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-Chapter Six. “Worth while training.”-

“Alright let’s go to the backyard. It’s about seven o’clock. I have an idea to increase your senses in combat and in life. To focus you more” Aickem says as we enter through the fence to the backyard, I turn to find him unfolding a long black cloth he then unpockets a steel yo-yo looking device and he instructs me to get fathers dagger and stand in the center of the backyard I do so, and I extend the blade standing where I was instructed.

He asks me to kneel down so he can reach my head. I kneel and he ties the long black cloth around my eyes. Suddenly i’m bathed in darkness so I close my eyes to hear, but I notice my hearing sharpens a little, and unfortunately I smell better too, smelling Aickems fish breath. I

stand hearing him back away the crunch and rustle of grass wherever he moved too he says. “I want you to meditate once a day with this cloth on from now on. It’s made of special material to block out all sense of sight. Which is our most relied on sense and it heightens your other senses it will allow you to gain a deeper energy sense and draw from nature around you and to communicate through the mind try with me, but the catch is while the cloth has to be worn your other senses touch, hearing, smell, will increase.

Now try to sense this “Gro’du” As your first challenge with the “Re’nv’al” On the Gro’du is a metal ball on a very durable cord that cannot be broken when energy is passed through it. I will throw this in your direction as it spins try to dodge, or strike it.”

I hear in my mind his voice clean as day says. “Prepare yourself, young one!” It felt weird my mind talking with someone like a door, a link, and opening of a new part of my brain. I stand there in shock as I hear something whiz by my head fast. I jump. I still feel him there, he says in my mind.

“I can read your mind when energy is presently shown off your body or within you how about you try to think of a brick wall. Block me out with something most of the time only if I transfer energy into you I then can read your mind. You and your dragon will communicate like that by passing energy at all times it is forbidden to invade the mind of others for no reason, but just don’t get caught, if you don’t get caught your fine in the Drungeredge its okay in The Kingdom of the Mind. Which specializes in this. In this world it’s illegal for moral causes, and you’ll be imprisoned for standing out in a crowd of normal people.

Us, we have to establish a connection. when I put your cloth on I poked your shoulder. Also the connection fades over time the only thing you will be permanently connected to is your dragon because your soul is connected to the dragon’s soul now prepare yourself!”

While he talked in my mind I concentrated on his position. I felt it before I heard it. I raised my short sword, but not in the right place the iron ball collided with my arm at high speed. Pain sends sparks through my blackened vision. I jump up and down yelling two obscenities that my mom would not be proud of. I feel his presence in my mind go away, he says aloud.

“Pain and death are two things you never, ever, ever want to be in someone’s mind for pain you can handle because you can block it out you experiencing it yourself, but death, if you take someone’s life and you’re in their mind you may die with them.” A bell tolling comes to mind again that is not even describable in words what that hit deep down in my mind and body. I think it was fear.

That is just one feeling I have because of the unknown of if I did get dragged down wherever they go when they die with someone or something dying what would happen I think on this the whole practice as the Gro’du flies past my face many times I block it maybe seven out of ten times with pure luck. I take off the cloth and look where I last sensed him. “I was about two feet off.”

I think to myself after an hour of practice with the Gro’du which resulted in me being covered in bruises.

Thinking positive I say to myself. “I’ll get better over time.” I tell Aickem numbly from the bruises. “Can we practice some other time so much has happened today emotionally I can’t concentrate after a bombshell like that it freaks me out like hardcore about the dying while inside someone’s mind.” He nods twice and says. “Yeah today has been wild, go have some food and relax.

I’ll watch that tv with you again. Your mom will not see me or hear me when she gets home. I’ll go to your room and sleep. I don’t really sleep these days. I meditate in a coma state, And I enter the Drungeredge by choice one day you will be able too also and I don’t have a dragon.

I just learned from my master about a hundred years ago that’s why I know all this stuff and more.” We got to the kitchen through the back door and we both went to the fridge. First mom bought more fish without questions so Aickem grabbed a fish popping it in his needle filled mouth I heard the crunch of bones and I kind of cringe.

I get images of bones cracking in a person flying through my mind. I look away and make a sandwich and Aickem whips out his Iheisbo and I see his aura grow around him, his eyes glow greener and his clothes rise off his body after doing this. “I had to recharge it to make sure.” We go into the living room and turn the channel to the news and what I see makes my heart almost stop.

