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-Chapter Five “Kingdom of the Fireheart.”-

I made it home in time to lounge in the living room. Too tired to even get up to get food. So I just explored my body’s energy network feeling the flow. It seems to be very orientated towards the middle of my chest and my arms.

The flow feels like the blood pumping through my body. Doing this makes me think about the magic I’ve used so far. The blood needles from my chest wound as I think of this I lift my shirt realizing. I need to change it because of the roses of the dried blood. The wound is just a bruise now which dully aches its tender.

I may heal fast, but not that fast I get up ascending the steps to my bedroom taking off the shirt, tossing it into the back corner of my closet where the other bloody shirt is. I got to figure out a way to get the blood off without mom seeing them. Maybe I’ll use blood magic to pull it off the fibers. I quietly say. “Iron-blood move” Up raises a bloody orb which I slowly move it and say. “Disol’ble’ud” Now the blood dissolves in mid-air. Now back to thinking about small but useful stuff using the magick I hear the door open. Before I felt a small energy outside.

I thought it was something like a possum, but it was mom I quickly put on a shirt and rush downstairs to meet her excited to tell mom about how school was I get to the top of the steps and hear a whisper that chills me to the bone. “You, I see you, soon you know pain, hunting you!”

I began to sense where it came from but it’s gone as quickly as it came to taunt me. I walk down the steps moms unpacking her things from her work she says as she turns to me. “Why so pale dear? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Have you eaten maybe that’s why, come here give mom a hug.”

I take the embrace that reminds me the world is not too bad after all moms love is best.“ She lets go of me with a smile. “So what’s bugging you at least now you have some color to ya,” I respond, but refuse to talk about my second life in the Drungeredge issue for she cannot know.

“I had a rough day at school gym was hardcore but on a better note. I made a new friend named Tristan. He’s going to help me with understanding math. what’s bugging me is Sophia.”

mom as if understanding what’s going on when im just lying saying its a girl. “Oh hun at this age love is complicated she’ll come around and love you one day don’t worry girls are busy people with a lot on their minds.” I nod to get her to stop being suspicious thinking. “If only you knew if only.”

T0 get 0ff the subject I ask. “What’s for dinner i’m starving!”, but what scares me is she asks noticing. “Whys your tongue blue?”

I respond quickly. “Blueberry jolly ranchers I got a ton from a friend they turn your tongue blue!” Showing her my mouth. “Well I got fried chicken for dinner with mac and cheese.” I smile saying. “We are some very unhealthy eaters never a home cooked meal.” Teasing mom because she’s never home she says. “alright mr. that’s enough out of you time to eat.”

We ate dinner and watched the news, but when we turned it to the news all it talked about was three more houses upstate were burned to the ground with only one wall standing with a hold in it multiple casualties three others killed others burned badly in critical condition in the hospital.

Mom gasps. “Dear god..” I just stare numbly at the TV knowing now that it must be a bone coming across state wreaking havoc that’s right up the streets ten blocks away. Trying to find me; I bet, but he’s missing his mark, and it seems he’s a creature of the night because the fires so far have been started around twilight. They get closer and closer by the day, I must talk to Aickem tomorrow about it. I have to remember to talk to him this time I have questions and bring the egg.

I got many things to ask but we always start training so my energy gets low which causes me to forget to ask. After following the news report I feel sleep tug at my eyes I walk upstairs and before I fall asleep I put a black “x” on my hand so I know to bring my egg, fall asleep holding it at my side. I slip into sleep knowing this time because I hear a young voice say. “I won’t burn you I promise.” I drift off cradling the egg like a soft pillow.

I enter the Drungeredge right next to my Auma cover dressed out already. It’s morning just after dawn I quickly check if I have all my weapons and armor. The chain-mail is still cut through. The first town I’m headed to is labeled Fireheart as Aickem mentioned.

It’s about two kilometres away so I start a brisk run flowing and I go faster grabbing limbs above me. Swinging like a monkey gaining speed just like a wolf chasing prey. I ran a mile in a half an hour based on the sun. at least I think. “Sooner or later I’ll know time by the sun.

