Villainess no Yume

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Volume One Ending Note

Hello Dear Readers,

I would like to give my sincere gratitude for the time you gave in reading my first novel volume.

The Volume One of Villainess No Yume ended in chapter 40 with more or less 65,000 words.

You can skip the notes below if you want, but it will help me if you decide to continue reading.


Again, thank you for your time.

I want you guys to know that I wrote this novel to practice and get feedback from the readers. Your sharp critical minds and eagle-like eyes would have a different perspective than mine, the author. Which makes readers an important part of my growth.

For the future of this series, these are the things I would like to ask and discuss:

1. Review
2. Hiatus
3. Plan for Volume Two


1.) Review - This is optional.

It doesn’t matter if you could give me a full review, put it in a chapter comment, or just private message me. But please note that the review you will make will be most cherished.

Please write anything you want. Anything you like or hate about the story.

1.A.) Writing Style. Is my writing style so bad that you want to hammer me to death? If that’s so, just write it.

But please don’t forget to tell me why, and how do you think I can improve. Bad criticism will only make me feel awful, but a constructive one will help me know my flaws and make me happy. Since I truly desire to improve more.

1.B.) Characters. Are the characters so dull that they bored you to death? Do you want more characters? Should I name all characters? Bad character names? More character background? Just write it.

1.C.) Story. Is it too fast? Too slow? Cliche? Or the story is just so weird that you can’t understand what’s happening? Just write it.

1.D.) You don’t know what to write? It’s fine. Just say hello and I would be happy.

I will take anything you throw at me. Don’t worry, I already wore my level 10 anti-slap helm of domination.


2.) Hiatus - I would need at least a month or two to consolidate my work.

As a non-native English author, there are still a lot of things that I have been struggling to learn. (Now I regret not concentrating on my English classes when I was still studying)

But all of that was already in the past. Continuing to regret will only hinder my future.

That’s why:

2.A.) Learn more writing skills. I started to watch tutorials and play English Vocabulary Games to increase my knowledge. This will take time, but it will surely benefit in the long run.

2.B.) Consolidate my work. I will need to read my work again chapter by chapter and note down important events that happened, all character personalities, and the consistency of the story.

Which I realize that I should have done more thoroughly, now that my work is getting larger, there are things that I might forget if not noted down.

In the process, I would also try to edit some lines that would correct errors or explain more in detail. If possible, hiring a book editor to iron out my work.

However... It all depends on how great my money-saving skill will be in the next few months. (A new and better book cover would also be nice)

Either way, I’m excited.

2.C.) Giving my brain some rest. For someone like me who is still struggling with writing, I will need to give my mind some rest and refresh it. So that all I learned will sip into my brain, and it will be prepared for volume two. I would like to avoid having Writer’s Block which is a condition that could kill my enthusiasm.

Disclaimer: I might not improve much shortly. But even if it’s a baby step. I will move forward little by little.


Warning: Some spoilers might be here. But I’ll assure you not to reveal anything that could ruin your mood. I hope it will be good news for you instead.

So If we ever decide to continue Villainess No Yume:

3.) Plan for Volume Two - I will allow you to take a quick peek so that you can give your opinion if this series is worth continuing.

3.A.) Volume Two. This will be about the expedition and the most awaited judgment. But this will surely not be the end of the series. Because there will at least be four to five volumes before this story end. (Probably)

3.B.) Volume Three: the Xan Kingdom, Marriage, the Zen Kingdom.

3.C.) Volume Four: War, New Generations, The Abomination.

3.D.) Volume Five: Final Battle, Epilogue, Side Stories.

I will try to limit myself to five volumes. Maybe in the future, I can be like those world-class authors that can do 50 volumes in one novel. For now, nice and slow.


So... What do you guys honestly think?

Note: I will delete this when I upload the first chapter in volume two. So new readers wouldn’t be able to see how I was requesting my readers to teach me.

Don’t forget to follow, like, and subscribe. (LOL)

That’s it for now. See you all when I see you.

Konpeki Sensei

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