Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 19 - Followed by a Princess

Crown Prince Shin De Lughes Zenonidas (Point Of View)


"Ouch!" I shouted while lying face down on a couch in my private quarters. "Rosie... Be gentle—Ouch!"

"I'm just trying to massage your neck, why such a crybaby?"

"Now you're insulting me?"

"O-Of course not."

"Damn...!" Clenching my fist. "That barbarian! He just got lucky because I underestimated him!"

"But, what if his skill is the real—"

"Impossible!" I got up and unintentionally brushed off Rosie to the side.

"Aaack!" Rosie fell to the ground. "I...It hurts!"

"S-Sorry..." I said, helping her hands to stand up. "It's that bastard! I'll make him pay!"

"Wait! My Prince," Rosie said, grabbing the end of my tunic to prevent me from leaving.

"Are you also charmed by that uncivilized black-haired guy?!"

"Of course not! I only love you, my prince... But listen, I have an idea."

"An idea?"

"Yes, if that person is really skilled, isn't it better if we can let him join our faction instead? He would be a great addition as one of your aides."

"Hmm... You're right... But how?"

"Maybe... I can seduce him?"

"No! You're mine, Rosie! Are you sure you aren't interested—"

"Shush, my dear..." She put her delicate finger over my mouth, preventing me from speaking further. "I'm doing this for you. Haven't you notice that your fiancee is somewhat interested in that Ryu Astre? So we have to steal him from her before it's too late."


Ryu Astre (Point Of View)

Chatter... Chatter... Chatter...

In a room filled with dozens of long expensive-looking wooden desks that are placed in ascending and elevated order, a large whiteboard attached to a wall in the front for writing things on it, different valuable paintings hanging around each side of a wall, and chairs that were neatly organized beside the table with enough space between each other enabling someone to sit comfortably in a long time.

Here I was, sitting in the back near the window while listening to the sound of the birds singing on the branch of a tree.

However, this tranquil atmosphere was ruined by the students who can't stop looking at me.

"I-Isn't he the one who knocked out Prince Shin?"

"There is only one black-haired freshman in the entire school."

"So it's true. Will, he also beat us?"

"Don't go near him, the prince might want revenge."

"I-I want to change class."

The other students were so afraid that I am the only person occupying the whole row. Even the seats around me are empty.

When I was thinking about how to diffuse this awkward situation, someone suddenly appeared at the door.

"Psst, hey guys, there is a beautiful lady at the door."

"Who was—black hair? T-That was Lady Yume, daughter of a duchy!"

"And she's our senior student."

"What? Why is there a high-ranking noble here?"

Meanwhile, I was lost in thought that I instinctively looked at the door when I heard the name of the princess being discussed.

There, I saw her staring in my direction. I tried looking around to check whoever is she looking at, but realize that I am the only one around in her line of vision, so it's hard to mistake that her eyes are on me, I mumbled, "Is there something wrong?"

The princess stared at me for a while, and I stared back. I didn't know if I should talk to her. Maybe there is a chance that it was not me whom she wanted. So I prevented myself from making an embarrassment.

Then a female classmate of mine initiated to ask her, she said, "Greetings, Lady Yume. Is there something we can help you with?"

"No... P-Pardon me, I was just looking around." Yume turned around and left.

"What was that all about?"

"Maybe she's lost?"

"I think so."

For what reason did she come here? I wondered.

The class started when the teacher arrived. The thoughts I had earlier disappeared as I focused on the lecture. It was about history.

700 years ago, monsters started to appear in this world called Azure. Every kingdom was in turmoil. Many people died as they tried to run in random places. Even the sea or the sky is not safe.

Luckily, there were these people who pursued the path of strength: Holy Church, Royal Armies, Hidden Assassins, Mercenaries, Rebels, tribes such as the Ischyros, and more.

They were the ones who suppressed the monster outbreak, and later on, a specialized group for dealing with monsters is created which is called adventurers.

After the problem with monsters, the kingdoms are in disorder. Human greed took control and used this opportunity to do what they want, resulting in crimes that eventually lead to a war between humans, that lasted for a hundred years.