There is a shot of a woman being loaded into an ambulance. It’s my mother! I instantly start to cry, the news reporter starts speaking as they show a shot of her car engulfed in flames. “A woman was injured after a tire went out on her car. She exited the vehicle and it burst into flames the gas tank ignited, exploding throwing this poor woman ten feet she has shrapnel injuries on her legs, and arms also a piece in her chest. also from what the emt’s say she will survive she was found unconscious on the scene, and is being rushed to the hospital nearby.”

They go into more detail, but my vision shows spots I feel faint. Aickem instantly by my side with the house phone in hand I hear his voice from a distance like he’s far away Aickem says “it’s Eric you didn’t it ring.“ I hold it to my ear and I hear him say in a broken voice. “I saw i’m coming to pick you up right now and take you to the hospital bring Aickem he can help heal your mom or at least make it less painful she’ll be okay kid.” The phone clicks off as I hear an engine roar to life.

Right as that happened a voice entered my mind giving a mind whisper laughing saying. “I’m tired of waiting, don’t try to hide, meet me in the Drungeredge in the Southern Black Forest.” All I mind whisper back is. “You’re mine!”

Aickem is looking at me in wide eyed shock tears are streaming down my cheeks, and I feel the flames engulf my body red pure blood red flame is over my entire body then it turns blue I seething in hatred, engulfing myself further into flame. it’s about two feet off my body. I ask the flame to go out after I calm down a bit and it obeys instantly Aickem says. “Shi’v’un’dah!” It is a cuss word from what I can guess at what my reaction was to the situation.

Uncle Eric arrives minutes later as I’m dancing flames back and forth between my palms in anger. I never knew I could break the boundaries of my fire magick use until now with so much anger, but like Aickem said being calm brings more control. I’m “calmly angered.” My uncle takes one look at me and bursts into tears. I feel another stream of tears move down my face and we hug, but I barely feel it.

I just say, “I’m going to find him and end him so far he hurts my mom.” My uncle says nothing. We lock up the house and head to the hospital. I numbly look out the window as the world passes me by.

I don’t remember when we got there but I know when we entered the hospital Aickem spoke up saying. “Boy your aura is three meters long please mask it before you engulf everything in flame by accident even though you’re showing no flame now. Your anger will cause it, do not worry I will heal her with no problem you’re burning up I know its hard, but you’ll get him. I will show you some things to your advantage. Try to focus on something comforting.“

I think about how I’m going to take that bone down then finally in my teenage anger finally calming, I think of my mother and me at the park once having a picnic and I saved a candy bar for her. I feel my aura recede closer to my body and warmth spreads throughout my limbs as I ask the desk lady.

“I’m here to see Theodora Flamez. She’s the woman who was in a bad accident.” She replies rudely. “Visiting hours are over!”

I say tearing up spilling more tears. “I must see my mother!” She takes another look at me and almost tears up also now finding the file of what happened to my mom. “Okay room 277 she’s still out cold young man.” Uncle Eric puts his arm around my shoulder guiding me, I’m still crying continually before getting to her room.

I saw nurses, doctors, other patients, the hospitals acrid smell of clean everyone knows that hospital smell. It’s just like an old person’s home. There is a doctor in my mom’s room looking over her wounds from what I see as I enter. She has a deep cut on her arm and two on her left leg her chest is wrapped. I can see blood seeping through the bandages, but she’s stable just out cold.

I start to cry harder as I can feel her pain coming off of her unconscious body in waves she’s hooked up to tubes all over from iv to breathing helping tubes. She looks like a mess and it’s all my fault. I swear I’ll end that bone assassin. I’m next to the bed holding her hand. The doctor left the room without a word like he knew that was my mom. I squeeze her hand in a silent sign of. “I love you.”

Her eyes flutter a little bit, but do not open. We stay by her side until sleep starts tugging at my eyes. Uncle Eric went to get coffee for himself. Aickem began to heal my mother around midnight. His hands glowing slightly with his aura increasing in size.

He’s whispering words as he does this. I don’t understand them, but I feel the healing aura of it he begins with the arm and leg there are blood stains from what I can see and feel the results are almost instant her eyes settle more the pain coming off in waves lessen the chest wound was last to be healed he held his hands above her chest a white glow coming from his hands repeating the same words.

