Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 35 - Spring Festival Part II

Yume Valenz (Point Of View)

“Please forgive us, Your Ladyship, Yume Valenz of Snowcrest,” the owner of Meadow Inn pleaded. This establishment was one of the oldest buildings in Central Town City. It was named when the surroundings were still filled with grasslands so it has a good old reputation, they said. That was why Yiyi chose this place as a backup reservation for our lunch; However, there was seem to be a problem. “Our inn reservation list doesn’t have the Lady’s name.”

“What do you mean?!” Yiyi said, pointing to one servant. “I remember talking to that silver-haired guy and he even confirmed it. Why don’t you ask him?!”

The owner immediately looked at his servant. “Grayman, is that true?”

“N-No, Sir. I don’t remember her at all.”

“You liar—”

“My my my... Who do we have here?” A lady’s voice interrupted. “Isn’t this Lady Yume?”

“...Lady Rosie, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince,” I said. The people who heard me were shocked and doesn’t know what to do, so they imitated me, bowing their heads to show respect.

“Tch!” Shin said, showing a little bit of irritation. “All of you may raise your heads.”

“Greetings, Your Ladyship,” Rosie said, addressing me courteously. “Is Lady Yume also here to eat?”

“If not to eat, does Lady Rosie think I’m here to dance instea—”

“Stop it!” Shin stretched his arm out sideways in front of Rosie, protecting her from my intense gaze. “Is this how you answer someone who greeted you graciously?”

“Ha,” I sighed. “I just learned it from you, Your Highness.”

“What?” It took him quite some time to understand what I just said. When he realized, he looked at me with contempt. “How dare you! To a royalty—”

“Stop it dear,” Rosie said, clinging her hands to him like an innocent child. Then she looked at me, smiling. “We’re all here to enjoy the festival, why don’t we go inside and eat? Even when His Highness shaded me all day with a parasol, the sunlight still made me tired. Oh, dear.”

“Is that why you’re becoming pale? Then we should hurry inside.”

“We had a change of plan, so we will be leaving now, Your Highness,” I said. “Yiyi, let’s go.”

“Oh my, did Lady Yume encountered some problem? We can let you share with our table.”

“W-We did not—”

“Enough, Yiyi.”

“But... Milady.”

“It’s not your fault. It seems someone sabotaged our reservation.” I looked at Rosie with her eyes gleaming with pleasure. The eyes of someone who just succeeded in her plan. It was obvious. “We didn’t even tell her our problem, but it seems she already knew.”

“Are you accusing Rosie? Aren’t you just a sore loser for your maid’s failure?”

“Alright, we’re in the wrong. Please pardon my words. I admit that what I said is wrong, so if His Highness doesn’t need anything more, then we will be going.”

“Stop! I’m still not done talking with you!”

“Do you need anything more, Your Highness?”

“I’m sorry, Lady Yume” — Sniff! Rosie cried while wiping her tears — “I just wanted to offer you to share with our table, since I thought the Lady is having a problem. I didn’t know it will offend Her Ladyship.”

Murmur... Murmur... Murmur...

The people started to gossip with each other. “That Lady with the black hair is too harsh.”

“I heard she’s a daughter of a duke. Is that why she looked down on other people?”

“It seems the lad with the green hair is the Crown Prince.”

“Wow, really?! The Crown Prince... And a daughter of dukedom... Then does it mean she’s his fiancee?”

“Yes, it seems they know each other, though the Lady with golden hair who was crying is with the Crown Prince.”

“So the Lady with black hair is the mistress?”

“Oh, so that’s why she was mad at her.”

“She’s jealous. Because the Crown Prince didn’t choose her.”

“Stop it! Enough!” Yiyi screamed, it seems she can’t control her anger anymore. “It was this guy, Grayman who didn’t list Milady’s name in the reservation. But we didn’t blame him anymore and was just about to leave!”

“Is this true?” Shin said.

“No, Your Highness,” the owner said, “my servant said he didn’t know about it.”

With his statement, Shin looked at us with disgust. “Rosie even offered you to share with us, but you accused her instead!”

“I didn’t even accuse her! Did you hear me speak about her name? Did I say that Rosie did it? Did I?”

The crowd continued, “Isn’t the Lady with the black hair too ungrateful?”

“Yea, that’s how nobles in high position act. It’s not new.”

“Shhh! Don’t let her hear you or your head might roll on the ground.”

“I don’t care! We have the Crown Prince to protect us!”

“She doesn’t deserve to be his fiancee!”

“Yea! The Lady who was crying is better.”

“That’s correct!”


“How’s that Milady’s fault?!”

“Stop Yiyi, I had enough. I want to go back and rest, now.”

