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-Chapter Two. “Mysterious arrival.”-

After an hour of moving the surprisingly heavy chest into the cave up on the hill where I based my new home out of the rain that struck only minutes after I claimed the land my own. I stand at the edge of the cave looking at the sunrise. I put my boot up on the cave entrance and lay down looking at the top of the stalagmites on the roof looking back.

I woke up to it being about twelve thirty five. I remember the clock reading about nine when I fell being pulled into the Drungeredge. So I sit up in my bed depositing dads dagger on my bedside table, looking under my pillow to find my lovely egg warm and almost purring in its cage.

“I have somehow learned to love this egg and have the urge to take care of it like a mother.” I add more blankets to the top of my bed giving the egg more of a nest and get up to leave my room stepping to the door looking back at it. I decided to sneak into the kitchen to grab a snack, finding another note from my mother on the fridge.

“I will be gone for the day left at twelve saw you sleeping so peacefully enjoy your day! -Theodora”

I quietly just as I had in the now Auma Grove to kill the goblins sneak out my backdoor of my house glancing into the dark backyard holding the handle of the door. The moonlight throwing the yard into a terror stricken light. The bushes throwing creatures like shadows. I hear a stick break loudly at the edge of the yard, and jump turning to go back inside shaking my head to make the scary thoughts go away realizing it’s just shadows.

I lock the backdoor pocketing another roll from the basket on the table walking upstairs. I find another note on her mother’s door saying hidden amongst the multiple notes on her door ages old. “Gone at work getting you in school today since it’s Tuesday.”

“Ugh school.” I think to myself adding. “Well at least i’ll see my friends. I’ve had a rough time since I turned into an Auma. Hope I see Sophia and Max, but first to throw knives!”

I take the money Pinnacle gave me from my pocket of my hoodie here on earth, but which in the Drungeredge was in the third pocket down on the inside of the cowled hooded coat. He gave me about three thousand five hundred dollars just for appearing in the Drungeredge. “Good way to get rich hmm.”

I pulled out a hundred and fifty walking outside hopping on my bike, yet going across the county to go to the store from Asia, which held many old weapons. “Thank you so much Pinnacle.” I think riding down the street to the town over knife dealers called. “Ninja practice.”

Simply as I walk up to the entrance seeing blessing symbols on the door pew. I try not to get excited as I walk further inside looking around at the various death dealing weapons from asia. I turn to the old looking desk clerk coming from behind the back room curtain with intricate designs , and say. “Do you have old yet good throwing knives that work as daggers also?”

He looks at me in grim looking fashion like I am crazy for asking him in a store filled with weapons and then looks in my eyes and sees I am serious knowing; I am wise for seventeen years old in the art of weapons recognizing me from my father who used to buy weapons from this dealership for years and years while I was young. “I’m wise for only seventeen. I want the oldest throwing knives you have.”

Stating the obvious in his eyes as I slap down the hundred fifty on the counter fingering the multiple hundreds in my pocket counting mentally on how much I brought with me. I look around through the many steel and ancient worked blades filling the walls until I come to a case in the far back hidden amongst the shelves. I look upon the first six set I set that appeals to me, they are wooden handled dagger-like throwing knives and they are holed up the blade, but they are the best I could find in the locked case, and I see something different about them in the light.

So I tap the case and turn to find the store clerk standing behind me already knowing flutters in his eyes.

I hand him two hundred dollars, but he nods his head not speaking so handing him another hundred I speak up saying. “Is this enough? I like those six throwing knives in the bundle. Three hundred for the set? I would love to embrace them as my own. Sir.”

Not even looking at the price he nods saying silently under all the noise that seemed to suddenly come from all the other weapons in the store clattering and moving on the walls like they were alive. I hear them whisper to each other almost. “Yes, three hundred. You can have them now leave before you make them angry for taking their only sister. She is very emotional, remember that.”

He pulls out an old crooked key quickly swiping the throwing knives from the case locking it as fast as he opened it, and wrapping them in a black cloth in one quick motion elegantly with a passion I see in his eyes looking only at them.

I take them and almost run out of the store hearing whispers from the weapons almost clear, yet so faint that I could not hear. I put them inside my hoodie seeing the leaves and the bushes starting to change color with the season.