“Hea’ven, Vel’ando, Hea’ven, Blavand, Sea’lthin Mor’hvo.” There were more but I just go deep into thought on how this battle I’m facing tonight will play out. I know I may die, but I will take him with me. I think of new magic to use. I know he strikes from a distance so if I get close I can get at him. I poke Aickem as uncle Eric enters the room and he looks tired, very tired. He sips his coffee and brightens up a bit. I mentally say to Aickem. “What are some magick words of power I can use against this guy I have to fight? What about moms wounds will there be no scars and will they heal fast?” Aickem responds, backing away from mom stopping the chanting he just mentally says looking at me as the doctor comes in to change mom’s bandages for the third time this evening.

“Just get in close and use magic from a distance when you get close he’s yours. Be confident you got this!” He does a little fist pump with a smile, but I sense his anxiety a mile away. “Be real with me.”

I say quickly mental whispering to him. “Okay you may die, but if you’re thinking like that you won’t win your way strong so far this guy guessing by the events he’s a wuss close up. He likes to pick people off. I’ve heard about him through my masters. He’s an easy one, but I warn you don’t get cocky. Because that’s what he is, cocky not confident.”

I break out in a cold sweat. Responding. “Okay might as well get this over with i’m going to the Drungeredge.” I close my eyes and sever the connection the last thing I hear from Aickem is. “Good luck.” and the doctor is gasping. “the wounds are closing up! she’s a lucky one, such a fast healer at that.”

I awaken to the woods about a mile from the cave that I killed the mov’du’la I feel the hand like dead weight in my breast pocket I run since im close to The Kingdom of the Fireheart. I will pick up my chainmail and collect my bounty then head to the southern black woods I run at a brisk pace until I come to the gates I hand the guard the mov’du’la hand with my cowl still up he cannot see my face I mumble.

“Here, how much do I get?” He hands me a weighted baggie. I open it to find money, about five hundred dollars in coins that shine in the late afternoon light, the guard says. “Not in a good mood eh? I hope no-one pisses you off, you’re taught like a bow string buddy.”

I walk past him without a word and over to the blacksmith he’s pretty plastered because he’s snoring very loudly. I enter his shop and kick him once he stirs saying drunkenly. “It’s over there ya little prick.”

I drop the five hundred in coins by his molten pit of iron coals saying “this is your payment i'm paying it forward you dang drunk.” Soon I’m looking at the chain mail. Its aura when I look at it is off the charts; it’s practically glowing, the mumbles stirring again.

“I put a spell on it. The mail should stop small daggers cold and spike up to take the blow.” He mumbles some more almost falling, but I ignore it finding out myself, I draw dads dagger, and go to strike it over hand cut its stopped cold as the mail goes around the knife. I try to pull it away, but the knife won’t let go of the knife and the chain-mail does the same letting go thing the knife being released from its clutches.

“Wow!” I pick it up and remove my cowled robe down to my leather undershirt putting the magic buzzing chain-mail back on it feels lighter now also I pat it once in satisfaction and leave I hear snoring commence again even though it’s high noon. I exit the city that I have been exploring without even glancing at the friendly guard my cowl hides my numb expression.

Knowing I may soon die there is no point in leaving behind connections in this world. People I know back in the real world flash through my head Sophia first; my first love, max; my best friend. Tears start to drop on the ground before me as I pull out the map when I get into the trees.

I see I’m headed in the right direction to the right of the dark black in stands out off the page as one tear strikes Avoe the label over a forest drawn under the name. Then I turn my sadness into anger, my vision flashes red and eyes turn red.

As I take off running towards the Southern Black Woods my blood is at a boil with adrenaline and anger. I started to feel the darkness magick before I even was in the vicinity of the woods. I stop running and stare awestruck mouth agape in amazement.

There is literally a drop in the light you can see where going deeper into the forest as you walk in it gets darker and darker. I check the map and it says I should be a mile away from it about day two of having this map I learned I put a little magick into it.

It shows me the exact location of cities, forests, caves. I hear a loud sizzle from far away time instantly slows when the adrenaline hits full force, I hit a tree as fast as I can, there is a loud shot right before the other side of the tree explodes with flame which licks at me from around the tree. I strain to hear another sizzle, but I hear nothing except silence in the Southern Black Forest. “Which is strange shouldn’t there be any other life?” I think in panic of the moment, still slowing suddenly I see a bright light hearing the sizzle again.

