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Chapter 8 - Shadow Intelligence Group

It was already afternoon. We planned to have a house feast in the evening for the king boar’s meat that aunt brought back from hunting.

My father Graham went to fetch my mom from her workplace, while my aunt and I decided to visit the Pseudo Trading Guild to use our money.


We entered the guild master’s office. It was large enough for dozens of people to fit inside and get comfortable together. At the end of the room was a person sitting on a chair while working on the table. It was the guild master.

“Uh, um, hello,” Sara said, greeting first for a good impression. It was a normal greeting with a slight bow, not of a noble one.

The guild master paused. He looked at us from bottom to top like a real merchant calculating our worth. I gulped. I remember the time when we get shrugged by that rude clerk in the past. Luckily, it seems that the guild master is reasonable.

“An adventurer and a kid,” he said, showing us his perfect business smile, “my name is Tatsuo, how may I help you?”

“Hello Sir, I am Ryu Xanastre and this is my aunt, Sara,” I responded.

“So the kid is the spokesperson. Are you by chance related to the city guard commander?”

“He is my father.”

“Oh, I see. Then this conversation will be easier since I know him.”

“Thank you, Sir Tatsuo, but I want you to keep this meeting a secret.”

“...Alright, so how may I help the son of Graham?”

As someone with a lot of business experience, I already knew that this is one chance to strike a deal. I also know that one mistake could end everything without even getting to start. What we need is to impress the other party.

Without further ado, I tried to make my next words as simple as possible. “We have 500 gold coins, and we want to build a business with it.”

The jaw of the clerk who was standing beside us dropped, he said, “Five...five hundred?! Impossible!”

Who wouldn’t be shocked to learn that two kids would arrive in this place and carry that absurd amount of money?

A regular employee wouldn’t even earn this much in their lifetime. An amount that is enough for people wanting to rob anyone in broad daylight, even in the presence of the city guards.

The guild master remains calm. He closed his eyes and held his hands. He sighed... Was he disappointed? Is this money not enough? Did I miscalculate something? Would my plans get delayed if this business deal will fail? I wondered—

Suddenly, he opened his eyes. To my surprise, it was twinkling. It was the same eyes as when my aunt looks at money. “Brent, why are you making our guest stand?!” he said, “They are our precious business partner.” Excitedly giving a sweet smile.

It’s a success! When he allowed us, kids, to talk, it means that he is now willing to listen. We were offered to sit in one of the chairs. Brent even left for our privacy.

“Pardon me. Again, my name is Tatsuo, I am the trading guild master of this branch,” he said gently, “What business do you have in mind? I know I shouldn’t trust the words of a kid, but I have my instinct telling me to give you a chance.”

I cleared my throat with a cough. I looked at him in the eye and showed my extreme presidential aura that I learned from my previous life. When I saw his looks getting serious, this means I successfully made him focus on me, I said, “Sir Tatsuo, we want to buy a fake noble title and lots of properties to build an intelligence group.”

“Fake noble title and intelligence... Group?” he repeated.

“Yes, a noble title so we can freely operate. It’s a business where people can pay a ridiculously large amount of money to get information.”

With my previous life knowledge, I have tons of business ideas that can shake this world. But I know that things will fail if you don’t have a power that will back you up. Tons of inventions get stolen or forcefully bought because someone wants them.

So I decided to build an unbreakable wall first so that the future will not crumble.

“An Intelligence Guild,” I explained. A group to train spies or information gatherer. Not just regular ones, but the best of the best. They are tasked to gather information that is not open to the public, and people will buy this information for a price.

Not only this will earn us money, but also provide us with unlimited benefits. A power that even this kingdom wouldn’t want to mess with.

Tatsuo who was listening to me talk were mesmerized, he mumbled, “Information.”

Yes, people might not realize but this is one of the most important resources in life.

