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-Chapter One. “The pain of hiding a new world.”-

Waking up around six a.m. with the wounds. I examine the wounds received from the nightmare I wrapped up the cuts, more like gashes quickly stopping the blood flow standing in the bathroom in front of the mirror three shirts wrapped around myself and arm,

I had already called for my mother; Who was not home leaving me alone somehow in the early morning. When I looked up into the mirror I noticed that in my eyes in the dark center was a small red line in that dark part, but it was barely visible to my best attempts.

I dressed the gashes on my side, but my left arm wound was already scabbing by the time I left the bathroom. I did not notice though; I feel as though sleep has decided to leave me groggy, and weak.

Not looking at the wounds from fear of passing out. I make my way downstairs slowly after throwing on clothes. I walk into the kitchen to find a note. It reads. “Mom. 9:48 p.m. I am going to be gone all tonight and tomorrow do your chores young man!”

Ignoring the chore requirement I grabbed me a bowl and threw some cereal in it then I walked into the living room to watch t.v. holding my side cautiously after breakfast and a none entertaining hour of television.

I felt it was time after I twitched once feeling no pain with my movement to go see how my mysterious wounds were healing now the problem is for the last hour. I felt no pain when I woke up the pain was excruciating.

I walk into the downstairs bathroom and find myself looking into the mirror at myself. Unfortunately in my own opinion I look and feel like I have been thrown around by a pro wrestler.

I lifted off my shirt and removed the blood stained white shirt that was the first thing I tried to grab before falling onto the floor tying it around the gash.

I gasp to find both wounds have sealed up and virtually healed all the way within hours. I look into the mirror at my own astonished face amazed by this unusual event.

Trying to think of what may have caused this rapid healing the only thing that I can think of is that package underneath my bed. Then looking up into the mirror again and seeing a light streak across my retina, and I feel sick and light headed again.

I fall feeling my legs buckle slamming onto the floor. I awoke to a cone of light shining down on me. I could see nothing past the light around me, but I have a sense of comfort from this light. A man walks into the light with me and I gasp. “It’s you from the dream!”

Except this time he did not have his cowled hood up instead he looked ragged, worn, and very old almost in appearance. I could barely see his face though yet somehow he seemed so familiar. I say quickly. “What is going on!, but why am I having these nightmares!, Why do I heal within hours from stitches requiring gashes like they were never there explained now!”

With a quick blink of sadness crossing his face. He cuts me off from saying more. “You are here with me for a very long time, young one, and you may call me Pinnacle. Because I am a point you must reach and cross in this world. As so I want to see your progress.”

I have a feeling of mixed emotions looking down to the white light around me on the ground which is green grass. I think about this coming to the conclusion that I had.

Somehow when I touched that box and saw it this morning that something was going to happen, and the dream’s just kept topping it all off. I felt alone looking up, and around. Then I realized that Pinnacle had disappeared again.

I quickly look around for pinnacle, yet I do not see him. He’s all I have in this abyss. I glance around to see, but in the darkness I stand alone in nothingness. Then suddenly another cone of light appears about ten feet away from me.

I looked to see only a wooden chest appear into the other light cone so I stepped into the darkness and instantly stepped back as I felt my foot in pain like it’s on fire.

The other cone of light moves even further away almost thirty feet away now almost like I offended it by stepping into the darkness. A voice then echoes from the distance.

“The darkness is your enemy! always remember that for we fight the evils of the land!, and my friend it burns til you control it able to walk within the horrors around you.”, I yell into the darkness around me hoping that the voice hears.

“How do I get to that box, and back to my home! What is so important about getting to a wooden box?” Hearing my voice echo around me tauntingly. The familiar voice replies. “Look into the eyes and see power within.”

For the next what seemed like hours I thought over the phrase I think he means I need eyes to see past the darkness. I say aloud expecting nothing, but to be trapped here now. “But I already have eyes to see!” Pointing to my own.

Then it hits me finally within my mind the moment before I passed out the color in my retina. Just then pinnacle steps out of the darkness into the clearing with the wooden chest that seems like an eternity away now from all the trying of going into the darkness to escape. With a disappointing look on his face he says. “Well I am not too proud of this so-called legend prophecy laid down a thousand something years ago.”

Shaking his head he says in a more disappointed tone. “Well you’ll get it in time or be trapped here your choice now watch.” His eyes turn a color and he steps into the darkness dissolving within it. I was shocked at his disapproval and determined to find a way so I sat down, and thought deeply on what I have witnessed and learned minimally concentrating on getting home, having also felt a pull inside me, a touch on my soul, or at least I guessed I was right with my thoughts.

