Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 30 - Unbreakable Destiny

Ryu Astre (Point Of View)

The story that was forced to play in my mind ended, and it felt so real that I thought everything that I watched really did transpire. Then my heart ached when I started to remember the tragedy that befell the couple’s peaceful and stable life.

The environment disappeared and I came back amid the void where nothingness can be seen, hear, nor touched.

I can’t prevent myself from thinking. What if the abomination lurking around the world of Azure is like the Evil Sage or someone even more powerful? Someone who will suddenly appear when you thought that everything is already in the right place.

I got scared of the what-ifs. What if Princess Yume will have the same path as the couple in the story? What if there will be someone I wouldn’t be able to stop in the future? What if my overconfidence would lead to another reckless encounter?

After saving her. Would an evil creature appear powerful enough to destroy everything that we worked hard for?

Sadness began to consume my whole being. It continued to devour me until it only required a little bit more time, and my whole body will be completely swallowed into the void forever.

Fortunately, something intervened and my hands started to hurt. “Ouch!” I shouted, feeling that my left hand was freezing cold, while my right hand is burning hot. It was like two people prevented me from thinking further. “What’s happening?!”

After feeling the coldness and hotness in my hands, a light suddenly appeared and blinded me for a second. “Ah...” I mumbled.




“Ryu... Wake up!”

The blinding light slowly faded as my blurred eyesight returned to normal. The muffled voices that repeatedly rang into my ears became clearer. Now, I can distinguish the voices from whom it came from, Gavin said, “Ryu?!”

“Huh?” I replied, staring inside an empty room with my mouth wide opened. “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?”


Without warning, Gavin’s grandfather slammed his callused fist on my head, he said, “Snap out of it ya lad!”

The pain gave me a sense of reality. “Sir? Gavin?” I looked at them with a question in mind. Roy and Blake are also beside me. I remembered that I was looking for a sword in the back of the shop when my mind went blank and a story was shown... A story? After that, I found myself in this room while confused. “What happened?”

“Lad, it seems ya found my treasures,” Gavin’s grandfather said.

“Treasures?” I noticed that he was somewhat looking at my hand, so I found that I was holding two swords when I followed his gaze. “Wait... Swords?”

A pair of well-maintained swords. The handle is perfectly wrapped with high-quality strings to support the grip. Above it was a quillon that looked out of place and was not made with the original swords, anyone can see that it can be removed easily if the user wanted a guardless sword.

Moving on, the blades are made with light steel that doesn’t have any damage on its edges, it looked like the sword hasn’t been used at all, but when someone focused their attention, no one would deny that the sharpness of this sword is unmatched. They were the best swords I have seen in my two lifetimes. A shiver went down my spine. How thrilling.

“A-Aren’t these our family heirlooms?” Gavin said while his mouth continued to drool. His hands wriggled as they slowly approach the swords, wanting to touch them. “Even grandpa never allowed me to hold them.”

“Ehem-em! These swords choose their own master,” he said, “touching it would only injure ya, ma dear grandson.”

“I already know that grandpa, but does that mean Ryu was chosen?”

“Yar right. I never thought that a lad would be chosen since these pair of swords are actually quite demanding.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I said.

“What ya apologizing for?”

“I would like to have these swords.”

“Oh... Quite aggressive for someone so yang. These swords are not for sale, but if ya have the skill to use them, then I might change ma mind.”

“Then, please give me a chance, Sir.”

“The test already started when ya held the swords. Ya only need to hold it for another six hours. When midnight comes, ya’ll be the new owner.”

Now that Gavin’s grandfather mentioned it, the test seems quite easy. However, when I looked properly, I changed my opinion, this was not easy at all. My hands are already numb from the pain, yet the swords continued to freeze and burn while trying to deplete my magic power.

Sweats started to pour down from my head, so I sat down with my legs and arms crossed to be in a comfortable position. While holding to the swords firmly, I closed my eyes and meditated.

“Then we will leave you alone for now, Ryu.” Gavin and the others quietly left the room.

After this, I never remembered how the night passed.


Yiyi (Point Of View)

A few hours later after the classes ended, I was sitting inside the carriage while waiting for my Lady. The silent background suddenly became noisy when a large number of students simultaneously went out of the academy. Excited to see my Lady, made me busy scanning the people.

However, a guard met with us instead, and according to him, she is currently inside her team’s private room finishing some paperwork. So we have no choice but to wait for her. It’s not that bad though. Besides, we are already accustomed to this because there are times that she even needs to stay overnight. During that time, she will order us to go back without her and asked to return the next day. But If possible, I would preferably like to stay with her.

Another hour passed and the sun had already set. Mr. Paul who is Milady’s coachman already fell asleep waiting. Seeing him relax through the glass from the passenger’s seat, also made me drowsy. I nearly closed my eyes when our bodyguard Sir Billy said, “Good evening, Milady.”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

I patted my cheeks to wake myself up. On a long day like this, I should be the one greeting my Lady with a sweet welcome. I opened the door of the carriage and rushed to go out, I greeted, “Good evening, Milady!” I bowed my head to give respect.

“Sir Billy, Yiyi, Paul, thank you for waiting,” she said. I noticed that my Lady’s voice is somewhat hoarse. This only means that she cried too much to be in this kind of condition. I know because as I said earlier, this is also one thing I already got accustomed to. The fact that my Lady doesn’t show to anyone when she cries by secluding herself alone in a room.

But because of the evidence that shows her puffy eyes, those who are familiar with her would already know what happened. Yet, everyone pretended not to see. “I’m sorry that I haven’t noticed the time. Only when I took a break that I found out it’s already dark.”

“Don’t worry about us, Milady. Your health is what’s most important. Just don’t work too much or you might have another fever.”

“Mm, I also wanted to rest. Let’s go.”

The carriage started to move back to the dormitory. The distance is not that far, but this short trip felt like one of the longest times that I have ever experience with my Lady.

The inside of the carriage was filled with silence. Only the sound of the horses galloping can be heard. Even Sir Billy and Paul didn’t talk with each other, being considerate of our master.

Whenever I see her like this, I remember the day when she saved me from poverty. That time, I was trying my best to force myself to live a happy life. But the grumbling stomachs and the harsh treatment from society is something that continued to pull me down. To the point that I already thought of stealing.

Luckily, my Lady is the one who saved my wavering beliefs. I almost disrespected my late parents that raised me with an honorable job. That is the time that I vowed to serve my Lady with my life.

Is there something I can do for my Lady? Besides being with her, there’s none. I already know that I am just a powerless maid that was saved by the Lady’s grace. Without her, I am nothing. This is why the only thing I can do now is to continue to pray for someone.

If only there’s someone who will not care about the gossips and slanders surrounding her.

If only there’s someone who will trust her words without questions.

If only there’s someone who will shield her from the hands that repeatedly pointing at her.

If only there’s someone who will fight with those trying to hurt her.

If only there’s someone who will support her beliefs.

If only there’s someone who will listen to her problems.

If only there’s someone who will take her away from this disgusting place.

If only there’s someone who will love her unconditionally.

If only there’s someone who will have her as his one and only lover.

If only there’s someone who will stay with her forever.

If only there’s someone, then I would not think twice and push my Lady to be with that person. “Only if there would be someone,” I mumbled.

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