Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 39 - Trapped

Ryu Astre (Point Of View)

The Princess who was exhausted and I with half of my mana left were surrounded by our enemies. The addition of the twins plus a few more assassins that came for reinforcement made us in a dire situation. With no path of escape.

“If you hand over the lady, my older brother might make your death less painful.”

“I still want to dissect this little bug, younger brother.”

“Oh, my bad... Then I retract my words, little bug. Please don’t hand over the lady.”


With the mocking words from the twins, the assassins had the audacity to laugh seeing that they have dozens of allies on their side while I was alone, moreover carrying the Princess. Like a pack of wolves gnashing their teeth on a helpless prey. They became complacent.

“Pffft!” the leader of the assassins said, skillfully spinning a dagger on his hand. “Right, please don’t hand over the lady. So we can slowly play with you.”


Princess Yume who has her arms over my shoulders abruptly tightens her hug, leaned her face as she whispered, “Please leave me here and run.”


She looked at me with innocent eyes. Pondering why I questioned her. She might be thinking that her suggestion was the most reasonable thing to do in this scenario. “I’ll just slow you down.”

“You’re really light, like a feather.”

“...Still, one arm.”

I remember the time when we flew in the sky, it was exactly like this. But instead of beautiful sceneries, we are faced with a bunch of rogues. “Remember the time when we flew up in the sky?”


“It’s the same how you’ve been hugging me.”

“I don’t get you.”

“Like how you trusted me and opened your eyes while we are flying. I just wanted to say that all you have to do is do the same, just trust me, Princess.”

“—Are you guys done talking? I’m sorry but by orders, the lady needs to die now.”

“Alright. I trust you.”

“Thank you.”


I returned the fire sword into its scabbard. Then I stretched my arm to the right.

“It seems the bug already surrendered. That’s good, you made the right choice.”

“I feel pity for the lady though. Being abandoned by her lover.”

“The lady is beautiful, that’s what I pity more if she’ll just die.”

“Hahahaha, you have a point,” the leader of the assassins sneered while he eyed one of his subordinates. “You there, the guy already surrendered. So go and take the lady away from him.”


The subordinate slowly walked towards me with caution. The other people in front were watching me in case I would do something. But the time was enough for me to finish my spell.

"Afiste to spathi na vgei!"

“—Wait I think he’s saying something?”

“He was casting a spell!” the twins exclaimed.


A magic circle appeared on the ground just below my right hand. There, a sword handle appeared with a large blade. It was the Gravity Rune Sword. It continued to rise until the whole sword came out from the ground and reached my hand.

“I’m counting on you buddy.” The enemies rushed towards me as I grabbed the sword and stabbed it on the ground. “100 times gravity!”


“W-What’s happen—”


The power of the rune sword disseminated throughout the place in a radius. Now the person who was tasked to get the Princess was the one nearest to me, so he was the first one who plummeted to the ground, crushing his face. Then the rest followed.

“Help! Ack!”

Bam! Bam!

“I can’t move!”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

I assumed that those who are 2-Star and below in skills should already be crushed to death, while those who have higher skills would at least be incapacitated, worse injured. The twins who were flying dropped a few meters until they release a large amount of purple-colored mana that became visible to the naked eyes as it overflowed from their bodies, which helped them fight against the immense increase of gravity.

“What happened?” Yume said. Her face was flabbergasted as she questions me with her eyes.

“I’m not done yet.” I quickly released my grip from the rune sword that was currently pierced to the ground and switched over to the Fire Dragon Sword. To use the fire sword, it only wished that I should always protect my loved ones in times of need. That was the only condition it has for me to be able to use it. “Princess, release your hands.”


I tossed the Princess in the air and carved an arched line on the ground using the sword, creating a wall of fire. This will give me a short period of time for a strategic retreat.

The Princess safely fell right back into my arms. After catching her, I said, “Hang on, Princess.”

Then I chanted three spells: To retrieve and hide the rune sword, to fly, and to conceal our presence.

Although the chase didn’t stop, and the enemies are still in pursuit. The leader of the assassins, the twins, and some skillful ones was able to overcome the gravity of the rune sword. So they were able to follow. But they are now in disarray since I was leaving fake trails to confuse them.

Unfortunately, the twins and the leader of the assassins were powerful enough not to be fooled.


The Princess who has her face looking at our back informed me that the enemies almost caught up.

“We’re almost at the city walls, Princess.”

When we reached the walls, I flew above it and used a large amount of mana to burst into the forest. I didn’t use this earlier because there are too many obstacles. But now that we are in a more open area, I can freely dash through the air.

“What was that?” the guard on the wall said, “I think I just saw someone fly.”

“Fly? Hahaha. That’s just you hallucinating, are you sure you ate food at lunch?”

The leader of the assassins failed to follow us since he will need to climb the wall or go around the gate. For the twins, we temporarily escaped them. This gave us enough time to gather our thoughts.

We arrived in a small cave to rest. I added some concealment magic to prevent the twins from tracking us, at least for a while. I could’ve run into a different place, like where the city guards are, but I can’t trust anyone for now.

“Princess, please take a rest and let me heal you.”

“I’m sorr—”

“You should be thanking me instead, Princess. Are we not friends?”

“Sor... I mean, thank you.”

I was healing the Princess from her fatigue, but to my dismay, when I thought that the barrier would give us enough time, the twins easily broke the barrier and found us. Which made the Princess’s treatment halted.

‘Only a 5-Star magic would break my barrier.’

With no other choice, I went out of the cave and saw the twins flying above.

“Older brother, the bug thought it could escape us.”

“We already wasted too much time, younger brother. The leader of the city guards might be able to catch up if we delay any longer.”



“Alright, older brother.”

“Ha!” the twins shouted. They began releasing a large amount of magic power, it was even stronger than my current mana. Once again, the mana emanating from their bodies became visible and grew large enough to reach each other.

I think I heard this from the old man before. The fifth advancement of mage. Actually, after the fourth advancement, the only thing left for the mage to do to advance into a higher rank was to increase its own mana capacity and practice chanting. Because each magic circle combination would require an additional amount of mana. Hence, how many times a mage can combine a spell to create a better one would determine their prowess in magic.

What the twins were doing now was combining both their mana to cast 5-Star magic. It was rather forceful. Seeing how they reached their limit even practicing magic for a hundred years. That was what I thought.

“Hahaha! I can see pity in your eyes, little bug!” the older brother said.

The younger brother continued, “But we don’t need your pity! You may be a real genius, but you will die today!”

"Afiste... Mia... Ischyroteri... Magiki... Morfi..."

The twins started their synchronized chanting. 3-Star wind magic and 4-Star ice magic combined with 3-Star water magic and 4-Star fire magic to create 5-Star lightning magic. The last time I defended against 4-Star magic depleted a quarter of my mana, so it was already predetermined that receiving magic much stronger than before would not be good for my situation.

“Do you think I’ll let you guys complete your chanting?”

Grabbing both the ice and fire swords I slashed into the air, releasing a fire slash to burn the older brother and an ice slash to freeze the younger brother.

“And do you think I’ll let you stop their chanting?” Suddenly, two daggers flew and intercepted my attack.

Crack! Sizzle!

One dagger froze, and the other dagger burned. A man who was hiding behind a tree appeared.

I sighed, “Another problem.”

The leader of the assassins. When I thought we already escaped from him, now he appeared. It seems that the magic that the twins cast earlier gave out the location.

“Just be a good boy and let them finish.”

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