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Chapter Three “Real training, not mystery.”-

“So this is a bicycle.” He looks at my bike with wide eyes. “Where can I sit? It looks kind of scary.” He says fidgeting with his coat again. “You can sit in the front basket, are you sure you’re invisible and know where this warehouse is?” I replied, giving a cautious look.

“Yeah I got my..” Pulling out a rock covered in runes. “The Theisbo rock makes me invisible to human eyes and just about anything else. Like I am never even there.”

Grinning at me a mouth full of needle teeth with a shiver at the thought of someone being bitten by them teeth.

We both hop on the bike. It was hard at first because of the weight difference, I never had a second rider. The warehouse was found about an hour later quickly; it was not hard to spot with its big smoke stacks and aged beyond years appearance. Its broken, creepy, old looking appearance makes it seem hidden and not noticeable to society because of the woods hiding it from the street. When we got there I realized we forgot the egg back at my home on my desk with the scorch marks it left, but Aickem pulled him out of his pocket saying to me sternly.

“You should find more connection to him than leaving it on a bedroom desk like a plain rock, you as his owner should care for him, for his connection to you is deep as soon as you touch the shell. An Auma who does not care for his dragon egg before it hatches; will result in an evil dragon abandoning him.”

With a very disappointed look in his eyes he hands me the egg, and I feel bad as I take the egg into my hands, but instantly a warm feeling went from my fingers to my shoulder and finally into my heart. Inside my mind I heard a weird purr like sound echo through my mind. That part of my mind popped up a curled up dragon green colored and it looked; Well i’ll say cute to me.

I felt so bad I feared that if I ever left this egg alone i’d lose something with so much meaning as if losing a limb it feels now as if the egg is an extension of myself. I put the egg into my coat inside the pocket close to my heart and smile saying to Aickem.

“I saw him, he purred, and he was colored green curled up asleep like.” Aickem says back. “See he cares for you a lot, and you two are going to live a long time together.”

The purring slowed to a whispering breathing in that part of my mind which seems to be a permanent part now.

It reminded me of being human in an awkward way. Me and Aickem walk up to the door. Aickem touches the door with two fingers; it glows lights beneath his fingertips; the glow progresses following a cool looking pattern that swirled and vines until it came to a symbol.

“What the…″ I whisper looking at the symbol it was the same one as on dad’s dagger which makes it into a short sword when touched having energy put into it.

I look at Aickem asking. “What is that symbol?”

He glances at me taking his fingertips from the wall saying happily. “Every clan has a symbol, yours is the Flamez clan”

he grins saying. “Also everyone uses an element or two based on the symbol of their clan the most common is air, but I doubt yours would be air.” He glances at me again as the door flies open slowly to reveal an empty warehouse well not all the way empty there is a couch and an old looking t.v. and a rune covered circle that spans almost all the factory in its center.

The symbol on the door was on the far wall in a larger size like a family crest, more like my family crest. The ceiling is about a hundred yards high and the walls have rune symbols on them lined up in certain places along the factory’s steel walls.

Gathering all this in I say with a little disappointment to Aickem. “Its kinda cool, but why is it so empty?” I express towards him with my arm motioning to what’s in front of us, yet he says “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

He then walks to the center of the rune circle breathing in loudly and exhaling making a symbol with his hand and said a weird word some runes on the floor lite up quickly flashing and the symbol on the far wall fell down into the ground revealing a whole new part of the warehouse building, weapons of all types, clothes, and this unusual looking food hanging from branches on a tree. “Now for some educating, listen well” Aickem says. “Okay Aickem, but one question first what is my magick element?”

Asking the million dollar question at least I think in my mind. “We will find that out very soon.” He doesn’t answer my question, but interests me in what he may have to say. He begins to speak educating me.

“In the world there are realities and places no one sees, and or knows of. The Drungeredge is the only reality that is alternate from this world. Which can only be accessed by special clans who are born into families with crests or symbols as you call it representing their magick powers. Then there is the death realm whom once you die here in this world or in Drungeredge you do not return from.

How one enters the Drungeredge is when you dream your mind and body pass into a coma-like state. Where you enter the Drungeredge for amounts of time different from this world one hour here in this reality is twelve hours in the Drungeredge.

You can bring your dragon if you are an Auma of the eight clans who is bestowed an egg because you’re a descendant of one of these clans.” He pauses for a moment looking at me with his green eyes questioning me like I have something to comment on, yet I just want to listen to not ask questions.

“There is magic you can use, there are elements which you must know about already, then there is the special Auma who can use rare magic. These origins of magic are hereditary through gene’s, soul, and finally clan. Unfortunately you do not know your’s, yet there are ways to get me outta you either make you mad, put your life in danger which is not an option, and the easiest for you is to calm yourself look deep into your soul and feel it come forth.”

Then he walks over to me taking my hand leading me to the middle of the runes after which he tells me. “Relax everything, slow your breathing, and close your eyes and feel your center where the soul’s magic comes about. This special rune Drungeredge circle will help for its mark with many powerful magick runes.”

