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Chapter 29 - Ice and Fire

Ryu was in a void when he heard and saw a story unfold.

Thousands of years ago, in the era of the dragons, a beautiful 18-year-old maidenly princess lived in the westernmost part of the desert continent.

The people revered her for her unparalleled beauty that was said even the goddess of beauty will envy. However, people kept their distance from her because of an illness, or rather they called a curse, that forced her life to be isolated.

The Undying Frozen Heart, a rare body constitution where the owner’s heart and the surrounding get frozen every midnight. Freezing the whole body that is almost comparable to death. The worst thing about this is the owner will be conscious during the duration of the curse for one whole hour, feeling all the pain before completely being numbed.

Every midnight, the princess’s room will be filled with her cries in agony, from her highest pitch that gets weaker every minute until she can’t shout anymore.

When the sun rises, the ice layers covering her body will be melted, she will now wake up with a high fever that will last for hours. Shaking from the cold, aching bones, severe headaches, excessive sweats, rapid palpitations, and burning skin. This happens every day since her birth.

Even though she was born amid the desert continent, she has the attribute of ice. So people called her the Ice Princess.

At the same time, there was an Ugly Prince in the snow continent of the north. He has his full body filled with burn marks from top to bottom, which even made his parents don’t want to recognize him. But because of his unmeasurable fire attribute, that even the coldest part of the snow continent would melt in his presence, he became the kingdom’s military general.

No one in the snow continent could win against him. But his enemies still refused to be defeated, so they colluded with the desert empire, asking them to send their strongest warrior in the war to kill him. This warrior was none other than the Second Prince of the desert empire which is also the brother of the Ice Princess.

Their plot failed and the Ice Princess’s brother was killed by the Ugly Prince. Since he was the only person the Ice Princess considered as a family, hearing about his death made her angry, to the point of unintentionally freezing the whole desert empire.

Then one night she decided to avenge her brother and went into the war.

The Ugly Prince and the Ice Princess met in a forest, it was dark, the whole place was plain white, covered with snow, and surrounded by trees, and the only thing people can hear is silence.

When they started to fight, the people can’t see anything at first, but they can hear the sound of the Ugly Prince’s sword clashing and breaking the Ice Princess’s ice magics. The battle heated up until the point of a large flame can be seen that illuminated the night. A forest fire and a snow blizzard contending against each other.

The battle lasted for a while and ended when she was cornered into a tree and almost got killed with his sword. Luckily, he hesitated after seeing her eyes closed, thus his sword missed her ears by a few inches.

This gave her the chance to freeze him with the power of her Undying Frozen Heart, leaving only his head unfrozen. After immobilizing him, she wanted to see the face of the man who killed her brother first before she decides to kill him, so she removed the iron helmet he was wearing and was shocked afterward.

She saw his disfigured face and was reminded of her everyday suffering. Because of this, she cried and her tears quickly became solid. Using her hand to hold his cheek.

Seeing his opponent cry in front of him, made him dumbfounded, only to notice that the woman in front is so beautiful.

Time passed by, the ice that froze his body already melted with his natural burning blood, but the two of them only stood there staring at each other’s eyes.

The silence was broken when he looked at her chest and noticed the scorpion necklace she was wearing. He then remembered the strongest enemy he has fought and killed previously that also wore the same one, and then he understood.

Rustle... Rustle... Rustle...

He rummaged an item from his leather pouch, it was the identical scorpion necklace that the Second Prince handed to him for his last wish. A request to give the necklace back to his dear sister. Saying how much he loves her.

After learning everything, he wholeheartedly apologized to her.

When she saw the sincerity in his eyes. Her thought became clear and accepted that this man is not the culprit, but because of this war. She thought that the man in front of him has a good heart.

When he saw how she forgave a man like him, he knelt and offered his sword. This means that she was given the right to slit his neck. She can kill him as long as she wants to. But then, he was appalled when she decided to drop the sword on the ground. Sparing his life.

