Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 17 - Let me be the Villain

"Welcome everyone to the Royal Academy's annual entrance examination," the vice-principal said, standing in front of a large amphitheater where magic devices are used to amplify his voice. Therefore, making everything he speaks loud and clear.

Meanwhile, I was standing at the far end of the venue since the seats were already taken, but most likely because I don't want to disturb the speaker in front. I swear, troubles love to find me anywhere.

Then here I was reminiscing my encounter with the princess earlier, I can't take off my mind about how stunning she was. They can say I'm a biased fan, but who cares about their opinion. I leaned on a pillar when someone suddenly talked to me. "Good day Sir, first time here?"

Did this guy just ruined my moment?!

Looking at him closely, he's wearing a tight suit and has two daggers on his waist. Seeing that he is not wearing a uniform, it is safe to assume that he is not a student and might be one of the applicants, I said, "Yes, you are?"

"Sorry for intruding. My name is Felix, I came from the north and my father is a mercenary, I am here today to take my 3rd attempt."

Third attempt? Undoubtedly that the Royal Academy entrance examination is not for everyone. But, why should I care? "I'm Ryu."

Giving him a short reply didn't fail me when I saw his face become dumbfounded. "S...Sir Ryu, how about you?" He repeated.

"Me? This is my first, I came from the Xan Kingdom." I was a little hesitant to tell him, but I think it's better to say it early so that he could leave me alone. But, his reply is quite different as expected which caught me off guard.

"Xan Kingdom?!" Felix said in a loud voice, everyone who heard was shocked and another commotion has been made. He quickly covered his mouth. "Oh!"

"Quiet down!" the vice-principal said. I knew trouble wouldn't leave me this easy. As a result, he pointed at me. "You little troublemaker, come down here, and let's see how great you are to disturb my speech!"

"Me?" I said, pointing my finger to myself, confirming whom he was pointing at. I tried to ask the people beside me, but they instantly dispersed and left me hanging.

"Are you saying it's me then?"

"No Sir, I apologize."

"Apologize? Alright, why don't you come down here this instant, and let me, the vice-principal test you in person?"

The crowd murmured, "Oh no, he's done for."

"There are too many people to piss off and he deliberately chose the vice-principal."

"The vice-principal is known as the Student Slasher. You can only count in fingers those who have passed his test."

"He won't pass this time, better if he comes back next year."

For this, I looked to the side and saw Felix, he clasped his hand together gesturing an apology, like he was pleading not to involve him. I sighed, "I'm not even the main character here!"

In the end, I complied and walked down the stairs. People's attention is now all over me, gossiping while they stare at the color of my hair.

When I arrived, the vice-principal said, "Introduce yourself."

"Name is Ryu, 16 years old, son of Baron Astre from the Xan Kingdom."

Murmur... Murmur... Murmur...

As expected, even in this world, people love to gossip as long as the topic is not about themselves. They ridicule and dishonor anyone just to make themselves feel better. It's not new to me.

Now I know exactly how Yume feels whenever she hears these people talking behind her back. It is written that she was the first noble in history to have black hair. Even though commoners rarely do have black hairs, it was a different case when it comes to these noble aristocrats. Yet, she endured everything.

"Titles don't matter in here. Even if you are a foreigner, you will have to abide by the rules," the vice-principal said, "or else, we will force you to go back home."

"Understood, Sir."

"Then tell us your skill."

"Hmm... A little bit of swordsmanship."

The vice-principal smiled mischievously as he unsheathed the sword on his waist — shiiiiing — "Oh, Aren't you lucky? I also have little knowledge in swordsmanship, why don't we spar a little?"

"Little? Isn't that vice-principal known to be a Sword Grand Master? Wouldn't that just plain bullying?" a random person said.

"Shhhh! Don't let him hear you."

The vice-principal continued, "I can see you have no sword in you, and you dare call yourself a swordsman?"

"Sorry, Sir. I woke up late and forgot to bring it. Hahaha—"

"You think this is a joke?!" He raised an eyebrow.