I quickly ride home and pull out two blades, but my hands take them two at a time holding the handled throwing knives almost instantly in an embrace to me like a woman that had seen so much pain. I hear them silently whisper then they change before my eyes.

The blades themselves become chilling cold and the holes filled with bluish crystals. Before I could react to this urge to throw them came to me. So I quickly with skill from the past put them into the door both at the same time landing elegantly into the back of my bedroom door with a very silent hit saying. “Thuck.”

I make good time by walking downstairs holding the set in my side pants pocket feeling their new light and cold presence in my pocketed jeans. “Mother always had a habit of buying me side pocketed jeans.” Walking into the backyard painting the tree with the throwing knives in seconds missing multiple times with a huff. I sigh turning around almost dissonant from the throwing knives.

Then I quickly ran over and pick them all up. Pushing them into my hands like they have always been there checking for scratches and nicks on the blades. Seeing none I go about throwing them for the afternoon with quick swipe motions flowing my arms first with the right then with the left. Finally I decide on a name. “Evvas.”

Practicing for hours out of pure amusement remembering all the time with father in the yard. Him saying calmly to me that I need to flow my arm out like a snake and put them into the target slowly. Sadness echoes throughout me from these memories hearing my father’s voice speak into my mind, and I put the blade into the tree hard in anger then ran over to try and pull it out; Yet the blade is so deep into the tree. I see around it is a small ice crystal freezing it into the tree. I pull it from the tree and the blade screeches like a woman in agony, but as soon as it’s free the screeching stops. I look deeply at the blades and see nothing wrong with them then seeing a flash of a woman with black hair and ice blue eyes fly across the blue white crystals on the blade.

I almost dropped the two blades in my hand held up to my face. Then I looked up at the tree and the throwing knives had all fallen to the ground freezing the grass. I quickly pick them up and put them into the cloth pushing the blades of each individual knife with care into the cloth cleaning them lovingly with a smile. I put the cloth into my side pocket and walked inside grabbing something to eat with the thought of.

“Jeez it sucks mom is never home! she may be a business woman after all so it’s understandable. Though I need to be in school just to see friends and it is the end of the summer! No friends of mine want to hang out because of being prepared for school supplies and all!” Dawning itself day by day coming closer like a storm waiting to get worse.

“I hate school though.” Saying to myself as I crunch down on a chip and munch out part of my sandwich in distaste for the many people in one building. I think over the average person dealing with such a hidden secret of another world. It would change anyone’s thinking about me. “I’d become a freak in the town and be kicked out of the school! I must never speak of this to anyone!”

Then switching my train of thought, what could possibly a bone assassin look like? Not a bone in your body obviously most likely bounty hunters of the undead kind. I get the image of a zombie covered in holes and an arm missing shaking my head in horror at the thought of being pulled into the Drungeredge facing an undying enemy. I have no idea how mean they could really be and are.

I spend the rest of the afternoon playing video games practicing with my weapons on the bush in the backyard until I am standing in the kitchen when a sense hits me a car is a block away from our backwoods suburban house which is in the back of the neighborhood standing in front of a forest.

So running upstairs I put my weapons up in my room hidden from plain sight thinking it could be mother, but this being right again without knowing the time she comes home ever. She comes through the front door giving her a hug saying to her out of mischief

“Our cat ate a full fridge of food.” She laughs and walks inside taking off her coat putting it on the coat handles on the wall saying. “Oh that’s interesting I just met a new friend at work today he’s pretty nice his name is Rick, got you into school.”

She flushed a little at the mention of Rick. “Mom! I don’t want you dating father, will be home any day!”

I say flushing in anger on the touchy subject of mother leaving behind father for another. She throws at me raising her voice. “Jordan! I need someone! I can’t be alone forever. Accept that William’s gone!”

Just walking away sad heading to my room. She calls my name after me. I ignore it deeply swimming in memories of my missing father who disappeared off the coast of England. They flow through my mind like a plague. I begin to cry feeling horrible until I pass out in a pool of judgement upon myself and loneliness.

I awaken in Auma Cove feeling for once relief that I am in the Drungeredge. I wipe the still holding tears from my eyes on my leather cowled coat and look inside to find my throwing knives inside the sheaths neatly glowing icy blue. The woman with black hair appears looking at me in her pained look as it was before then she disappears in a shimmer of afternoon light.

