Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 27 - Followed by a Princess, plus a Maid

Yume Valenz (Point Of View)

1 week later.

“Hey, Yiyi?” I whispered, holding a pair of twigs with leaves above my head while squatting on the ground.

“Yes, Milady?” Yiyi whispered, doing the same thing I’m currently doing, in addition, she’s wearing one of my school uniforms since I implied that chaperones aren’t allowed inside the academy.

Nobles will think that a maid who acts like this is preposterous to its master, but Yiyi is already like a dear sister to me. She is someone I picked up on a street begging for alms, and when I gave her money, I saw her distributed it equally to the others in need. The orange-colored hair overshadowed the colorless lives of everyone. Her good personality touched my heart which made me help them by giving them jobs and recruit Yiyi as my personal maid. So her slight excessive acts don’t bother me. Still, the fact that we are doing this unrefined action gave uncertainties. “What are we doing?”

“I don’t understand your question, Milady.”

“Then, why are we hiding behind bushes inside the academy grounds?”

“Oh, I thought we already talked about this a few days ago, Milady?”

“You mean, revealing Sir Ryu’s purpose for befriending me?” When she lost consciousness last week by hearing about me having a new friend, I quickly called a school doctor, and fortunately, the only reason is because of shock. When she woke up, she immediately inquired about Sir Ryu. I said everything I knew about him, but because the information is still ambiguous, she decided that this issue needs further investigation. Which is the reason why we are currently here.

“Yes, Milady, it is my duty as a servant to protect my master. No man in the right mind would dare to make a move on the Crown Prince’s legal fiancee, moreover a daughter of the Duke with a villainess reputation unless they have ulterior motives.”

“Yiyi!” My maid’s innocent words are like needles puncturing all over my heart. People are indeed staying away from me and I do get her reasons since I was someone who everyone sees as an evil lady. However, I believe that following a person secretly with this kind of purpose is also not a moral thing to do. And doubting my friend is the last thing I wanted. “We should stop this, Yiyi—”

“Look! Milady, that guy fits your description.” She pointed on the road near the academy gate. A person is walking like someone who doesn’t give care to his surrounding. “Unique black hair and beautiful blue eyes—How handsome.”

At least now, she and I agree about one thing. “Mm, and daunting...! I mean, this is not a good idea, Yiyi, we’re doing wrong, I’m going back, you should also return.” The longer I stay here, the harder it is to keep my composure and dignity.

“Wait, Milady, I think he is meeting with someone.”

“Then just for a while.” Though I wanted to stop, there is a speck of curiosity hidden inside me that wanted to know more. I returned to my position and peeked, seeing him meeting with someone. “Isn’t that Lord Carlson?”

“Lord? You mean the son of a Marquess...? I knew it! They are conspiring together, Milady.”

“That wouldn’t be—That is not true!” A seed of doubt has been planted in my heart. Is he someone like the other people who met me just for benefits? I was scared.

“Milady, there’s an activity... Lord Carlson suddenly removed his gloves... Oh, he threw it on the ground.”

“I-Isn’t that... A challenge?!” I said. Throwing your glove, gauntlet, mitten, or anything you wore in your hand to the ground is an action to issue a formal challenge to a person they wanted to duel with. This is commonly used if people wanted to quickly settle an argument lawfully. Both sides will have to stake something and the loser will have to abide by the winner. Refusing a challenge likely means that you are somewhat guilty, and your social standing will be ruined. “I need to stop them.”

I almost got carried away and reveal myself, but the events proceeded too fast that it happened in a few blinks of an eye, Yiyi said, “Sir Ryu ignored Lord Carlson and walked past him.”


“Milady! Lord Carlson drew his sword, trying to sneak on Sir Ryu!”


“Oh... Sir Ryu swiftly dodged... He even tripped Lord Carlson to the ground...”

“Phew...” I sighed, trying to catch my breath that lasted only for a second. “Ah! Two people started attacking, Sir Ryu.”