I jump as the bullet flies into the tree I was at something is different this time the tree just falls apart like someone shredded it the aura coming off it is dark it’s like someone is peeling it away from reality it’s just a gun.

I know that it must be a rifle. More specific a flintlock old times one because he has to reload ammunition also, I look from my new tree to the old one nothing is left except a charred branch peeling from reality without giving him a chance to reload and run as fast as I can to the source of light that it was at previously, and there is a sizzle it shows not to far this time. I don’t take cover as the bullet whizzes by me a foot away from me colliding with a tree. It turns ice spiking up like a thorn tree.

I jumped into a bush not far from where I was hoping I was not seen. i’m going to get to him if he keeps changing location i’ll never get him. Then I have an idea. I snap my finger, fire exiting my hand onto the next bush, and I stand in plain sight watching the flames go on a tree thirty feet from me. I hear another sizzle.

I flick the flame to another branch. the same height as my hand making the flame look the same then I run. The bullet hits the flame, and with him thinking he hit me so he will not move his location. Just like I thought I would see like the last time and hear a voice say.

“Gotcha ya child, too easy.” I’m still running as silently as possible toward the voice which is less than fifty feet away. I did a circle around the flash position so I would be behind him, but he heard me with a. “Oh! I get what you did there won’t happen twice.”

I’m too fast for him. I seem to run faster as I pump energy into my legs. I jump over a bush drawing my short sword. I hear another spark and sizzle, but all I see is the two foot long gun aimed at me. It fires and time slows. I hit the ground right as I literally saw the bullet a moment later I dodged it in some kind of superhuman way when my adrenaline hit.

Time slows a lot more, but that’s the fastest I’ve been so far. My heart is pounding. The next thing happened so fast.

I close the distance between us and slice the gun in half with my short sword I grab the gun with my other hand, sheath my short sword quickly and pull, the flintlock rifle leaves his hand and I hold back with the broken rifle like a bat swinging it his arm I hear the crunch of bone.

I broke his forearm, I quickly drew a throwing Evaa and put it in his left chest above the heart. He socks me in the face and I feel the black of a loss of consciousness coming on at the force behind it, but I respond by drawing another Evaa and putting it into his leg. I hear him finally yell out in pain.

It sounds inhuman like a zombie, I guess the first Evaa put him in shock he fell to the ground. I’m standing above him and he yells out one name, “Dizzo!” As I punch him once hard seeing his face it’s old and grey and very sullen and darkened almost like an old man that is a hundred fifty years old. I hear an insect buzz then a sting on my right leg. I drop my leg and give out as I hear the buzz again.

I look up to see this no bigger than my fist insect speeding to my neck with a stinger. I wait til it almost has me then I roll to the left the man is on his feet pulling out the Evaa in his leg with a yell of pain, he turns to run and I put my arm up quickly having my chain blade fly into his back, the blade buried deep.

I pull the chain and he falls to the ground. I hear the buzz and feel a sting in my right arm the same as the chain blade. “There is nothing I can do about this bug, I have to kill him!” I think. I draw my short sword with my left and slash at this insect cutting one of its wings by luck and it buzzes in a circle then before it can do anything I stab the blade into it.

I hear a sigh and I look to see it produce a little pebble from its body then die saying. “Thank you..” Almost a whisper so low you could not hear I feel a pull on my numb right arm looking up. I see him crawling. I pull using my shoulder to pull him closer.

He yells out in pain. I drag him the last few feet drawing my sword from “Dizzo’s” Corpse and kick off my left foot. He turns around the last few seconds before I’m on top of him, I put the tip of the short sword to his throat and say. “Good bye.”

Looking him in his dark black eyes as I drive the blade slowly into his throat, he tries to yell, but convulses once then lays still.

Suddenly everything is white i’m standing and the man I just killed is standing in front of me, he says. “Hello my name is Ior. I know you just killed me like the killing machine animal I was, now i’m free you have crossed a point. There will be more but i’m here to tell you a story, or part of it.

There will be more when you fight the others we have no weapons Dizzo appears next to him without a stinger. He continues walking up to me putting a part of something in my hand.