I pulled my cowl hood over my head to hide my face and started walking toward the edge of the forest to see what is beyond the edge wood as I call it knowing nothing without a map. As I walk trying to find a path listening closely around me. I hear animal calls of various nature and unusual howls less than thirty feet from me in the threes and on the ground they scatter almost in fear of my presence, but in my loneliness I look around for a friend instead I reach inside my coat pocket on my chest to find my egg lightly held in the cold pocket.

I crouch picking grass and unusual flowers of green color putting them into the coat pocket making a nest for the egg out of care. “There you go my lovely egg. Keeping you warm and safe!”

Feeling the weight around my body of my now many weapons and leather overcoat I have gained about a hundred pounds in legendary steel and clothing of leather type. I wrap my chain blades around wrists out of habit, and search for my money finding none.

I reach into my chest pocket on the left and find a striker, and tinder. I look up at the sky finding daylight is easing its way along. I did all this checking of weapons and clothes out of fear.

I would be pulled here naked with nothing while walking forward, but it seems nothing of the sort will happen again. I did all this while walking forward through the brush mindlessly. Going towards the destination unknown. I break into a run pushing through bushes and undergrowth seeing trees of purples and blues, occasional oranges tint with purples.

The most awkward colors feeling a branch slap me in the arm I stand still for a moment in pain. “Dang branch hurt bad!” Looking around. I am confused in my direction so I look up at the sun. Behind me as it is. “I’m headed west” I say aloud to myself on the edge of the forest. Finally, I come to the end of a cliff where the trees sprout right from the cliff side looking down parallel working towards the ground just like the edge forest, but they are just growing out normally.

I look forward to seeing the cliff descend towards a mountain side far off there is a large road stamped down by many horses hooves. Which must be what had traveled these roads. I step off the cliff feeling pure elation.

Hitting many trees on the way down feeling the wind rush into my ears almost like a pure embrace of nature’s whirlwind. I begin to panic seconds after I stepped off, but kept my cool because I have never cliff dived before, and trying to grip a branch on the way down knowing I will die this time out of my foolish choice.

Thinking quickly in my state of adrenaline finally gripping a branch having purchase on one right before I hit a giant tree stump out of the light canopy branches feeling my rib take the brunt of the hit. I hang like a monkey, both arms heart pounding hard in my chest flexing hard into my hands and arms holding tight for dear life.

Climbing throughout the tree in pure glee that I had survived the fall into the treetop. I jump down hitting the ground in a huff. Feeling my weapons digging into my chain-mail shirt. “I am beyond lucky I have this chain-mail.”

I think spitting on the ground looking at the blood in my spit thinking quickly. “No more jumping cliffs. Ever. although it was fun I would rather not hit the bottom full force and die.”

I continue to walk forward after recovering from the cliff dive and I come to a huge tall mound of grass I begin to climb effortlessly when I reach the top there is a stone watch tower I draw my dagger from its sheath over my right shoulder brushing the symbol to make it a short sword in case there is any enemies whom would fight me for invading their watchtower climbing the steps after opening the creaky door.

Finding the tower empty, but two cups and a table with chairs to match no one in sight I can sense nor hear. Ascending the steps with caution hoping no one is at the top, yet still not sensing anyone, my ears hear a whistle of wind along the open door I left open.

I reach the top and to find my eyes falling upon a humongous castle with a very tall brick tower to the east. Then surrounding the castle is a mile, or even three of the city. “Whoa.” I simply whisper in amazement checking my map. I learn that the city is called “City of the Fireheart.”

Then I quickly turn looking over to see in the west a person atop a dragon colored gold. My vision cannot see it well, but i'm sure I saw the other Auma land behind a mountain very far off maybe fifty miles away just a sliver of gold with someone atop the creature. I barely spotted it. “Now this is part of the Drungeredge.” I think to myself.

