Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 3 - Adventurer's Guild

“I want to join this guild,” I said, standing in front of the guild reception.

The lady in the reception was confused, she said, “Did I hear something?”

“You did.”


“Look here lady, look below.”

The lady followed my instruction and saw me. “Whaaaat? How adorable, what is a baby doing here?”

“I want to join this guild.” I looked directly into her eyes with a determined look, this is to show my sincerity. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I did in the trading guild.

But of course, with this baby voice and soft tender skin, even I wouldn’t be able to control this kind of reaction.

“Kyaaaaa!-” the lady quickly left her post and came to me “-of course, you want to join, come here you adorable sweetie cutie pie. How about we play-uh, we go hunt monsters?”

I bet I would have to deal with this for a few more years.

“C’mon Mia, don’t hug that adorable baby adventurer by yourself,” another receptionist said, “let me come play-I mean, hunt too.”

“No Kathy, he is mine, all mine.” Mia hugged me tightly, almost to the point that I can’t breathe.

“Don’t be greedy Mia. You’re hurting him!”

This was embarrassing.

I know I am older than these guys, well, not physically, but the fact that I am enjoying this a little, is quite...


I give up. “Heyo pwettie lady.” If talking seriously wouldn’t work, then how about my baby talk.


“Oh my goodness!” “No way!”

It seems I found a temporary killer skill that can make my way out whenever I get in trouble.

Not wasting a moment, I followed up by pointing my little finger at my aunt who is grabbing the door while trembling, I said, “Aunt. Jwoin. Gwild.”

Mia who is beside me glanced at my aunt. “I see.“, she said, “it was your aunt who wants to join.”

When I saw my aunt who was preparing to decline. I immediately shouted. “Aunt! Stwong!”

“W-What are y-you saying, Ryu.”

The reaction of my aunt never ceases to amuse me. If we ever count the time she almost passed out because of me, then we would be here forever.

“Aunt! Stwong!” I repeated this many times so there will be no time for them to think. “Aunt! Jwoin!”

Mia went back to her desk and took an application form. “Haha, hehe. S-Since you are t-too cute, I’ll help aunt,” she said, laughing like some creep, “hehe, fill this form and pay 1 silver coin, then we can proceed with her test.”

I think they still half-hearted believed us. Mia thought that a silver coin would make us back out. I already knew my aunt can at least afford it, but she has a different thought though.

Sara was shocked when she heard the price of the application fee, she said, “1 silver? T-That was already equivalent to my y-yearly pay!”

I took the form and handed it to my aunt before she can even think rationally. “Don’t worry aunt, we will earn more after this.”

“B-But what if I fail the test?” -boohoo- “I have been saving this silver for a new dress.”

“It will be fine, aunt, please... just... trust... me...” I blinked a few times with puppy eyes.


“Then how about this.” I pulled her dress to lean her head and whispered. “I might accidentally burn your favorite dress with fireball if you don’t agree.”



“W-W-W-What am I doing here?” Sara said, holding a round wooden shield bigger than herself, trembling.

A moment ago, I realize that with my current age, people wouldn’t take me seriously, so I decided to let my aunt Sara be my proxy.

Luckily, she was a late bloomer, so I can still coax her with my words. I feel guilty though.

For now, our problem is to pass this test. It was a mock battle against an instructor. The applicant needed to show that he or she has the ability to defeat even the weakest monster.

We are now located in the training yard at the back of the guild building. This is where adventurers do their assessment tests. So other people were also present.

I already discussed the strategy with my aunt earlier, that’s why she chose to use a shield instead of a weapon.

“Are you mocking me?” the instructor asked. “Why the hell are you only using a shield?”

“N-N-No, I-I’m not, S-Sir,” Sara replied.

The instructor must be pissed right now. But this is good to our advantage.

“Then let’s start this test.” The instructor launched the attack as quickly as he can. He might have thought this was pointless, so he wants to end it soon.

