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Zander Silver...

My alarm went off waking me up from my sweet dreams. The sun rise bright and shine through the window. It's time to get up and get ready for the new day. I got in shower and did all my morning routines then drove to the pack house. Parking the car in my usual spot. Max's waiting for me in the front of the house.
"Morning Zand." He greeted and closed our distance. "What do you think the Alpha wants to talk about?"
"Wouldn't we find out soon? Come on, go have breakfast. I'm starving now." I answered playfully. We went inside and the dining room was packed.

"Good morning Zander. Come, sit with me." Sarah greeted me and dragged me to sit next to her. "Did you miss me last night? I had a nightmare and couldn't sleep all night. I can't wait until you are 18 and mark me so I can sleep next to you every night." She said while hugging my arm.
Peeling my arm off of her. "You do know that I will mark you only if you are my mate, right? So...now I don't want us to be so intimate. I don't want our mates to feel bad if they've come to know that their mates have been intimated with someone else." I said getting up and walked to sit with Maxwell who's watching with amusement in his eyes.
"No one deserves you except me Zander. I'm the strongest female warrior and the Gamma's daughter. Just wait until you can sense me at your mate I will play hard to get with you. Hmmp!!!" Sarah huffed and stomped her foot then storming away.
"She got it bad huh? I feel sorry for the future Luna. I don't think she will accept anyone else to be your mate and you will have to be careful about that." Max said shaking his head in annoyance.
"Like it or not she will have to accept it. I'm not gonna let anyone disrespect my mate and harm her anyway." That's the truth. My mate will be my world and who's trying to destroy my world will have me to deal with. But if she really is my mate I think the chance of me rejecting her is high even though I don't want to disrespect the moon goddess, I don't think I can tolerate someone like her, plus I still couldn't feel anything that mates should be feeling so I think I'm all good.
"Okay, let's have breakfast and see what's the Alpha wants to talk about."

"Come in" My father said after I knocked on his office door so we went inside.
"Take a seat, everyone." The Beta, Gamma, Max and I took our seats. "Just like everyone knows that now rogues came to attack our border many times in the past few months. I got the news from my friends that the rogues King was targeting the larger packs and building the army to declare war with the lycan King. We knew that the Royal pack was strong but the rogues King was not to be underestimate since he too has a royal blood because he is our King's twin brother plus the help of vampires." We all shocked and speechless no one knows about the King's twin brother. Alpha continued "That's why from now on we will have to train harder and double our security team. This afternoon the Luna's good friends will be arriving at our pack and will help us with training because they know very well how to deal with the lycan and vampire. I would like our people to welcome them with open arms. I don't want any disrespect to them from anyone. They will start training tomorrow morning. Do I make myself clear?
"Yes sir!"
"Now, you all may leave, except you Zander." Alpha dismissed everyone and they left two of us. "After you training the warriors today I want you to come here and welcome our guests and show them to the house yourself."
"Yes sir." I can't wait to meet them. I had a feeling that I will know more about mom, about our kind.
"You may leave and I will see you later, son." He gave a nod and I returned with small smile then left his office.

"Today I want everyone pair with someone in the same level and spar in wolf form and tomorrow we will train in our human form. Give it your all like you're fighting your enemy." I gave an order and watched them sparring.
"Ahhhhhh!!!!" I looked at the source of the agony screamed to see that Sarah bit the chunk of meat out of Amanda, the new warrior's shoulder very close to her throat before she shifted back, crying on the floor. Someone gave both of them some clothes before took Amanda to to hospital.
"What the hell is going on here? Was that necessary Sarah?" I asked angrily. My lycan came to the surface.
"You said fight like we're fighting enemy." She said not feeling guilty at all.
"I'm sure you understand what I meant if you are not too stupid. You could've bite just to stop the fight and make her submit to you. The way you bit her was too risky and you could have killed her."
"But she deserves it. She dared to look at you like you were her best meal. She wanted you and I can't stand that. She needed to know her place." She argued.
"ENOUGH! Stop acting like a jealous bitch and act like a warrior. I don't want to see a cat fight in our training ground. You have no right in me. I'm no one's property. It's bad enough that you paired yourself with someone who just start training. You have to go apologize to her and do all her chores in the pack house until she is completely healed. START NOW!" I was so angry. Amanda is the Omega who has been abused by her parents before she moved in to pack house. She wanted to train so she can be able to protect herself and the pack. I dismissed them all and headed to my house to shower and cool down my anger then made myself look presentable to greet our guests.