My eyes change color to red in the center with blue tips on the outside, but I did not see this myself. I then stood up, and walked into the darkness. There was a soft glow around me and the light disappeared that I was in for what seemed like hours, days, and possibly weeks, but I did not care for I felt the power of an ancient nature as I walked into the other cone of light and up to the chest within seconds then as I sat my hand on this wooden chest I felt a pull.

I wake up laying on the bathroom floor. It was late as I saw rolling over looking out the front door into the clouds. I hear mom walk in through the back door saying loudly. “Jordan!”

I quickly roll over on my chest and hop up closing the bathroom door knowing she would see it close. She walks up to the door knocking once. “Jordan are you okay?”

I call back from the bathroom hiding all the bloody clothes in the hamper, and flushing the toilet. “One second!” For cover then glance in the mirror almost gasping again seeing my eyes glowing red in the retina and blue on the outside.

I have no time so I exit the bathroom looking over quickly at my mother standing there hands on her sides in the hallway. “Son what exactly have you been doing?”

I looked away afraid she would see my eyes looking unusual, and turned walking into the kitchen grabbing a pan and looking down saying to her hearing her footsteps enter the kitchen obviously following me. “I'm cooking dinner tonight. Let me cook please?”

Mother just walks out of the kitchen like everything is normal. I glance at my reflection in the fridge and see my eyes have changed back with a sigh of relief. I start to cook just anything to get my mind off of the weird things that are happening to me.

Days later everything has been normal as can be no dreams so in search of a hint of why. I ran out of my bedroom and into the hallway to go downstairs in the basement to check some things out looking into books. Scrolls my father had to trick my mother into thinking I was in my room.

I turned on my music really loud, yet I could hear that she was home before she even pulled up after hours of going between my room and the basement collecting things from fathers to study. “Weird.”

I think knowing she was home before she was even home while she was outside still carrying things in I looked deeply into one book my father had on the shelf standing in the basement under a horrid single light bulb above me.

I flip through the pages rapidly, yet mother had been never leaving me alone since that day I passed out in the bathroom. She went shopping for dinner which was going to be her famous homemade pizza. I knew she would not be home for a couple hours so I spent the time examining the box not touching it just staring at it in horror of what the rock may contain. “Why did this thing change color glowing green after I dream?”

I kept questioning it like a fool looking at an impossible puzzle to solve. Then I picked up the box like it was napalm, and softly put it on my bed. Then running back downstairs leaving it there I picked up the book in the basement hearing the backdoor open and footsteps above; Father had written himself describing a world called.


I read into it deeply, but understood very little it described magical creatures and magic powers with a race of people like humans called “Auma.” I dropped the book on the table with a huff in anger and looked around until I heard mother go upstairs into my room then she called. “Jordan!” I turned and flighted up the steps like a bird. At this point exercise was nothing to me running was just another step in a walk. I could run three miles around the neighborhood and not even wheeze like I used to.

I went out the back door knowing more groceries would be outside in the car and I grabbed all of them at once all ten bags filled full with no effort at all. Mother came outside looking at me with a smile. “My big boy helping mom with groceries come here and give me a hug.”

I protest, but she embraces me and I step back picking up the groceries again going inside. “Perfect cover.”

I think speedily putting up the groceries into the cabinets then disappearing into my room again for more interesting things to be found around the house because I know somehow this involves my father. “What are you?” I glance at the egg for hours in its box through the hole.

After a dinner worth a king’s meal, well it was just pizza, but it was always the best when my mother cooked it. I hit the pillow, but I don’t want to sleep just, yet I hear something below my bed.

A tapping and crackling sound echoes throughout my room in the night. I am scared it may be the rock again. I heard the noise last night, but I ignored it somehow. I don’t want to pull the box out in fear of what may happen if I do.

The box is shaking up a storm worse than yesterday night. The crackling sound grew so loud that I feared my mother would hear. It just stopped moving; astonished by this. I pick up the odd present and finally fear it, the wall gone, and I drop it lightly on my desk turning on my light, grabbing my pocket knife I think. “Okay now it is time to open this thing.” I operate on the box til it’s just the egg and a note.

The egg is hot to the touch on fire, but it is very hot. I slowly place it on the desk and pick up the note knowing now the power of what that thing was possibly.

The note read.

