Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 16 - Royal Academy

In the middle of the Zen Kingdom, a Royal Academy was built for talented individuals to attend. The school doesn't prejudice against the commoner and nobility, as long as you have the talent, you will be allowed to enroll and learn from the same group as those rich and powerful nobles.

However, there are still those in higher ranks who discriminate against those lower in status. Even though that this is not allowed by the school rules, the fact that they control the power will always be the case. So there are times that those who have low status would get isolated or worst bullied.

Since this is obviously a different world. I learned that there are few different things about nobles here than those back on earth. But there are also lots of similarities, so adjusting to their customs is not that difficult.

Outside of the academy gate, flocks of student candidates are now entering the academy to take the school's entrance examination.

There, the candidate will be given a trial to prove their talent for them to be accepted as a student. After being accepted, the person's ability will be estimated and then will be assigned to the appropriate class.

Those who have great skills will be designated to the best class, while the so-and-so individuals will be in the bottom class. Or so-called trash class.

"No wonder they kill each other," I murmured, getting out of my carriage. "Even I would need to trample on others just to raise myself. Expected for the law of the jungle."

I tried to look at the whole academy but was surprised by how massive it is. "This might be even bigger than the university I attended back on earth."

I've covered myself using a cloak that wrapped my whole body from top to bottom. I wouldn't want anyone to see the color of my hair. Should I have worn a wig? But I might get punished for faking my appearance.

Then I started walking past the gate when someone suddenly blocked my way, I said, "Is there a problem?"

"How ignorant," he said, "I saw you come from that poor old carriage. Which family did you come from?"

The tension heated up. People started gathering around us.

Much for trying to stay low-profile, I even asked to be brought by a simple carriage. Who knows that even with this, I will be picked up on. I should have walked instead.

Now, a brown-haired guy who has a sword in his waist wanted to give me some trouble.

I sighed, "Greetings, I am the son of Baron Astre in the Xan Kingdom." It was a fake name, in case someone does a background check on me later.

It was good enough that the Zen Kingdom allowed foreign students to create a good relationship with their neighbors. But not everyone is welcoming this with open arms.

The people around us were shocked as they began to whisper and gossip to each other.

"A foreign student?"

"Isn't the Xan Kingdom... That, Xan Kingdom?!"

"Do you mean the one created 5 or 6 years ago?"

"Didn't you hear, the Xan Kingdom is where that person came from."

"What person?"

"The person who ate a whole dragon."

"What? A dragon? A whole dragon?! Isn't that just a rumor?"

"No, I have this uncle who lives in the south, and he even told us that all of this was true."

"I can assure you that this is correct, my brother is a merchant and he told me that he went there once to make a trade."

"But... Isn't the Xan Kingdom, also called the Kingdom of Slaves?"

The last sentence made the crowd silent.

"Ehem!" the guy who blocked my path said, sticking out his chest out and raising his chin a little. "I am Carlson, the eldest son of the Marquess of Nothinton."

"May I know what Lord Carlson Nothinton wants with me?" I said. Even I know that these people are looking down on me.

"Impudence!" the guy who was with Carlson said, "Is this how you Xan Barbarians talk with those higher in status?!"

"Hahahaha!" the crowd laughed. Even those who have low status were forced to mock me because they didn't want to be on the bad side of someone influential.

Insulting someone from another Kingdom is taboo unless you can handle the consequences. I was thinking of burying everyone here 6 feet under the ground when someone interrupted in time.

"What is this commotion?" someone said. The question came from the lady who just arrived from the gate behind me. "Lord Carlson, are you still giving newcomers a hard time?"

I haven't seen the face of this lady, but her voice is sweet and nice even though it feels a little bit domineering. I can tell that she came from a respectable family, which is better than the Nothinton household.

"Who is that lady? She has black hair."

"Looking at her more, she is beautiful."

"I think she was the first one I have seen with black hair."


"...Wait, I think I heard from the social circle about the sole lady with black hair in the academy. If I'm not wrong her name is Y-"

"L-L-Lady Yume Valenz, g-good morning!" Carlson said, looking a little afraid.