I walk for a while in the woods the chirps and calls of animal creatures feel like home to me. I glance at the map. I’m very close to the main road I’m following and change direction so I’ll end up on the road from the woods.

I exit the trees so I can walk the rest of the way when I find a horse tracked road leading into a moated gate. This fortress could take siege warfare for month’s if it had to.

As I near a horsemen passes me with a rider looking at me almost questioning me for exiting the woods, but thinking no more of it looks forward to deliver whatever she’s riding so fast for causes my heart beat to speed up a bit it only slows as I enter past the drawbridge that got lowered for the horsemen a spear armed soldier yells after me. “Aye you little man come’r!” I walk over to him wondering what he wants. I lower my cowled hood to reveal my young face to him to not be suspicious. He says.

“Who are you? Why are you entering The Kingdom of the Fireheart a’ve never seen you around these parts of its times of war these days!”

I respond coldly. “I’m here to see the blacksmith my chain-mail is broken and to buy supplies.” I pull out the wad of money handing him a twenty saying. “You did not see me.” He gives me a judgmental look then whispers. “Okay mate the smithy is over there.” He points to a black building with a large furnace in front that has a man pounding away at a sword. With time to ask a quick question to the guard.

“Where could I earn some money?” He responds quite accurately. “Well you could look at the bounty board in the tavern which is in the plaza or get a job with the smithy but I warn you he’s a drinker, been through alot of battles for the head clansmen his names Bernard good work though. There’s other odd jobs just to look around and talk to people. This town is one of the safe good people cities left.”

I proceeded to the blacksmith from where I was next the guard. As I draw near the man staggers as he walks to a vat of water dropping the pounded sword into it with a loud hiss. Like a very angry snake it’s almost like a warning to stay away. My sensing of his energy says he’s very drunk, but not hostile from thirty feet away. I

can smell the alcohol as he takes a large draft from a big jug. I walk up to the man and ask. “Hello? Sir could you fix this chainmail I’m wearing? It was cut through a couple days ago when I got into a fight with some bandits on the road.” He drunkenly slurs back at me. “Well maybe What’s you’re willing to pay you little prick.” I think. “Rude response deserves the same.”

“Hey you old fart i’ll pay you one hundred to fix up my chain-mail and that’s my highest offer. “ He replies. “Fine, fine leave it come back in a day or two don’t get killed, you’re the first to not take my crap, or pissy attitude the alcohol makes me that way sorry.” I responded shortly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow around dusk to pick it up.” I pull off my coat with the cowled hood taking off the chain-mail handing it over to him only now having my leather shirt with pockets. With being more short to his attitude I say to him. “Don’t get too drunk and forget old man!”

He replies. “I never forget my artwork of the job I have to do, smart arse.” I hand him the hundred he immediately begins pounding on this iron sword, I doubt him, but he’s the best I got for now. I walk away to check out this bounty board the guard talked about. Some time later I entered the tavern after exploring the city to resupply. I walk up to the bar asking the bartender.

“Where’s the bounty board.” In a strong tone of voice. He points to this board next to the door which I did not notice when I came into the room. Making a fool of myself the bartender says. “Aren’t you a lil young best of luck to you young man of a quick death to those things out there.” I walk away embarrassed, I think as I cross the room.

“I need to be more aware of my surroundings. I walk up to the board there are only three tacked up the first two are simple dead or alive head hunting missions the other is like a kill these for some money description some show promise, but this one I read by the town guard guy himself is a mission to kill a monster it reads.

“Talk to anyone with the hand of the beast to a town guard for pay a mile west filled with these murderous “movdu’las″ a beast that can crawl on ceilings and a bite which is filled with venom they have been killing off cattle you can find them in Dunbir Cave just follow the green venom they spit out onto trees to mark their territory!”

I exit the noise filled tavern heading out the gates I entered to head west I tell the guard as I pass. “Going to kill them Movdu’las be back with a couple hands by tomorrow.” He calls after me as I break out my map. “Be careful of the bite.”