“Hey! You! Take care of him, and he needs a warehouse, and just hinting. also get a large amount of food and a large amount of money for food for that egg watch out for the dreams they are natural! Oh and here is our kind money. Worth millions,

love! -Aickem keeper of one dragon egg.-

I pick up these unusual coins shaped as squares and triangles and stamped with weird symbols finding a whole bag full, but I drop them on my desk. as I suddenly feel sleep tugging at my eyes and body in a sleepy lullaby I hit my bed with the egg in hand grabbing it subconsciously in a protective embrace holding it close to me. I awaken in the darkness again this time with nothing in my hands.

I stand next to the chest this time looking around for Pinnacle because this time. I have questions about my so called training progress as it said in my father’s book about the coming of age Auma. Pinnacle walked into the light with me and said. “Hey what’s up, long time no see young one.”

With a knowing grin radiating from his face I reply. “Nothing is up, what is up is what I need to know, and what am I supposed to do here? I can’t fight monsters yet? What’s with the money of unusual shapes? What’s it for? also what am I here for shouldn’t I be in the world Drungeredge with the egg...”

His hand clasps on my mouth holding it shut. “Shh they hear about that creature the whole world will go crazy underneath us. Here is what you are here for. To listen to me, your trainer obviously you have learned much from your origins and are curious? Hmm well it seems I need to teach you a thing or two, but first here.”

He tosses a huge wad of america money into my pocket still standing next to me holding my mouth. I start to not be able to breathe and I look at him in anger he finally steps back fluidly. “Okay buddy I have paid you now it is time to teach you. You must know that you can survive already based on what your father taught you. Why don’t you look inside the chest?”

He motions towards the wooden chest on the ground feet from me. So I walk over eyeing him cautiously; Then I pick up the lid of the chest.

Suddenly it was not dark around me and I was in a forest of tall enormous trees surrounding me and animal sounds enveloped my ears. “Whoa!” Astonishing this land is our dream reality or Drungeredge as called in my father’s book.

“You can use any money, weapon, and also you’re not alone here. there are other people, and most important of all other Auma! Do not use that name though. The Auma people are hunted for being the last of their kind! Few remain because of the dark king in the north. Like you they hide. I suggest the same for you.

Because you will die in this state of early world entrance. Try your best to get to know the land. You only get two hours which will increase maybe even more than usual prophecy boy, unlike others who get days in here, you may get months, years, even more. “Time” here in your coma like state that seems like hours in the real world. You know there are even bounty collectors known as. “Bones.”

Who are the evilest of the evil in this land. Besides the emperor of the dark himself. They are undead and kill others for pure sport there are nine of them. Be cautious of your friends in the real world while being very powerful as you can here. Do not go to the north. Until you are ready, young one. On you go.”

With my amazement of the world around me. I barely noticed Pinnacle next to me with his hand on my shoulder smiling proudly. Then he disappears into a shadow gone in seconds. I glanced over to see one last look in his eyes almost like a tear falling down his cheek. All I know is he’s gone for now it seems. I dash for the chest and grip the lid flipping it open in excitement for having a new world to explore.

I find clothes and two blades chained with cloth coming off the chain ends to wrap around your arms i’m guessing, and a note saying simply “Practice!” Signed by Pinnacle.

The two are razor sharp. “Oh so now they expect me to be a warrior with these?” A voice echoed throughout the forest. “No just to get some ranged fun good for drake killing you will need them for many things!”

I grab the blades and tie the string ends around my wrists then hands like boxing shapes then took a test drive I swung at the nearest tree and hit back bladed unleashing a giant scratch along the tree’s spine. “Dang I hit wrong.”

I spent my one hour and forty nine minutes practicing till it felt just right, and then right as I grabbed the crappy sword from the chest to practice. Eventually I’m awake glancing over it’s eleven thirty at night. I don’t sleep all night. It is like my sleep was the reality. I felt fully rested and still wanted to go back though if pinnacle was going to ridicule me. I am going to be this Auma since he calls me one weather or not apparently.

So I must be a good one if I am a prophecy. I lay closing my eyes, and I awakened the next day angered by my limitations. I kinda feared somehow going into the Drungeredge though. I feel the egg in my hands finally its heat almost a heart beating within my grasp. A powerful heart. I place it underneath my pillow and get up for the day.