Four victorious kingdoms succeeded in this process: the Chioni Kingdom in the north cold mountains, the Erimos Kingdom in the west desert, the Thalassa Kingdom in the east ocean, and the Zen Kingdom in the middle which is primary composed of forests.

With the recent addition of the Xan Kingdom in the south Dark Continent.

The lecture continued until lunch break. When it's time, I walked to the school restaurant since I felt how my stomach argued with my brain earlier. Seeing the place made my eyes twinkled at how amazing and grandiose the place was. "Whoa! Is this really inside the academy?"

"Hello Sir, how may I serve you?" A waitress said.

"Oh, I would like to have lunch."

"Right this way, Sir."

"Thank you." I was led to a small table with exquisite decoration which includes a bouquet as a centerpiece.

"Here's our menu, please take your time, Sir."

My eyes went wide when I saw the soup price at the top of the menu, I muttered, "1 copper coin?"

A full course meal is at least 1 silver, it is a month's worth of labor for normal people. This price might be hard for a regular employee to afford. But it's not like I was not used to this in my past life, so I quickly moved on.

Relatively, I was shocked not because I can't afford it. But the thought of how other people can eat in this lavish restaurant is what bothered me. I glanced at the waitress and whispered, "How can normal people afford these?"

The waitress professionally smiled at me. "This is a restaurant for nobles, Sir. The cheaper restaurant is on the other side."

"Oh... So that's why only a few people are dining here."

"Yes Sir, and mostly those influential people have their own private quarters and attendants to serve them."

"I see... Thank you."

"It's my pleasure, Sir."

"Then I'll have this soup... This... And that..."

"Noted Sir. It would take approximately 30 minutes to complete your order. Thank you."

"Mhmm... Oh, can I keep this menu for a while?"

"No problem, Sir." The waitress went to the kitchen to process my order.

"This one looks good for next time." I was skimming through the menu as I noticed people started to look at me. I mumbled, "Is there a problem with my face?"

"Why is Lady Yume eating in this place," someone said.

"Oh it's the princess—wait... What?!" I quickly twisted my neck until it almost snapped, so I can see whether the lady behind me is the princess they are talking about.

I saw a lady sitting elegantly while reading through the menu. But even with her beauty, the waiter serving her was terrified. The reason might be because she is someone who was labeled as a horrible person that bullied Rosie for years.

Also, people say that she became more irritated when the prince doesn't respond to her feelings. This is why the servants tried to avoid her as much as possible.

But I'm loving this despite the awkwardness. I haven't thought that I would coincidentally see her in this restaurant. So I ate the food that was served to me heartily. This will be a good memory. I thought.

"Burp... That was good stuff." I was walking in a garden trying to help myself digest the food I ate. It was a little sunny but the air is cold at the same time. It was refreshing.

Tap...... Tap tap.

"Huh?" When I took one step forward, I mysteriously heard additional two footsteps. I thought I was just being delusional because my stomach is full.

So I tried to take two steps forward to confirm my speculation that someone is behind my back.

Tap tap...... Tap tap tap tap.

When I heard the additional four footsteps, I quickly moved three steps forward!

Tap tap tap......! Tap tap tap tap tap tap!

"Kyaaaaa!" I shouted.

"Kyaaaaaaaa!" She shouted.


"I-I'ts me Sir Ryu."

"L-Lady Yume?" I sighed, knowing that it was not some bad element following me.

"Pfffft! Hahahahaha." Yume who has the stature of an elegant noble lady suddenly burst out laughing. "Pfffft! Hahahaha."

"...My Lad—Princess Yume."

"W-W-W-What?! I-I told you I'm not a p-princess, Sir Ryu."

"I know."

"T-Then why?"

"Why are you following me?"

"Because I need to talk—wait, please don't change the subject—"

"My... My... My... Who do we have here?" someone interrupted from a distance.

"Rosie!" Yume said. Her eyebrows furrowed. "Why are you here?!"

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