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"OH MY GODDESS!" Beth jumped excitedly when we got home from dinner. "I couldn't believe it. Never in million years, I think I will find my mate so soon." She said with tears in her eyes. I hugged her tightly. Beth is my lycan friend - best friend- and has been waiting for her mate for awhile but she didn't get her hope up so high because lots of lycans had to wait a few decades to finally found their mates.
"I'm so happy for you Beth." I really happy for her. Thank god that my parents let me come here with Zach and Abby. "Okay. You should go have some beauty sleep. I heard your sexy mate will come to pick you up tomorrow morning." I said and she's blushing furiously and nodded.
"Good night Alex."
"Night night Beth. Muah!!" Kissed her good night and went to the bathroom and filled the bath then put 2 rose scent bath bombs in it.
Laying in the bath, my thought went to certain someone and I can't wait for tomorrow to come.
When I woke up this morning, I felt so bad that I slept through the afternoon and night without even greeting Andrew and Nessa. I went to the pack house first thing after cleaning myself up. This couple has been our family friends since I can remember. Nessa's dad is my dad's right hand man and the most trusted friend. She kept asking me about school and crushes. I lived with my great-grandparents, who travelled a lot. I was home schooling and had only one friend which was Beth until I went to helped train the warriors with Zach and Abby. I was, still am the princess type of girl. I like shopping and dress beautifully. I'm very confident in my body and wear what I feel like but my life was complicated with all the dangers and responsibilities I will be having when the time comes. I studied a lot but even more so, I trained every day. I went to train a few packs before I came here.
When Zach told me, he will have to come to help Nessa and Andrew train their warriors because they're targeted. I didn't even think twice and call my dad for his permission. Of course being his daddy's girl he couldn't stand saying no to me but with 1 condition, I can't reveal my identity to anyone. It's for my safety and I don't have any problems with that, I meant I used to it. That's the reason why I had to live with my great-grandparents. My parents will come to visit and stay with us for 2 weeks every 4 months secretly.
I went to the training ground a bit late when I saw Zander, 6'7 tall, ripped sex god with silver grey eyes. My skin was tingling when our hands touched but the remark from him made me felt embarrassed and infuriating especially when the she-wolves snickering behind him. Then that queen bitch Sarah angered me, luckily I stopped myself from shredding her in pieces. Anyway after that everything went well Zander apologized. Beth found her mate and I will be going to shopping with Zander tomorrow.
The water started to get cold, so I got out of bath, dried my body before applying my skincare routines and massaging baby oil on my body before I went to bed. Yes, I sleep naked because I couldn't sleep very well when I had clothes on even just a t-shirt. With the thought of certain future Alpha I let myself slipped in to the dream land.

He parted my legs wide and buried his face in between them. His tongue lapped my wet fold then covered my clit with his mouth, sucking, nipping, suddenly plunged his finger in my wet cunt. "Fuck!... you are so tight baby. I don't know if I could fit in your tight little pussy." He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.
"Zander please...I want you so bad baby."
"Are you sure love? I don't want to hurt you." He asked pumping his thick and long cock up and down. I nodded squeezing his ass. He groaned and hovering over me. Lowered himself between my legs, rubbing his head on my wet clit and...
My alarm woke me up from my blissful dream. "What the hell!! " I can't believe what I just dreamed about. I must admit that I never felt attracted to anyone like this before. Sure, some guys tried but I just felt I was too young to date anyone. Got out of bed and felt the wetness between my legs, blushing and sprinted in to the bathroom to do my morning routines. I put on pink sport bra and shorts set before walked down to the kitchen.
"Good morning Alex. Here is your coffee." Beaming Beth greeted, handing me my black coffee.
"Someone's looking so happy today." I teased her, loved when she's blushing. She looked so cute.
"Max is coming soon and he will bring breakfast so we don't have to go to pack house." She said quietly looking down to hide her pink cheeks.
"Oh! That's great. We can go straight to the training ground after breakfast." Just then the doorbell rang. Beth was skipping to opened the door.
"Good morning sweetheart." Max greeted and gave her a peck on her lips. Beth led him in the kitchen. "Good morning Alexandrie." He gave me a small smile.
"Morning Max. Please just call me Alex. Thank you for bringing breakfast." I smiled gratefully.
"No problems at all. I will have to find excuses to come to see my mate anyway." He replied then winked at Beth. "Oh! You don't mind if Zander's joining us, do you?
"Not at all." I answered shyly.
"Thank you." Zander whispered in my ear and that sent the electric shock through my whole body. I didn't even know when he came in the house.
"Umm... should we start? We have a lot to do today?" I pulled myself off of the tingling feeling and asked. Then we sat down and had breakfast together. We didn't talk much but I caught Zander glanced at me several times.

