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-Chapter Nine. “Awakening, and big changes”-

With my Mom in bed Uncle Eric turns to me saying. “Well you’re the man of the house again. I’m going to take off to the Warehouse to meet up with Aickem.” Off he went soon after the door closed I went upstairs to check on my mother. She was laying down on her bed snoozing away. I guess the pills make her tired.

I sat down in the living room playing some video games to pass the hours, after a while mother got up and just ordered pizza for dinner then went straight back to bed saying she was dizzy. I cooked up some soup and brought it upstairs for her to eat in bed with crackers for her soup and a tall glass of orange juice.

She smiled at me giving me a hug and told me to sit down to chat. “What’s up mom?” She begins by saying. “My son I keep having the wildest dreams every time I sleep. Maybe the medication for my concussion is making my dreams weird. Anyway You seem more grown up since I last saw you. You’re changing so much son your father would be proud.”

Then she waves me out of the room to eat her food. I go back downstairs and watch television while eating pizza until I look outside seeing it’s dark. I decide it’s time to head to bed. I ascend the steps hearing moms snoring from down the hall and enter my room laying down soon I’m fast asleep.

I awakened in the Drungeredge lying on a cot in the clearing we settled into after the battle. I turn to my men waking them one by one they all stretch and gather their things while I scout the area for enemies. I find none so I order the men to head to The Kingdom of the Fireheart .

I stay behind because I need to find out how large of an army is actually coming from the east getting out my map I notice while in the west is cold snow for miles and other kingdoms past the end of the cold snow. As what the map says I need to head toward the thicker forest south.

In search of help is out there, but avoiding the incoming army soon it will start to siege the Kingdom of the Fireheart by sunset. I need to be back at noon but traveling out trying to find another kingdom to help would take too long on foot. “Dang. what do I do?”

Then it hits me. I think of something that could help. “Julien I remember seeing him down south in the woods beyond the cliffs by those mountains long ago when I first explored where he lives. Maybe I could convince him to help. It’s not that far a trip!” I take off running into the south direction at a fast speed pumping energy into my legs and soon I’m laughing as I glide along faster than a cheetah through the woods.

I leap landing over a large tree root on the other side looking at my map guessing my location is pretty far still from where I must go but it’s early morning I have time. I begin to take off in the direction. I want to go on further with a light jog, conserving energy soon I make it another mile and it’s been a half hour.

I have another mile to go before I make it there when suddenly. I see the gold dragon Auger overhead and I immediately scream out. “Julien! Wait.” Then I ignite a flame ball shooting it into the air to get his attention because once it hits the air it explodes like flak fire. He turns around the dragon Auger and it glows inside exploding fire from its mouth around me missing then I hop up on a rock waving my arms to get their attention. Julien finally notices. Landing on the ground now burnt to ash by Auger running up to me saying. “Hello what do you want?”

I jump off the rock standing in front of him then say. “The kingdom needs your help by sunset. The Kingdom of the Fireheart will be besieged by the dark kings army!” Julien shakes his head huffing once. “I can’t help them. That’s over five thousand men! I could only take two thousand myself but you’re lucky to come back to my camp hop on Auger.” My knees start to shake a little scared of heights thinking. “It’ll be my first time riding a dragon. I might as well get used to it.” I hop on the back and suddenly we are airborne in seconds. I’m flipping out grabbing onto a handle of this saddle like thing on Augers back for dear life. Julien just laughs looking down at me as he grips the top part of the saddle swaying with the wind pitching and turning fluidly.

We arrive behind the mountain landing in a clearing with a hut. I look up and hopping off Auger hitting the ground I look around and out of the woods comes a girl Auma with a purple dragon and she’s holding a giant ax.

I ask Julien “What her name, maybe both of you can help with the army invading the Kingdom of the Fireheart” Julien just says mocking me. “That's Heather and maybe if she agrees we can all come up with a plan and be there to help by sunhigh if you don’t be a fool and mess it up of course.”

I approach Heather introducing myself. “Hello I’m Auma Jordan my dragon is not born yet yours looks beautiful, whats her name?” Heather steps back and answers in a low voice. “Ruby” Then she goes over to Ruby and stands by her side. I think to myself. “Shy, but very different from Julien's arrogance.”

I slowly walk over to her dragon Ruby putting my hand on her side and she lets out a deep purr radiating from its side heather says putting away her ax. “She’s never taken to someone so easily. I guess new Auma's always are a fresh start to any dragon they encounter until they have their own, So you need help? I heard you and Julien talking.”

I was shocked she could hear so far from where we were. I say “yes, I need your help to defeat an army of the dark kings defending the Kingdom of the Fireheart with me and Julien. From across the clearing Julien says arrogantly“

I said nothing about me helping, but I guess I’m in on this now.” Heather then suddenly echoes into my mind. “Yes, I will help as long as we defeat that evil dark king in the slightest way makes me happy. I’m going to help with that, his men killed my parents in The Kingdom of the Mind up north before destroying half the city. They now rule that kingdom, I’m a mind reader that’s why I’m silent. I can hear into your mind, and can talk into your mind.”

She is just silent now as she saddles her dragon Ruby digging into a crate after more weapons. She pulls out another ax now having two axes she climbs on top of Ruby, and I climb on to auger with Julien and we are off flying this time it wasn't so bad flying I try to stand, but my knees were wobbling bad so I just sit holding onto a handle on the saddle. I glance over to see the sky below us. I am very frightened. I just close my eyes sitting back into the saddle.

