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Zander Silver....

My beta and I ordered our warriors to warmed up at the training ground, waiting for our guests to join us. I want us to be ready to learn as much as we can and show them how good our warriors are. I've started training with mother and father personally when I was 10 and my fighting skills are quite impressive even for lycan, mother's words not mine.
"Good morning Zander. They looked ready." Zach said tilted his head towards the warriors.
"Good morning Zach. I thought there will be 3 of you." I said lifted my eyebrow questioning when I saw only him.
See? I told you she would not coming. I said to my lycan. He just chuckled and laid on his tummy.
"Oh! The girls just went to the pack house to meet the Alpha and Luna. Alex will be here shortly but Beth will stay with Abby today." Zach replied and small smile appeared on his face. He must loves his sister so much. I wonder how it would feel to have little sister to take care of.
"Zach! Sorry I'm late. Had to go give the lovely couple several bone crushing hugs. Nessa won't let me leave before I told her about school and crushes. Beth won't be joining us though. Abby needed her. Are we ready to start?" The angelic voice pulled me out of my thought and what I saw in front of me is.... WOW! Just WOW! She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Golden blonde hair pulled up in high ponytail, Golden eyes that seemed to glow under the sun, perfect straight nose and kissable full lips. Her creamy white skin wrapped in black one piece sport attire I've seen the first time in my life that hug her hourglass body like a glove. It showed her perfect twins, flat and small waist, last but not least, her wide hip and peachy butt. DAMN!!!
WOW! Look at those long legs. Victoria Secret Angels have nothing on her. Silver got up and yapping in my head.
Exactly! I feel you buddy. I think she probably 5'10 at least. I can't help but admire the beauty.
"Hi...you must be Zander. I'm Alexandrie but you can all me Alex." She greeted smiling sweetly and reached out her hand to me.
Just then I felt so embarrassed about starring at her. I had to composed myself. Cleared my throat reaching out to shake her hand and that moment I felt the spark that sent the shiver through my whole body. "Yes, I'm Zander. Pleasure to finally meet you." I greeted with sarcasm dripped in my tone. I know she is beautiful but her first impression make me think she is the spoiled brat so I couldn't help it.
Her smile dropped and I heard the female warriors snickering behind me. Zach frowned a bit. "I guessed you all are ready then." Her tone turned serious made me felt a bit guilty.
"Aham! Today our guests Zachary and Alexandrie will be training you guys in human form. Please follow their instructions." I turned clearing my throat and introduced them to the warriors and nodded at Zach.
"Today we would like to see what level you are in human form. I would like you to pair with someone who's in the same level and sparring in human form. We will take it from there." Zach gave instructions and my warriors followed with the boredom expression.
After 15 minutes Zach lifted his hand up. "Please stop." Shaking his head in annoyance. "What do you think Alex?" He looked back at her and asked.
Standing confidently in the front of me and looked in to my eyes she started. "First of all, your warriors didn't take it seriously. They didn't know how important this training is. I guessed they never see vampire or fight one. Secondly most of the female just be here to check out the male warriors. They didn't look interesting in training at all. Lastly you all are too arrogant. Thinking that you know all and at the top which is pathetic. If that was the best you can do, it far from ready to fight with the rogues King's army." Every words she said were like slaps in my face. I never felt so embarrassed before in my life and she was right about everything.
I love her already. I hope she is our mate. Grinning Silver said in my head.
Calm your balls buddy. I chuckled but not one bit against the idea. What's wrong with me?
"Why do we have to train in human form when we are stronger and faster in wolf form? I don't see the point of us training with humans that we all knew they're weaker than us. Why were we even listening to this girl that we didn't even know if she know what she was talking about?" Said Sarah snarling in disdain. I was about to tell her off but...
"Well..well..well.. Who do we have here? Oh! The infamous Sarah. If I didn't mistaken, you must be the queen bitch who thinks she knows everything and can do what ever she wants. I'm Alex and 'I don't give a fuck' is my middle name. Not so nice to meet you." She said while smirking. DAMN!
"How dare you! Do you know who-"
"Like I said 'I don't give a fuck' who you are. We're here to train you guys so listen to what we have to say or so help me god, it won't end beautifully." Alex said locked eyes with Sarah and then looked everyone in their eyes. Power and authority radiant from her body even my lycan was whimpering. Who or what is this girl?
"Why are you have to fight in human form? It's simple, the bigger you are the easier target you become. When the enemies attacking you they would never fight fairly. They will learn your weaknesses and used it against you. For example, Silver is deadly for werewolves and believe me all their weapons are coating with silver and what you call wolfbane. Vampires are moving faster than werewolf and they heal faster. In case of the Royal Vamps if they look in to your eyes, they can control your mind for 3 seconds and that's enough to kill werewolves. Why you have to train with us? Because we are the best at this. About...you are stronger than us....we will see about that." Okay I'm convinced that the girl knows what she was doing and what she's talking about. I have a newfound respect for her and that made me more guilty.
Yeah I know. This is the Luna we deserve. Not the cake face tantrum throwing Sarah. Silver scoffed. I couldn't be more agreed.
"Action speaks louder than words. How about you show us? I'm more than happy to pair with you" One of my warriors challenged her.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Zach chuckled.
"It's ok Zach. It's only fair if I show them." Alex said nonchalantly then turned to Richard, my warrior. "I want you shift any moment you think it's best for you. Give me your best in both form." She told him and he nodded. Richard was one of the top warriors in our pack.
They went to take their places. "If you two ready, START!" Zach announced.
They started with Richard in human form. Within one second Richard fell back on the ground. I didn't even see what she did to him. He got up and threw the punch at her face but she blocked it by grabbing his fist and twisted it to his back effortlessly then kicked him down. He got up and put some distant between them before lunging at her and when he's closed to her he shifted. Like she was expecting that, with a big smiled and lightning speed jumped on his wolf's back, she pressed somewhere next to his neck and the wolf just slamming down on the floor, looked almost lifeless if not the movement of his chest. I had no idea how she did that. To be honest, she was even faster than my lycan and that's something I never witnessed before.
Go ahead ask her to marry us. Silver suggested playfully.
Don't you think our mate will have our head if she's come to know what you're suggesting? I asked feeling my lycan was going crazy.
I'm pretty confident she is our mate. Silver smirked at me. How the hell can he even smirked?
"Now you see, it's not how big and strong you are but to win the war you need your brain, mostly. Today we will just train your skills in fighting and defending. Tomorrow you will learn about the weaknesses of lycan, vampire and werewolf. I hope you all will be more cooperate than today." Alex said before walking to the sleeping wolf and pinched the back of his neck, suddenly the wolf jumped up and shaking his head but whimpered when he saw her standing next to him. She patted his head gently before waking to Zach direction which he nodded at her.
The training continued for 2 hours. To say I'm impressed was understatement. The warriors were looking forward for tomorrow so they can learn about lycan and vampire. Most of them seemed happy except few female warriors, and that including Sarah of course.
After the warriors disappeared I went to talk with Zach and Alex.
"Thank you for helping us today. That showed we knew very little to nothing about our enemies." I thanked them sincerely then turned my attention to Alex. "And I wanted to apologize for what I've said earlier. It's very immature of me." I made sure to show her how sincerely I am.
"It's no biggie. I deserved that after acted so disrespectful. I just hope we can get along well since I will be staying here for a few months." She said with a biggest smile on her beautiful face.
True Luna she is. Silver's grinning like love sick puppy.
I don't want to think if she really is our mate, how will you act since she had you wrapped around her fingers already. I said shaking my head at him.
"Thanks again, and will see you guys at dinner?" I asked didn't want to sound so desperate.
"We will be there for sure." Zach replied before they both left.

