Villainess no Yume

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Chapter 4 - Let's learn the sword!

I, Ryu Xanastre, 2 (28+2) years old, with my aunt Sara Astalle, 12 years old, were both sitting on the wood bench inside our house. Heads currently looking down on the floor while we feel the cold sweats dripping out from nervousness.

There is only one reason why I, ex-president Ryu one of the most powerful individuals back on earth, am feeling like this.

The reason is that my parents found out about our trip to adventurer’s guild yesterday.

Shiver went down my spine.

It could have been better if the one who saw my aunt’s guild license would only be my father. But the one who was standing in front of us, and is now glaring with piercing eyes like a dagger, is none other than my mother, that even my father, a guard commander can’t afford to offend.

Hazel crossed her arms as she exhaled. “You better speak now while I’m calm,” she asked, “I thought you want to be a maid like me? So what is this guild license about?”

“S-S-Sister...” Sara responded. The guilt in her eyes wouldn’t be described even in a thousand words. She slowly turned her head towards me while keeping her heads down, hoping for me to do something.

I know it was entirely my fault. This wouldn’t happen if I didn’t force her on my whims. It was I who wants to speed things up by taking advantage of someone to achieve my goal. So I chose to redeem myself by intruding. “Mom, it’s my faul-”

“You better shut up young man,” mom interrupted, “I am asking your aunt.”

“S-Sorry mom.” Well, that’s it. I’m so sorry aunt, is what I thought. I never felt this scared of a human being.

She continued, “Now talk. This is your last chance, lady.”

This is the end. If my aunt tells everything, all the preparation I have been planning might be halted. If my mother learned what we are doing and punish me by not allowing me to do such activities anymore, or ground me from going outside of the house is the worst thing that can happen. So I kept my mouth shut hoping that things will be fixed everything by itself. But I know it won’t.

This might be unfavorable to me, but to my aunt who was suffering, this is a chance to get away from me. Once it’s settled, she would be hired as a maid on training from where my mother currently works, and we would not be able to meet for a few years. She would have a safer life away from me.

I know where this will conclude. Just like me, humans are selfish. We will use other people just to get what we want, and abandon them when the plans had gone haywire. This is what I comprehended and believed when I lived as Ryuu-jin Aoki.

My aunt, who seems keen to answer clenched her hands, she said, “I... Sister... I-I want to become an adventurer!”

“What?!” I, my mother, and my father asked in sync.

I thought I already knew everything about the human heart. “I’m confused, I muttered. But what I learned today is how a true family should care for each other. My mother, who scolded my aunt because she was worried, and my aunt, who enjoyed her time being with me, despite my mischievous personality. It made my heart flutter.

Sara kneeled. “Sister... Since I was small, I already tried to imitate you. When you became a maid, I thought that my path in life is already set to be a maid too.” She took and held the hands of Hazel. “But in these 2 years, I’m with Ryu, experiencing my first mock battle, and becoming a guild member... Sincerely made me happy-”

“But being an adventurer is dangerous-”

“-I... I know sister, maybe I am being too wishful despite knowing nothing and being weak. But I still want to be with my nephew, Ryu, for a while.” Sara released her grasps, wiping her tears barehanded. “Uwuu.”

The room was filled with silence for a few minutes. The only thing we can hear is the sound of the people outside, and Sara who was forcefully trying to silent down from weeping.

Hazel rubbed her forehead. “If that’s what you decided. Then I’ll let my husband teach you,” she, saying only by agreeing with her condition, “but you must promise not to do dangerous quests for the time being.”

“Y-Yes!” Sara replied. She was so happy that she unconsciously hugged me.

I got surprised. “A-Aunt?”

“Boohoo!“, Sara whimpered, “Just let me cry for a bit, Ryu. Your mom-I mean my sister is so scary.”

This made me flustered. I never knew I was this innocent from someone’s affection. “Am I really dull?” I thought for a moment before I remember that the only relationship I had in my previous life is with my favorite novel character, as a diehard fan.


“Ha! Ha! Heya! Ha! Ha! Hurya!” I was holding a wooden stick, practicing to swing it just like a sword. “Ha! Haaaaa... Ugh.”

“Hai!” Sara shouted. She was also practicing with me, but instead of a stick, she was given a wooden sword. When she saw me drop like dead, she asked, “Ryu” - foo - “are you okay?”

“Haa... Haaa...” I tried to catch my breath. “Yes... Aunt Sara... You can continue... Your training. Haaaa.”

“Ha!-Ah!” When I reached the 50th swing, my hands went numb and I just fell on the floor. My current body can’t keep up with my mind. It’s not like when I walk where I can reinforce myself with magic when tired, since I need to train and develop my body, I can’t receive help.

My dad, Graham, who was watching, raised his sword and pointed it at me. “Hahaha!” dad chuckled, “It seems my son got my talent in the sword.”

“Huh?” I thought he was laughing because I’m weak. It seems I already reached a satisfying result as a 2-year-old child. I was happy. “Hehe.”

“What? Are you already satisfied with this little?” dad said, provoking me with harsh words.

I know that he is trying to make me mad on purpose to make me try even harder. This might be bad for me since I already have a mind of an adult. So I decided to train diligently and to always go beyond my limit. I should maximize the time to train. I can’t waste my time.

Whenever I slack off, I just think about my beloved princess.

“Ugyaaaaaa!” I shouted. I don’t have time to be lazy. I picked up my stick and continued. “Ha! 51! Ha! 52! Ha! 53!”

My aunt who saw me also kept up her pace. “I-I can’t lose to a child,” she said, “Iyaaa! Ha! Hiyaa!”

My father, Graham, had a satisfied look. “These kids’ future will be great. Hahaha!”



Dropping sluggishly in the bed. The training for today was completed. I did a hundred swings with this small, tiny, and undeveloped body, while my aunt Sara almost did five hundred. When I last saw her, I think she was crawling back to her room. It was hilarious.

There was a lot of pain in my body, some parts went numb that I can’t feel them. I don’t even have the strength to talk anymore. I was sleepy. But I did not regret it, rather, I felt proud of the things I did today.

This gave me time to think. I collected every detail that I read about this world from the novel back on earth. There are four seasons in this world which is summer, spring, fall, and winter. There are 90 days for each season totaling 360 days to complete 1 year.

Today is the 46th day of Spring in Year 714.

Year 718, 4 years from now, is when Yume, the daughter of duke Valenz, will become the fiancee of that idiot prince.

She will be compelled to study under numerous noble teachers for 6 years, then attend the royal academy for another 4 years. Her time in the academy will be the worst because this is where Rosie will also be attending, snatching the idiot prince’s heart.

Those nobles who will bootlick to the dukedom will start harassing Rosie, and the idiot prince will blame Yume for everything that will happen to his beloved.

When Yume graduates from the academy and reaches the age of 16, she will be sent on an expedition with other graduate students along with the idiot prince and Rosie. This will last long for another 2 years, where they will be exterminating monsters that are threatening the north.

At that time, Rosie, the daughter of a baron, will be poisoned. It will allow an opportunity for the idiot prince, who was in charge of that expedition, to sentence Yume to slavery.

For now, I do not have the strength to go against this royal family. If I need to save my princess from this judgment, I need to be someone equivalent or much higher authority. Where even the king wouldn’t be able to say no.

This is where I remembered the things I thought before going to this world. “I need to build a kingdom,” I decided.

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