"Oh..son. They are in our territory now and will be here any minutes." Father said clapping my back. He and mother looked so happy to meet our guests. About 5 minutes the Limo stopped in front of the pack house. The driver got out and opened the door for our guests.
The huge man similar build to me, look to be in his 20s, dark hair and green eyes, got out first and help the blonde hair with blue eyes lady around the same age as him out of the car. I guess she's his wife, mate or what ever he called her because I have no idea what they are. I couldn't smell any scent from them except their expensive perfume.
"Good afternoon Andrew, Vanessa" The lady said with the big smile across her face walking towards mom and dad to give them both a bone crushing hug. "And you must be Zander. You grow up handsomely" Pulled out she greeted and winked at me result in the low growling from the man. She only giggled in return and I smiled rubbing my neck awkwardly. "Oh! Where is my manner. I'm Abigail and my husband Zachary." She pointed at the man as he nodded at me. "And this is Alex's friend, Bethany" Patted the black hair girl who just got out of the car while she introduced her to us. She was the only one that I could sense her lycan. At least one of them is lycan, maybe I can learn something from her.
"Nice to meet you all." I said and gave them small smile.
"Oh dear! We are so happy to see you guys again. Thank you for coming. We have so much to catch up on. Where is Alex? Oh! Don't tell me she still sleep through the earthquake like when she was a toddler." Mom greeted and laughing like it's no big deal but I thought it was very disrespectful. At least she should come out to greet them before get back to sleep. I meant, they are Alpha and Luna for goddess sake. I didn't feel like welcoming her anymore.
"You know her. Like this never change. She was so excited to come here with us and stay up all the way until 15 minutes before we got here. I'm so sorry for her rudeness." Zachary apologized on her behalf.
"Nonsense! You guys should go have some rest and come to dinner at 7 pm. We can catch up then. Zander will show you to your place." Dad ushered them in the car while I got in my car and led them to their house.
Opening the door of the house for them. Abigail got out of the car with Bethany while Zachary carried the sleeping golden blonde hair girl, which I think is Alex girl, inside and up to the master bedroom before coming down to us.
"Thank you so much Zander. We will see you at dinner." Zachary said clapping my back.
"You're very welcome and see you at the dinner sir."
"Zach. Just call me Zach please."
"Ok Zach. See you all at the pack house." I said getting in the car and drove to the pack house.
What do you think about them, Silver? I asked my lycan.
I don't know Zand. I have a nagging feeling. Not the threatening feeling but can't tell what it is. Answered Silver
If mom and dad trust them I guess we can trust them too but it's still better we are on guard. I suggested and my lycan nodded in agreement.

The dining rooms were crowded than usual. I guessed it's because people were curious about the guests.
"Come, come. Take a seat here Zach, Abby." Father greeted and gestured for them to sit opposite us where Beta couple used to sit. "Come on everyone, sit down and let's have dinner. These two are the Luna's good friends and they will join us tonight." Father said sitting down next to mother who smiling sweetly at them.
"Where are the girls? Don't tell me Alex's still asleep. I miss her beautiful face and wanted to give her a bone crushing hug." Mother questioned and pouting like a young girl.
"I'm sorry Nessa. That girl must be so exhausted with all the traveling. Zach had to carried her to bed and she still in the same position so Beth stayed with her in case she wake up and doesn't know what's going on. I'm sure she will come straight here first thing in the morning. You know she misses you." Abigail said apologetic.
"Aww..poor girl. It's ok. Let her rest because tomorrow you guys will start training, right?" Again. Mother said like it's no big deal but I started to think this girl must be the typical spoiled brat with no respect for anybody. I doubt that she will come to the training ground tomorrow morning.
"Yeah...three of them not me." Abigail nervously answered. "We are expecting." Then she's beaming to mother.
"Oh my goddess! Congratulations to both of you. I'm so happy for you." Mother said squeezing their hands then wiped off the happy tears on her cheeks.
"Thank you so much." Zach and Abby said gratefully in unison.
The maids started to serve the food and here came Sarah.
"What are you doing here honey? Why are you doing the Omega's job? I was looking for you everywhere." Helen asked her daughter.
I told everyone about what happened at the training ground this morning and everyone agreed that the punishment was reasonable, except Helen of course.
"Why did she get to be punished? It was that girl's fault. Every she-wolf will act in the same way if another she-wolf has a hot for her mate. I didn't see what's wrong with that." Helen reasoned
"What's wrong was that I'm not her mate and Amanda did not look at me the way Sarah said she did. She just looked at me with gratitude that I helped her out of the hell hole she called home." I retorted and started to get impatient with her. "I think I will go have dinner at home and retire to bed early." Standing up I nodded at everyone and walked out of the dining room before my lycan take control and do things we will regret.
Like mother like daughter. My lycan scoffed in my head.
Poor Gamma Jones has to stuck with two of them. What if Sarah really is our mate? I can't help but shuddered of the thought of being mate with her.
Ha! Trust me, she is not our mate. Even we can't sense our mate yet but no way I will feel disgusted towards our mate like I felt with her. Mates will still feel the attraction towards each other. Or..in the worst case, IF she is our mate, we will reject her. No way in hell we spend the rest of our long life with someone like that. Silver reasoned with me and I nodded in agreement.
Okay, we should head home, have some dinner and get ready for bed. We have big days ahead and I can't wait to meet the spoiled golden princess. I suggested and we both agreed so we headed home.

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