I look at the map for a minute. All caves and dungeon-like places are marked. I find Dunbir cave quickly and it’s not far so I take off into the woods in the opposite direction of the sun in the east. I soon spotted a lime green mark on a tree a few meters into the trek. I find the entrance to the cave you can practically spot it a mile away. It’s lime green all over in “x’s” and hand-prints. I draw dads dagger brushing the symbol and it makes an audible sound as it extends to a short sword.

“Might need this.” I whisper as I creep up to the entrance and peer inside the lime green venom glows in the dark I realize I hear a hiss like voice saying. “Ssson we’ll ssslam down these ssstupid humans ruling all!”

I hear many hisses of agreement. I get to an opening guided by the green glow I hide quickly because I catch a quick glance of ten figures my heart is pounding as I put my left hand on my chest, lightly feeling the sword in my right hand.

I get a sense of comfort from its iron hilt my heart slows and I think of what to do. “Okay i’m going to have to even the odds a bit hmm.” Then the idea hits me. I take my sword to my right hand and pull it across the middle of my hand opening a cut right as I do this I run around saying seeing the three closest to me “Tri-hemo-buleh.”

Raising my right hand running at them three blood needles fly and strike them like a gun in almost slow motion one gets a needle to the head his head snaps back he drops the other two hiss. “What the..” I say as the bullets were faster ripping one in half the others knees buckle they are disposed of four the remaining turn hissing claws gleaming in the light but i’m faster I stick one in the forehead with my sword and yell. “Hemobuleh!” Again shooting one to the left. I look away knowing the Mov’du’la is dead before it hits the ground. I feel light headed because of all the blood i’ve just used.

I decided to not use any more blood magick. I got five more left that I can see backing away from me. I feel adrenaline flow throughout me. I also feel my cut left palm seal up slowly. It’s an odd sensation. The last five encircle me growling. One comes at me, claws gleaming.

I see him in almost slow motion. My heart pounding in my ears as I raise my sword to block the three claws, but it was just a faint at me it backs away licking its claws “they are all poisoning their claws.” As I glance around the room I see all their claws are glowing green in the dark almost like a ravers glow sticks at a rave. Two come at me at the same time one from behind. I hear his hiss a mile away. I throw a chain blade at the one in front catching him in the chest. I pull hard slamming him to the ground killing him quickly drawing the blade back into my hand. I turn in the few seconds it took to kill him, the one in front to face the metal sounds screech as my blade blocks the claws. I take the handle of the chain blade and jam it into its side twice in a fast subsection.

I hear a soft almost peaceful hiss as he drops. The last three in the group up in front of me after one says. “Letss get thissss punk together he cant take ussss at the sssame time.”

One jumps at me while the other two flank my sides. I block the vicious little claws of the jumping at me one and throw a chain blade into the left one. Because the left chain blade is the one i'm able to use at the moment, but it deflects missing I pull the blade hard to the right it is driven home into its side then I downward slash at the front one blocking more claws into my palm the block the other quickly clawed hand with my chain blade I pulled back then I back away pulling both my chain blades towards me the one to my right lunges with a loud hiss.

“Die ssstupid humans.” I back away more as the glowing talons swipe an inch away from my right arm. I slash the blade into his diaphragm and it drops like a sack of potatoes. I look to the last one mocking him. “I’m going to get you weakling.”

He says “sshut up one day the dark one will get you and you will squeal like a ssstupid Pig.” I quickly put away my sword and sheath it on my back, and let my chain blades hit the ground maliciously then I wipe them up in a. “x” pattern something comes out of nowhere and deflects the one. While the other buries itself in the final ones chest.

I jerk the chain real hard and pound him into the ground dead on impact i'm guessing, and I look around for what deflected the other blade in the dark. I hear a menacing hiss and then I feel something drag me to the ground before I have a chance to respond. I feel a pressure on my chest this very fast beast jumps onto me holding down my arms. I cannot retract my chain blades to defend myself it all I hear is.

“You’re going to pay for killing my sssons and daughtersss” As I see its face which is covered in some type of cattles skull. “This must be the leader!” Right as I think that I hear him hack loudly and spit everything slows down as I move my head to the side seconds before the venom hits the floor where my head was. I scream in panic. “Enough no!” Fire ignites in my right hand I pull my hand free after burning the leaders hand. I expand the flame and it ignites faster until I punch him with a flaming fist.

