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Jordan Flamez is a young boy just turned seventeen. His birthday party was awesome, some would even call it fun!, but he receives a package that will change his life forever. That night as he sleeps he dreams unlike ever before. An unusual dream left him injured the problem is he came out of a dream injured in real life. Like the dream world and his world were real! now hes plunged into the depths of a war of an ancient empire world set back in the thousands of years before modern times. In the package he received a dragon egg. Which he will have to care for, in the real world, and in the Drungeredge, as his father Arthur calls this other world. Where you can have magickal powers in and out of the Drungeredge. Many battles and trials await Jordan as he is trained and shown the way. In a desperate attempt to solve his fathers disappearance several years prior. Jordan ventures deep into this new world just by falling asleep. Will you journey into the dream world of the Drungeredge if you dare?

Fantasy / Adventure
Jarrett Heinson
Age Rating:


Book one.

By author Andrew Everson (Jarrett Heinson)

“Belief in one’s faith falls for none, but harming one’s being; ends one’s faith. Finding solace, For which the aerials come to take you away to your judgement; then you fall into….” "dreams; in death."




This story unlike most tales does not begin with once upon a time. It begins with a knock, a kiss, and a dream... “It all began with a spark in our world, or alternate reality which came to be when dreams started going deeper into magick. This fire is in all Auma souls our religion which name is so ancient a word none remember it. When we die we go into the heavens.

“Tribes of Native Americans and their entering the Drungeredge armed only with their bone knives. Eight of them standing bathed in golden light wondering what and where they are. Then a voice; a deep; wise sounding voice says.

“You are here to start this world. Thrive in it like the trees, creatures, and dragons have for many years. I created this world just like I created everything in the normal world. You will each have power based on the many elements, but I warn you one of you will betray. They all look at one another, but they do not see the black aura I see coming off of one of them. The short slightly built young bone scythe wielding one. He stood out, he just said in a bone chilling voice. “I wonder who’s going to be the bad one.” The voice then says.

“I am now going to bestow power to each of you two powers each.” The first will control fire and blood that flows throughout their body. He gets a warm feeling flow through his veins then a palm print appears glowing over his heart on his chest red with flames. His knife turns into a jagged edge sword. “To the one next to you with the handprint on the right arm you will control the wind that blows and have the fur of animals be your Armour it will spike up to protect you also it will warn you of danger.” He has wind flow around him making his hair come up. His palm print glows and his knife turns into a small short sword with wind pattern up the blade.

“And you will control the waters that flow through the rivers and wounds of others shall be healed by you.” Immediately his hands had water flow around them and up his arms like a serpent where the handprint appears glowing on his left arm then his knife turns into a liquid form slashing away from it revealing a black pearl spear.

“So for you the earth around you will be your comfort, and power, you will also be able to control trees; they will be your friends“ The one with the handprint on his stomach has the earth rise to meet his palms, his blade turning into a very hard metal ax.

“You shall control the metals that are used for weapons and have the eyes of the farthest seeing hawk your weapon will be the bow” His palm print appeared on his face glows like the others palm prints did, and his bone knife turns into a bow feathers come down from the iron bent part.

“The next will be able to see into the mind and have the fastest feet in the land for running.” The palm print glows on his forehead he hears the thoughts of others around him clear as day except one mind. “What’s on your mind?” He says aloud, they all laugh. As his knife turns into a two bladed sword.

“Next to you will control the sounds that come from all noises and be immune to poisons that also utilize spitting poison of different types.” the palm print appears on his throat as his blade begins to drop poison and his mouth turns green.

“And finally darkened you will bring night wherever you go and be able to control the dead as long as you have a large of energy. The palm print on his right hand glows his scythe knife grows to a staff with bones extending down its shaft.