You can never win a war without the correct information. A good strategy comes with how much you know about the enemy. You can even prevent war if you had the information in the first place, or conquer a nation without shedding one drop of blood.

Businesses require a large amount of information such as location, demand, finance, and competitors. A business is deemed to fail with poor planning. Which is a very common occurrence for entrepreneurs.

If you ever want to ruin someone, you will need to know all of their weaknesses. With information, you can make anyone submit to you. Use it to blackmail or simply release it in the public and wait for their persecution.

These are just a few of the benefits to have if you have an intelligence group. But I didn’t go all the way to explain these things to Tatsuo. I don’t want him to steal my ideas. It could backfire if they will know too much.

The intelligence guild will be concealed as a normal one that provides services. But I am planning to make this the best group in this world, that sole purpose is to serve my needs.

With this, the world will always be in my grasps, and no one can dare to harm me and my loved ones in the future.

“We also need loyal subordinates,” I said, “people who wouldn’t betray us even if they were to be bribed or threatened.”

Tatsuo held his chin as he thinks. I know that he was a bit hesitant to suggest his thoughts to kids. I already knew what he was going to suggest though.

“Then... How about you get some slaves?” he said. “Slaves are marked with magic that gives total loyalty to their masters.”

“S-S-Slaves?” Sara asked surprised. Even becoming someone fierce to kill a bear, she is still my innocent aunt.

I can understand her reaction. Slaves in this world are not treated with care. Their life differ depends on what owner they would have. A maid would still be treated as a human and protected by the law, but a slave can be killed by their owner and nobody would need to care.

“We would also prefer that,” I said. The trading guild should mediate between the slave trader and us to prevent being scammed. “Please introduce us to the slave trader—”

“R-Ryu?” Sara panicked, trying to understand my reasoning. I purposely did not tell her about the slaves, so they would see her reaction, to think that we are just a bunch of naive kids with money who doesn’t know the world. Lowering their guard for us.

“Don’t worry aunt,” I said, reassuring her with a smile. This made her calm down.

I continued, “Aside from slaves, we also need at least four properties in this city, and one property for other cities and towns in this kingdom, especially the north.”

Tatsuo sweated. “Okay I understand,” he said, “You will need 100 gold coins for the noble title, we will take 50 gold coins for the whole transaction, but your money might not be enough to buy all properties.”

“Don’t worry, just buy what we can and we will just have to get more money in the future for more purchase.”

“I-I see!” Tatsuo said shocked, “Adventurers are the real deal.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Your request will especially be processed by me, so you don’t have to worry,” Tatsuo reassured.

The Pseudo Trading Guild has a great reputation for having a strict process so that their customers will not have to worry about getting conned. This is the reason I don’t need to be wary. Even if they cheat us, all I have to do is burn their whole building.

So we started to process the legal documents and handed them our money. We also received a receipt for the proof of our transactions.

Not only this trading branch will get a good deal out of us, but Tatsuo will also be awarded by their main branch for striking this deal. So he has no reason to decline. He will even treat us better in the future. We establish a business connection.

“Thank you, Sir Tatsuo, when can we hear your progress?” I asked.

“It will take at least 3 months to buy properties in this city, and 6 months for the other cities. For the slave, it can be done next week. So you guys can come here when you are ready.”

Buying properties is not a loss, since land value always increases over time. So our money would not be dormant. While the slaves have maintenance such as food, clothes, and lodging, but they can be trained to do work. So everything is fine and going according to my plan.

I stood up with my aunt preparing to leave. “Thank you, Sir Tatsuo, we will be leaving for now.”

On the way outside, my aunt Sara who was a little quiet this whole time, asked, “By the way Ryu. What is the name of the group?”

I stopped for a few seconds and looked at her. I almost laughed when I thought of a name. “How about, Sara Intelligence Group?”

“Eeeeeeh?!” she cried out.

“Then, Shadow Intelligence Group?”

“Then let’s choose the latter.” she giggled.

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