The Reign of Tenebrae

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"Let the darkness take you all!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When Allura and her friends are called to a meeting in the Capital of Meiliel as representatives for their homeland, her life takes a sudden turn. But is it for the better? Allura ventures out on a quest to destroy the one thing she fears most. Will she succeed, or will al her training as a Witch Hunter be in vain? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Notes: Thanks so much to on Wattpad for the amazing cover! Ps. The universe and characters in this book all belong to me! I created them- some of the monsters are from greek mythology and some I also made up.

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The road to Meliel

Greetings! I'm Allura Zena Caprice, but please, do NOT go calling me that. Just call me Allura or if you're a very close friend of mine, feel free to call me Al. If you're reading this book, I'll have you know that you are extremely lucky because not only is it one of the few available copies in the entirety of Elden Earth, but it would also mean you survived.

What you survived I shan't yet reveal, for the horrors that have passed here are not something that can be explained in one ickle paragraph. No it is so much more than that, which is why I wrote this book - a book that puts you in the shoes of someone who came face to face with the very horrors that your parents tell you ghost stories of - the horrors you hear about in the old myths of the Changers. This book lets you see the world encased in darkness and chaos in my perspective. You'll read about the pain and sorrow that I faced, the torture and betrayal. Enough foreshadowing, let's start shall we?

So my story begins...

In the peaceful valleys of Angarath. The lands of the witching folk, my home. These lands were inhabited by sorcerers and sorceresses, magicians and alchemists but the most respected among our folk were the Witch Hunters. What are Witch Hunters you may ask? Well, they're just that - witches and wizards that hunt monsters and fight in battles. They're the warriors of Angarath, trusted greatly by our king to protect our valleys even if it meant putting their own lives in danger.

And that's what I am, a Witch Hunter. Armed with my bow, Hornet, and quiver and an additional magical staff. I'm the king's most trusted soldier and first in command in the battle ranks. Yes, a girl in the battle ranks. Someone has to break gender norms at some point right? All my life I've been training for a position as a hunter, knowing that it wouldn't come easily. My gender only made it harder. Being a girl, we're not thought of much. Men believe we should be cooped up in a small cottage baking pastries and cleaning the house, but as time went by and I became better and better - not even the king could deny my skills any longer.

And that brings me to where I am right now. Standing in the lookout tower at the edge of the Valley, watching for anything that could be a possible threat to my home. My second in command, Frewin Wood, was down on the grounds giving the trainees a hard time as per usual, his loud voice shouting commands at the newbies. I squinted slightly when I saw a vague figure approaching in the distance. A man astride a brown stallion neared the gates of the kingdom and looked up at me.

"What business does a man from the east have with the kingdom of Angarath?" I yelled down at him. "I wish to deliver a message my lady, from Meliel." The man answered and I gave him a curt nod. "Open the gates!" I yelled and jogged down the stairs of the tower coming to a stop in front of the man. "If you would follow me, I'll guide you to the throne room."


I stood guard outside the king's throne room as he and the mysterious man conversed. I couldn't make out anything they were saying but then again it really had nothing to do with me. The quiet hum of their voices could be heard until a loud sound made me jump. "No! I will not..." The king's voice then went back to a quiet hum as he and the man continued to argue.

After a while the large wooden double doors that led into the throne room were opened by one of the king's servants. She turned her gaze to me and offered me a sweet smile. "The king calls for you my lady." She told me kindly and held the doors open for me to enter. "Thank you Arrodelle." I told her as I entered the room.

The room was made of pure white marble with thin Sienna brown lines running horizontally along the walls. Large cylinder pillars held up the roof on both sides of the room adding to the majestic quality. A crystal chandelier hung sparkling off the high ceiling casting lights on the dark wooden floor from the sun's rays. At the very end of the room was the king's throne. It was made of the finest wood in the valley, swirls and spirals carved into the extravagant headrest. Vines framed it with yellow blossoms growing from them.

My eyes landed on the two men standing in the center of the room and I turned my attention to the king. "You called for me My King?" I asked the older man formally. "Yes, Allura. The capital sent for two of my best soldiers to assist in a quest. Frewin and yourself will be leaving for Meliel tomorrow at first light. I'll be there to see you off." the king told me, a hint of remorse audible in his voice. "Alright My King, I'll inform Frewin immediately." I said before turning and walking back out the way I had entered.


Arriving at the training grounds I jogged up to Frewin. "Wood!" I called to him, halting his training. "Al! Is everything alright?'' he asked. Frewin was one of my closest friends around here, hence the nickname privileges. He was tall and muscular. His dark brown curly hair reaching to just above his ears. His eyes were an icy blue making them stand out against his Latino skin tone. "You and I are leaving for Meliel tomorrow at dawn. The capital have sent for us." I told him. "Oh...Any idea as to why?" he asked as a frown appeared upon his face.

"None, but I bet it's important. See you in the morning Wood!" I told him as I started making my way towards my house.

The next couple of days was going to be challenging and my life was about to change dramatically...

[A/N] New book! Yeh so I'ma try to stay committed, hopefully it works. I hope you enjoyed it!! I'll be updating once a week.
~ Gem💕

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