The cattle skull breaks a loud screech exits the creature the creature drops dead flaming up quickly. I push him off of me thinking i’ll be burned but the flames don’t for some reason I feel a voice echo through my head from Aickem earlier. “Flame is your friend youngone.” the last two words keep echoing until I realize the creatures burning stench fills the cave. I put my right hand over my face and ask nightly for the flame to go out it flows up into my palm and disappears.

I look around me spotting many eggs, bones, and half eaten cattle. “I have to kill the eggs to finish them off.” I decide the best way to dispose of them is fire but first I cut the hand off the extra crispy leader. Then I focus my anger growing calm in seconds releasing all flames exiting my palms devouring the entire camp. I smell everything burning for a few minutes after that.

Then I ask lightly for the flames to come back into my palms. It progresses like snakes from my legs all over my body to my palms. I thank the flames and exit the cavern stepping on a burnt half of a mov’du’la of the first three I killed it crumbles to ashes underneath my leather boot hoping all the eggs got burnt.

I exit the cave completely. The moon lights the trees around me. The scene to me is such irony in its beauty I see parodying the violence and destruction inside the cave. “Nature will return to normal.” I think as a voice enters my head saying wisely. “You did well young one keep this up and slowly the evils trying to infest The Kingdom of the Fireheart will leave knowing a new powerful Auma is in town.”

I reply to it. “Yes, I will fight these evil spawn on all fronts until they dare not to harm the good people of this town!”

I went to turn to walk away from the destroyed cave but I woke up in my bedroom. It was about four in the morning and I went to bed at ten. I hug my egg and coo at it with love saying with my mind to the egg. “Thank you for the energy to fight those Mov’du’la’s I will keep you close my lovely egg.” He entered my mind saying simply. “I got your back don’t worry master.”

I slept on and off until I woke up at six thirty to get ready for school today, so hopefully it goes fast. I pop some toast in the toaster I flinch when it pops up thirty seconds later. Because I keep thinking of the battle has me on edge, but I’m tired. My energy is low. I munch the toast plain exiting my house headed to the bus stop soon i’m riding to school listening to my techno looking out the window recapping all that happened in battles.

I think of how I could have done better. I almost got killed by the leader that was a very close call in my definition that venom would have killed me on the spot. The bus pulls up to the highschool the bus driver glances up telling me to get off before she kills us most kids are loud annoying pukes. You see I’m one of the silent ones, the few that are silent. I get off last following the people inside the hell hole they call a school.

I make it through the crowd of talking teenagers to math. “Ugh math.” Is all I think at least my first week there’s been no homework.” I take a seat in the back still having my rave techno play.

The students start to shuffle in when I hear the warning bell ding over my music. I take out my earbuds and the teacher begins her lesson. She puts bellwork up on the screen and asks before anyone can answer. “Does anyone know the answer to this question? Someone special should know before anyone else. I know you can, in my mind I hear the answer and I can feel you don’t want to answer.”

The whole class groans in reply in angry tones and it’s too early for this being put up with I raise my hand and say. “The answer is seventy eight can I go to the bathroom.”

I get up and exit to go to the bathroom the teacher follows once we are out in the hall she asks me. “How did you know you are special? God must be on your side have you seen him answer me.” I just walk away saying.

“You’re crazy, no god has talked to me what’s your problem. I just knew the answer because I got to class early and saw it on your desk ya quack.” I turn my back to her walking in the direction of the farthest bathroom all I hear is psycho babble from her as I walk away. “Someone special ha!” I say with a huff.

Then I hear Aickem echo in my mind. “She was under an influential young one; she will have no memory of that whole twenty minutes she came in contact with evil. Probably not with words from the enemy caused the influence.” I reply.

“I’m pretty sure she is just crazy.” I make it to the bathroom and wash my hands with cold water running my hands through my hair and over my face. “What a morning. I say to my reflection in the mirror my eyes are red bloodshot from the mind talking.

