The prophesy of the crystal heart tree

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In the beginning there were three goddesses of Arabraxiom, one of sun and all those reaches above one of Moon and Earth and one long since perished. When the goddess of Earth and Moon destroys the Heart Tree the other sacrifices herself so that the world remain alive But not before igniting a prophecy that would come to pass one where they would all be revived through men's flesh

Nathan Suko
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The beginning,the gate, betrayal, and the prophesy

I was born in November the third of the year 2672; of the Ambrox millenia, in the kingdom of Vasirix. Vasirix is filled with forests made of Vox crystal trees that climb hundreds upon hundreds of feet into the sky. They filled it with a sapphire blue light that emanates from their cores.

The Ambrox Millenia is the 6th age of our world. Every thousand years the eldest heir to every royal bloodline must begin the journey to the Heart tree where lies Golotherims Academy. That is to train and to prepare for the coming of the prophecy.

Every member of royal families from around the world have come to learn at Golotherims academy, to unlock their inner magics.

For over millenium it has been a safe haven for those who possess the will, the inner strength, and the heart to pass safely through the Gate of Irrationalities. Carved from the Heart tree itself, it stands with a daunting magnificence that sends shivers of wonder up your spine.

The branches that make up the gate stood 113 feet off the ground, they twisted and curved and split.

Carved deep into the glowing wood were an untold number of runes that had appeared throughout the ages of our world telling of the many secrets of the world.

Yet there are none now who can still read it, for that knowledge has been lost to us since the first millenia of this world.

This gate has stood tall guarding the entrance to the grounds, both testing those who have come before it and to prepare them for what is to come. These grounds for they are the most sacred of all places in Ambroxium, the world of crystals.

The Academy is built into the thick limbs of the Heart tree, stretching, and curving for miles in each direction. It's called the heart tree because unlike most planets the heart of our world lies within its core.

Many wars have waged across Arabraxium, the world of crystals. However none have reached the inner halls of the academy's sanctum due to the protection of the Gate. The Gate was created by the founder of Golotherims, the lord Nakiti.

Long ago in the age of the rising, when much of the trees of this world had come to their full magnificence a great deed was done that aroused many conflicts.

There used to be another heart tree that had stood since the beginning. In the first age it was felled by none other than the twin sister of Nakiti.

Allryia despised the growing magnificence of the trees that her sister had created. She believed that the world that she created beneath the earth was far greater in comparison.

Allyria was the goddess of the inner earth and of the great moon that shown down illuminating the great caverns. She was outraged that her sister didn't have a care for her creations, for they were a part of the world as well.

Nakiti was the goddess of the bright purple sun of the day, and of all that may stretch to the sky. For an unknown reason she did not care to see the struggle with herself and her desires that her sister was going through, that is until it was too late.

On what was to be the last day of the first age there was a battle between these two sisters. These goddesses had together created this world, from the essence of the eclipse goddess was forged the crystal of Pure irrationalities, the heart of the Heart tree of Arabraxium.

Allyria called forth the greatest of her creations, the great worms who have not awoken since that time. With these creatures she tore at the hearth beneath the great tree, within minutes the tree came sinking into darkness. It's life was to be extinguished, and she would use the crystal to destroy her sister and rightfully claim the world as hers.

However it was not to be, as the world itself shook more and more as it's life force was cut off the goddess Nakiti performed the greatest deed a deity can make. Using loving sacrifice Nakiti gave up herself and bound both her and her sister and the soul of their lost sister into one being, the new Heart tree so that their creations might live on. With this gift, all of the tree's would hence forth glow with the power and ratience that the twin goddesses possesed.

Before their consciousness faded into wood she spoke of a prophecy that would come upon a new age. One where each of the three goddesses would be born anew within human flesh, one the lost sister would return as true destruction, the second, the sacrificer shall guide the third. The third shall redeem the sister that had fallen from grace by defeating the first sister reborn.

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