Their meeting was concluded and they separated. Few months went by, the desert empire withdrew its support to the snow empire’s enemies, and made the snow empire with the Ugly Prince victorious.

With peace, the Ugly Prince reminiscing the beautiful Ice Princess from time to time, to the point where he decided to send her a letter. Few months passed but there was no answer from her. So he decided to travel through the vast desert secretly just to see her in person.

He traveled day and night until he arrived. He asked the people of the desert empire for information and learned that after returning from the battle against him, the Ice Princess was apprehended and imprisoned by her people.

This incident made him angry. With a few men at his disposal, he planned and rescued her. And were successful. They were running in the middle of their escape when the Undying Frozen Heart triggered. The Ice Princess shouted in pain, isolated herself, and asked him to stay calm. For her, this is already normal, so she assured him that nothing bad will happen.

Despite the assurance, she screamed so painfully, making him unable to handle his emotion. Hugging her tightly in the middle of the night when they noticed that that the so-called curse suddenly stopped. It was a miracle.

She prevented him from feeling the scorching pain, and he stopped her from being frozen. Both of them never felt this good before, looking at each other’s eyes, they fell in love.

After a few months of their escape, they settled in a faraway land, built a house, and got married. Their life was blissful and happy that they don’t need anything anymore. They were contented.

They thought that they could have lived happily ever after. But this was not the case.

One day, a powerful Evil Sage noticed that his prey, the Ice Princess was gone. This made him shout making the whole mountain shake. He immediately cast tracking magic to locate her, closing his eyes for a few days. When the magic located her, he opened his eyes and flew in the air with all his might breaking down the trees and rocks that stood on his path.

A few days passed, the Evil Sage arrived where the couple lives. The Ice Princess and Ugly Prince sensed the danger and fought together against him. But the overwhelming power of the Evil Sage with his dirty tricks can’t be compared even both of them combined their strength. They were defeated.

The Evil Sage laughed, not only because he captured her back, but he also had this lucky chance to have the Ugly Prince who was blessed by the god of fire.

He excitedly cast a sealing spell, taking the lives of both the Ice Princess and the Ugly Prince. The seal extracted their souls into separate magic orbs that are made from a dragon’s heart.

The Ice Princess and Ugly Prince’s bodies who were lying on the floor, nearing their death, can only look at each other. They tried to reach each other’s hands but failed, the only thing left they can do is use their last breath to tell how they love each other.

“Aaaaaaah!” the couple screamed as their soul extracted from their body.

After successfully transferring their souls, the Evil Sage called the two orbs, the Ice Dragon Orb and Fire Dragon Orb.

With these two items, his power grew significantly. He used his left hand to control the Ice, and his right hand to control the Fire. This boosted his magic and allowed him to battle against the elder dragons, which he has been having difficulty with in the past. Now, no one can stop him from conquering the world.

A few centuries have passed, the Evil Sage became the most powerful being ever lived, but even someone like him can’t escape the death of old age.

With no other choice, he created a magnificent tomb that is even bigger than those made for emperors. He created traps with undying ice and fire monsters to protect his wealth and succumbed to his greed until the end.

The tomb was created between the borders of the desert and snow continent, so it was called the Ice and Fire Tomb.

Another thousand years, the era of dragons has ended. The other races have multiplied enormously. Then a few great adventurers discovered the Ice and Fire Tomb which they considered a labyrinth and successfully conquered it, taking his treasures.

When they found the Ice Dragon Orb and Fire Dragon Orb, they were still brimming with strong magic power. Considering it as loots, the adventurers tried to separate the two, but when they did, the magic inside the orbs went on a rampage. With this, they decided to keep the two orbs together.

Later on, the owner decided to imbue the orbs into a pair of swords, making the legendary weapons named Ice Dragon Sword and Fire Dragon Sword.

Together, the pair of swords were called the Unbreakable Destiny, which means ‘Not even death will do us part.’

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