I searched for my father’s dagger in my room since my birthday which had been unused. Three hours later after moving my bed, my dresser, and desk! I find it under the buried clothes. “Why my forgetful self had thrown it there a couple days I do not know”. thinking of holding the dagger by the blade and looking upon it for a symbol. I touched the symbol and the dagger grew to a razor sharp sword. I flipped it backward in my hand and slashed, swung, and flung a shirt up and cut it smoothly in half. “Wow it’s really sharp thanks dad.” I say aloud holding it up to my finger to check the sharpness pricking it unintentionally. “Ouch.”

I put the sword up carefully against a corner in my room as soon as I let go it shrunk to a normal sized dagger clattering to the floor. Realizing what I had just done I think quietly. “Why was I chosen to be an Auma? Why is this so real and mom is not the same, or Max, or Sophia. Why are they not in this also? What is this world anyway, and how long has it been real I wonder? Also why do I feel this power in my veins? All I know is that I’m going to be cautious!”

Over the next couple of days I spend my time at home during the last couple days of summer being bored and playing video games one morning. I jump out of bed and look at my egg again in my hand. There is a long crack down the side. I pick up the note, and examine it again. There is more on the back.

“You’ll have to learn to accept it being an Auma at this point you must have found out from someone, and dabble in weapons. I’ll teach you more when we meet. Example: Find your father’s dagger if your mother still has it if not I know the blade will come to you always. Every clan has a symbol, also everyone has their own, but yours is hereditary.”

I look over at my father’s dagger, and see the symbol I start to think. “Ok, seriously this is starting to freak me out.”

I think to myself then an old voice in my mind says. “Get used to it.” I reply to it. “Am I going crazy?”, and it replies. “No you’re being born to follow in your father’s footsteps.”

I, in anger, block out the voice thinking hard to block it out then following my own thoughts. “What does that thought know about my father?”

I feel it quickly fade away the sense within goes disappearing I think slowly feeling weak. “Maybe he was a bone terrorizing me; Those people are bad like Pinnacle says, Pinnacle saved me so I trust him. He saved me from the goblin things he helped me.

Then a dark thought crosses my mind that is pleasing. “Oh now I can get back at the goblins that tried to kill, and eat me.” I grab the dagger and extend the blade then walk down the hallway from my upstairs room jumping the steps sensing mother had already left for work hours ago.

I walk into the backyard to practice on the overgrown bushes. I hack silently into the brush then I realize that they are uneven then I edit my routine of practice to make perfect cuts forming the dagger in many motions flowing.

Almost with glee and grace from all the lessons father taught me as a child in swordplay. It all comes back so quickly I flip the blade turning it into a sword swishing forward.

Slashing a bush almost in half then in horror I realize mother will see these so I turn to forming the bush into something better. A stupid looking tree instead of a hacked up bush.

After a couple hours of hacking and slashing with both the dagger and sword form of the weapon. I turn flipping the sword touching the symbol turning it dagger throwing it aggressively into the tree across the yard thirty feet away trying to stick it in the tree like old times looking at the old scars within the slow motion that hit watching the dagger sail landing with a sickening “Thunk!” Into the tree!

“Hmm throwing knives like old times with father are needed for future use I guess.”

I add to my mental checklist of materials. I have been imagining up to defend myself within this new gravely different, and most likely beyond dangerous Drungeredge world I have just discovered within my dreams. I run over in seconds and retrieve my dagger when I hear mom shriek.

“Hey stop being so much like your father he used to throw knives like that just for fun. You’re scaring me son! Quit growing up so fast”

I turned freaking out for a moment not knowing my mother had come home a few minutes before walking inside the backyard gate. I glance down at my blister covered hands holding the dagger then I notice one start to heal so I quickly put my hands in my pockets letting the dagger fall into the ground suspiciously hitting the ground blade first sticking exactly how I wanted it to.

Mother walks up to me. “Son. I just got home from work. I am going to go inside and work on some paperwork. Don’t hurt yourself okay? be careful!” She takes a strand of my long blonde hair fixing it behind my ear like a loving mother.

Trying to move away in anger how she caught me within my practice, but as she should normally. Turns suspecting nothing going inside then turns back again saying. “Honey. If there is anything you want to talk about, i’ll be inside.”

My heart jumps almost instantly thinking she knows about what’s going on! So I turn away as a cover looking towards the clouds far off. Then after hearing the back kitchen door close knowing she is gone. I silently walked over to the outside gate leaving my friend Max’s.

I jog lightly down the street until I come to the rich part of town. I look up to see houses I always dreamed of living in. It used to take me hours running, and or walking to get here halfway across town, but now it only takes minutes. I walk up to Max’s mansion door and hold the knocker handle.

