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Alexandrie is a girly girl on the facade but deadly. She went to help train the warriors of her family's friend's pack. Unknowingly her life was about to change when she came across the future Alpha. Is he her mate, is he not? Zander, the future Alpha who oblivious to his mom's past and family. When he came across the mysterious girl who made he feel things he never felt before, not only he learned about his mom but about his mate as well. Can he handle the truth and be happy with his mate and the responsibilities that came within? ⚠️ Warning- this book contains mature contents. 18+ ⚠️ Might have a lot of grammar error and misspelling. Please don't hesitate to point it out.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Zander Silver...

Standing in the front of the double wooden door waiting for the Alpha to give permission for me to go in. After five minutes I heard "Came in" and I got inside.

"Ahh..son. Sorry for kept you waiting. I was on the phone with a.....friend." The Alpha apologized. Yes, he is my dad and I'm the future alpha.

"It's ok dad. I just finished training the warriors. What do you need me for?"

"It's about the house that I ask you to prepare for our guests few months ago. Is everything ready? They will be here tomorrow in the afternoon. I want all the training equipment and everything to be ready before their arrival." Asked my father.

"Yes dad, everything is ready but I will go check it again after dinner." I answered. He had asked me to prepare the house far away from another houses. He requested the 4 bedroom house with massive backyard and full advanced training equipments. I didn't know who the guests are and dad didn't tell me.

"That's good." He nodded in approval. "While they are here I don't want anyone and I mean anyone even the maid to go in their house without my permission. Are we clear?" His expression turned serious.

"Yes sir. May I ask you something dad?" I asked not so sure if it's a good idea but curiosity won over me.

"What is it you want to know?"

"Who are the guests to us why they sound so important to you? Why we have to do everything they requested?" I asked and nervously waiting for the answers or the angry Alpha.

"Ahhh..." He sighed "I can tell you but you need to promise me not to tell this to anyone even the one you trusted the most." I nodded firmly so he continued. "They are your mother's good friends. They are couple and they will bring their sister and her friend with them. Zachary and his sister will be helping us train our warriors in human form. They will start training with our warriors after tomorrow. Only in human form. You know your mother is special and I want the privacy for her friends. Now go and have dinner then make sure everything is ready for tomorrow." He dismissed me.

Now I understood why they are so important. My mom is a pure lycan. That made me the lycan like mom because lycan blood is way stronger than werewolf blood. When mom marked dad, he gained mom's strength but mom didn't turn him into lycan. There are only two lycan packs left. One is the Royal pack which is the King of lycan and werewolf's pack. Another one is his mother, the late Queen's pack. Now her eldest son is the current King at the Royal pack. I didn't know which pack my mom's pack.

Lycans are different from werewolves. They are bigger, faster, stronger, heal faster. When they shifted, they can run with both two legs and all four and look more like giant human covered in fur. They aging really slowly after 20. They can live up to 300 years except the Royal Lycan, they are immortal. Werewolves are aging slowly as well some even live for 150 years. Yes my mom still looks 25 years old and my dad looks 28 years old. They looked a year older than when they mated and marked each other. When lycans or werewolves are mated the one that weaker will gain the strength and power from the one stronger so both can be equal. Now dad is aging very slow like mom and I'm lycan and the biggest male in the pack. I'm 6'7 in human form and 10 when I'm in lycan form.
I don't know much about mom's family, where she came from and how she met dad. No one does and dad won't tell anyone even my grandparents. Mom just told me that she had to stay hidden because a lot happened in the past and I will know when the time is right. I guess her friends must be lycans or someone who know about her past so we have to give them privacy and make sure they are safe.

I walked in the dining room and most of the members that stayed in the the pack house were there. Our pack house is massive with 5 floors and sheltered around 400 pack members. Most of the pack members preferred living in their own house. Silver moon pack is the biggest pack in the country that have about 5,000 members. We built our own city far from human but we do a lot of business with them through hunters because not a lot of humans know about our existing. Here we have everything like another city like shopping center, hotel, restaurants, school, etc. My family owns shopping centers and hotels in our city and another city outside our territory. We hired humans for our business in another states.

"Hey.. Zander. Where were you? I've been waiting for you since we finished training." Asked Sarah pouting and stomping her feet like little girl. She is the Gamma's daughter and our best female warrior. The elders and everyone think she is my mate because she is strong and became best warrior at very young age. We are turning 18 soon. Me in 2 weeks and Sarah in 4 weeks. We grew up together and we are friends. I don't want to act like we are mate. We don't know for sure and I don't have the feeling for her that way plus I don't want my mate to feel bad after, incase Sarah and I are not mate. Sarah was another story. She acted like she is the Luna already and that got on my nerves more and more.

"I went to talked with my dad in his office. Why are you waiting for me?" I asked even know what she's gonna say.