I control the light, love, and creation, also the ability of free will now all of you shall have one egg of a wonderful and powerful energy filled creature that has infinite energy from the light and things around them. Do not ever kill or let it be killed it will mean the world to you. The right hand palm print Indian thinks. “I don’t need no creature, I’m better alone, but I wonder what it will be.” The eggs eight of them descend in the golden light to the Indians each of its different glowing colors they go Red, White, Blue, Green, Silver, Light Blue, Light Purple, and finally Black onyx.

“You can bring your woman who is your wife to the land only one wife and anything you hold in your hands will come with you. There will be unique weapons and things to your appearance as you change and adapt to this new world you will be born in and out of this reality. There is land out there. I will guide you individually to now see the world for it is now part of your life!”

The light goes away and they are standing in a plains looking area that is stunningly beautiful all the mind and senses around them burst to life they are really awestruck at what they see. “Beautiful” says the one with the palm print over his heart.

And so it begins.

Well it’s my seventeenth birthday. For one thing it is boring, but at least Max and Sophia are showing up. “Hey, Jordan.” My mother called. “Yeah. My name is Jordan and my mother’s name is Theodora.”

Thinking as I ran downstairs from my room into the kitchen. She points to the box on the table with an excited grin saying. “Open it. Mr. Seventeen year old.” So I rip off the paper with anticipation, and find socks. “Socks; why? did you get me anything else?”

She laughs saying. “Look beneath the socks!” Glaring at her for the humor, yet laughed along a little. So lifting the three pairs of socks to find this brand new type of video game called simply Armorment. The game alone was amazing, but beneath it was an object cloth wrapped. picking it up into my hand.

After dropping the video game almost, in my other hand with the surge of white hot energy. It hit my arm, and progressed to the end of my spine. I unwrapped the object with adrenaline pumped haste.

It was a small, yet sharp dagger about nor bigger than my hand. I somehow knew it was my father’s. I felt it was his. He disappeared off the coast around Europe. Four years ago even though he would never have abandoned my mother, we coped in our own way with the loss.

Examining the dagger while mother spoke in the background; about how Max would be late, but being so intensely absorbed into the symbol on the handle focusing only on the circle with a fire lit in the middle of the flame exited the circle and turned blue at the tips.

The doorbell rang mother looks at me quickly and says. “Go answer it please young man.”, but by then I was already out of the kitchen and to the door. I opened the door slowly expecting father, and saw Sophia instead. On the front step standing there looking at me with her usual smile with a hint of embarrassment. Which made her different to me. She stepped inside past me in her blue jeans and a shirt which I saw said some sort of emo girl thing like “Rawr” On the front, and looked back outside for Maximillion, but he was not in sight.

He preferred to be called Max though because Maximillion sounded cheesy. He actually was rich though as his name portrayed, but he never wanted anyone to treat him differently. I turn and kick the door closed. I go into the living room to see Sophia talking with my mother.

walk closer to hear. “And his bare butt was out while he looked out the window. Isn’t That not just the cutest.” As mother put a picture of me on show for Sophia, and it just had to be a picture of me when I was five and with embarrassment turning a shade of red when I ran up. Saying in protest gripping the photo. “I was only five mom!”

I take the photo back to its resting place amongst the many left over in the drawer. Sophia though followed me, and said. “At least your butt was showing.”

She said looking at me with a gleam and soft laugh then she asked. “So when is Max getting here and what is there to do?” As I put the embarrassing mugshot away responding quickly.

“Um video games and television, but also there is soda in the fridge I will get you one!” Adding quickly before she can respond. “You can go hang out in the living room where the party is.” With a soda in hand and an objective in mind. I headed from the kitchen where my mother had mysteriously disappeared from to somewhere to the living room to sit next to Sophia. I handed her the soda all cool like and moved in close saying. “You look beautiful today Sophia.”

To flirt with her in a lame way. I was shot down with her reply. “Yeah and I think Max might not show up so is it just me and you?”, but defeated in the battle of cold hearted Sophia I responded. “Well lets just chill n’ wait for him.”