I woke up smiling this time thinking. “I may start to like this being an Auma if i’m not the only one around.” I glance at the clock it’s six in the morning, but before I came back to the real world; In the “Edge” I had looked at the amazing view then I turned around to head back to camp it was late at night, looking to my right at my window I see the morning light coming through the windows curtains. I sat up feeling strength in my limbs stretching with a yawn. A good feeling surges throughout my body. I have not had such a good morning in a while I walk up to my mirror and gasp my body had changed I gained muscles on my arms, abdomen, and legs. My awestruck face stares back at me in the mirror. I quickly throw on a good shirt and jeans replacing the smelly sweat covered clothes. I had on thinking to myself in silence. “The Drungeredge is changing me and my body fine tuning me for something, but why?”

I find a backpack weighted down with school supplies and a note saying. “Gone to work your bus will be here at 7:45 a.m. outside by the stop sign go to the office for your schedule see you at 8pm tonight working late in the office.” I glance at the hall clock and it reads 6:30 a.m. I got time to burn, yet as I walked down the steps and stopped abruptly halfway as I heard a clatter come from downstairs my ears perked up to listen in to hear what was invading my home.

Weaponless knowing if a burglar attacked me i’d be defenceless sneaking as silent as I can to the end of the steps as I hear from the kitchen a quiet voice say. “Yum sandwich maybe with some raw fish.” I hear the fridge open and rattling of things being taken out! “What kind of robber eats from the fridge let alone raw fish!”

Thinking silently to myself I slowly creep down the hall leading to the lighted kitchen. I hear munching and crunching fish bones of a made sandwich. I stop in the doorway at the sight I see. A grayish colored what I think is a small man with spiked ears, and very fuzzy bare feet and a set of swords on his back his teeth as they crunch a fishtail end are needle sharp.

His eyes are bright green as he sees me stopping mid chew and realizes I see him. Saying with a mouth full of raw fish sandwich. “Hello Jordan.” it says pulling the remains of the fish tail out of the needle teeth mouth of his. I yell loudly. “Why are you in my house, what are you doing here!” at it. He replies.

“I am here because you need to know something, be trained and thanks for the food I have not eaten in three days by the way, I’m invisible to normal people so calling for what they call “Police.” Thinking I am a robber will not matter and make you look like a mad man.”

I remark seething “I would not call the police, but i’ll sure hurt you if you don’t explain now why you’re invading my home.” Grabbing the house bat to my left next to the kitchen door. “Whoa, whoa let’s not fight I will explain it all no need to get violent Mr. Jordan Flamez just listened to what I have to say about your changing life.”

I retort confused now lowering the bat. “Okay then continue with your explanation.”

“To begin my name is Aickem i’m here from the hidden society of your reality called “Oldengale” This society hides most what people think is myth. Fae, Fairy, Elf, Nix, Imp, Dread’s, Mage, etc. we have hidden in an invisible society in the massive forest out off the border of Canada's deeply forested areas through the halfway point for thousands of years without anyone knowing, or finding out about us it took a month journey by foot to get here or an hour ride by dragon.”

He then barks a chuckle before continuing. “I am here because that egg is a ticking time bomb of a big, and I mean big responsibility there is a warehouse in the factory district abandoned for about fifty years a hours ride from here you need to hide him when he first hatches.”

Pointing upstairs with a boney finger.” He then grows silent for a moment and pulls his fur hooded jacket tighter like he is cold; Then looks at me with his green eyes questioning like. He expects me to ask something then sighs saying. “You’re an Auma, a special individual descendant born from one heritage of twelve ancient ancestors.

Who ride dragon in this reality and in the other reality called Drungeredge once he is born after it cracks a couple more times you’ll need to take care of your dragon a bond will be formed stronger than love binding ways humans have, but im basically here to teach you dragon lore and car, how to fight evil, and use magick, also a survivalist ways of living hidden like us”

I stare at Aickem with amazement putting the bat down back in its spot saying. “So you’re kind of like a sensei or instructor cool!” He quickly looks at a small pocket watch saying. “Ok, ok now get to school human teaching place, i’ll meet you after this school is over here do you have what you humans call. “Cable?” he says I glance at the clock myself 7:20. After a rushed remote and t.v. explanation I get to my bus stop at 7:40.

The bus arrived on time I walked slowly up the steps and look for a familiar face, but see none getting an empty spot popping in my headphones blasting some techno with a sigh thinking to myself. “This is going to be a long day.” As my techno music picks up beat my heart also does. Thinking back to when I sliced that goblin then almost beheaded the other. The last ones dying curses at me.

