brain is already half dead, and his heart is rejecting his body."

What are you guys talking about? I'm just merely sleeping. Why do you guys talk like I am dying? And why are you guys shouting? Can you just let me sleep? Everything will be fine as long as I take some rest...

"Do we really have no other choice? Please... I'm begging you old man!"

"There is this one method, but the chance is very low. It might prevent him from dying now, but we don't know if it will backfire in the future."


"Since you are his aunt, you must decide now."

Aunt? Is that Sara? Where am I? Why are you guys crying so much? Just wait, I'll wake up in a second...

"Is feeding him the Alpha Dragon's heart can really save him?"

"If he can take it. Maybe..."

Feed? Me? Dragon Heart? I don't understand... I want to wake up and tell you guys that I am fine, but it seems I need more sleep. So please be patient...

"...I don't want to part with him. I don't want him to die."

"Then let's make haste. I'm going to extract the dragon heart and give it to this kid."

"Ryu, please... Please stay alive... Please overcome this trial... Please... Pleas—"

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