I’m still not used to being an Auma thing so far, but before I go back I check my irises. My eyes are red like that one night surrounding my black part of my eye. Not noticeable unless you are very close hopefully it goes away before I get back anytime I activate power my eyes turn the color red I think to myself as I enter the classroom once more.

Taking my seat the teacher says sarcastically. “Nice of you to be late jordan. I ignore her and look down to find a worksheet on my desk easy algebra I complete it and sit listening to my post hardcore music until I hear a bell ding ending class. I grab my backpack and drop the worksheet at the teacher’s desk saying. “Bye..”

I look away from the hallway and I hear a whisper. “Jordan..” I perk up and look around wondering where and who that came from. I do not find the source. I get the awkward feeling again when I’m being watched. I quickly move my way to English which breezes by because we are writing an essay about our favorite artist or idol in the music world today. I love these kinds of essays.

I end up going to history next, but before I enter I see Sophia sitting against a wall on the ground in the hallway. Her face sullen like she’s sad, but when we meet eyes she gets up and comes over to me pulling me into a warm hug. “Just the person I was looking for.”

I feel a drain suddenly. I’m tired; dead tired and she’s shaking hyper like then says fast. “Wanna sit by me in history today and work on our Indian tribe posters together I like your hugs by the way thank you for cheering me up Jordan.” Reply drying because I’m dead tired. “Yeah, um, No problem no more hugs though, i’m tired today.” She looked distraught from the no more hugs rule, but I feel like i’m going to drop onto the ground dead any minute.

I mentally check mark in my head to talk to Aickem about the drain of energy around Sophia when we touch. I glance down at the “x” reminding me of the other stuff I need to talk about and the egg to bring it to training tonight.

We enter the classroom and I sit getting comfy in a seat next to Sophia as I ask casually. “How have you been besides being pretty.“ She blushes and replies. “Well I was waiting all day to see you, but i’ve been well why so nice today?” It was my turn to blush. My energy comes back slowly. I’m less floating like as I call it, I answer.

“i’ve been doing good just been living life and just feeling extra nice today I guess.” For a while we concentrated on our posters. I’m doing my poster on the Shawnee Indians. I didn’t get to choose my history teacher for us off of a list. I don’t know what tribe Sophia is doing so I speak up, but right as I do the bell rings she gathers her things I then say. “Sorry we didn’t talk much and I was awkward.”

I blush. “I just get nervous around you and I never know what to talk about.”

Telling the truth she turns a whole new shade of red saying. “I enjoyed the time hanging out with you and I understand we had to work on our projects.” She hugs me. I feel all warm this time, no energy drain, but more like an add to my energy. It’s like drinking an energy drink. I’m literally hyper and my heart is beating faster.

I think “She must have instead of taking away energy put it into my body. “Wow, but it is not on an adrenaline rush.” She looks shocked by my sudden hype up I say fast. “Well, um, I guess I’ll see you later.”

I run to my next hour science and it zooms by like a dodge viper at a hundred miles per hour Tristan says to me. “Dude did you drink five energy drinks bro you can’t sit still for five minutes let alone one!” Noticing I just say. “No, I’m in love. That’s my energy. I don’t think I have known this girl forever. I like her alot she just gives me energy and makes me feel alive.” Tristan’s eyes grow wide.

“Wow she must mean alot to you then why are you two not dating?” I reply by putting thought behind it. “I really don’t know I truly don’t.” At that we began talking about chicks he likes, and how schools are going for him. Then the bell rang on the way to the gym.

I saw Sophia in the hall for a split second and I then lost sight of her, but somehow I know where she was anyway like a gps tracker in my head it’s a weird feeling to have. When I get done dressing out for the gym the energy burst I had is slowing down.

So I just chilled out and enjoyed the gym. Me and Max with everyone else playing kickball during the game got a little dangerous. People were kicking the ball so hard it was hurting people today people were angry.

I guess Max kept giving me looks like what the heck is wrong with these people I was guarding second when this guy kicked the ball it was coming straight for me fast. Everything slowed down like in the Drungeredge. I put my hand up, and catch the ball right before it hits my face. This guy that was running from first to second passed me not knowing I have the ball.