After a long hot shower, I got dressed and drove to the pack house and when I got there the dining room was packed. It's very strange that the 2 seats next to mother were empty. It used to be only my seat and then Max will sit next to me but today Max had left 2 seats empty. Looking at Max with questioning look and he just shrugged at me saying "It's Luna's order."
I was about to sit down next to mother.
"This will not be your seat for couple months. Go sit in the next one." Mother shooed me away, not at all effected by my confused look. So I did as she said.
Mumbling and whispering could be heard around the dining room. I looked to the direction that everyone was looking. Here she comes. Looking beautiful in light pink dress with tiny straps that hugs her upper body and loose from her waist down to mid thigh, showing her perfect hourglass body. Letting her golden hair down and it reached her lower back. She looked elegant and innocent at the same time. She really is goddess.
Our Golden Goddess. My lycan said his full attention on Alex.
She is not ours you horny lycan. I retorted, even though the sound of her being ours was music to my ears. Wait! What? Oh goddess! She barely talked with us and I'm such a mess. I'm gonna turn to pussy whipped for sure if she is our mate. Sighing mentally, I'm in trouble.
The chair next to me was screeching, stood Maxwell Looking at Alex's direction. The feeling of anger and jealousy flooded through my whole body. What the fuck! This can't be happening. Before I have panic attacks, Bethany walked in and Maxwell was by her side in a flash, nuzzling her neck and they both smiled brightly at each other. Thank goddess!
"Goddess! This is the best day of my life." Max said while nuzzling his mate's neck.
"Umm... I think we should sit down and talked later. Everyone is looking" Beth whispered to him, blushing furiously.
"Okay...come, sit next to me." He led her to sit next to him and held her hand the whole time. Lucky bustard got lycan for a mate.
Everyone's happy for them especially Max's parents, our current beta and his mate.
Mother pulled Alex down next to her which was next to me as well. While she was sitting down, our arms touched and the electric shock feeling came back again. I knew she felt that too because she was shivering at that moment. After everyone seated the maids started serving the food.
"How are you feeling after first training today princess?" Mother asked her lovingly and my father turned his attention to them too.
"It was great, a bit hard at the beginning but then everything got better. Tomorrow they will learn about lycan's and vampire's weaknesses. Actually, I would like to train them with real silver weapons after tomorrow. I want them to get used to it." She said and I could see she was nervous about the weapons part. To be honest, we never train with the silver before. We only used normal ones but I think it's good idea.
"Please do as you see fit, princess. I'm giving you and Zach full control. I think it's good idea because if we have to fight the cunning enemies, we never know what to expect." My father agreed. They called her princess so naturally. I didn't even know when they met her. Mother traveled several times only goddess and father knew where. Father went with her few times, I guessed that's when they spent time with her friends.
"Um.. tomorrow after training, I will need to do some shopping and I would like to ask if anyone can drop me there? If not-"
"I can take you there." I said without waiting for her to finish. "Umm.. I need to do some shopping too. I think it might be good if I show you our city afterwards. " I smiled, rubbing my neck awkwardly.
"It settled then." Mother said, clapping her hand and grinning at me.
"Okay. Thank you Zander." She smiled sweetly at me. Oh goddess! That smile and my name rolled out of her tongue made my heart beating furiously.
Very smooth Zander. Try to seduce her tomorrow. My horny lycan said approvingly. He looked so happy like he has found his mate already.
I just volunteered as a future Alpha.
If you say so but don't forget, I am in your head. I am you as you are me. He snorted.
I drove home after dinner, shower and went to bed with a smile on my face. Closed my eyes and hoped tomorrow would come sooner.

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