When he spoke of the lady's name, my eyes grew wide. My face started to feel hot, and my breath became heavier.

Hearing she has black hair, still gave me doubts, but now when I learned her name... Should I look back?

If she is the one I have been looking forward to, then, isn't this the day that a diehard fan would be seeing his favorite fictional character for the first time in history? The people whom they call villainess. A chance, that might no one other than me, was given. So what am I hesitating for?

Ba-dump... ba-dump...

My heartbeat intensified.


Hardcore screaming internally.

"Did you not hear me?" Yume said.

"L-Lady Yume, we were just teaching this barba-new applicant that he should not wear hoods in the academy," Carlson said.

There was a 5 seconds pause before she spoke again. "Mm... It is indeed not allowed to cover one's face in the academy. Good Sir, may I kindly ask for you to remove your hood? And as a senior student, please show me your Academy Invitation Pass."

What should I do? I am getting nervous. Isn't this what I was waiting for 16 years after I was reborn? Why am I getting disheartened now?

But if I do not follow her demand, I might be accused as an assassin. Well, I should just go with the flow.

I took my hood off and turned around.

"A-Another black hair?" the crowd said.

When I finally saw my favorite character...

Ba-dump... The time slowed down.

Yume was wearing the academy uniform. A white top covered with a dark blue sleeved blazer and a big ribbon hanging around her neck served as a tie. Partnered with a long skirt with beautiful embroidery of flowers. Glimmering black hair under the dancing sunlight made it shine beautifully. These complimented her spotless face who rivals a goddess, it is like looking in a gorgeous moonlight. A glistening skin like milk chocolate paired with perfect black eyes that shows only pureness, while her nose, lips, and ears that looked like from a child, that no one can hold back to touch for its tenderness and cuteness. Slender arms, and perfectly curved waist. If only not for her villainess reputation and black hair, her beauty will be enough to give heartaches to any person who sees her.

When she saw me, her mouth opened a little, there, I saw her gracile delicate alluring lips with her sparkling eyes that continued to look at me, she said, "B-Black hair?"

"Yes, Princess," I replied.

"P-Pardon? I am not a princess."

"Oh, forgive me Lady Yume Valenz."

"You... Know me?"

"I just heard from Lord Carlson when he called you."

"...I see. Let me introduce myself properly then, I am Yume, daughter of Duke Valenz from the north. Also a senior student in the Royal Academy."

Even though Yume and I are the same in age. She already started attending here when she was 12. But it doesn't matter because my only purpose being here is to be with her and save her when the time comes.

"Nice to meet you Lady Yume," I said, "my name is Ryu, son of Baron Astre from the Xan Kingdom... Em... Here's my pass... Please tell me if I can go now."

It's not like I want to go, but my heart can't keep up with these overflowing emotions I am experiencing, so I decided to have a quick retreat for now.

"Oh... Wait... Let me check your pass first... Mm... Ryu... Astre."

"Yes, that's me."


"Any problem?"

"N-No, please pardon me, it's just my first time knowing someone who has the same hair color as me," she said, "also, as a senior student, I would like to apologize on their behalf for stopping you here-"

Carlson interrupted, "We didn't do anything wrong-"

"I suggest you stop it, Lord Carlson. Do you want for the Marquess of Nothinton to know how you, the heir of the family, do things?"

"Tch! We will go... For now." Carlson and his friends left. The other people also started to leave when Yume stared at them.

"Thank you," I said. My eyes seem can't get off from looking at her.

"You're welcome. Do you have anything left to say, Sir Ryu?"

"No... How about you Lady Yume?"

"Nothing more."


"So?" Yume repeated what I said.

"I'll go now."

"Yes, it was improper for me to take more of your time, Sir Ryu... I hope you pass the examination."

"Aight... See you, Milady." I bowed my head politely. Despite not wanting to leave, I turned around and went to the examination venue. I will need to be enrolled in this academy first if I want to be with her more.

She will have her guard up because she is already engaged to the crown prince. Luckily, I also have black hair so it piqued her attention. Making me somewhat a special existence in her heart.

Remembering all the hardship I went through. I can finally say, "It's worth it."

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