So we sat in awkward silence until she glanced at me with this look I felt uncomfortable after then I glanced at her and suddenly the doorbell rang and both me and her jumped. I got up and went to the door and opened it to find a box.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks I grabbed the box very fast and hit the steps like white lighting. I put the box underneath my bed and was back downstairs next to Sophia like it never happened Sophia with a shocked look of astonishment said. “Who was that?”

Also giving me what’s with the bat outta hell run look on her face? Then the bell rang again. I answered it expecting another box, but it was just Max standing there with his dark brown hair, suit as usual, and finally the only thing special about him, his green eyes.

The only thing unusual was another girl on his arm! He said “what’s up dude!” with an embarrassed look in his eyes the girl said. “Hi my name is Courtney and i’m Max’s girlfriend.”

She quickly leaned over and kissed Max on the cheek. He turned redder than he was already. I invite them both in and direct them to the living room his girlfriend whispering into his ear the whole time. Then working my way into the living room with the new guests. I see Sophia bored drinking her soda. Max, and Courtney are talking about whatever. So I sit down next to Sophia and say, “So who wants to play some video games!”, and that’s how the party went the rest of the day.

Max and me destroyed my new video game in the virtual world of guns and fake death, while Sophia and Courtney got into some conversation pointing at me once and got to know each other. Max ended up leaving around three in the afternoon with his girlfriend at foot, but to my surprise Sophia remained. So after a while she said she was leaving so I walked her to the door being nice. I opened the door for her with a. “Goodbye Sophia.”, but she turns saying

“I have your present here.” She steps forward so slowly then with a quick peck on my cheek. She turns red, and leaves running away with no explanation. I close the door with utter surprise, and I feel as though everything changed on my birthday. I look around and the room blurs, and turns a new color of stricken view.

Then as quickly as I saw this new weird view, and felt weak it leaves, but in my case the love colored world is not my fate at the moment. I feel beyond tired all of a sudden for some unknown reason as the box image pops into my head. I walk slowly to my room, and hit the bed head first while the door closes. One opens with a force that causes me to see the world anew. I dream a dream unlike none a human has dreamed since before the fall of the last ancient empire, but unknowing I fall asleep just like any normal person.

I awaken to ropes cutting into my sides and ribs, I see darkness around me besides a small fire with a blue streaked Pig looking animal being cooked upon it. I feel the warmth of my own blood touch my uncut skin from the surprisingly tight ropes. A creature goblin approaches me, and says in a language which I understand somehow. “Kill him and eat him.” Its ragged breath smelling of horrors.

It turns picking up a sickening big knife walking over to me raising the knife to my chest; Then suddenly purple blood erupts from the little mongrels chest spraying across my ropes a black arrow ends in it’s back as the thing falls. I feel the ropes loosen as a man hooded in a dark cowl says in urge towards me. “Run!”

With desperation I start pelting forward as I hear the other two. Which had been preoccupied sleeping give chase. I feel a spear hearing the whistle of it fly thrown towards me land slicing open my left arm. The new wound sends pain equal to my side down my legs.

I see the hooded man growing farther away. My vision blackens almost for a second and I fall to the ground with exhaustion tripping over a tree root. Knowing death will soon approach hearing the padding of feet behind me.

I burst awake and clench my side which is burning with pain flames down my sides. I quickly realize I am bleeding from my arm also. I begin to cry holding my sides screaming almost in agony, but I hold my mouth shut thinking mother is home. then I look around and new tears of joy spread down my cheeks knowing I am alive and awake. While the box below my bed glows bright green then shudders a little with effort and dies back to a dim black color within the darkness of my room. I look around in panic to clot the bleeding of my sides. reaching, and grabbing a shirt off the dresser failing to just fall onto the floor. Yelping in agony holding my side blood oozing through my fingers.

I look up at the box now burned through with one tiny eye size hole almost without thought. I see a black rock inside then I pass out from pain and wake up minutes later.

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