Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 2 - Establishing myself

“Uwa...! Uwaaa...!”

I woke up and cried without knowing the reason. I felt like there are people around me, but for some cause, my eyes can’t see. All I heard were people excited about a newborn baby.

“Congratulations, Hazel, you gave birth to a healthy boy.”

That piqued my interest, so I asked.

“Who gave birth to who?”

But no one replied to my question... or rather, no one heard me. I got confused.

“Ms. Anna, can I hold my baby?”

“Of course, here you go. He’s so adorable. As his mother, now is the perfect time to give him a name.”

I felt that a person carried me and was transferred to another person. I sensed great comfort, though... But wait... Someone carrying me? Aren’t I heavy?

“Dear, stop crying at the wall and come here.”


“Come here. The baby and I are fine.”

“Yes! I mean, yes, dear.”

“Let’s name the baby together.”

“Wow! Is this really our baby?”


Her voice suddenly went up a pitch. I might not know about a married couple’s life and interaction, but I know that this man was an idiot for asking something like that.

“Graham Xanastre, do you think I would do adultery?”


“Then stop!”


What shocked me more was when the couple began to interact with me. First, I learned that the baby people were talking about was none other than me. Then, I remembered the things I talked about with the author.

“He looks cute, with blue eyes just like his mom.”

I was reincarnated as a newborn baby!

“He is also well-behaved like his dad.”

“Wait... why is the baby not moving?”

“Is, is he dead?!”

“Oh, his eyes moved!”

The couple sighed in relief. Unfortunately, I was busy thinking about some things that I forgot to move momentarily.

I dreamt of this place every day. I cried every time I remembered what my beloved character, Yume, had to go through. Every time I could only read how she suffered, but now, I was given a chance to save her. I can never thank the author enough.


I was surprised when Hazel, who was my mother, called my earth name. On the other hand, it was also the name they gave me in this life. The author might have visited her in a dream and suggested. However, I became Ryu Xanastre instead of Ryuu-jin Aoki, she might not have remembered it whole since dreams can get vague, but this might be for the better as I won’t dwell on my past whenever hearing my given name on earth.

Born in a family with the status of a commoner. My mother was hired as a maid in a noble household, while my father, Graham Xanastre, was appointed as a city guard commander. Our family was not rich, but we had a firm, stable, and happy relationship. We live in Southbourne, a border city in the south that protects the kingdom from monsters.

And yes, there are monsters in this world, as well as swords and magic—another reason why I didn’t hesitate when I was asked to be summoned here.


Two years later.

“Ryu, please stay put!”

I’m currently being taken care of by my 12-year-old aunt, Sara. She has blue eyes, just like my mother and me, and long pink-colored hair. She was the younger sister of Hazel, who was asked to take care of me because my parents were busy with their jobs.

“How come it’s so hard to take care of a toddler!”

Her face turned purplish red while gritting her teeth.

People who heard might think that this young lady was abusing a two-year-old me, but no one should blame her. Who would have thought that I would be able to play with Fireball magic by this age, tossing it back and forth like a ball between my hands?

“No! Ah!”

She lost consciousness, making her fall to the ground with a loud — bang! — sound.

Don’t worry. It was not her head that dropped but a bucket full of water. She might’ve been scared when the fireball almost brushed on her favorite dress. Luckily, I am now well versed with beginner magic that I even stopped her head from crashing into the ground with wind magic.

"Afiste tin na petaxei."

It was a chant to summon a mini cyclone that carried my auntie to the bed. I sighed. Was it me or her that needs to be taken care of?

By the way, I have been keeping this magic a secret from my parents for a year already. My auntie even tried to tell them, but they didn’t believe her.

“How can such a cute sweet baby do something like that?”

“But, but I saw his hands burning! He even helped me with laundry from time to time.”

“How ridiculous, Sara. If you don’t want to take care of your nephew, tell me.”

“It, It’s not—”

“Then that’s enough.”

That was the last time auntie brought up a conversation about me and my magic. She gave up and just went with the flow. If not for the reason I need to get stronger, I would have pitied her. So I’m sorry for now, dear auntie.

The reason how I’m able to learn magic was because of the book my mother owned. She was once fascinated by magic, so she tried to learn. But because of the harsh reality of having no affinity with magic, she gave up and kept the book on the side until she forgot about it. The same reason she doubted that I learned magic.

The book recorded that only one out of 100,000 people can learn magic. And one out of 100 that learned was a genius. That was what the book said anyway.


“That was the last page of 1-Star mage beginner magic book.”

I heard that a genius would need 10 years to learn and practice everything within this book. Surprisingly, I completed it within a year. My talents from my past life also came with me, which greatly helped since I can learn as much as I want and faster than most people.

The only problem blocking my path was our current financial situation, but if I would be given a choice to be reborn, I would still pick this lovely family. So, I temporarily stopped learning magic and started to pick up a piece of pen and paper, the tools my father used when making reports.

When I held the pen with my tiny hands, it was hard and inconvenient. But I have no choice, so this would do for now.

“To earn money...”

I lifted my head and thought.

“Business is necessary.”



The store clerk turned his head at the sound of the door opening. Looking at my auntie, Sara, who was behind me.

“Welcome to Pseudo Trading Guild. How may I help you?”


“Who, who was that?”

He looked at Sara, who shooked her head.

“Sorry Sir, not me, but it’s my nephew who wants to talk business.”


She pointed at me.

“This one, my nephew.”

The store clerk’s eyebrows came together while raising his voice.

“Are you kidding me?! I don’t have time to play jokes with kids!”

I didn’t like to make any commotion, so I just asked straight away.

“Can I talk to your boss? I have a great amount of business proposal for him.”

The store clerk couldn’t believe me. Who would even believe a child smaller than a chair?


He quickly covered his mouth, trying to resist bursting out his laughter.

“I am serious, though.”


Finally, he cracked up. He stomped at the desk with his hands that showed mockery.

“It seems we failed to talk business. We will be going then.”

Of course, I can’t blame him. I might even laugh louder when I was in his shoes.

A kid with a cute little undeveloped voice seriously asking to talk about business, a topic for adults. I guess I’m not yet convincing.

“Let’s go, auntie.”



I looked up in the sky and saw how beautiful it was. Even though my business plan just got rebounded, it doesn’t mean I should give up. There would be an opportunity that would come as long as you don’t give up. The chances would get higher with the right qualification. These were the things I learned when I was a president back on earth.

For now, I’m still a child. A retreat was better than a complete defeat.

On the way back, I started to think of another plan. This can’t hold me back.

My auntie and I were walking on a street when a crest that was hanging on a wall caught my attention. The emblem was a rook (chess piece) with two swords crossed together. It was an adventurer’s guild.

I looked at her while she looked at me back.

“Auntie, do you know how to use a sword?”

“No? The only thing I held in my life is a kitchen knife.”

“I see. That’s enough. Follow me.”

“To where?”


I pointed at the building of the adventurer guild.

“Hm? Isn’t this Rook Adventurer Guild that fights monsters?”


“But what are we doing...”

She tried to ask but paused when she finally understood.

“Are you insane?!”

“Is there a problem, dear auntie?”

“Is, is, is, is this the reason you asked me about using a sword?”

“Don’t worry. I only need a meat shield.”

Without notice, I took a step forward and entered the guild.

“No, no, no, no, no! My sister’s gonna kill me!”

She screamed like there was no tomorrow.


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