He was laughing until I nailed him so hard with the ball he fell with an echo of a plastic ball on skin still hung in the air everyone was looking at me and Max had this look of amazement on his face. Then they looked at the guy I literally put down. He groans rolling over.

I hit him in the back with the ball pretty hard I think after that. “Out!” it was our turn so after the game progressed but i’m guessing everyone is being nicer now I put on an evil smile as I’m next up to kick.

I barely put any force behind it and it flies over their team now I get looks from the opponent players as I make it to second with no problem max was behind me in line so he kicks it hard the ball flies straight for the guy who rolled it he ducks just in time from what I see as I pass third making it home with no problems.

They seem to have realized they should not have played with the team they are on. They won by one point the game went smooth for the rest of the day our team said bring it. Next time we’ll beat you to a couple guys. I dress out and catch the bus.

I pop in my headphones. Everything seems normal until half way through the bus ride. Then I feel a giant pop and shake then the bus grinds to a halt. The bus driver says. “Relax all of yall we got a flat we might be here awhile i’ll have to call a pick up bus to take yall home.” We all exit the bus shaken by what just happened, but I didn’t freak out until I saw the tire. I had just one hole and was on fire quickly before anyone saw it because the bus driver is doing a safety lecture. I ask the flames. “Come to me and disappear.″ As soon as my palm absorbs the flame I hear an ominous mind whisper.

“I will not miss next time.” and I hear the ring of the town bell striking at four o’ clock. I shiver in fear as the bus driver calls my name as another bus drives up to take us home. I think the whole way home how I might die, how my family Aickem, my dragon would feel.

I get dropped off at the usual stop sign after telling the bus driver man that drives the replacement bus that this is my stop. My mind replays the bell toll over and over and it starts to rain as I get to open the door. Two things crossed my mind. “Mom home early, no training today? Or and invader to kill me slowly and painfully.”

I noticed a car parked by the street that I usually don’t see. I silently enter my own home, and grab the bat against the wall next to the door. “Ah the irony of a bat versus a trained killer.”

I hear a comedy going on and a chuckle of a deep voice in the living room as I sneak to the doorway bat raised, I peek around to see a man turn wide eyed at me then he smiles at me saying.

“Hey buddy no need to protect. I'm family good thinking being the big man keeping the house safe while Theodora is gone i’m uncle Eric I haven’t seen you in seven years since I saw you, ya lil monster, you still got your cowboy hat and cap guns huh? Bet you threw them out by now and those I bought for your seventh birthday!”

I put down the bat as memories of Uncle Eric flood my mind. He is all tattooed up now and has a sleeve on each arm of dragons there are multiple symbols and flames leading up to his throat where and angel with wings is ascending to heaven it says. “In god we trust.”

I just stare wide eyed when I was seven he had a few tattoos but not this many. He looks at me and says.

“I’ve been gone awhile. I just visited from Iowa. I heard about William, how he disappeared. I’m so sorry boy.”, and then he hugs me whispering.

“He was a very special person he was my brother and twin just about. I know he’s out there somewhere just gotta find him.” Tears touch my shoulder.

“If only I didn’t move away when him and Theodora got married.” I just stand there numb not knowing what to do for him. I absentmindedly pat his back and hug him harder. I dont know i’m crying until he steps back wiping off his tears.

“Now I got you going.” I hold up my hands at my waist and tears hit them my chest feels like its caving in I think. “I swear I will find dad one day, I will!” My uncle Eric sits down and breaks out his butterfly knife doing a cool trick then hands it to me.

“Check this out, I’ve had it for years.” I hold it by the blade and observe the handle but not good enough because I take the handle into my hand I feel energy drain and the knife handle becomes a knuckle duster and the blade extends to almost dagger size then my uncle seeing this says.

“I knew it as soon as I felt you outside your flair up of energy is astonishing. Please sit we have got some hours to explain to each other.” I give him back his knife and it reverts back to just a butterfly knife in his hand after he touches the symbol on the handle.

