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-Chapter Ten. “Surprises, but the end of it all”-

I awaken in my bedroom with mom looking at me sitting across the room in my chair. Saying with motherly love. “You’re so peaceful when you sleep. Want some breakfast?”

With a smile; me and mom head to the kitchen she whips up some grub for us I eat as we talk about my schooling. “So do you plan to go back to school since I’m home and half better?”

I answer stubbornly. “Yes, but I’d rather be home.” I pack up my backpack and head off to the bus stop getting picked up soon after im in class doing math equations and talking with the person who is sitting next to me, soon the bell rings and history class is next, but Sophia stops me in the hallway beet red in the face saying. “I need to talk to you alone.” We go to the stairwell at the back of the building.

“What is it that you want Sophia?” She just stutters growing redder saying. “I was wondering something; do you like me?” I turn redder than a cherry and then she says “Well I’m guessing you do, so will you go out with me?” I’m shocked by the question she just asked me.

I turn red myself and say. “Yes.” She kisses me on the cheek, and we walk to history holding hands, we get looks from people now that they are noticing me with my new girlfriend. I feel a drain of energy from my body, but I do not mind it from her hand, her vampiring of my energy is going to have to be something I deal with. Making it to History class we sit in our seats and I feel like I’m burning up with joy finally knowing Sophia’s true feelings

Classes zip by until I’m in the gym with Max. We are lifting weights today so we pump some iron working out and chat when Max says to me. “I heard you and Sophia are dating now.” I just nodded, turning red. “She kissed my cheek on my birthday. I suspected she liked me so she asked if I had feelings for her so she asked me out when I confirmed it.” I look away embarrassed. “I’ve always liked Sophia.”

Then after we dress out feeling more like rubber from working out I hop onto the bus soon im listening to my metal music looking out the window thinking of my life so far. Finally the bus pulls up to my stop and I hop off seeing uncle Eric’s car parked in the driveway. I’m greeted with a hug as I open the door to go inside.

Mother is sleeping so Uncle Eric directs me to the living room pulling out my dragon egg. “He’s going to hatch soon! It cracked again last night. I will give it one more day. You need to keep him with you!” I take my egg and place it into my inner jacket pocket. My dragon enters my mind purring. Saying in the mind space. “I’m going to hatch soon please be there master.” I just hold my egg close to me in my jacket.

I head upstairs to work on sharpening my weapons which takes hours before they are all finally in good shape. Then I lay down thinking of Sophia as I drift off.

I awaken in the Drungeredge and find that I’m in an alleyway covered under a large piece of wood wall, I smell fire of wood burning I quickly crawl out from underneath the piece of wall pushing it aside, what I find enrages me. I scream out in anger because all I see is embers and burned down buildings of The Kingdom of the Fireheart there is nothing left. The war was a loss.

Hauntingly a squad of Pigs is strolling around scavenging for what they want in their victory. I move as quickly as I can to make it out of the gate shooting both my chain blades into the gates Orlin guards. They die on contact and fall eyes rolling back into their head. I run past them, jerking my chain blades back into their sheaths. I take off pumping energy into my legs running as fast as I can off to Auma cove. The woods had been burned down mostly and the city just smelled of burning coal and death. The only thing left standing was the castle. Soon I’m far from the enemies or city. I look on my map then I see two dragons above me fluidly flying to the north guessing they are Julien and Heather.

Searching for another city to stay in the north towards the colder temperatures to The Kingdom of the Frozen Heart. It’s a fifty mile long journey there it’s going to be a couple weeks before unlike those two with dragons they will make it in a couple days. I start with a good energy using a fast jog, but soon I feel myself weakening. Starting a fire pit I sit the night is coming. I had only made it a good five miles soon close by my fire in the middle of the woods. I was suddenly pulled from the Drungeredge back to my home.

I wake up in my room at home sitting up at five in the morning, I hear dogs barking off in the distance. I hear a loud cracking noise and my pocket has burned through almost shaking in my jacket across the room. I quickly got up and ran over to find my dragon egg is broken open a little green dragon covered in dark and light patches of green is curled up in the pocket no bigger than my arm, I pull him out with my hands holding it close it sneezes once fire exiting its nostrils dark green. It curled into my hand and I whispered its name. “Ghost.”

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