“This is part of a amulet that will help you defeat my master; it will make you immune to his dark magic and mind control.” He closes his hand around my hand putting the half gem piece into my hand with care. “Just listen I was once like you waiting for my egg to hatch getting so strong, but I had a wife one day while she was at work in the town.

She got killed by someone who mugged her, and I went insane both in and out of the Drungeredge. The Dark One came to me took my egg and smashed it using his magick he killed me also. I was reborn by him to be his puppet. He handed me that rifle and in that same day. I picked off a high official in The Kingdom of the Mind. His mind control freed me of the insane wandering in the Drungeredge and in real life I did not end up in a psych ward, but I found out he chose me because of my gun skills, and he killed my wife!,”

I am shocked at what i’m hearing. “There was nothing I could do. He is hundreds of years old and I was obsessed with The Dark One he filled the hole my wife left me when she died.” I finally observed his features before I thought of him of an enemy. Now I see him as a fellow man tall, and skinny his red hair is put back into a short braid he is unshaven which gives him a rugged appearance he has many pockets on a vest that is part fur that must have held the bullets. The magick must have come from him. His pants are black leather. His eyes are blue.

I got a flashback of his eyes as I drove the short sword home they were pure black then. “So that’s my story, I am sorry you had to fight that husk of a being. I’m sure my brothers as I used to call them will come after you also. My final advice before I leave to the peaceland. grow stronger and wear this it will gather energy in large amounts when you choose so fit, goodbye.” He looks me in the eyes then disappears with Dizzo disappearing.

A necklace falls to the ground where he was as I am not bathed in white light anymore, but i’m in the Drungeredge as the world slowly reappears around me as I stand up from his body, I do not know how long I was out in that pool of light, but the paralyzed effect in my limbs that got stung on is gone. I’m standing over his body thinking of what he said the body turns to dust blowing away in the low breeze my Evvas and chain blade fall to the ground also.

The after shock of the adrenaline hits me as I pick up my Evaa’s and pull the chain blade back into its sheath on my forearm using my hand. I sit down in the middle of the clearing, and this small burst of energy comes from where I killed Dizzo which had turned to dust, but something energy filled somewhere remains.

I stand to walk almost falling down. I stumble to the location of the energy grabbing the amulet first I end up falling down head first next to the little pebble. I pocket it knowing it must be something important then I pass out from the combat laying on the battleground.

I open my eyes to see Aickem and my uncle above me looking down at me in the chair I’m sitting in that I fell asleep in. they both gasp then they sigh in relief; Aickem begins first.

“We thought you died or were going to die, your energy disappeared!” My uncle follows that with. “You defeated him?!” Almost jumping the first thing I look at is mom her breathing is normal her bandages are recently changed. The sun is about noon out the window. Aickem explains to me that the doctor came in while me and Eric were in the Drungeredge. Aickem was meditating and heard him. He said. “I won’t have to change her bandages, they must be asleep for the night.”

I look back out the window at the sun recollecting what occurred over the past couple hours. They barrage me with questions, but I remain silent after a few minutes and get the point that i’m a little shocked so I ask some questions of my own. “Who is The Dark One.”

I got an explanation on how he is the Indian I saw with the scythe, then I explained the gist of the battle and the white time Ior’s explanation. “Where did he go after he disappeared? He said something about a Peaceland. what are you guys not telling me!” They exchange a look and say at the same time. “You’re not ready to know yet.” I give them a very angry look. “Why?” I begin to retort with more anger and confusion, but uncle Eric starts first.

“Because your egg is not even hatched yet you’re not strong enough and if you knew you would freak out it’s not the time you have to wait then Aickem will explain. For now bask in the innocence of unknowing.” I open my mouth to reply but Aickem cuts in. “I promise I will tell you all I can tomorrow.” I untense knowing they are right. My mother then rolls over to her side then rolls to the other left side moving in her sleep.

Tears come to my eyes. “I hope she wakes up soon. The blast must have hurt her more than the shrapnel wounds Aickem can you tell me if she has a concussion?” He responds.

“The doctor has not told me anything like that in me spying on him while invisible but while healing her it puts her in the Drungeredge she’ll think it’s a wild dream and wake later today when you heal someone, or put magick in them, or hold their hand, or have contact with them when you pass into the edge they join you temporarily the funny part is the more they join you the higher chance they may be able to make the connection themselves and go on their own.”