"I will share with you what I learned about the weaknesses. First, werewolf." I said looking at the warriors. "Werewolves have many weaknesses and many ways to kill a werewolf." People started whispering. "You can snap the neck, stab the silver dagger into the heart, pull out the spine or use the silver bullet and shoot on the head or heart." I got all the attentions and the training ground was very quiet. "Next, vampire. They are fast and very cunning. They are different because silver bullet can't kill them if you shoot them on their head but it will if it goes to the heart. You can cut off their heads or pull out their hearts if you can get that close to them. If they are Royal Vamps, it will be very hard to spot them since they're really fast and only way to kill them is destroying their hearts BUT be aware that if you look in to the Royal vamps eyes, they can control you for a few seconds and that's what they need to kill you. Lastly lycan, as you knew, lycan is the strongest and heal fastest kind. Silver can't do much damage to the body because lycan heals almost instantly especially Royal blood. Only way to kill a lycan is to pull the heart out of the body." Everyone's looking at me like I was a nightmare, even Zander.
"How did you know all of this and have you ever killed any of them?" A warrior asked.
"Study and I killed a few." I gave him a little nod and he looked at me in disbelief. "So...today I want you guys to train the speed. Pair up with your partner and sparring, one of you in human and another in wolf form. You can start now." I gave them the instructions and they started training.
"You know, it's quite scary that you knew all of our weaknesses?" Zander whispered very closed to my ear. I looked up into his eyes and lost in those silver-grey pools.
"Uh.. don't be. I could hurt anyone but I will never hurt you." I was shocked at what I just said. "Umm.. you are Nessa's son of course, I will never hurt you plus you are very strong how can I hurt you." I gained control back and added. He just chuckled and divert his attention to the warriors.
What the heck is wrong with you Alex? Get yourself together. He must have his mate somewhere.
"Ok everyone. It's enough for today and tomorrow we will train with the silver dagger." I announced and gained several gasped from warriors. "I know it sounds dangerous and scary but in the middle of the war especially with someone like the Rogues King, you have to expect everything. Then you will have 2 days off." They nodded and went separate ways. Before Everyone's gone I catch the smirking on the queen bitch's face and I had the feeling that she was planning something against me.
Beth went with Max to meet his parents. Zander volunteered to drop me off at my place so we can get ready to go to the mall.

After quick shower and my skincare routine, I put on the white sleeveless blouse with colourful little flowers embroidered on it, and tucked in the lilac high waisted-wide legged shorts. Put on light make up and left the hair down, slipped on a pair of white 2 inches high heel and get my lilac purse then walked down to the front door after I heard the bell rang. Opened the door to greeted the only guy who haunted my dream. he looked good enough to eat. I felt my face heat up remembering the dream.
GIRL!!!!! Stop it!
"Aham! Are you okay there sweet?" Zander cleared his throat and asked, brought me out of my dirty thought.
"Oh! Yeah, I was just thinking about things that I need to buy." I answered awkwardly.
"Oh! Okay and you look beautiful by the way." Winking at me after he said that. What is wrong with him and the endearment and compliment. UHGG!!
"Thank you. You look nice too. Let's go so we can have lunch before shopping." I smiled at him and we got in to his car before we headed to the mall.

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