Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 33 - Yiyi's death

Ryu Astre (Point Of View)

Cold sweats ran through my face. “Ahahahaha... Aha... Ha...” I said, putting my sword back to its scabbard. I needed to have the right momentum in case I’m required to run from here, since Roy, Gavin, and Blake were staring daggers at me. “Miss Yiyi, can you please elaborate?”

And yet, another one tried to make things worse with her misleading words, she said, “Um... Can we go somewhere with no other people?”

“Tarnation!” the RGB brothers exclaimed. This was the abbreviation that I invented for Roy, Gavin, and Blake when the three of them are together. “Ryu, how could you do this to us?!”

The RGB brothers dropped on the floor, crying. “Go! Just leave us here!”

“...Are they alright?” Yiyi said, her face was filled with concern.

“You’re too innocent, Miss Yiyi,” I sighed, walking towards the corner. I looked back and glanced at her only to see her remained standing. “I thought you need something?”

She was startled, “Oh! Sorry! P-Please, wait for me.”

We both went into a corner where no one could see and hear us. I chanted, ”Min mas akouei kaneis." A soundproof magic barrier to prevent unexpected eavesdroppers. Strong enough to prevent even scouting or hearing magics. No one except me can see it.

Before we began to talk, there’s one thing that concerned me. My question was, who exactly is she? I tried skimming through my mind about the novel, but I can’t seem to remember anything about this specific maid called Yiyi.

All I know is that Princess Yume hired servants from the slums. But they’re all working in the Valenz mansion, where she lived before attending the Royal Academy.

The only maid I remember is called Olivia. She was a spy planted by Rosie after Princess Yume’s personal maid was assassinated. She also helped in Rosie’s self-poisoning scheme by blaming everything on Princess Yume.

Wait... Personal Maid... Assassination...?

“By chance, are you Lady Yume’s personal maid?”

“Mm... Yes.” She nodded.

Now my thoughts are starting to connect. Yiyi is the trigger! She’s someone who will die by Rosie’s scheme, and this will trigger her crazy personality disorder.

Once blood spilled, she will get accustomed to it. To the point of no turning back. In absolute desperation, she created an absurd plan to poison herself, just to blame everything on Princess Yume.

But... Another question came to mind... Should I get involved?

Truthfully, as much as possible, I tread carefully not to change the original story. I need for Rosie and the Crown Prince to punish Yume into slavery. So that I can pick her up and save her in a legal way that’s acknowledged by this Kingdom.

To have that outcome, the story should go with its original flow. And the maid dying is the most vital part... Thinking about this made me do a long deep sigh. “Haaaaa...”

I looked at her. Wearing her Lady’s school uniform. Frizzy orange hair in a ponytail style partnered by sparkling black eyes. Fidgeting while looking from left to right, like someone who’s preparing to do a crime for the first time.

She eagerly blinked with nervousness as she waited for me like an innocent kid.

I admired her courage. “Let me hear what you wanted to say,” I said.

Her eyes lit up and her lips curved upwards, she said, “Um... Sir Ryu, you’re Milady’s friend, right?”


“T-Then... Promise me first that you’ll agree to my request.”

“What? I can’t do that, what if you tell me to be your slave or something?”

“No! It’s for my Lady... I don’t have any power to help her” — Sniff! Her eyes began to tear up — “that’s why I wanted to ask for your help, Sir Ryu.”

“Alright alright... Please don’t cry, people might misunderstand about me bullying you.”

“Then, you’ll help my Lady?” She wiped her teary eyes and blinked while waiting in anticipation.

“Of course, I’m her friend, right? So tell me the problem.”

Once again, her eyes were filled with hope as she explained. “It’s... Um... How do I explain this.”

“Just calm down, I won’t leave,” I said, leaning on a wall. “Please take your time.”

“Sir Ryu might not believe me since nothing happened yet, but I felt an ominous feeling that’s lingering to my Lady. Like something bad will happen soon.”

That was weird. I thought that this maid would die without knowing anything. But because she was so concerned about her Lady, made her senses pick up that something wrong is going to happen. And she was somewhat right about it.

