Rudra Deva

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They say if you are in love then your rationality will be lost. You only care for the person whome you love from all fibers of your body and soul.. Rudra Deva is an IMMORTAL soul living on this earth from thousands of years he has been cursed for his great sin he committed when he was 35 years old. Now what is that sin..? How he will get his salvation ? Come let us start our mysterious and adventure journey to know what is hidden in the past present and future.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Year 2000 A.D
Army Medical College and Hospital.
Time 7:30 A.M
I am late today also, aaaaa
As i was running inside hospital lobby i smashed my hed to the wall. Upon seeing its not wall its Dilip my best friend. Now let me introduce Dilip, we both know each other from our diaper days. We went to school together. Then college, both of us are studying Medicine together. And as of now we
Are doing our PG final year now. In a month we will be getting our PG degree. And we become surgeons.
Jwala please see where you are heading you are already late for 2 minutes now get ready for your punishment. Stop it Dilip now get lost dont show me your dumb face to me. I ran away shouting this to him.
As i was heading towards general ward Mani our attender came running asking me to go to Deans chamber.
I am really pissed right now facing dean is a difficult thing. Thinking about worst possible things i made my way to deans chamber.

As i knocked on the door a familiar rough voice boomed from inside asking me to come in. I entered the office expecting sone harsh scolding.
Miss Jwala whats wrong with you ? Its 2nd time you are late in this week. Do you think being a Doctor is easy job ? If you are not interested in your work kindly leave this profession as every second matters to a dieing person. I have never expected this kind of irresponsible attitude from you. This is your final warning Jwala there is no next time. Now as a punishment you have to do double shift today. Now get going.
Yes Sir, i silently came out of that tiger's den and went on to do my morning rounds.
Its 11 am now and still i have not had my breakfast yet thinking this i headed to canteen only to be welcomed by my girl gang and Dilip.
Look here our queen is coming to have her breakfast. Your Highness how was your morning duty ? We hope you had a good morning.
You dumb ass shut up. Now dont irritate me more just get lost. I shouted on dilip once again. Everyone started laughing at this. Now i ordered my food and started waiting for it. My girls asked me what is my weekend plans for that i told them i have ti do double shift as a punishment so i think i will sleep for next 2 days. But they told me that they are planning to go trucking to N Forest and forced me to join them. At last i agreed to there demands and prepare to go.
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