Minutes later max answers then quickly pulls me in by my jacket and motions quietly for me to go to a very decorated guest door chair. Like it’s a secret he lives here and he then orders the butler. Who appeared out of nowhere saying to the butler. “Hey man go away!” The butler just says catlike glancing around.

“Hmm okay sir, Maximillion, I’ll be just a call away, be careful. Also I will be with your mother preparing the elegant dinner for tonight’s guests from Eastwood town.”

The butler raises his bushy eyebrows at me; bows then leaves. Max and I are both almost adults needing space to speak as he would think.

I start to stand, but Max sits next to me looking into my eyes. “Hey. what’s going on? you never show up at my house unannounced.” Still having his proper rich kid voice then he shakes his head saying normally. “Okay dude spit it out.”

So I began to speak rapidly feeling it all flow from me as I describe the problems I am having with life right now. how summer has been so awkward. How mother is always gone, and I am alone at home having nothing to do, but video games and food.

How father is coming back to haunt me like a person who was always there with things. I do not understand nor could he understand. He just looks at me and looks down at the ground.

Guilt crossing his face as the fact it had been a month since I’d seen any of them. Then I look down at myself feeling like a fool, how I can’t explain what the problem really is because he would not understand.

Max begins to say. “Well dude we can hang out as much as we can while you are here. School begins soon anyway dude full of chicks and your other friends half way across town.” I stand and smile feeling the comfort of a friend he begins to say slowly. “So dude how about some of those epic video games I have?”

We begin to play some team player video games seeing that no one is around in this giant mansion of stuff so old and fancy that I can’t even stand to look at it.

It’s like two crossed realities of the fact that he can have anything he wants in this town on command, or in this moment, and me I would have to beg my mother for anything special, my mother who worked two jobs to even pay rent, and food. Jealousy pangs throughout me when we sit down on the expensive lounge chairs in the living room filled with all the most up to date things, as it always does when I visit since young,

The jealousy makes me moody, but I take it out on the video games by destroying all I can within the virtual world then Max sits up cursing loudly at the game. Turning to me he glances out the window seeing the night twilight come along the horizon and says, “Hey dude don’t you have to be home?”

I shake my head in protest feeling one with the, “Game-zone”, but knowing mother would not be happy if I was home late at night past curfew which was long past over so Max, and me walk to the front door. Max opens the door and I begin the walk home from Max’s mansion halfway across town on foot.

I realize the sun has set by the time I jog into my yard. Walking up to my doorstep opening the door and stepping inside from the evening heat I look over to see mom watching television. I tell her one simple word. “Night mom!”

Then I head up to my bedroom taking one step at a time slowly. Almost as if I know what’s going to happen when sleep claws me down to its depths tonight feeling that similar feeling. I got the last two times. I think slowly about what I’ll do once I am in the other realm.

Not seeing my room or anything at all to be exact. My bed looms in the darkness of my room. I grab at dad’s dagger holding it in my hands for a safe feel of cold steel, and fall onto my bed without any warning.

I’m in the forest again. It’s dark this time I hide against a tree at the sound of the goblin grunts my heart pounding loudly at me in my chest. Then I realize where I am again. I see the wooden chest amongst the overgrowth of bushes sitting there cold in the night.

I quietly worked my way over to the chest this time. I look at the clothes better because they are leather fully. I have a fur shoulder lined cowl coat type overshirt that had camouflage green on its cowl, a chainmail shirt that glowed in the night shining bright amongst the box, and a leather undershirt and pants with many pockets leading up the legs. Almost native american wear for collecting berries, or ancient artifacts. I laugh quietly.

I hide and change quickly heart racing as I put the chainmail on first over my chest, then the leather undershirt over it.

Following the leather shirt with the coat pulling up the cowl finally feeling safe instantly. Finally I reach in finding the chain blades looking down to see the cloth ends. I pick them up by the cloth wrapping them around my halfway up wrists like the chart said to do.

then I wrap it down to my fingers slowly boxing taping the cloth around, and around until it is securely tight. Inside the sleeves of my coat are sheaths that the chain blades slip into. Soon I realize quickly in the moonlit bush around me the chains hide up inside of my sleeves making the weapon’s almost invisible.

Hanging the blades from my arms looking back into the chest I find my father’s dagger quickly flipping it up into the air catching it, and into a sheath on my waist side with a fluid motion. Then I slip the chained blades into the sleeve sheaths and step behind the same tree thirty feet from the box wanting a taste of death to ring in the night turning my head around looking into the darkness seeing the same fire.

