Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 36 - Spring Festival Part III

Rosie Xavier (Point Of View)

The first day of the Spring Festival. It was such a very satisfying day since my dear Shin lovingly accompanied me all morning to enjoy roaming around the streets of Central Town City. He was such a gentleman, carrying a parasol shielding me from the sunlight that not even a ray touched my delicate skin.

While walking, people had their eyes gleamed at how envious they became, just by looking at me with my pretty face, dress, and overflowing jewelry hanging around my alluring body; Their mouths watered by imagining their life in my shoes: accompanied by a handsome Crown Prince surrounded by dozens of Royal Guards. However, all they can do was fantasized, because whatever they think or dream, they can never be... Me!

Born in nobility with a perfect body, a pretty face, and especially a wealthy life. An eye candy!

Not unlike that ominous black-haired bitch who was only escorted by her plebian maid. She can’t even properly utilize her noble status. And yet, she dared to be selected as a fiancee for my beloved Crown Prince? Disgusting! A person like her was a shame for a proper noble like us. A person born with power. Well, at least at this festival, she’ll thank me enough for providing her a competent lady-in-waiting instead of that measly maid.

Talking about her, I wonder if she already received my first festival gift. Last week, I asked one of my servants to find where they planned to dine during the holiday, not only at lunchtime but also in the morning and evening throughout the whole week. So that I can use my connections to ruin her mood every day. If lucky, I could even ruin her reputation.

Since her family owns the north mines, they became rich enough to support their territories. But in terms of connections, my family has it more. We are widely known for owning the Psari Port, so it means almost all businesses would want a favor from us. This made it easier to control everyone around. All for the sake of money. It’s the answer to everything. Without it, all you can do was beg for someone who has. That was the rule of this world.

All was well until one company came out of nowhere. They started to dominate every city that exists in this Kingdom. It would be alright if they’ve been cooperative with us, but they became independent that they managed to survive even if the Xavier Family with the help of other business owners suppressed them. Not only that, but they became the best in everything, which made everyone got no choice but to be friendly with them, instead. The YFC Business was what they called themselves.

Truthfully, even I loved their products. Once I tasted the food in their restaurant, my taste buds changed that I don’t want to eat anything that was not made by them. A thought came to my mind that owning such a great company will allow me to be easily recognized by my family. If successful, I can even outdo my brothers. Because of that, I manipulated and tried to buy them by offering more than enough money in their life that they would not even have second thoughts, but instead of agreeing, they gave me the cold shoulder and banned me from their establishments.

Too stubborn! Even when I’m with the Crown Prince they had the boldness to decline, giving an excuse that they were already fully booked throughout the duration of the festival. With no other choice, we can only settle on the second-best which was the Meadow Inn. But at least, the bitch was no better than me. Which I entirely made sure of.

Time passed. We ended my shopping and currently on our way to the Meadow Inn to eat lunch. When destiny suddenly blessed me with this fateful encounter.

“Yume,” I mumbled.

Oh, how I love that face. An expression of someone in trouble. And a poor maid who was shouting and ranting was music to my ears. An angry maid, a large crowd, the Crown Prince, Yume, and I. What a good time to make a scene. I thought.

“Greetings, Your Ladyship,” I said. Starting with courtesy, Shin wouldn’t find any faults with me. With this, I hope that the bitch would at least reply improperly so that I can go with my plan. “Is Lady Yume also here to eat?”

Yume replied, “If not to eat, does Lady Rosie think I’m here to dance instea—”

Great! Now Shin will surely be mad and protect me. She really goes beyond my expectation. But it’s too bad that her own words against me always put her in an awkward situation. She never learned anything. How stupid.

Nevertheless, the fact that she’s going down today remained strong. So I continued to outsmart her with my perfect acting that even the Crown Prince couldn’t tell the truth. This will also make the public disliked her. A perfect victory!

That was what I thought.

The company that just rejected me, intervened. Not only they favored the bitch, but also showed it in public. Making all my efforts gone to waste. Ugh! My blood boiled in hatred. I can feel my face getting hotter. I wished I’d the power to kill anyone—Wait... I do have that power... Hahaha! Why didn’t I thought about that? I don’t even need a spy anymore. We can just make an accidental death... Yes, that’s right! The bitch just needs to die with her maid... Wouldn’t that solve all my problems?

I need to discuss the new plan with those people!


Yume Valenz (Point Of View)

“We’ve arrived, Lady Yume,” Sir Gordon said, “welcome to YFC Restaurant.”

“Thank you,” I said, raising my head to see the top. Such a huge building that was even taller than our mansions. This was the one visible wherever part of the city we go. And looking at it in a closer distance gave a different feeling of astonishment. “Did the owner of such a great restaurant really wanted to meet with us?”

“Yes, Lady Yume. The owner and his friends are already on the top floor, waiting.”

The curiosity that dwelled in me made me go inside without hesitation but my action was suddenly prevented by my bodyguards, Sir Billy said, “Milady, it’s dangerous to go somewhere without a guard, please take us with you.”

True. I almost forgot that many people wanted to harm me. But I’ve got a good feeling that the owner of YFC wouldn’t. Still, I need to be careful, so I looked at Sir Gordon who just gave a nod, permitting these guards to come with me, he said, “If the Lady wants to, she can bring anyone or anything. Oh, I almost forgot. Please take this with you, Lady Yume.”

A black-colored badge. It’s an item with ‘YFC’ characters engraved on it. The object feels sturdy enough not to break with a slash of a sword. “What’s this for, Sir Gordon?”

“That’s our owne—membership badge. T-There are only a few of these in the world. You can show it at any branch of our YFC establishments and they will know what to do.”

“Huh? Isn’t this item too precious for me to have?”

“W-Well, the owner instructed this. If the Lady doesn’t want it, you can talk about it upstairs, Lady Yume.”

I can feel that Sir Gordon doesn’t have the say for this thing. So I just decided to keep it for now.

With that, I didn’t really know how valuable the item was given to me. An object that anyone would die for to obtain. A ′you get anything for free′ unlimited use badge, with an additional ′you don’t need to fall in line′ privilege. With other benefits included that I don’t know yet.

Sir Gordon escorted us to a weird-looking door that opened when he pressed an arrow-shaped button. Then he went inside this small room like a box and waited for us to follow.

“I know this device, Milady,” one of my bodyguards said, “this is an automatic room that will bring us to another floor.”

“Oh wow, amazing!” The bodyguards including me who didn’t know about this device got mesmerized.

“That amazing?” I mumbled. A device like this was so precious that it could cause a war between countries. Now that I think about it, I wonder how can they keep this device safe from the Royal Family? Even the other political factions would die for these. Do they have a strong backing?


Everyone got in. Then Sir Gordon taught us how to use the device, he said, “Lady Yume, here’s the list of floors you can go, you only need to press once and the magic circle will activate. But since we’ll go to a restricted floor, we would need to use your black badge.”

He directed me to lift the badge into something he called a scanner. Then a comforting sound was heard making the door close. The room shook a little and I felt someone tightly grabbed into my hands. “Are you alright, Yiyi?”

“M-M-Milady, I’m sca—Kyaaa! It moved!”


“We have arrived on the fifth floor,” Sir Gordon said.

“T-That fast?!” Yiyi said. She took a deep breath knowing that we could leave now. Another thing I never knew about her, being scared of heights. Now that I know, I might accidentally tease her. But seeing her panicked and disturbed face, I might reserve my plans for the future.

The important thing right now was behind this door, the owner of YFC.


The door opened.

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