“That’s unfair, Milady. He doesn’t even have a weapon on hand.”

“No, look carefully Yiyi, he is holding a branch...”

“A branch?”

“Yes, a bran—A branch?!” We wondered how would a branch compete against three people with real swords to the point that I almost jumped out to help. Little did we know that this fight would be sketched in our minds for a long time, especially for Yiyi.

Whack! Whack! Pak! Pak! Pak!

“Milady, Sir Ryu is so awesome! Not only he disarmed their swords with a small stick, but he also evaded all the attacks that were aimed at him.” Yiyi didn’t notice it herself but her face was filled with admiration that a heart shape is becoming visible in the middle of her eyes. “He’s so cool! Milady said that he’s your friend right?”

“Ahaha...” A loss for words. Even I, who also learned the sword is awestruck by what I just saw. Now I know that he is stronger than me even without using magic. “Yes, we are friends.”

“Wow... Milady, let’s go.”

“Huh? Where?”

“Sir Ryu is leaving.”

“We’re going to continue?”

“Of course, setting aside his appearance and skills, but we still need to see his real personality.”

“Alright.” I gave up. “A few more minutes shouldn’t be harmful.”

So we continued to follow Sir Ryu until we arrived outside of the first-year student’s building. At the entrance of the building, we saw a lady who looked like she was waiting for him. When I saw the lady’s face, I was surprised that I hastily pulled Yiyi to the side.

“Ah! M-Milady?”

“Sshh... Be quiet.” We hid in a wall while slowly peeked at them.

“Isn’t that... That snake, Lady Rosie?!” Yiyi squealed silently. “Is he her new accomplice?”

“That shouldn’t be, since Sir Ryu is from the Xan Kingdom.”

“But what if he fell in love with Lady Rosie?”


My heart wavered. A question suddenly dropped like a bomb, I already know that the answer would most likely be true. I know that people tend to like Rosie who has radiant beauty rather than me who has the color of the embodiment of evil. It is not unusual that even Sir Ryu would be fascinated by her. I should just accept it. I’m already tired of these things. Just like what happened to the Crown Prince and the people who called themselves my friend. “Let’s go Yiyi.”

“But,” Yiyi replied.

“Let’s go,” I repeated, looking at her with seriousness.

“Y-yes, Milady.”


Ryu Astre (Point Of View)

This morning is a good day for me since the expedition was canceled. Felix did a good job by creating an issue that forced the Chioni Kingdom of the cold north to close its borders for a while. It was a simple release of information that a large group of bandits is preparing to attack. Which is somewhat true. Making the kingdom tighten its security of their border. This means that the people from the Zen Kingdom wouldn’t be allowed entry because of few reasons, thus, postponing the expedition.

I arrived at the academy and was stopped by the Nothinton Troops, this was the name that I invented to call Carlson and his buddies who were always together. They gave me some difficulties by challenging me into a duel for no big reason, though it ended nicely in their defeat.

The main problem is the lady that was waiting for me outside of our class building. The one that I really don’t want to have any kind of relationship with and the one I really want to hit with my fists someday. I was entering the building when I noticed that her eyes are on me, she slowly walked towards me and said, “Do you really think you and your friends are safe now, that the expedition to the north was canceled?”

“As I already stated, I don’t want to join your team,” I said.

“You already made the prince your enemy, so I am not here to invite you anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just here to see your face before you beg us for mercy,” she said, leaving after saying all she wanted. Can people really not see how hideous she is?

“Whatever.” That is all I wanted, just focus all of your anger on me, so that Princess Yume would at least have a good memory before she leaves this disgusting place. And when the time came when this kingdom decided to throw her away nonchalantly, is the time you all will realize the worst mistake in your life. Making that incompetent prince and the vicious woman takes the throne.

All I hope is that the abomination in hiding doesn’t have its eyes on Princess Yume so that my rescue plan will smoothly succeed, and no one will have to get hurt in the process.

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