I hear a grunt and words this time. “What to do tonight Sping?” A goblin turns to the leader speaking. “Master, we seem to have found a cave up the hill that is filled with treasure from the kingdom nearby.”

I feel the usual rush of white hot energy touch my fingers to my spine. I brush the symbol with my thumb on my now drawn dagger turning it to a sword; it roars to life with a loud metallic sound making the goblins turn to the bush.

Grunts echo everywhere from the four rising from slumber grabbing spears. “Where and what was that?”

The leader mutters silently to the others, but I already know their positions shaking in anticipation of my first battle of thousands. I hold my sword reassuringly in my hand and the goblins start to edge towards the source of the metal sound in the trees not knowing it was me. I turn hiding behind the tree right as the blind creatures walk ten feet closer.

I listen breathing fast for a sound of a grunt near the tree. Instead I hear a snort and protest as a goblin is pushed next to my position. I spin around the tree.

I slash my sword right diagonal on the goblin purple blood goes everywhere as the creature turns to run, but I drive down my blade into its head looking up through my cowl at the rest thinking. “This was the one that wanted to eat me I see. Who’s next?”

They dash at me all three at once encircling me. I run forward into The Grove slashing at the neck of one following me quickly putting its spear into my last position. “Stupid goblins can’t see in the dark hmm.” I touch the symbol on the hilt of my sword changing it and turn throwing it into the second goblin that threw its spear into the ground next to me a month before.

Purple blood spews from the wound and it falls to the ground shaking viciously. I crouch gripping my dagger, but I can’t pull it from the creature I crouch low gripping my chain blade up in my sleeve. Quickly I flip out the chain leading it with my hand into the third goblin as a spear lands right next to me only five feet away near missing me. The blade clinks into its arm with a low spurt of purple blood flies into the air.

I yanked on the chain inexperienced, and the goblin grips the blade with its hand cutting it open dropping its crude ax screaming curses in a language I do not understand. Then looks directly at me. “You little mongrel killing my brothers! Why!”

I grip the chain and flip the blade out of its arm pushing the chain with my two fingers yanking it again the blade frees itself flying across its neck. The creature was hurdled away from the ground with force. The goblin dies quickly gurgling on its own blood staring at the sky, I turn to see the last one standing in the clearing.

The leader obviously holds an ax in one small arm. I raise its head to the sky and screeches so loudly piercing my eardrums running towards me full pelt still screaming into the air like a wild barbarian. “My ears!” They ring loudly as I hold them forgetting my chain still on the ground seven feet from me, but before I can yank it back the goblin leader is on me raising its ax high.

I turn and flip out the other on my faulty left arm; because I am right handed, and wrap the chain around the leader on its neck. It begins to choke slashing wildly at me from five feet away with the ax. The distance gives me purchase so I quickly yanked the other right hand blade on the ground up and it flows almost magically into the air.

I will feel my eyes flash fully red, into the air the blade turns looking at us both floating in mid-air. The goblin looks back and then into my eyes saying. “Auma; how!”

I will the blade into the back of its skull and flip the left hand chain pulling. The blade slices across its neck beheading the leader. The head flies into the wilderness and the bodies all disappear like it never happened. Purple blood in the grove clearing as I stand looking up into the three moons in the sky, picking up my dagger saying softly. “Wow beautiful moons.”

Then the tears hit. “I hate crying.” I start to shake and glance around thinking other goblins will attack me. Calming down quickly I say in anger. “A purple mess is all this was.”

Slashing thin air with my dagger throwing the remainder of blood across a tree far away. I, for once, looked around the grove feeling that my blood boiled calm itself as safety hits me after what seemed like an eternity of combat was only a total of twenty minutes of hell.

I walk around the clearing and up to the Pig that hung on the lone fire in the night half eaten, and then I notice the human bones everywhere. I nod at the random bones seeing many kinds, but a few were full human skeletons realizing as I look. “Yes. I did some justice. There are about twelve bodies here of only bones fully eaten!”

I turn, and slice off a part of the Pig chewing the tough gamey meat. Then I spat on the ground in distaste at the beyond horrid taste. “Wonder why they were hungry.”

I walk to the center of the clearing and change my dagger throwing it into the ground screaming loudly to the heavens. “I proclaim this land mine in the name of Jordan Flamez.” Off in the distance I hear nothing, no creatures, no sounds or noise. Just the crunch of my boot in the dirt.

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