"Pardon me vice-principal," Yume who was watching from the side, stepped in. I think she was invited here as a senior student along with Carlson, the one who blocked me at the school entrance. She stretched out her hand holding something. "May I lend him my sword?"

"Huh?" I said, wondering if this is a dream. Did the princess, just offered me her sword? Besides, it was the silver sword that she inherited from her mother.

...But why? If I remember, she cherishes it so much that she never allows anyone to touch it, even if the crown prince himself asks for it.

Even the vice-principal and the other students were shocked by this.

My mind was clouded with these thoughts so I grabbed the sword without delay when the actual characters in question appeared.

"His Royal Highness Shin, Crown Prince of Zen has arrived!"

It was the prince that is engaged to Yume. Green hair and eyes, while wearing an elegant school uniform with decorations fitting for the prince of this kingdom.

I thought the school does not favor titles? But what is the meaning of this? I can clearly see the prince wearing something much better than the others.

"Greetings, Your Highness," the vice-principal and everyone around said.

"Oh~ my! Isn't that Silverlight that gentleman is holding?" the lady beside the crown prince said, "I was even pushed to the ground when I simply asked to borrow it... But, look what we have here."

Lies! In just one glance, I already knew who was this lady with the venomous lying mouth is. My most hated character, Rosie.

Golden hair. Golden Eyes. She is also wearing the uniform without any expensive accessories. People might think that this girl is thrifty and frugal. But, I know that she incidentally does these things for people to like her. Such an actress.

"...Rosie," Yume mumbled. I can see the gloominess inside her eyes. She must have suffered for years in this lousy academy.

Now regret is haunting me. "If only my rehabilitation ended sooner," I mumbled.

"What is the meaning of this, Yume?" Shin the crown prince said.

The crowd was in disarray in the events that were in front of them.

"Isn't the crown prince engaged to Lady Yume? But why is there another lady beside him?"

"Didn't you know? That lady was Lady Rosie whom the prince adores."

"So does it mean that Lady Yume is the third wheel?"

"It seems so. That is why... I heard that Lady Yume is bullying Lady Rosie."

"Really? Lady Yume is such a horrible person!"

"Yes, and they say that she was forcing herself to the prince."

The crowd stopped talking when Yume elegantly greeted the prince. "Greetings, Your Highness."

Everyone gasped at her perfect and charming pose. There was even a 10 seconds silence when it happened.

"P-Prince!" Rosie said.

"Ha? Oh! Yume! You dare to hurt Rosie when she just wants to borrow your sword?!" Shin said, "Vice-principal, can you tell me what is happening here?"

"Prince Shin, this young one dared to disturb my speech. Now I am testing him myself with a spar. Since he doesn't have a sword, Lady Yume voluntarily lends him the Silverlight."

Gritting his teeth in secret, Shin murmured, "Even I, her fiancee haven't held that sword, and now she... Volunteered?" He quickly glared at me with bitterness as he pulled his golden sword pointing at me.. "Vice-principal, allow me to challenge this person in your stead."

"What are you trying to do Your Highness?" Yume said, spreading her arms and using herself to cover me.

"Did you just tried to protect someone else against your fiancee?!"

She sighed, "First, I just met him earlier. Second, aren't you the one who has another lover despite having a fiancee?"

The crowd murmured, "The prince is too cruel!"

"At least she is different than a power-grabbing person like you!"

"Then why don't you just cancel our engagement?" she said.

Although the prince loves Rosie, he still needs the Valenz family, to support him in the coming expedition. That is why this thick-skinned prince is still holding onto her like a leech. Despicable.

"Alright, I agree," I said.

"What?" Yume looked at me with an unpleasant expression. I know she was only worried about what the prince will do to me, so she wants me to back down.

However, I have been waiting for this moment for decades.


The Silverlight shone brightly in my hands. "Let's get this over with."

"What a fool," Shin said, "I might not be on par with the vice-principal, but I am already a Sword Master at such a young age. Hahaha! Don't worry, I'll go easy on you."

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