I am flabbergasted by this. I never knew it could come in handy. I stand and poke both of them in the arm, putting a little energy into them I say to both of them as imagining a room in my head we are all sitting in elegant chairs.

“We should talk like this so doctors don’t hear.” Aickem glances at me from the chair “Good idea using the mind whisper, but actually creating a space i’ve seen this done before by the Elf's.”

I respond. “So do they gain powers if they enter the Drungeredge?” Uncle Eric looks me in the eyes in this mental space saying calmly. “Some if they are already special or of descendent from previous family origin or magick creature born with the natural ability. Most though are like your mom, the best they can gain are healing powers, but most of the time there is no gain of power.”

In mind in the room he shifts in his chair. Aickem continued with. “I think this is cool the room at least we can be comfy in our mind what made you come up with this idea the elves do it differently linking all minds instead of one.” I look away embarrassed outside our minds in person saying. “I just thought it up also. Did you know you can send a mental picture like a snapshot that really gave me the idea that Pinnacle would bathe us in white light and it happened on three other occasions. So I thought why not do that, bring us into white light in our minds in the real world so we can have private conversations.” Aickem speaks in our mind space.

“I heard about this from many, but never have I tried it. Both methods must use an enormous amount of energy! How are you able to do this with ease? Young one” I just say getting more I just say with much embarrassment. “I don’t feel a drain as much anymore. When I use magic or do stuff like this. I just can.”

They both exchange looks again saying. “So it is true!” in a whisper then Uncle Eric simply says to me. “The rules of magick are very different for you. When you train more in feeling people’s energy, or use magick drawing from things borrowing their energy.” After that I disappeared from the room and withdrew from their mental connections I say aloud. “I’m done talking. Can we go to eat something at the food court if they have one please? The doctor comes in right as we all get up to exit to find food. I speak up to him saying. “We will be back, me, and my Uncle Eric are going to eat,″

he puts a hand up saying. “She is in good hands, young man trust me! You look dead even after sleep, go home, get some food in you then catch up on some sleep. I’m sure she will wake up very soon. She’s on heavy pain medication those shrapnel wounds are healing unusually quick for how deep they were especially the one in her rib, but that’s a good thing she’s got someone looking out for her above.”

He points to the ceiling. I think. “Meaning the big guy in the sky, or whatever god us Auma's worship” We leave for the food court on the way. I poke Aickem when no one is looking and this time I don’t imagine a room conserving I’m to tired for that drain all the nights work in the Drungeredge I say mentally ”What is our religion?”

A simple, yet so complex thing to answer he says intelligently. “We worship god just like most religions, but what makes ours different is when you’re good, very good. You can be reborn as a dragon in an egg to a good soul who will receive it one day. If you’re very bad you either go to eternal darkness where you are tormented for all eternity, or until you somehow prove you are good and change not many do change once you’re bad, you’re bad, but The Dark One as Ior mentioned he can take the lost, or broken, or even evil people.

Kill them and keep them as puppets forever. Necromancy is what I call it. I will explain the dark one more tomorrow. You’ve already seen him in the story I told you of the beginning.”

He does not look at me this entire conversation in my mental talking nor do I look at him to not show that someone through invisible is not there. We enter the food court, me and Uncle Eric grab food, pay and take a seat. I stare out the window the entire meal eating absentmindedly thinking to myself what challenges are in my future. I think of the people I love and care about. A Lot goes through my head as we eat. Aickem and Uncle Eric are silently eating. Look at one another. I know they are mentally talking.

I don’t want to talk to anyone until I have to. The day plays out as I thought it would we drive home with metal music blasting through the stereo. Aickem looked very confused at the car and stereo. Even the music made him whisper a word so he could stop covering his ears. I saw his energy move and his ears covered by a layer. He must have done a deaf momentarily spell or something of the sort. I poke him from the front seat and mentally say. “Sorry about the loud music. It’s called metal. It’s loud but if you understand the lyrics, they mean a lot. One song can express a whole lot of things. I like this mental connection. It’s convenient when you can’t hear each other.”