I feel him move away from me and my eyes are closed. I’m bathed in darkness. “Concentrate on your center where your soul is.” I hear somewhere around me.”

I feel a pull like I did when I walked into the darkness with the light around me with Pinnacle in the Drungeredge when I learned to walk in that world, but this time a fire comes to mind a tear of fire cascades down my mind and touches down spreading until it’s a small blaze. Just as my mind does my palms center feels hot. I stoke the flame of my mind and boom my whole hand is very warm with this pull coming from my center to my arm to my palm.

I hear, “Open your eyes.” To my left. I open my eyes to find two small balls of fire in both my palms held out in front of me. “Whoa!” I exclaimed, then they dissolved. “Wow that’s just amazing I never would have thought in my life I’d be able to make fire without a combustion igniter with just pulling on my soul.” I think to myself then following with. “I guess my element is fire.” Aickem says with confidence in his voice. “Yes, fire a hard, but useful magick to use.”

I try harder to create a bigger flame in my palms to experiment pulling from my center again, yet I fail feeling weak. I look around for a clock to see what time it is failing to find one I ask. “What is the time I’m kinda tired.”

Aickem says. “Go ahead and head home for the good night’s work today! Have fun in the Drungeredge. I’ll stay here and you must keep your egg close to you tonight and be here tomorrow at the same time if you can without your mother noticing she wouldnt understand if she found out you were an Auma.”

I touch my fingertips like Aickem did to the door and push energy from my fingertips into the door. It slides open with ease doing the same pattern as it did for Aickem, with a wave goodbye to my new teacher Aickem.

I hop on my bike heading home. It’s late afternoon as I ride past the lake by our neighborhood I see the falling sunset reflect off its waters. “How beautiful a sight.” I think the egg inside my jacket heats up again and I hear the familiar purr enter my mind.

I probe at my conscious mind where that purr is coming from trying to comfort my dragon egg. I sped up a little and turned onto a street a couple blocks to my house and worked my way down the streets to home.

A few minutes later I’m at my door. I put my bike beside the garage putting my key into the door. I was finally home very tired by this time, hitting up the kitchen for some food and to see how much Aickem had eaten while I was at school. He didn’t eat much besides all of our raw fish. “Blegh ew.”

I think just to mention it to myself how gross it would be to just eat plain raw fish. With some soda and a sandwich in company I walk into the living room and flip on the t.v. to the news to find. “And this evening fire erupted from the neighbors home and spread widely before fireman could stop it from burning down four homes with each family not surviving including animals owned by the family none escaped the fire. The blaze was intense says tearful bystanders as these lives were fought for , but lost. Nothing else remains except ash, firemen are thinking towards arson please anyone with evidence or tips call…”

As the number was listed I stared at the television in grave disbelief, and a bad feeling in my stomach saying those fires are not by human hands the egg instantly heats up purring into my mind as if tipping me off that my feelings are right.

I guess comfort goes both ways for my egg and me connecting us emotionally somehow. “I’ll have to ask Aickem about these fires tomorrow at training I promise.” Saying to my dragon egg both in that part of my mind and aloud hoping he hears me. I watch the news for the next hour or two until mom gets home.

The only news update is that on each house the firemen found one intact wall with a very large bullet hole, but no possible way of tracking it back to the assailant. Mom walks in the door at seven forty five asking me. “How was your first day of school at this new school building? and why are you watching the news?”

I respond. “My day was fine kinda sucked because I got homework on the first day, but check this out mom.” Pointing to the television.

“Bad news a fire destroyed four homes and killed all four families!” Mom replies sternly. “You should not watch bad news like this. It makes people sad and depressed.”

I say talking back at her comment. “Yeah I know I just got a bad feeling about it.” I look at her face wondering why she’s got that worried expression plastered on like I’m going to end up depressed over some house fires. “It’s just that I just feel deeply that it has something to do with the Drungeredge “Bones” the evil assassins.” Thinking to myself.

She grabs the remote switching the channel saying. “Well all news seems to be bad these days honey, go do what teenagers do, which should be homework!” Give me one of those parent, do your work looks.

With a sigh I say finally. “Fine, but no promises.” Getting off the couch heading to my room to do homework which does not exist that part I made up to distract my mother, but to actually study my egg, and see how it’s still warm and purring in my inside jacket pocket.

I open my bedroom door looking at my. “Keep out!” Sign as I enter pulling out my egg placing it underneath my pillow to keep it warm like an incubator.

Then sitting down at my desk with my throwing knives putting them down on the desk one by one cleaning and sharpening them, yet still to my amazement evaas are still bone chilling cold to the touch, I quickly see a woman with black hair in the blue white crystal orbs going up the blade then she fades away again.

After a while I hear mom’s snores from down the hall. I whisper as I check the sharpness of one of them. “Evaas, why do you have a woman with black hair inside the soul of you” I pop in my headphones knowing I will not get an answer from the soul of the blade, and raising the volume, yet as I start getting to work at polishing them, I click on my desk lamp to get better lighting.

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