But her, feeling something was not normal. I believe there’s something more to it. I should probably discuss this with the old man when I have the time. He might want to look into this maid. Just like how he got interested in mentoring me in magic. Wait... Does it mean I’m going to save her? No... Let’s think about this first.

“So you want me to help her?” I said.


“Then, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for your Lady?”

“W-What do you mean, Sir Ryu?”

“Don’t ask, but I know that someone’s trying to kill her. And I can only save her if you are willing to die for her.”

“Ha?!” Her face frowned, thinking that I’m ridiculous. But it didn’t stay long as she started to think about it seriously, lowering her head.

“Blow this whistle if you’ve made up your mind.” I took her hand and gave her a wooden whistle.


Rosie Xavier (Point Of View)

1 week later.

It was evening. I was walking while holding a lamp in a dark alley filled with dirty plebians, rats, and trashes. A place where noblewomen like me would never dare to set foot on.

“Blegh!” The view and smell made me nauseous, covering my nose with my other hand.

While covered in a cloak that hid my identity, I surveilled the surroundings around me, to ensure that no one is following me before I arrive at my destination.

Then, in the farthest corner of the alley, I found the black metal door with a skull engraved on it.

Knock...! Knock! Knock!

One knock, then paused for five seconds, before following another two. A secret code that meant a shady business. Only those who knew this would be invited to go inside. I learned this while I secretly listened to my brothers when I was a kid.


A man opened the rectangular peephole on the door. “What do you want?!” he said. When I looked at him clearly, he has a large sword wound on his face, that removed one of his eyes. His nose was also halved along with it. Creating a horrifying image.

I took out a pouch filled with coins and raised it enough for the man to see through the hole. Shook it once for him to hear.


The man’s eye glimmered as I heard him smirk — Clack! Clack! Clack! — opening the metal door. “Come,” he said, “I lost some men the other day, so I hope you won’t waste my time, missy.”

“I won’t,” I answered, following him. When I went inside, I noticed four people on both sides, guarding. I swallowed as my nerves started to kick in. Panic and excitement are mixing. “I really have a good offer for you.”

“Sit.” He offered me a chair in a rude mannerless way, but I have no choice but to obey. “Talk, missy.”

“I want you to plant a spy on the daughter of a duke.” I stopped beating around the bush since I wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa...! Wait a minute, are you trying to get us killed?!”


“Here, forty platinum coins. This’s just my downpayment. I’ll give you ten times more if you agree to do the job.” I knew that only money could make these kinds of people move. But I might get robbed here if I don’t make myself clear. “I’m a daughter of a viscount and my bodyguards are just around the corner, so I don’t want to play games with you, so decide quickly.”

“...Hmm.” The man stood up and walked in circles. “Alright, but you’ll need to give us precise information.”

“The details are here on the paper. You can read, right?”

The man grabbed the paper cheekily. “Don’t mock me, missy.”

“Good. I want someone to replace her personal maid, so I can have my way on her.”

“...That means, we need to kill the maid.”

“What?!” I was shocked and my hands trembled a little, trying to suggest another method. “Can’t we just kidnap her?”

“No, kidnapping the maid would only make the target search for it, and might jeopardize our plan. So killing it would only be a choice. If you’re scared then you can still back down, missy.”

“Then do it!” I don’t know where I got the courage to agree, but when I remembered the face of that bitch looking down on me, all I can think is prove that I’m better.

“Alright. You got yourself a deal, missy!”

“I-I’ll send someone to give you the remaining payment.”

“Hahaha, thank you.”

“A... And another thing, t-the target and h-her maid have a high... M-might have a high chance of going to the S-Spring Festival, so it’s good... T-To initiates the p-plan there.” I clenched my teeth and hands that can’t stop trembling. “Y-You! Must not fail, you got it?!”

“You can trust us. We wouldn’t want to lose our reputation, would we? I will talk about it with my strongest men. You don’t have to worry, all you need to do is deliver us the money, and you can just sit down and relax comfortably at your big mansion.”

“Good!” I looked at him in the eye once more before leaving.


I hurriedly left the place. I don’t know what I just did. I never asked anyone to kill before. But I encouraged myself that this’s all for the sake of my future. Yes, it’s all her fault, so she can’t blame me for doing this.

It’s fine as long as no one would know.

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