The look on its face will never leave my mind. “I guess I must get used to surviving. I don’t think I’ll forget the things I destroy in Drungeredge, that’s life, and death, I guess.” Sighing again thinking gloomily. “Well at least it’s for the greater good. They killed and ate people.”

Brushing aside the thoughts I look out the window as the world passes me by about a couple minutes later the bus pulls up to Ridgeway Creek high school. I get off last and try to get to the office after working my way through the giant crowd of other students. I hear squeals of girly reunions, jerks bullying smaller kids by pushing him into a locker with a laugh.

“That pisses me off.” I think to myself feeling sympathetic for the smaller teenager. “I guess the first day of school is always the hardest” adding to the previous thought as I push open the door to the warm office pulling out my earbuds I say. “Hi, i’m new Jordan Flamez” In return the office assistant says. “Yes? Last name f.l.a.m.e.z. Oh here you go!” She types away my last name into a computer printing out a schedule with a smile.

I turn to exit the office when bam I run right into Sophia who was standing right outside the door staring at something bored. I flush with embarrassment thinking she may have noticed me getting my schedule and quickly I say “Sorry, Are you okay?” Seeing her almost ill looking, she looks at me embarrassed also.

“Yeah I was. distracted I feel kinda light headed today I noticed you were getting your schedule. I was just coming in to get mine until I felt suddenly weak.” I put my hand on her shoulder and said. “Are you sure you’re okay? Need me to get the nurse? Where’s her office? I’m a new kid to this school. I don’t know it well yet I’ll walk you to the nurses office if you know where it is at?”

Suddenly I feel a drain of some strength deep inside of me and she perks up saying. “No I feel just fine now, actually great don’t worry please.”

Me, feeling the energy drain thinking to myself. “Why is it every time we touch I feel vampired from my magick deep inside of me?” she then says softly. “Thank you, Jordan no need to worry over me.” I reply oh okay bye I guess.” I say awkwardly to her with a smile.

“See you later, hope we got a class together.” she says walking glancing back at me once before disappearing into the crowd of students. I look at my schedule. The first hour is math. “Ugh, jeez too early for math.”, And the rest of the day goes by in a boring blur my class periods go Math, English, History, and Science. Which is kinda fun and finally gym, but the coolest part is I got my friend Sophia in history.

In history all hour I felt like I had the sensation of someone staring at me and also felt weak so I ended up falling asleep in history, later in the gym. Max was my partner since it was the first day we did beginning stretches and an overview sheet like the rest of the classes before I was in. so at least I got some easy stretches in then we just jogged in circles.

I hop on the bus ride home, and feel like this routine will just repeat tomorrow until the end of the school year and I wouldn’t mind it gives me something to do makes me feel normal because of my deep secret of being an Auma, but soon the bus arrives at my stop and I step down the bus steps breaking into a light jog to my house down the block as I walk into my home opening the door with our hidden key I hear the TV loudly saying. “,And you mix this ingredient with the garlic grilling for 30 minutes and you get the best cooked steak.” Then suddenly it switches to. “And he’s on the first down,″ Roar of crowd. “And he gets the goal.” Louder crowd roaring. I dropped my backpack in the hall and walked into the living room.

Finding Aickem with his furry feet propped up in the living room chair watching football. He turns hearing me walk in and says. “Wow! you humans are interesting. Shows that tell you weather before it happens! Food being made all day makes me hungry, and something like, Delbor ball sept less death defying on the sports channel wow!”

I say replying to his amazement of something so normal to me as TV “Yeah, its normal stuff to humans, what do you not have TV or cable where you come from?” he looked at me like I’m the strange one now. “No, we got trees for miles, hunting oh!, and fishing. also delbor ball which is like a challenge course to prove your worth in physical and magick strength.

Well anyway time to get to that warehouse, but the true question is do you have anything to get us there fast?” I say with the thought in mind of what we could use to get to this warehouse I have no license so a car is not an option. “My bike you know what those are right?”

He replied “Is that like a flyuner?” He looks at me with wide eyed wonderment while I just facepalm thinking. “This is going to take a while, we both live in two different worlds.

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