“Ha! You don’t deserve to have this reservation in the first place! I applaud the servant for doing the right thing!” Shin said.

“Don’t come back, Lady!” the crowd added.

“I hope she won’t go to my store!”

“Yea, mine too! I felt like she’ll bring me bad luck!”

“No one should serve her anymore! Let’s do this for our Crown Prince!”

“Alright, I will tell it to the others!”

“But, can we really reject the daughter of a duke?”

“Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, she won’t be able to harm anyone,” Shin guaranteed.

It seems we can no longer enjoy the festival. Thinking about it made my heart heavy. All I wanted was to enjoy my time with Yiyi. But wherever I go and whatever I do, some people were like bounded to make my day worse. I would even believe it if someone would say that I’m some kind of a character in a story. Where people just keep popping out to interrupt me, ruining my life. I sighed.

“Milady, I... I’m sorry. Huhu...”

“It’s alright.” I patted her head and smiled. “We can just come back after my academy expedition. If it can be completed quickly, then we can go as early as next year, alright?”

“Mm! T-Then, if there will still be next year... I would wait for you, Milady.”

“What are you talking about? Of course, there will be next year, and the year after that, and the year after the year after that!”

“Haha! I love you, Milady!”

“T-There you go again, Yiyi.”

The people didn’t stop talking and gossiping about me, so we have no choice but to ride the carriage and leave quickly. This was when a gentleman approached us, he said, “Greetings Ladies.” Bowing his head. “Are you by chance, Lady Yume?”

My bodyguards reacted with hostility, but I calmed them down. “It’s fine,” I said, looking at the man. “I am. How may I help you?”

“That’s great,” he said, smiling like his burden was lifted. “My Master, the owner of YFC business, asked me to invite the beautiful ladies with the black and orange hair to our restaurant.”

“Orange hair? Me? B-Beautiful?” Yiyi said, blushing. “Kyaa—”

“What?!” Shin engaged in our conversation, “Isn’t that the restaurant that said they were already fully booked? What’s the meaning of this?!”

The crowd murmured. “Does it mean the Crown Prince was rejected by YFC? But invited Lady Yume?”

“I know that man, he’s indeed the general manager of YFC restaurant.”

“The general manager even went to see the Lady in person?”

“Pardon me, Your Highness,” the man said, “our restaurant is indeed full, but we have the fifth floor which is for my Master’s personal use.”

“Fifth floor?!”

“Oh wow, isn’t the restaurant only have four floors available?”

“Yes, and you need to reserve the fourth floor in half a year if you want to dine there.”

“And that Lady was just invited, by the owner itself?! On the highest floor?!”

“It seems she had a good connection with YFC. I don’t want to mess with her anymore.”

“You’re right, my business might get bankrupt if I offend them.”

“I-I’m out of here!”

“Me too! I’m sorry Crown Prince! You’re on your own!”

“Wait, where are you guys going?!”

With just the reputation of YFC, the people backed down and ran. It was too much that even with the presence of the Crown Prince didn’t make them think twice. But the question was, how did the owner even know about us? “Are you not mistaken?” I asked.

“Beautiful with gorgeous black hair and eyes. A Lady called Yume Valenz with a pretty maid with orange hair, is it not?”

“W-What’s with that description?”

“Yes, Milady is indeed beautiful! So you didn’t make a mistake,” Yiyi said, pushing me to go with the man while whispering to me. “Milady, let’s not waste this opportunity to clear your name.”

“Wait! Stop!” Shin said.

“Is there anything more Your Highness need?” the man replied.

“No, but—”

“Since I already answered your question, please forgive me for not entertaining you, I was asked by my Master to complete this task without fault. I hope you have a good day.” the man bowed then glanced at me, hinting that we should leave.

“Then, how about let me meet with your master—”

“I’m sorry, but we are protected by the Kingdom’s Law from being ordered forcefully by anyone, even the Crown Prince himself. However, if the King commanded, then we will abide. Thank you for your deep understanding.” He bowed for the last time and faced me.


I laughed and screamed internally. Is he not afraid of angering royalty? But with how he replied, I think they can manage. Anyway as Yiyi said, we should at least be thankful for the help. “Alright, I’m quite curious about the owner of the best restaurant in Central Town, please lead the way, Sir.”

“My pleasure. Please just call me Gordon, my Lady.”

“Alright, Sir Gordon.” Once again, I gave my farewell to Shin and Rosie. But this time, I can see their furious and envious gaze as we leave. Somehow, I can feel that these two months since the academy entrance examination, had been good to me. I never felt so good in my life.

Making me remember that the last time I had a great time was when I was still a little child and played in the snow with my mother...

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