Then finally I gather courage and stand looking towards the kingdom there is a giant blaze in the woods of the east. Where the soldiers are burning down anything in their path the flames will soon reach the kingdom it’s got only a small distance to go. I look over to Heather on Ruby. She’s flying so easily and fluidly, soon we land by one of the entrances on the east side of the Kingdom of Fireheart.

The guard looks at me and the dragons trying to run off in fear, but I call after him “Get the king now tell him assemble the army bring them here!” He stops in place looking back knowing the urgency and nods at me once running off again. I turn back to Heather and Julien looking to the fire smoke filled sky that is drawing closer.

I say to Julien, “They seem to have something burning down the trees as they move along some creature we need to get over there to fight them, but we must wait until the king comes to supply soldiers”. Suddenly out of the woods comes a troop of Goblin and one Ogre. The goblin rushed at us in fives. I quickly snake out my chainblades into two of them pulling down hard killing both of the targets.

I pull my chainblades from their body into their sheath in one fluid movement then I draw the flame dagger shooting it into life with a burst of energy slashing one goblin in half the other goblin tries to run, but I turn biting my thumb shooting it with a blood needle.

The Ogre is left standing slobbering looking like its intelligence is equal to that of a rodent it turns to me as I yell “Hey stupid!” suddenly its eyes fill with red rage and it runs raising its club into the air trying to bash me over the head. I quickly drew two Evaa and put them into its forehead. it reaches up pulling them out tossing them aside. I then form a fireball in my hand. “Flamu’baul” I then throw it into the beast ogre it ignites into flame yowling deeply running in circles then falling dead. I stand tall in the fact I killed the first scouting patrol to wander too far thinking.

“Why did Julien and Heather not help? I did well on my own, but still if there had been more.” I pick up my two Evaa and head back to the gate standing I see that Heather is tense holding her two axes in hand. “What do you sense Heather?” She just stands tensely saying.

“I feel a good thousand men running this way don’t you feel the ground?” I finally sense with my feet the rumble of foot falling. Yelling loudly to everyone. “Prepare for battle Here they come!”

Then the battle screams begin from both sides. Julien runs off into the woods with two short daggers and I run forward with the flame dagger ignited while heather heads off into the woods. Also we three charge into whatever enemy is in front of us.

I slash down a Pig and then an Orge comes at me with a blunt wooden mace. I quickly slash to block the blow the ring of metal on metal fills the air. I scream out putting my chain blade into the side of the Ogre and it yowls loudly in my face.

I pull hard on the chain and it falls onto his side I slice downward into its skull ending it quickly pulling my chain blade back in. I then whisper to my flame blade, “Grean’flamu” The blade turns heated green and I put three Evva into the approaching goblins hitting them all then I whisper. “Tri-Grean’flamu” The Goblins instantly light up in green flame absorbing them as they squeal. I throw my chain blade into a tree pulling hard myself being pulled into the cover of the bushes by the tree pulling back in my chain blade. Looking around the battlefield I see more Orlin which I now see is an alligator faced humanoid beast.

It charges at me. I throw two Evaa into the beast it doesn’t even flinch and then it is on me slicing at me with two sabers. Its main curls up into spikes I quickly deny him the pleasure of hitting me with a dodge and slash along its leg it grumbles inside and raises its sabers above its head slashing rabidly at me with growls following every hit on my blocking sword, some miss and leave me with cuts along my arms I raise a hand and say. “Bule’hemo’evlo”

Out of my hand floats a blood orb which then flies into the Orlin it then grunts once then explodes falling to the ground in half. More Pigs and Orlin come forward suddenly Heather is next to me. Slashing downward with her axes killing two Pigs I light five Evaa on green fire and throw the blades into the Orlin it looks like a flailing flameball on the ground more and more soldiers of the dark king keep coming. We have only killed a good hundred.

I run forward slashing with the flame dagger, and now drawing my dagger turning it short sword in seconds. Wielding two swords I begin to hack and slash my way through crowds and I turn grabbing my Evaa from the Orlin. Which in seconds before I had been surrounded by Pigs. Forward comes a new set of creatures.

One I’ve met before Clickers they are running forward with their sabers hacking at Heather her dragon comes in glowing inside its chest purple it bellows out a large flameball. That is colored purple into the crowd of enemies demolishing the line of Clickers.

A new crowd of Pigs and Orlins were coming when suddenly I heard a loud call from behind us far back. “We made it just in time come on men!” In comes running to us over three thousand men armed with swords and body armor soon the war ensues around us. The sounds of metal on metal armor and flesh fills the air. Julien quickly slashes with his two little daggers then he says some words. Suddenly the ground rose up into spikes impaling his enemies. I turn throwing a fireball into the more and more crowding enemy soon I start spotting an Ogre.

I throw a chain blade into him then quickly pull hard throwing myself to him. I stab with both my swords in the process, it falls dead with my boot on its head almost crushing me. Heather uses her magick now I see her whisper a word and then a purple cloud forms above her attackers raining down purple spikes into the Pigs and Orlins.

For hours we fought until our arms were jelly soon Julien hopped on his dragon and flew overhead lighting a flaming breath from his dragon down onto the enemy. As did Heather with her purple flames. I run off feeling it’s almost time I wake up back home, it’s night out here in the Drungeredge I head towards the city gates running tripping I fell down in an alley in the city. passing out from having barely energy or magick left; let alone fight in me.

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