Our plan is really simple.

First, we already achieved it by ruining our enemy’s ability to think by taunting him. And it came so effectively since my aunt is a total amateur.

He might have thought we are just playing around when she applied.

Second, we let his guard down. Who would think of defending when fighting against an unarmed enemy? Plus, against a young lady.

Third, they don’t know we are cheating.

"Afiste ton anemo na reei."

Without anyone hearing, I chanted to cast magic, creating a large wind.

I used the fact that the shield can be used as a kite, that will fly because the wind pushes it. I used the wind to exerts a force on the shield.

Instead of making it fly upward, I just changed the trajectory of the wind so my aunt will plummet forwards the instructor. I just hope she wouldn’t let go of the shield.

Using your enemy’s strength against him.

Just what I learned back on earth. When the instructor jumped towards my aunt with full speed, it gave us the perfect chance for a counterattack.

The impact would be stronger when you punch someone who was running towards you than punching someone who was just standing. The same can be applied with this scenario.

“Hold on tight aunt,” I mumbled.


“Kyaaaaaaaa!” Sara was blown away by the wind, she was like an arrow, hitting the instructor with force.

He was not prepared for this.


“Bueeh!” The instructor shrieked. He was thrown off a large distance from the impact.

“What happened?” everyone was stunned.

“Isn’t he a rank-B instructor?”

“I think he is, did he just fainted?”

“From that young girl? Haha. Isn’t that ridiculous?”

I was lucky enough that magic users are rare. If a magic expert was present, I could have been caught. That was what I thought.

Who cares anyway? I’m just a baby.

“R-Ryu.” Sara was looking at me with tears dropping from her eyes that looked like it was saying, “Please save me.”

Well, I’m sorry dear aunt. I will need you to do more than this in the future as well. So I hope you would understand.

“Aunt! Stwong!”

“Yes baby, your aunt is indeed strong,” Mia said, walking towards Sara. “Congratulations Sara for becoming a rank-F adventurer.”


“You just passed the test.”


“Why are you apologizing Sara? It’s not like you did something wrong.”

“Haha... Yes, I did n-nothing wrong. Haha. Hahaha.” Sara’s tears continued to flow while laughing.

“Must be tears of joy,” Mia said, patting the shoulder of Sara, “let’s go get your guild card.”

It was already 2 years since I came to this world. And my goal just reached one step forward.

I might have failed to get the cooperation of the Pseudo Trading Guild since I remember that this guild will become well known in time. But as I have said, there will be other opportunities in the future.

My first goal is to have the strength to protect myself, and I achieved that by completing the beginner magic book.

I skipped the trading guild and achieved a connection with adventurer’s guild instead, which is not bad.

Now, I need to earn money.


Sara received her guild card.

Rook Guild
Sara Astalle
Warrior (Rank F)
-Other private information-

“I-Is this true? I’m an adventurer?”

“Yes,” Mia explained that guild members can take quests on the quest board. Each quest has a rank requirement, so Sara can only take rank-F quests until she gets promoted.

A rank-F adventurer is required to complete one quest per 30 days, so Sara has no choice but to select one.

“My cute nephew, how about this herb gathering quest?”

My aunt, Sara, happily took a quest. Like she forgot the things that made her worry earlier. I remembered she was just 12 years old.

When I read the novel in the past, I knew that even this herb gathering has a high chance of encountering monsters. I’ll keep it a secret for now.

“I need to prepare my aunt,” I mumbled.


“It’s nothing aunt, let’s go home.”

“O-Okay!” Sara happily responded, feeling like a fishbone that was stuck in her throat just got removed. “Hehe.”

It felt weird, but seeing my aunt happy, made my heart tingle. Is this what family is?

Realizing this, I wonder how would I feel when I meet Yume. I don’t even know how she looks like.

Thinking of her reminded me of what will happen in the future.

“Your storm will start in 4 years,” I mumbled, “please hang in there my princess.”

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