He responds. “Yes, but its loud had to put a silence spell on my ears you humans and your weird ways have not been to civilization in over sixty years and back then no one played music that was loud!” I look at my uncle as if without having to tell him, he knew what we were talking about. He laughs and grins big driving a little faster as the music picks up to some epic riffs of an electric guitar. We are soon back to my house. Uncle Eric walks me and Aickem to the door saying. My number is on the house phone, call me when she wakes up from her own little adventure.” With a wave he walks to his care, gets in and drives away. Aickem then looks at me saying. “Go grab some sleep you look tired. I’ll watch some of this T.V.”

With that he goes into the house after I unlocked it yawning loudly. He is right so I go up the steps and enter my room stepping out of my shoes soon under the covers. I drift off into dreamless Drungeredge-less sleep until ten o’clock awakening to the dark outside showing through my window. The moon is full. It is the end of the month watching the moon pulling my egg out from under my pillow I hold it close falling asleep into the Drungeredge.

I’m in the Southern Black Woods I reach into one of my many pockets pulling out the tiny energy filled no bigger than a pebble rock. It starts to turn into a creature right before my eyes. I see a little head poke out. It looks like the bug creature Dizzo I killed in the fight.

It crawls out its legs from the rock transforming fully into a spider instead of a wasp like creature crawling up my arm looking at me in love moving its fangs it crawls into my pocket and naps away moving occasionally. It shudders crawling up to my shoulder resting there I say aloud. “Okay you rest you must be tired my pet.” It does not enter my mind like the dragon egg does, but it gives me this look in its eyes of knowing.

I walk to the edge of the woods then pull out my map. I’m about two or three miles from the city of the fire heart. I say to my spider. “Better climb in my pocket i’m going to run fast, okay?” It crawls right into my pocket on the inside of my jacket before it goes inside. I notice it has little flowers on its back. Because the size of the spider creature now attached to me is a female. She lets out a sigh of relief as I close my pocket and a flashback of Dizzo fly plays through my mind as I begin to run. Mixed emotions fly through me as I feel the trees whistle by me.

I grab a low branch and whirl forward landing running faster. I pump energy into my legs speeding my pace up. I stop to rest and see where I’m at on the map. I’m about a half mile from the city. I pull out my spider. Daisy is what I’ll name her. I speak to her about her father Dizzo telling her about the battle where she was born. “He fought like a warrior and died like a man.

I did not know anything about Ior or how he acquired Dizzo but he fought to the best of his abilities for his master Ior. I expect no less from you.” She just looks up at me with all five of her eyes in wonder and love then suddenly transforms into a rock as a carriage rolls by on the main road I usually walk and talk so we made it back to The Kingdom of the Fireheart.

Noticing how she can stealthy hide like a rock when people are near is interesting. I stand from the rock I was sitting on putting Daisy into my pocket, turning to run towards the city, but I stop short hearing something snort and the clip clock of horses I walk towards the source. Hiding as I see a road trail far from the city leading there, but what I see far up the road scares me a large caravan the back end being guarded by these large black armor wearing Pig like creatures in the middle is a silver and black carriage up front is horses pulling it I can’t see anything more.

Because they turn a corner after the last Pig goes around the corner I come out of the hiding spot putting my cowl down because it’s hot, I had to get some air and ponder what I saw. The caravan must be headed to The Kingdom of the Fireheart but why so heavily guarded maybe it’s money,

or a high official! They were armed to the teeth each Pig thing had a dual headed battle ax some held flintlock rifles others large two handed claymores.

I’d hate to fight them. You wouldn’t catch me that close enough to one of those caravans. How did I not sense it before I got so close. I thought deeply. I proceed to follow the road staying in the woods away from the caravan but when I pull out my map I stop thinking.

One the best way to avoid the caravan is to run through the woods and get past it ahead of them entering the city before they get there. I take off in a run crossing the road back into the woods

I dodge around trees putting some more distance between me and the caravan and soon I’m ahead seeing the tall walls of the city over the trees. I run faster and become excited to make it to the city, I am at the gates before you know it. I’m walking up to the guard, and try to talk to him but he’s as tense as a bow string and I turn to see the caravan turning the bend I ask him. “What is that?”

He just whispers as if they can hear him. “A high official of the council from an evil part of the world the dark ones cabinet has come to try and take the city under their belt like the rest because we are in the middle. The Kingdom of the Mind is over five hundred miles away west.

Then the dark capital is just north about two hundred miles from here. “Hey incoming official!” A guard above on the wall yells something then there are calls back further away soon the whole town is a buzz guard telling citizens to go inside.

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