I sit down and catch Uncle Eric up on everything. Explaining in detail all I could from my first time in the Drungeredge to last night till today’s bus accident. He stares at me wanting more to be explained so in detail the magick i’ve been using, Aickems training so far, and finally I run upstairs to grab my weapons equipment I walk down the stairs remembering, “Wait a second I have my training what am I going to do if Aickem freaks out thinking I got attacked!”

My Uncle Eric quiets me saying he already mentally whispered to Aickem before coming here. He first picks up the sheathed six evaas saying. “Your dad always had a thing for throwing knives these will do you a lot of good in combat.” He pulls one out and I know he feels the chilling touch of them he says then. “Wow you could do alot with that cold because you could heat these up to very high temperatures and they will not melt see check this out.” His hand holding the blade burst into a blue flame ball around the knife roaring to life.

The crystal orbs turn white and glow. The blade turns red and as soon as it happens. I was mesmerized by the event then he put the flame out and the blade was red hot, but did not melt turning back to normal again crystals and all; Sheathing it.

He smiles saying. “Good pick on the throwing knives boy. I just heated those to a very hot state most metals would have dilapidated into goo im guessing these are special throwing blades.” I respond.

“Wow what else can you teach me about my weapons?” he holds up the hilt handle of the fire sword next and roars it to life then ignites a flame around it proceeding to show the first form of its spiked edges having a thin line of fire. “This hilt is a flame dragon sword it has three forms based on the three crystals in the sword the first is flame surrounding the blade itself and making it cut through just about anything, but I struggle releasing the other two crystals. Maybe it’s only meant for you and your dragon.” Then his eyes fall on dads dagger he gently picks it up into his hands he brushes the symbol like meeting an old friend again and the blade extends to a short sword he gives a couple swings then sets it down softly with a sullen look. “This is just your standard dagger to shortsword but it’s special because your father owned it. I am the weapons expert of the family.”

He looks at me saying this then follows it with. “Well I better get back to the hotel. It’s about six thirty just keep your dad’s dagger safe, and when you use magick if you’re good enough one day I bet you will be soon.

You will only have to say it in your head, the magick words, oh also boy your secret is like mine, a secret I will tell no one, your mother and me never really got along. So i’m going to get out of here before she gets back by the way I most likely will not see you in the Drungeredge. Because when you get a world to explore it’s pretty big. I’m over by The Kingdom of the Mind right now that’s three hundred miles away. It would take me and my dragon traveling a month to reach you.

I know your father is not dead, he’s just stuck in the Drungeredge and in the real world some bad people have him in a drug induced coma. Forcing to do their business there is this group that hunts people like me and you to use us for evil they are called DarkHands. They are under the evil Dark King control even in this world Jordan, be careful it’s harder for them to tell in this world.”

I walk him to the door and before he leaves I get a big hug and he says. “We’ll or you will find your father. I know we will. That’s why i’m here to find clues and see if you bloomed. You’ll make a fine Auma like your father. I’ll come back once and awhile to check up on ya ima go visit grandma and grandpa bye boy.” I walk him to his car he gets in and says one last thing. “Tell Aickem Uncle Eric says “Hey, ya old man is still teaching.”

I feel him a couple blocks over and again, bye i’ll see you on down the road.” I watch him disappear into the falling sun that reddens the sky as I go to get inside. I turn to find Aickem running up the lawn with both swords drawn saying. “Are you okay with who was in the car? Did you get attacked? I think. “Knew he would worry even with the warning or Uncle Eric hides his energy that well. Wow!” I say aloud.

“Whoa, whoa there chill everything is fine my Uncle Eric visited he says hey you old man still teaching.” He sheathes the two swords on his back and smiles instantly. “Oh well I have not seen that young’un in years shows he had the upper hand for once hiding his energy as he left very smart. Hows his magic?” First I say.

“He’s doing well got a lot more tattoos and his magic is amazing I witnessed him make blue flame.” Then after following that I responded explaining the bus and what was said in my mind to me.

He says in conclusion. “I don’t like this first bone whoever he is though, he’s inaccurate with some type of gun device from our world. I think it’s time I teach you more magic words and fighting bones assassins in mind type combat. Tell your mother you are staying with friends for the weekend and come up to the warehouse.”

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