"I'm waiting to have dinner with you of course, silly. After dinner we can go out do something....fun." She said batting her eyelashes and bitting her lower lip seductively. To be honest, I still didn't feel the pull that mates should have towards each other with her. If she really is my mate, I think I will be in big trouble and a lot of headaches.

"Umm.. I need to check the house for the guests later. The Alpha ordered. I have to obey." I answered and hopefully she will leave me alone but, who am I kidding?

"Why do you need to do it yourself and can't you have Maxwell go and check it for you? I really want to spend time with you. I can feel the pull so strong and want to be with you all the time" She pleaded.

"It's an order and I can't go against it." I answered and walked to the dining table. Sitting down next to my mom. My best friend and future beta, Maxwell sat next to me, smiling at me knowingly. Dad's sitting down another side of mom followed by Beta and Gamma couples sitting down opposite us. Sarah huffed and sat next to Maxwell not without glaring diggers at him. We have two dining rooms and several tables in each room. The room we were in is for the Alpha's, Beta's, Gamma's families, the elders, and warriors. Another room is for the rest of the members who lives in the pack house.

"How are you feeling about your 18th birthday son? It's time for you to step in Alpha position and maybe you will find your mate that day." Mom asked and winked at me after gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"I'm very excited and nervous at the same time mom. What if I'm not a good Alpha like dad, what if I don't find my mate soon?" I'm really nervous to be honest. I know lycans are hard to find mate because we are too strong to find a perfect match and mom said a lot of us had to wait for decades. For example the King met the queen when he was 150 years old and the queen was 110 years old VAMPIRE. Most of people didn't agree with lycan King mated with vampire princess but nothing they could do. The vampire King even disowned his daughter. The queen proved herself to be worth her title. I didn't know much about the Royal pack though.
What if I have to wait that long? Will I be able to stay pure for my mate? But I will try my best though.

"Your mate is here! You don't have to be worried" Sarah shouted pulled me out of my thought.

"We will wait and see when the time comes." I said. Not wanting to give her hope incase everyone is wrong about that.

"Good things will come to those who wait son and I know you will be a good Alpha." My mom whispered in my ear, squeezed my hand and winked at me again.

"Okay, let's start dinner." Dad said and the maids started to serve the food. We're eating and discussing about pack business and about the rogues that attacked our borders too often.

"I would like to have a meeting with you guys in the morning after breakfast." Dad told his Beta and Gamma then look at Maxwell and me. "Including both of you. It's something very important"

"Yes sir." We replied in unison and continued eating.

"Alpha Silver, why Zander need to go to check the guest's house by himself? Why can't any warriors or Maxwell go instead? Who are they and why are they so import-"


The sound of my dad fist hit the table and made it broken in half cut her off. His eyes turned black and his body was shaking. That means his wolf was taking control.

"I AM THE ALPHA OF THIS PACK. I DID AND I'LL DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PACK. I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING TO YOU AND DON'T YOU EVER DARE TO QUESTION ME AGAIN. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?" Dad said in low and murderous voice. Sarah's now cowering and shaking with fear in her eyes. All the pack members were kneeling and bare their necks submitted for their Alpha.

"Y...yes sir. I'm..s..so..sorry." Sarah stammered tears running down her cheeks. I feel pity for her but she really deserved that.

"You all may leave." Dad said and reached for mom's hand. Mom patted his chest gently and turned to tells me goodnight before they left the dining room together.

"Are you crazy? How dare you questioning Alpha's order? You were lucky he just broke the table not your neck. Now go home and behave yourself in the future." Gamma Jones, Sarah's father scolded her.

"Matthew! She was just curious and want to spend time with Zander. You don't have to yell at her like that. Look at my poor Sarah. She is shaking now." Helen, his mate retorted while hugging her daughter.

"Take her home now. Because you spoiled her so much she doesn't know what she should or should not do anymore." Shaking his head and walked out of the dining room away from them.

Helen took Sarah home and the rest of the members retired to their rooms and houses.

"Do you want me to go with you to the guest house?" Max asked.

"Nah.. It's ok man. I will go check it out and go for a run after that. You should go have a rest. Tomorrow we will trainthe warriors in wolf form." I said clapping his back and he nodded.

I drove to the guest house to check on everything. After made sure everything was ready I walked out of the backyard to the lake not too far from the house. The weather is beautiful tonight. I stripped down my clothes and shifted. Letting my lycan, Silver took over and go for a run. We went around our border and came back to the lake. Jumped in the water and swimming around for another hour before putting my clothes back on and drove back to my house. Yes, I preferred living in my own house, after I turn 16 my parents built me my house. Feeling content I went to shower and get ready for tomorrow. I can't wait until my birthday and hopefully I will find my mate that night. With that thought my eyes slowly closed and sleep took over.

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